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Chapter 149: I Am An Evil Pen (VI)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke was carried by his man home this way, locked in the room, tied to the bedpost and stripped off of his clothes… Almost all the experience gained in the dream was used in reality. The more Shang Ke resists, the fiercer Wen Jingrong is. Under the premise that he doesn’t hurt Shang Ke, he did everything he could. Finally, he possessed the person he has been yearning for without any hindrance.


Everytime Wen Jingrong wants to become gentler, Shang Ke would try to escape from him. Their two hot bodies rub against each other strongly and the numbing pleasure could always make Wen Jingrong lose his mind. Wen Jingrong would then thrust harder, slowing down only when he hears Shang Ke’s broken and powerless moan. He would gently comfort while slowly grinding him.


Everytime Wen Jingrong is satisfied, the negative energy on his body disappears. At the same time, his blessing would appear in abundance which hurts Shang Ke very much. This kind of pain would only be relieved when Wen Jingrong lost control of his emotion or when his lust is at its peak. Shang Ke has to continuously resist to provoke Wen Jingrong and at the same time make use of his bodily skills to quickly let Wen Jing Rong reach climax and release his essence.


In the end, Shang Ke had no idea whether he felt more pain or pleasure. Anyway, he already had no strength to resist and could only let Wen Jingrong toss him around.


The bed was very messy and had traces of their love everywhere. Their clothes were scattered all over the place and only one condom was used. Wen Jingrong lost control the few times afterwards and completely forgot to wear his condom. This was also instigated by Shang Ke as the condom affected the effectiveness of lust as negative energy. He had already done so much, there’s no way he would let his feast become a side dish.


The next day, Shang Ke who was deep in his sleep felt a burst of prickling pain as if he was continuously licked by a thorned tongue.


His eyes shot open and he realised that he was lying face down on the bed while a wet touch could be felt at his back.


“Awake?” Wen Jingrong supported his arms half way[1] and looked down from a high position while as he asked in a hoarse voice.


Shang Ke’s hands had already been untied and he was laying powerlessly on the bed. He squinted his eyes when he saw the morning light shining in through the window. His eyelashes which were trembling slightly made him look fragile and confused. His bare back was covered with green and purplish traces. Under the morning light, he looked both holy and obscene.


Although Wen Jingrong had used despicable means to possess Shang Ke, he didn’t regret it. If he was given a chance to choose again, he would still do the same thing. He will never ever let go of this person no matter what.


Wen Jingrong lowered his head and kissed the back of his neck. He felt the person in his embrace tremble. Then, he shrank his body and avoided his touch like a frightened fawn.


Wen Jingrong’s movement came to a stop. He saw Shang Ke wrapping himself tightly with the blanket, moving away bit by bit trying to move out from under him. However, part of the blanket was pressed under Wen Jingrong’s knee and wouldn’t budge no matter how Shang Ke pulled, so he could only give up dejectedly.


Wen Jingrong can’t help but want to laugh. Although he knew that their relationship would worsen after last night’s experience, he still felt that Shang Ke was very cute at this moment.


Shang Ke looked back in horror and was almost blinded by the brilliant blessing on the man’s body. It was just one night. Why are you so satisfied like you gained the entire world?


Shang Ke really couldn’t bear to hurt him after seeing the tenderness in his eyes. Although he did it so that he could stay with Wen Jingrong, all the abusive love is so dog blooded he wanted to cry.


The only comfort he had was the fact that he had absorbed quite an amount of negative energy. Although some of it was purified by the blessing, it was still much more abundant than in the dream. However, if he continues being “doted”[2] on by this man who was shining with blessing, the negative energy he finally accumulated last night is going to disappear due to the “pain”.


Shang Ke adjusted his mood before speaking with an indifferent tone, “Are you satisfied?”


“Fairly.” A hint of erotism could be seen in Wen Jingrong’s eyes.


However, Shang Ke’s next sentence instantly ruined his good mood. “I have a girlfriend. I’m not homosexual.”


The negative energy on Wen Jingrong’s body seethed once again. He asked grimly, “How long have you guys been dating? Have you two done it before?”


Shang Ke was about to reply but was interrupted by Wen Jingrong: “I don’t want to know your past love experience. All you have to know is, from today onwards, I’m your lover and your only man.”


His mouth says that he doesn’t want to know, but the negative energy that was continuously flowing out of his body has already betrayed him.


Shang Ke secretly absorbed the negative energy while mentally massaging the man, but said, “There’s no way I will be your lover. I only wish to live an ordinary life, marry the woman I love, give birth to children and build a small and warm house.


Wen Jingrong’s eyes were gloomy and anger rushed into his heart.


He violently pulled away the blanket on Shang Ke and flipped him around. Raising his waist, Wen Jingrong directly entered.


“Ah!” Shang Ke cried out in pain.


Wen Jingrong pulled him up and pressed him on the headboard. He sneered as he moved, “Look carefully. Who is the man who is making love with you right now? Are you sure you still have the ability to satisfy other girls after being owned by me?”


“Let go of me, I…” Shang Ke’s mouth was blocked before he could finish speaking.


Wen Jingrong knew everything about Shang Ke’s body. He teased Shang Ke greatly, almost causing Shang Ke to react enthusiastically. He wouldn’t have been able to control himself if not for the fact that the negative energy on the man’s body was lessening once again.


After a while, Wen Jingrong carried the limp Shang Ke into the bathroom and helped him wash. After the negative energy disappeared, what replaced it was the needle piercing pain. Shang Ke bit his lips and the fragility seen on his face made Wen Jingrong felt worried and distressed.


“Shang Ke, can you try accepting me?” Wen Jingrong’s deep voice carried a hint of pleading. “I really wish to be with you.”


It hurt so much Shang Ke’s consciousness was getting dazed and he had no strength to reply.


Wen Jingrong didn’t go to the office today and stayed at home all day to keep watch of Shang Ke.


When Shang Ke woke up, there was only him left in the room. He tried circulating the negative energy in his body and realised that his negative energy has increased by quite a bit once again. No wonder he could maintain his human form for so long.


He wore the pajamas that were prepared for him by Wen Jingrong, wore the slippers that were one size bigger and walked out of the room.


Wen Jingrong was currently sitting on the sofa and typing on the keyboards of his laptop. Seeing Shang Ke come out, he quickly put aside his laptop and walked towards Shang Ke in large strides.


“How do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable?” As Wen Jingrong spoke, he stretched his hand very naturally towards Shang Ke.


Shang Ke dodged unconsciously and maintained a safe distance away from Wen Jingrong.


Anger flashed once again in Wen Jingrong eyes. Just as he was about to intimidate Shang Ke, his stomach called out untimely.


Shang Ke looked up at him and tried his best to maintain his cold and expressionless look. Then, he asked dully, “Do you have anything to eat?”


“I will immediately ask someone to deliver a meal over.” Wen Jingrong took out his phone right away but heard Shang Ke asked again, “Do you have ingredients at home?”


“Yes.” Wen Jingrong quickly replied. Then, he looked at Shang Ke with brightly shining eyes.


Shang Ke no longer spoke and walked straight into the kitchen. He took out some ingredients from the fridge and busied himself.


Wen Jingrong stood at the entrance of the kitchen and stared at the back of the busy figure in the kitchen. Wen Jingrong felt an unreal sense of happiness. Shang Ke is actually cooking for him?


How long Shang Ke stayed in the kitchen was also how long Wen Jingrong stood at the entrance to watch. He was afraid that this was all just a dream.


Shang Ke only felt the pain on his back. Someone’s blessing was making its presence greatly known. Despite not having any physical contact, Shang Ke could still feel the stabbing pain.


It’s just a meal and he’s already so happy.


Shang Ke’s eyes couldn’t help but tear up. He really wishes to hug Wen Jingrong without caring about anything and respond to his feelings enthusiastically.


After a while, a mouth watering scent of food waft out from the kitchen.


After the dishes were placed on the table, Wen Jingrong moved his chopsticks eagerly. Shang Ke is a spirit, all the food that went down his stomach is converted into waste and discharged into the air.


Most of the food went into Wen Jingrong’s stomach. He ate in great satisfaction and praised Shang Ke’s cooking skills greatly in his heart.


After eating and drinking his fill, Shang Ke had to pull him out from his happiness. “Wen Jingrong, when can I leave?”


Wen Jingrong’s gentle expression immediately disappeared. He asked coldly, “Did you cook for me so that I would let you go?”


“You can’t keep me in captivity forever.”


“There’s nothing impossible if I want to.”


Seeing Wen Jingrong that looked like he was about to turn crazy, Shang Ke decided not to provoke him any further for now or else he is going to be dragged to the bed again. This man definitely has the talent and skills to go into heat at any time and anywhere. This was the conclusion he had after personally verifying it in the few worlds.


Wen Jingrong was obviously not rest assured. He insisted on placing Shang Ke somewhere he could see and would bring Shang Ke along with him everywhere he went.


But he did keep his promise. After doing it once, he helped Shang Ke settle the employment issue of a person who was facing difficulties.


Shang Ke had a deeper understanding of his pettiness and calculativeness.


Wen Jingrong brought Shang Ke to shop in malls, buy luxury goods, attend dinner parties, go out to the sea… and pampered him very much. These few days down, Shang Ke didn’t resist any of these. However, it’s a little tragic for him when they had sex at night. To make Shang Ke get used to him completely, Wen Jingrong made use of all methods he could. Their sex location changed again and again and their positions were numerous. There was a time when they shamefully did once in the fitting room of a shop.


Wen Jingrong felt that Shang Ke seemed to be resisting less and felt happy. But just when he relaxed his vigilance, Shang Ke disappeared again!


All the obedience was just a misconception and this made Wen Jingrong furious. What surprised him more was the fact that he couldn’t find Shang Ke no matter what method he uses. He was just like a non-existent person with no records to check.


“Jingrong, turns out you were here.” A 24-25 year old young man walked over and greeted him with a smile.


“Mm. It’s quiet here. Wen Jingrong ignored the person who came as he continued holding on to his wine glass for a sip.


“I heard you found yourself a lover recently. Why didn’t you bring him out?” The young man sat beside him and ridiculed, “I’m very curious. Just what kind of great and peerless person did you fell for? You’re not even willing to spare a glance to the person beside me.”


When Wen Jingrong heard him, he turned his head to look at the person by the young man’s side. That person was a very handsome man with elegant temperament and good manners. Before Wen Jingrong met Shang Ke, he once had a meal with him. Amongst all the people Wen Jingrong met, he was the one who looked most similar to Shang Ke. However, they only looked alike at best.


“Long time no see, president Wen.” The man raised his wine glass towards him while looking at him charmingly.


Wen Jingrong only nodded his head and didn’t respond to his wine glass.


“Tsk, I really wonder who can handle your temper.” Ge Junxuan complained before he entered the main topic. “By the way, Jingrong, I want to ask you a favour.”


“What is it?”


“Bai Lin’s company is currently fighting for rights to develop on an island and needs large capital. I hope you can give him a hand. It would be great if you could give him a capital injection under the name of Wen Shang.”


“Are you talking about Pano island?” Wen Jingrong also had understanding on the development project of the island, but he didn’t have the intention to participate. Firstly, it was too far away. Secondly, there were already a few tourism projects on Wen Shang’s list that were waiting for development.


“That’s right.” Ge Junxuan’s eyes brightened. “What do you think about this project?”


“It requires a large sum of investment and it’s quite risky, but if the development is successful, the income is also quite fair.” Wen Jingrong evaluated pertinently.


“Then are you willing to invest?” Ge Junxuan asked with great interest.


Wen Jingrong didn’t reply. In his heart, he was doing a quick calculation of the gain and loss in the investment.


“If I invest…” Wen Jingrong suddenly stopped speaking and his sharp gaze shot straight towards a certain location in the party.


Ge Junxuan didn’t notice Wen Jingrong’s look. Hearing that he had the intention to invest, he quickly inquired, “How about it?”


Bai Lin who was at the side also revealed an expectant look.


“Sorry, I have something to attend to and will leave first.” Wen Jingrong put down the wine glass, stood up and walked towards the other end of the party room.


The two people who were left behind were stunned. They didn’t know why he left without even finishing his sentence.


Then, they saw him walking quickly to the side of a young man. He forcefully pulled the young man out from among the guests and took him to a corridor at the back.


“What’s going on?” Ge Junxuan looked at Bai Lin in confusion.


Light flashed in Bai Lin’s eyes. He stood up and said, “Why not take a look if you’re curious?”


“Good idea.” Ge Junxuan immediately responded.


On the other side, the young man that was pulled away by Wen Jingrong was naturally Shang Ke who had disappeared for a long time.


Shang Ke didn’t intend to appear originally. However, when the two of them approached Wen Jingrong earlier, he realised that the negative energy on the handsome young man was very intense. He will definitely be very troublesome in the future with endless trouble coming his way. Shang Ke had no choice but to appear when he saw that Wen Jingrong intended to work together with this kind of person.


Seeing the man before him with a body full of negative energy, Shang Ke felt both happy and vexed. He was happy because he can have a full meal once again but vexed because he had to rack his brain to have a love hate relationship with this man before he could gain negative energy.


Shang Ke was wearing a slim white suit today. Compared to the usual casual wear which made him look casual and his pajamas which made him look sexy, his suit made him look more noble and elegant with the beauty of abstinence.


Wen Jingrong looked at him deeply and directly pushed him behind the curtain, crazily kissing him in punishment.


When Ge Junxuan and Bai Ling arrived, what they saw was this hot scene. The two of them kissed as if no one else was around and their bodies were tightly clinging to one another. There was clearly no extra bodily movement, but it gave people a sensual feel which made people’s heart race.


Because of the angle, Ge Junxuan couldn’t see clearly the appearance of the young man in Wen Jingrong’s embrace. However, his body figure, long fingers and pale skin was enough to let one imagine.


Ge Junxuan guessed right away that this was the mysterious lover Wen Jingrong was crazy for.

[1] Not sure if the description was confusing but just imagine that Wen Jingrong was planking above Shang Ke.

[2] Dote – 疼爱 means dote but just 疼 itself means pain and Shang Ke emphasized on the word 疼 because of the blessing.

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