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Chapter 255: Back To That Key Moment ⑩

TL: Resonance

    意识逐渐从蒙昧状态恢复清明, 当眼前出现光亮时,尚可知道自己又完成了一次回溯。

His consciousness gradually regained its clarity from the obscure state, and when light appeared in front of his eyes, Shang Ke knew he had completed another return.

    他发现自己此刻正躺在一个展示柜中, 两边整齐地摆放着一排造型奇特的魔数笔。很显然,他也是这些魔数笔中的一员。

He found himself lying in a display case, with a row of peculiarly shaped magic pens neatly arranged on both sides of him. Obviously, he was also one of these magic pens.

    【宿主原来的笔身已经被毁坏, 千年煞气也被英勇值洗净,系统为宿主重塑笔身, 法力归零。】

【Host’s original pen body has been destroyed, and the thousand years of negative energy has also been cleansed by your heroic value, so system reshaped a pen body for Host, and your power is down to zero.】


In other words, he can only be a pen that is as quiet as a chicken?

    【纠正一下, 虽然安静如鸡,但宿主是“笔妖”,不是普通的笔。】

【Correction. Although quiet as a chicken, but Host is a “pen demon”, not an ordinary pen.】

    法力归零,不能化形,煞气也没了, 和普通的笔有什么不同?

What is the difference between him and a normal pen when his power is zero, he can’t transform, and his negative energy is gone?


【The difference is that Host has consciousness and can cultivate again.】


How long does it take to cultivate to the stage of transformation?

    【按照这个世界的灵气含量, 达到化形阶段预计需要三百年。】

【Based on the amount of spiritual qi in this world, it is expected to take three hundred years to reach the transformation stage.】


Shang Ke: At which point in time have I crossed over to this world… 


【The fifth year after the host turned into pen ashes.】

    尚可:这个世界的人类平均寿命是120岁, 等我修炼三百年,闻景戎已经336岁了。

Shang Ke: The average lifespan of humans in this world is 120 years. By the time I cultivate for 300 years, Wen Jingrong will be 336 years old.


【Yes b(=^_^=)d】


Shang Ke flipped the table: So what is the point of me crossing back? Am I supposed to lie down in the display case and wait for my husband’s life to come to an end?


【The blessing of Wen Jingrong can help the host cultivate and speed up the time needed to reach the transformation stage, as long as he finds the right you at the right time.】


Shang Ke swept around with his psyche. The surrounding was crowded with people and bustling, but at the mall counter he was in, customers were scarce and the location was not very visible. Of course, that is not the point. The point is, in this sea of people, what kind of luck does he need to wait until Wen Jingrong comes to this mall, find this counter, accurately pick him out of the sea of magic pens, and then spend 3000 ¥ to buy him back?


That’s right, his price tag is 2969, and if you round it up it’s 3000.


Fuck, it’s too cheap!


With Wen Jingrong’s wealth, even if he wants to buy a pen, it would be a high quality and custom-made one! There’s no need to even consider something below 10000!


System, is there any way to lure people over? For example, through a dream or something.


【There is no such method.】


So he can’t do anything but wait stupidly and bitterly?


“Beauty, please take this pen out for me.” At this moment, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded above his head.


Shang Ke looked towards the source of the voice and saw a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes standing in front of the counter, pointing his finger at where he was.


Don’t anyhow point okay? Uncle!


“Okay.” The saleswoman smiled sweetly at him.


With that, Shang Ke felt his body being moved and then placed on the glass counter. The middle-aged man picked him up and turned him over and over to take a closer look.


Fuck, what are you touching for! Hurry up and let go of me! Shang Ke “glared” at the customer who was trying out the pen.


“Hmm? Why can’t I write?” The customer drew on the paper a few times, but nothing came out.


Shang Ke (╰_╯): Other than my man, no one can make me spit ink!


The saleswoman took it over to check and said awkwardly, “This pen may not have been properly adjusted yet. Sir, how about you see something else first?”


“Forget it, maybe next time.” This customer seems to have doubts about the quality of this brand and walked away without any hesitation.


The saleswoman was very depressed. She placed Shang Ke back in his original position and then called the maintenance department to inform them to come and check it out.


The maintenance department quickly sent someone over. After checking, he found that everything was normal and couldn’t help but complain: “Isn’t it working? What’s there to fix? We people from the maintenance department are all very busy, don’t come and disturb us if you have nothing to do, okay?”


The counter lady was so aggrieved.


Shang Ke could only say sorry to her who had to take the blame. He suddenly realized a serious problem. He was now a commodity that could be bought by someone irrelevant at any time. Even if he could disguise himself as a defective product, he would definitely be sent for repair if he did so too many times. By then, he would have even less chance to see Wen Jingrong.


What should he do? This is so worrying!


While Shang Ke was trapped in the mall counter, Wen Jingrong also “woke up” from his sleep. The memories of this life swept through his mind like a revolving lantern. Joy, sadness, waiting, perseverance, exhaustion… countless emotions rushed into his heart.


When he accepted the reality of being reborn, it was already half an hour later.


Wen Jingrong stared fixedly at the date on the computer, and endless sadness and anger rose up in his heart. If he was given the chance to be reborn, why not let him go back to the time before Keke disappeared!


Five years, Keke had already left him for five years!


Did he have to go through a life without Keke all over again?


“Bastard!” Wen Jingrong swept all the things on the table to the floor.


“Mr. Wen, are you okay?” The secretary heard the commotion and hurriedly came in to check the situation.


“Get out! Get out!” Wen Jingrong’s eyes were red and his expression was as fierce as an evil ghost, scaring the secretary to back out immediately.


Sitting down on the chair dejectedly, Wen Jingrong covered his painful forehead and kept murmuring, “Keke, Keke…”


After a while, Wen Jingrong took out a small box from his embrace and gently opened it. Then, his face suddenly changed. There was nothing inside! The pen ashes Keke left behind is gone!


Wen Jingrong slowly raised his head and his eyes flashed. Since he can be reborn, Keke might also be able to. If the pen ashes are gone, does that mean that Keke is also reborn?


He stood up abruptly, and began rummaging around. He took out all the magic pens, but did not find his Keke.


He grabbed his keys, rushed out of the office and went straight to the parking lot. He drove back to his place and turned his house upside down until he was sure there was no trace of Keke before he finally stopped this madness.


Standing on the balcony, Wen Jingrong looked at the bustling city and let out a silent shout: Keke, where the hell are you?


After three days of research, Shang Ke finally found a good way to summon his husband, which is to use email or cell phone text messages to send him a message!


Although he wasn’t able to transform now nor move, he can use his psyche and have simple control over some electronic devices. However, he couldn’t do it for too long and he couldn’t be too far from the device.


The first thing Shang Ke chose was the saleswoman’s cell phone, and after a few trials, he finally managed to enter a message: xx mall 4th floor store 19 Keke.


It took Shang Ke nearly half an hour to key in this message. Fortunately, the sales woman did not check her phone during this period of time, otherwise she probably would have thought that a paranormal event had occurred.


He really had to exclaim at his own magical memory. He actually still remember Wen Jingrong’s communication number despite going through so many worlds. As long as Wen Jingrong didn’t change his number, he will certainly be able to receive his message.




The sound of a text message came from his phone. Wen Jingrong originally did not intend to pay attention to it, but the people who knew his private communication number were his friends and family, so he took out his phone ultimately.


When he looked at the message, his expression instantly froze.


xx mall 4th floor store 19 Keke!




Wen Jingrong’s fingers were trembling, and he tapped several times before managing to dial the number that sent the text message. After connecting, a pleasant female voice sounded from the opposite side: “Hello, who is it?”


“Did you send the text message just now?” Wen Jingrong asked urgently.


“Text message, what text message?”


Hearing her tone, the text message might not be sent from her personally.


Wen Jingrong tried his best to control his emotions and asked, “Excuse me Ms., are you in xx mall now?”


“Yes, I’m a staff member of xx mall.”


Wen Jingrong then falsely claimed that he had a friend who had disappeared in the mall, and then described Shang Ke’s appearance and asked her if she had seen this type of boy.


Although the counter lady was puzzled in her heart, she still politely replied, “Sorry, I didn’t see him.”


Wen Jingrong was not disappointed either. Since he had a clue, he would be able to find Keke sooner or later.


Before ending the call, Wen Jingrong casually asked, “What kind of goods do you sell at your counter?”


“All-purpose magic pen, if sir is interested, you can…”


Without waiting for her to introduce her products, Wen Jingrong had already quickly hung up the phone, dashed downstairs, and drove his car towards the location of the mall in a hurry.


Magic pen! He should have thought of that!


Shang Ke heard the call between the saleswoman and Wen Jingrong and was overjoyed. The text message strategy was successful! All that’s left is to wait for his darling to buy him back.


As he was thinking so, several customers came to the counter to choose their goods. Shang Ke felt a few eyes glancing pass him and secretly prayed that they would not pick him. However, things didn’t turn out the way he wanted. One guy just had to take a liking to his low-profile “beauty”.


“This pen looks quite pretty.” This guy seems to be very satisfied with his appearance.


What pretty. I look impressive but is actually useless. You can’t write with me at all. If you don’t believe then give it a try!


Under Shang Ke’s intentional control, the other party failed to try the pen unsurprisingly, and then he was put back into the counter.


The eyes of the saleswoman looking at him were almost erupting fire. It was obviously a defective product, why couldn’t those bastards in the maintenance department find the fault?


Shang Ke didn’t care. His mood was extremely good.


After an unknown period of time, all the customers at the counter had left, and he finally saw the person he was waiting for!


The 36-year-old Wen Jingrong was still as tough and handsome as ever, just that his eyebrows seem to show the vicissitudes of life. His whole person was dazzling under the shine of blessing light, making him look like a living moving Arhat.


But this time, he is no longer afraid of the blessing on him.

    e on!My dearest!让佛光来得更闪耀一点吧!

Come on! My dearest! Let the blessing shine brighter at me!


Wen Jingrong came to the counter and his fervent eyes swept over the rows of magic pens.


Here! Shang Ke waved his arms desperately in his consciousness.


However, the him who couldn’t transform was just a pen that was as quiet as a chicken and hidden in a sea of pens.


Shang Ke controlled his psyche and tried to make his pen body shine. However, under the lighting of the display case, the firefly-like glow on his body did not have in the slightest way the stunning effect to make him stand out.


Dear! I, am, here! Shang Ke shouted heartbrokenly and was just short of extending out his Er Kang hand.


Watching Wen Jingrong go round and round in front of the counter, Shang Ke felt like he was about to explode!


Just when he was racking his brain in an attempt to attract someone’s attention, Wen Jingrong suddenly said something that instantly made his heart blossom in happiness.


“All the magic pens here, I want them all.”


Simply domineering!

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