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Chapter 148: I Am An Evil Pen (V)

TL: Resonance


Wen Jingrong didn’t get to know Shang Ke’s address, so he directly took Shang Ke home.


“You will stay in this room in the future. I will ask someone to prepare for you your daily necessities.” Wen Jingrong pointed to the guest room and said. He had originally intended for Shang Ke to stay in the master bedroom, but ultimately decided to give him some time to adapt first considering the two of their relationship now.


“Do you intend to keep me in captivity here?”


“Until I find out all of your information.” Wen Jingrong has sent people to investigate Shang Ke’s identity numerous times but all of them yield no results. Therefore, he doesn’t dare to let go, worried that he would lose all traces of Shang Ke again. “If you’re willing to tell me, it can save us much trouble.”


Wen Jingrong’s hawk-like gaze locked it’s sight on the young man before him.


Shang Ke was hesitating whether he should tell Wen Jingrong that he was actually that evil pen. Would their relationship improve and would he be relieved of his predicament if he told Wen Jingrong? For a person who lived in the technological age, would this kind of supernatural matter be too absurd to believe?


Because of these concerns, Shang Ke kept silent.


Wen Jingrong’s expression darkened. He walked towards Shang Ke and pulled him into his embrace. Lowering his head, Wen Jingrong murmured into Shang Ke’s ear, “I don’t wish to hurt you. I only wish that you can stay by my side and be my lover. I know that you are currently very confused as you do not understand why I would be so persistent for you who I have ‘met for the first time’. But to me, we have already known each other for a long time.”


Everything in his dream might just be a beautiful fantasy of his, but he was certain that he didn’t get the wrong person. The young man in his embrace is the lover that he had been searching for.


The pain was so much it caused Shang Ke’s whole body to tremble. However, Wen Jingrong misunderstood and thought that Shang Ke was afraid, so his expression couldn’t help but turn gloomy. Wen Jingrong had tried his best to suppress his impatience and wished to slow his pace to woo Shang Ke patiently, but Shang Ke’s reaction made him feel very irritable. He almost couldn’t suppress the beast in him that was ready to make trouble.


Shang Ke saw a bunch of negative energy emerging from the man’s body. Despite the purification by the blessing, Shang Ke still managed to absorb a part of it successfully. It’s evident how strong Wen Jingrong’s negative energy is right now.


After absorbing, the pain Shang Ke was feeling lessened significantly and his body felt more comfortable. After tasting the negative energy in reality, the negative energy in the dream was like plane porridge and side dish, tasting very tasteless.


A thought suddenly came to Shang Ke’s mind. He will temporarily not tell the man his identity first so that he can produce negative energy continuously because he is unable to obtain what he wants. Although Shang Ke would have to suffer a little, he will be able to replenish himself with more delicious negative energy this way. Of course, it was on the premise that the speed of him replenishing his negative energy was faster than his speed in consuming it. Or else, he would still die.


In other words, the more ruthless he was rejecting and retaliating, the more abundant the negative energy he could absorb.


Shang Ke broke free from the man’s embrace. Because of the pain, a layer of water covered his eyes. Shang Ke stared at Wen Jingrong seemingly in accusation as he thought in his heart: Dear, let’s play an SM game of forcibly obtaining, abusive relationship and deep love okay?


Wen Jingrong who didn’t know about Shang Ke’s scheme was extremely provoked by the expression in Shang Ke’s eyes. The negative energy on his body surged up like waves and it looked as if Wen Jingrong would pounce on Shang Ke and press him down any moment.


Shang Ke looked unyielding on the surface but he secretly feels very excited: Let the negative energy come more violently!


Unfortunately, Wen Jingrong left in anger. The poor door was closed with a thundering slam.


Shang Ke stretched out his (Erkang) hand with his face full of tears: No, don’t go!


He bent over the window and heard Wen Jingrong ordering the bodyguards angrily, “Keep watch of him and don’t let him step out of the house. Report to me immediately if there’s any issue.”


“Yes boss.” The bodyguards replied in unison.


Shang Ke pouted. Since there was no negative energy he could eat, he could only return back to Wen Jingrong’s room and turn back into an evil pen again.


Wen Jingrong sat in the car feeling very irritable. His fingers moved unconsciously to his sleeve but ended up not touching anything there.


Hmm? Wen Jingrong lifted his hand to take a lot only to realise that the magic pen that was originally worn on his sleeve has disappeared at some point.


He cursed softly and his face became gloomier, scaring the driver in front so much he almost drove to heaven.


When Wen Jingrong returned back to his office, he searched all around for his pen and even let the secretary go to Tyson’s factory to take a look. However, he couldn’t find it.


The only place left is his home. If it also wasn’t at home, he can only report it as lost.


There is fingerprint verification on the magic pen. If someone other than him uses it on cyber electronic products, he will receive the news immediately. When people pick up a magic pen that is already authenticated, they usually have no use for it. It’s just worrying that they might throw it away instead of delivering it to the lost and found.


The magic pen was a relic of Wen Jingrong’s father, so he had to find it no matter what.


Wen Jingrong left his office early and went straight back to his small villa. What awaited him was an empty room.


“Where is he!” Wen Jingrong glared at the row of bodyguards standing before him.


The bodyguards lowered their head with ghastly looks and didn’t know how to answer. There were people keeping watch at both the front and back of the villa and they didn’t see anyone coming out at all. However, the person in the villa disappeared so quietly like this.


Wen Jingrong took a deep breath and spat coldly, “Scram.”


The bodyguards left dejectedly while thinking in their hearts that they have probably lost their jobs.


Wen Jingrong gave the secretary a call and said, “Make a thorough investigation on the family members and close relatives of all the workers of Tyson. You must find Shang Ke!”


After hanging up the phone, a cold glint flashed past Wen Jingrong’s eyes: Shang Ke, you better pray you will never be found by me. Or else, I will never let you go again.


After Wen Jingrong kicked the coffee table causing it to topple, he walked in large strides back to his room. He was about to head to the bathroom for a shower when he suddenly caught a glance of a blue light. He turned around and was surprised to realise that the magic pen he had been searching for was right on the cupboard beside the bed. 


“Turns out you were here.” Wen Jingrong picked up the magic pen and touched it carefully. He murmured, “It would be great if he was like you, able to stay at my side at all times.”


Evil pen Shang Ke muttered in his heart: The greatest distance in the world isn’t when I can’t be with you, but when you can’t recognize me even though I’m right beside you.


Shang Ke condensed into a thumb sized person and sat on Wen Jingrong’s shoulder, whispering, “I can’t love you properly in reality, I will make up for you in your dream.”


Wen Jingrong seemed to have felt something and turned his head to the side to look. In the large room, there was nothing else other than silence.


After Wen Jingrong finished bathing, he laid down naked on his bed. He tossed and turned about but couldn’t fall asleep. In the end, he took two sleeping pills and barely managed to fall asleep under the influence of the drug.


Shang Ke felt his heart ache seeing this. This man looked so majestic before others, but he was just a lonely, ordinary person when he came back to his own world. Wealth, power and status is easily within his reach, but these things couldn’t bring him true happiness. Only when Wen Jingrong was with him did he show his tender side.


Shang Ke went into the dream and stood barefooted on the wet beach as he gazed at the sea which had surging waves and fierce wind. One can imagine how bad this man’s mood is.


Unsurprisingly, Wen Jingrong found him very quickly and hugged him tightly in his embrace.


The fierce lashing wind gradually became gentler and finally returned back to calm.


“What’s wrong?” Shang Ke turned around and took the initiative to hug Wen Jingrong’s waist as he asked gently.


“I found you but you didn’t recognize me.” Wen Jingrong didn’t hide his fragility in his dream. “I don’t wish to harm you, but I can’t control myself. When I see you feeling uncomfortable, I also feel very uncomfortable.


Shang Ke comforted him, saying, “I know. I know it all.”


“Shang Ke, what should I do so that you will fall in love with me?” Wen Jingrong used his pleading eyes and looked pitifully at him.


The him in his dream is much cuter than him in reality!


Shang Ke gave him some advice seriously: “If you’re certain that you want to be with me forever, then don’t hesitate. Bring out the daring spirit that you have in business and keep me at your side by hook or by crook.


Try his hardest to trap himself, Shang Ke can be considered masochistic to a great extent.


Wen Jingrong was instead hesitative. “Is it really okay to do this?”


Shang Ke was speechless. Just who was it who kidnapped him home when they just met and even tried to imprison him illegally? Man, your true beastly personality has long been seen through by the wise me.


“It’s okay.” Shang Ke encouraged, “Forced love is also a type of joy. Although the process might be a little abusive, it’s okay as long as the result is satisfactory.”


What is stated above is definitely a wrong teaching. Everyone, you must not take it seriously.


“If you also think that it’s okay…” Wen Jingrong’s gaze was hot as he said, “Why not we try practicing it?”


Ah? Shang Ke has yet to react when the surrounding scenery instantly changed from the sea to his room. Shang Ke was lying on the bed with his eyes blindfolded by a black cloth. Both his hands were tied to the bedpost and he was wearing only a thin shirt.


Within the darkness, Shang Ke felt the bed shaking a few times and a burning hot body nearing him… Afterwards, the earth-shaking fierce battle process does not need to be explained in detail. Anyway, it was very erotic and violent.


When Shang Ke came out from the dream very exhausted, he suddenly felt that he seemed to have done something that was really a great pain in the ass…


After being relieved in his dream, Wen Jingrong’s combat power soared and the slag in him exploded. Since he couldn’t find Shang Ke, arranging jobs for the laid off workers of Tyson Materials also got delayed, just waiting for someone to jump into the trap himself.


Of course, he wasn’t certain if Shang Ke would really look for him so he could only send people to continue searching.


One day one week later, Wen Jingrong saw him walking out of a shelter. However, Wen Jingrong was seated in a driving car then and passed by him.


Hence, Wen Jingrong once again sent people to investigate that shelter. Inside the shelter, there were more than 100 unemployed travellers and people with disabilities. However, there was no information relating to Shang Ke.


Was he just passing by?


Wen Jingrong frowned. He thought for a moment and decided not to give up any clues. Let’s buy this shelter first. As for the people inside, he dismissed all of them.


Half a month later, Wen Jingrong saw his figure once again at a shopping mall that was about to close down. Wen Jingrong still only managed to catch a glimpse and didn’t get to catch the person. Wen Jingrong waved the evil pen—buy!


For the next few days, Wen Jingrong could see Shang Ke on the road he often passed by from time to time. However, he failed to come in contact with him every time. Wen Jingrong had a feeling that Shang Ke was right by his side, just that he hasn’t realise.


After continuously buying a few companies and welfare agencies, the person Wen Jingrong was waiting for finally came to look for him on his own initiative.


Shang Ke had no choice but to come. Wen Jingrong’s tyrant behaviour of buying everything has already made more than 1000 people lose their source of income. Although all those businesses were already close to closing down, they could still last for a year or half. With Wen Jingrong intervening, they were immediately wiped out.


“Just what do you want?” Shang Ke stood at the entrance of Wen Jingrong villa and questioned coldly, “Do you know how many people you have cost to lose their jobs?”


Wen Jingrong walked slowly towards him and stared at him with a wolf-like gaze: “I’ve already said it before. I want you to be my lover.”


“If I don’t agree to it?”


“Then I will buy all the businesses in this region that are at risk of closing down.” Wen Jingrong doesn’t know just what these businesses had to do with Shang Ke, but he didn’t mind doing it big and at the same time displaying his own wealth and his dominance with the “bullying”.


“I didn’t expect that you were this kind of person. It was a mistake for me to come today!” Shang Ke turned around wanting to leave.


Wen Jingrong’s eyes went cold and the negative energy on his body emerged. He caught Shang Ke’s arm and said with a deep voice, “Since you’re already here, don’t leave again.”


Shang Ke’s body started hurting again and he couldn’t help but tremble.


Even if he was so afraid, he still dares to look straight into my eyes so bravely. This kind of Shang Ke made Wen Jingrong develop a strong desire to conquer him. Wen Jingrong imprisoned Shang Ke in his embrace and lowered his head to bite Shang Ke’s ears. He whispered like a lover, “I will help you with one person each time you do with me.”


Only one person each time? He still had 1000 people on his list! Do you have to be so petty!

    “不用了,我自己解决!”尽管e on在大脑中刷屏,但尚可表面还得拼死抵抗。

“No need, I will settle it myself!” Despite the word ‘on’ flashing in Shang Ke’s brain, he still had to look like he was desperately resisting.


Wen Jingrong received the “teaching” from the Shang Ke in his dream and came to the realization of the essence of forced love. He directly captured the struggling Shang Ke back home and was ready to give him a round of erotic and violent teaching.

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