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Chapter 256: Back To That Key Moment ⑩

TL: Resonance

    葛俊轩来找闻景戎时, 刚好看到几名送货员从他家里出来,走进大厅, 立刻被摆满一地的箱子给震住了。箱子上魔数笔的图标异常醒目,不用想也知道里面装的是什么。

When Ge Junxuan came looking for Wen Jingrong, he saw several delivery men coming out of his house. He walked into the hall and was immediately shocked by the boxes all over the floor. The icon of the magic pen on the boxes is very eye-catching, one didn’t have to think to know what is contained inside.

    “我说兄弟, 你打算开一家魔数笔专营店吗?”葛俊轩知道闻景戎这几年一直在收集魔数笔,但之前好歹是一支支的买, 这次居然把人家店里的魔数笔都买回来了吗?

“Brother, are you planning to open a magic pen franchise store?” Ge Junxuan knew that Wen Jingrong had been collecting magic pens for the past few years. However, at least he only bought one pen at a time back then. This time, he actually brought an entire shop of magic pen back?

    闻景戎一语不发,拉住正准备落座的葛俊轩径直往外走, 等他反应过来,大门已经在他面前毫不留情地关上了。

Wen Jingrong did not say a word, pulled Ge Junxuan who was about to sit down and walked straight out. By the time Ge Junxuan reacted, the door had already closed in front of him mercilessly.


“What is the meaning of this?” He didn’t even give his guest a cup of water and already sent the guest out? Ge Junxuan stared at the closed door, feeling that his fragile little soul had been hurt by 10,000 points.


Just when he was about to go back and say a few words to him, his phone suddenly received a message: Do not come and find me for the next few days, or the consequences are at your own risk!


Ge Junxuan: “…” Can we still be good friends?

    大厅中, 闻景戎将箱子一一拆封,小心翼翼地将里面的魔数笔取出来。

In the hall, Wen Jingrong unsealed the boxes one by one, and carefully took out the magic pens inside.

    一共七百六十支,从清点、装箱到送货, 整个过程都是在闻景戎的监视下完成的, 哪怕是库存和残次品,都被他无一遗漏地买回来了。

There were a total of 760 pens, from inventory check, boxing to delivery, the entire process was completed under the supervision of Wen Jingrong. Even if it was an inventory stock or defective product, he bought them back without missing a single one.


The scene was very shocking then. Many uninformed people thought the brand had been seized by the authorities. After understanding the cause of the matter, the crowd expressed that it was the first time they saw such a fresh and unconventional tycoon. Although many people suspect that this is the advertising strategy of the business, they also felt like supporting after seeing such unique domineering acts. Wen Jingrong’s act of sweeping through all the products gave quite some popularity to this brand.


Shang Ke and other magic pens were placed together on the table by Wen Jingrong, row by row, column by column, as if there were beauties waiting for the king to choose.


Shang Ke looked cold on the surface, but was awkward and cute on the inside. He was just waiting for his man to pick the right one and cherish him forever.


Just when he was wondering how they would recognize each other, he saw Wen Jingrong take out his phone from his pocket and start searching from the first most magic pen.


Keke did not come to find him directly, but contacted through text messages. It was obvious that there was something wrong with his body so he was unable to move freely. Since this is the case, Wen Jingrong can only find him with the help of electronic products.


Wen Jingrong took his phone and swept through the magic pens on the table in turn. When he moved to the fourth row, the screen of the phone which was originally black suddenly lit up.


Wen Jingrong breathing froze for a moment, He stopped his phone at the top of one of the magic pens and asked with a trembling voice, “Keke?”


The phone screen unlocked itself with a click, and Wen Jingrong felt as if his heart was about to jump out. He tried his best to suppress his excitement, gently picked up the magic pen and carefully held it in his hand, gazing at it with deep emotion: “Keke, I finally found you.”


What the hell! You’ve got the wrong person! He watched Wen Jingrong’s stretch out his hand, only to see him pick up the magic pen beside him without any hesitation. Shang Ke’s heart was collapsing. Can you get any more clumsy! What happened to our promised true love?


Just when Wen Jingrong was about to tell his heartfelt story to that magic pen, the phone began to show its presence angrily as a deafening song suddenly rang out in the hall.


“Who is flirtatious oh it’s you, who is amorous oh it’s you, who is cheating oh it’s you, who is selling their misery oh it’s you…. Dear, please let me take your heart, liver, spleen and lungs, please let me suck dry your essence and blood… Ah uh oh eh… I love you so much, love you to the point no corpse nor bone of mine remains, love you to the point my body is a bloody mess…  When I present your head to the altar, please tell me, do you regret or not, oh regret or… not…”


Wen Jingrong’s expression kind of collapsed: “…”


This divine song was a song Shang Ke downloaded for Wen Jingrong on a whim back then, he did not expect Wen Jingrong to still keep it. And now, it was just the time to play it as it was suitable for the occasion. (Wen Jingrong: It does not fit the occasion at all okay?!)


Under the loop attack of the divine song, Wen Jingrong finally realized his mistake. Then, he quickly put down the magic pen in his hand and decisively selected his Keke.


The music from his phone came to an abrupt end, and the world instantly quieted down.


“Keke…” It seems to be too late to show his faithfulness now.


Shang Ke who was held in Wen Jingrong’s hand comfortably enjoyed the blessing shining down on him. He also didn’t care about a certain someone’s mistake. Using his psyche, he typed three words on the phone: 【I am back.】


Wen Jingrong heart soured. He lowered his head close to Keke’s pen body and the cold metal touch let him truly feel Shang Ke’s presence.


Immediately after, he seemed to have remembered something. He immediately distanced himself and placed Shang Ke on the sofa beside him.


After being mercilessly pulled away from the embrace of the blessing, Shang Ke could only stretch out his Er Kang hand to mourn for the lost food.


“I know the blessing on me will make you feel uncomfortable.” Wen Jingrong said softly, “So I will try my best to keep my distance from you until we can really be together.”


Shang Ke was horrified: No, no, no! I don’t feel uncomfortable at all! Don’t keep your distance, let’s kiss and love each other like wild rabbits in heat.


“Keke, you don’t have to worry, I will find a way to eliminate the blessing on my body and not let you suffer any harm.”


Oh my God, he even wanted to eliminate the blessing. If you eliminate the light, what will you use to support me!


Wen Jingrong paused and said, “I remember you once asked me to take you to the prison to absorb the negative energy. I think the prison environment is conducive for your recovery, I will take you there tomorrow.”


Shang Ke covered his face: I’m not an evil pen now, I don’t need to go to the prison!


The phone also showed the message: 【Not going.】


“Why? Is there a better place for you than the prison?”


What do you mean by “Is there a better place for you than the prison”? Are you sure you’re not kidding (this pen)?


【Not going anywhere.】Shang Ke tried his best to control his weak psyche and type on the phone with difficulty, 【I just want to stay by your side.】


Wen Jingrong’s eyes were full of affection, “Of course I will keep you by my side. We just can’t be too intimate for now.”


Fucking retard, who the hell told him about the blessing!


Shang Ke took a breath and continued typing on the phone: 【I need…】


He hadn’t finished typing the word “blessing” when the phone suddenly vibrated, followed by a series of pleasant ringing, and then the screen turned black and the phone elegantly turned off.


Shang Ke: “…”


Wen Jingrong fetched a handkerchief and gently wrapped Shang Ke up.


Shang Ke raged: Do not wrap, let me go naked!


Wen Jingrong walked into the study, sat in front of the computer, and said to Shang Ke: “I need to add in the fingerprint verification for the magic pen, bear with me for a moment.”


Wen Jingrong took Shang Ke out of the handkerchief, opened the magic pen, and performed fingerprint verification and identity binding on him through the scanner. The magic pen is an input device that can be tracked, has signal and two types of pen core, the former for on-screen writing and the latter for paper products. Once bound, it can automatically carry out identification checks, and only the documents signed by the pen’s owner will have legal effect.


The magic pen has a variety of shapes, Shang Ke’s new pen body is still the cufflink type, small, exquisite and very modern, but just a bit inconsistent with Wen Jingrong’s dressing style. However, when his power is restored, Shang Ke can adjust his appearance appropriately.


While Wen Jingrong was performing identity authentication, Shang Ke seized the time to absorb the blessing.


Just when he absorbed until he forgot everything else, the blessing around him dimmed and Shang Ke was placed on Wen Jingrong’s handkerchief again.


Seeing that Wen Jingrong was about to wrap him up again, Shang Ke used the power he had just absorbed to quickly and accurately type a line on the computer screen: 【I need blessing!】


He was no longer an evil pen, he’s a concealed (blessing) pen!


Three days later, Wen Jingrong who had been absent from work for many days appeared in the company with an extremely flamboyant spirit. As he was walking, it came with an elegant effect, his whole person was like an eye-blinding demon-revealing mirror, causing everyone else to reveal a hideous face and demonic aura. [1]


“Tong Fei, take a few people down and bring up the things in my car.” Wen Jingrong instructed his secretary in a light tone.


“Okay.” The secretary looked at his boss a few times in horror, feeling that everything was unreal like a dream.


A moment later, Tong Fei and the others walked into the conference room carrying several boxes each.


“Mr. Wen, everything is brought up.”


“Alright.” Wen Jingrong said without raising his head, “Today is a holiday. Distribute the things in the boxes according to the departments.”


Today is a holiday? Tong Fei quickly opened the calendar and found a few red words under today’s date: International Day of Help and Relief. (PS: This is a fake holiday, do not take it seriously!)


Tong Fei seems to feel malice coming from his boss.


However, the boss’s orders must still be strictly enforced.


Tong Fei and his assistants opened the box, and found that it contained all the new types of magic pens. On that day, all the employees at the headquarters of Wen’s Group received a magic pen to celebrate the great International Day of Help and Relief.


After half a month of feeding by the blessing, Shang Ke was finally able to communicate with Wen Jingrong relatively smoothly by text.


Nowadays, Wen Jingrong’s daily routine is to go to work, and chat and raise Keke. The previous work efficiency of 200% plummeted to 100%.


The secretary often sees the boss with an ‘in love’ face staring at the computer, chatting with some mysterious person online, watching dramas and playing games. For the 8 hours of work a day, he was absent minded for at least 4 hours. Yet, he still manages to handle the company affairs properly. Just that unlike his previous workaholic state, he goes to and gets off from work on time every day.


“Where do you want to go to eat today, Keke?” Wen Jingrong asked while opening the car door.


The phone lit up and it showed: 【Bai Wei Zhai.】


“Okay.” Starting the car, Wen Jingrong went straight to Bai Wei Zhai in high spirits.


【Seat belt.】 Keke warmly reminded.


Without waiting for Wen Jingrong to move, the seat belt was already fastened automatically.


“Thank you, Keke.” Wen Jingrong was full of love, feeling that he had a caring little assistant by his side.


【No spicy food today, you seem to have a cold.】




【Remember to buy medicine on the way home.】




The temperature inside the car was adjusted to the best state and a soft music was gently playing.


Sitting on the comfortable seat cushion and listening to the pleasant music, there was happiness between Wen Jingrong’s eyebrows.


His Keke is back and was right by his side.


This time, he definitely won’t let him leave again and won’t let him get hurt in any way again.


He will use his blessing to raise him forever!


[1] Demon-revealing mirror is an item from Journey to the West. It’s said that a demon’s (who transformed into a human) true form will be reflected in the mirror. Wen Jingrong appeared in the company looking very happy because he found Keke, and his happiness blinded all his workers’ eyes, causing them to reveal ‘hideous’ faces.

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