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Chapter 254: Re: I Am An Evil Pen

TL: Resonance

    可可在他的手心化成了粉末, 就这样消失在他的世界中。闻景戎不知道自己应该如何接受这个现实。

Keke turned into powder in his hand, and disappeared from his world just like this. Wen Jingrong did not know how he should accept this reality.

    事故发生后的一个多月,葛俊轩伤愈出院, 主动承担了调查事故原因的责任,并且对造成这一切的始作俑者——柏霖展开了疯狂的报复, 甚至不惜抛弃一半资产,与他死磕到底。

A month after the accident, Ge Junxuan recovered and was discharged from the hospital, took the responsibility to investigate the cause of the accident, and launched a crazy revenge against the person who caused it all—Bai Lin, even going so far as to abandon half of his assets to fight him to the end.

    他的命是尚可和闻景戎救的, 最后却害得闻景戎失去了心爱的人。

His life was saved by Shang Ke and Wen Jingrong, but in the end, he caused Wen Jingrong to lose his beloved person.

    闻景戎表面看起来毫无异常,每天按时上下班, 有条不紊地处理各种事务。但葛俊轩经常看到他习惯性地摸向自己空无一物的袖口,在签字的时候对着魔数笔出神,偶尔还会把他误叫成“可可”,食欲不振,日渐消瘦, 晚上吃安眠药也无法入睡。

Wen Jingrong looked normal on the surface, going to work every day on time and dealing with various matters in an orderly manner. However, Ge Junxuan often saw him habitually touching his empty cuffs. When signing documents, he would stare at the magic pen in a trance and occasionally called it “Keke” by mistake. He has a loss of appetite, resulting in him gradually losing weight, and he couldn’t sleep at night even after taking sleeping pills.

    “兄弟,振作点,不要再折磨自己了, 心里难受就和我痛快喝一场, 然后好好生活!”葛俊轩有一天终于忍不住扯着他的衣领大喊。

“Brother, cheer up, stop torturing yourself. If you feel sad, have a drink with me, then live well!” One day, Ge Junxuan finally couldn’t bear it any longer and pulled his collar and shouted.


“I’m fine.” Wen Jingrong pulled his hand away, his voice cold and his expression indifferent.


“You call your ghastly look ‘fine’? Yes, your company is getting bigger and bigger and earning more and more money, but how long has it been since you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Working twenty hours a day, do you think you’re an iron man?”


“Junxuan, you don’t have to worry. I’ve been doing psychotherapy treatments recently. I believe I’ll be fine soon.” Wen Jingrong acted very rationally, and no sad emotion could be seen at all.


Ge Junxuan stared at him for a long time and finally gritted his teeth and said, “Good, I hope you’ll do what you say.”


Wen Jingrong really received psychological treatment. Every once a week, he will lie alone on a comfortable chair and talk to the empty room about everything about him and Keke. There was no psychiatrist nor professional counseling. There was only his voice.


After the “treatment”, Wen Jingrong will go to the mall, go to the magic pen counter, and buy a magic pen to place in the collection room at home. A few years down the road, he had already collected hundreds of magic pens.


He knew that this behavior was pointless, but he could not control himself. He even wanted to buy back all the magic pens in the world. Maybe his Keke would be among them, waiting for him to get him back.


Not only that, he also sent people around to look for well-known theologians in an attempt to evocate Shang Ke’s soul.


“Evocating the soul requires the relics of the deceased, has this benefactor brought them?” A taoist monk said so to Wen Jingrong who had come to seek help.


Wen Jingrong took out an exquisite little box from his pocket and carefully opened it. It contained the last thing Keke had left for him—pen ashes.


The monk did a soul evocation for him, and then told him that the soul of the person who had passed away had left this world.


Wen Jingrong was neither sad nor angry. He continued his search for other experts with the pen ashes.


Day after day, year after year, the result was that he either met a liar or got the same answer: Keke had already left this world.


“Wen Jingrong, give up!” Ge Junxuan looked at him repeating these useless efforts and said heartbroken, “He’s gone, he’s not here anymore. No matter how much you search, you can’t find him back. Wen Jingrong, forget about him. Find a new lover and live happily ever after.”


“Junxuan.” Wen Jingrong said calmly, “I feel as if I have already given all my love to this person, and I am afraid I will never fall in love with anyone else in this life. I have been searching for him ever since I can remember. I thought it was just a phantom in my dream, but I never thought he would really appear one day. You know how happy I was then. That joy and satisfaction, it is worth giving everything I have for it. Therefore, I will not give up looking for him until the end of my life.”


Wen Jingrong convinced Ge Junxuan this way, and also convinced himself this way.


Yes, he will not give up. He believes that one day, Keke will come back.


With this hope, Wen Jingrong walked through a lonely and long everyday.


The Wen Group’s industry expanded steadily, and its wealth and prestige surged to the top of the world at a very fast pace, accomplishing a legend of starting a business from scratch. However, he was still looking for the person with whom he could share the honor with.


Until one day, Wen Jingrong met a true master. He asked Wen Jingrong, “What is the relationship between you and the person you are looking for?”


“Lovers, he is my lover.”


“You two love each other very much?”




“Then, do you know that he is not a mortal?”


There was a sparkle in Wen Jingrong’s eyes. He tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart and reply, “Yes, I know.”


“He is a being who absorbs negative energy, while you are a body of blessing. I’m curious that you guys actually become lovers.”


“What do you mean?”


“The blessing coming from your body comes from the goodness accumulated by your ancestors, which blesses you with a lifetime of wealth and away from evil. Your lover, on the other hand, carries negative energy. By right, it is impossible for him to get close to you.”


“What happens if he comes close?”


“If he comes close, he will be purified by the blessings on your body and suffer the pain of burning his body.”


Wen Jingrong’s face suddenly changed: “You mean, he has been suffering the pain of being purified by the blessing while staying by my side?”


“Yes. So I think he must love you very much, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed with you despite the danger of his soul being scattered and enduring the purification of the blessing everyday.”


There was a buzzing in Wen Jingrong’s head. His heart trembled violently and he found it difficult to breathe.


He never noticed this. When he got close, Keke’s unconscious resistance, unconscious frown, unconscious pain… He initially only took it that Shang Ke didn’t like him. Afterwards, Keke accepted him, his intimate hugs, gentle caresses, and never again showed any discomfort in front of him. While he was enjoying the sweetness, Keke was suffering from the pain he had caused him.


What blessing, what negative energy? Wen Jingrong wanted to rebuke this person who was speaking nonsense, but there was a faint voice in his heart telling him that this was the truth.


The persistence he had been holding on to seemed to collapse at this moment. He thought he had given his everything, but he was oblivious to what Shang Ke had given. Shang Ke saved the best for him without any complaints from the beginning to the end.


How could he be so tolerant and carefree? How did Shang Ke relieve all that pain where he(WJR) couldn’t see?


“Leaving you may also be a relief for him.”


Before leaving, that expert said this to him.


These words completely shattered Wen Jingrong’s hope and pushed him into the abyss.


Leaving him was a relief?


Has his love only brought pain to him?


He searched day after day just to let him return to his side to endure the suffering of a burning body again?


Then, why should he still persist in his search?


Why not set him free, and also set himself free… 


 Wen Jingrong smiled, and his smile was very cruel.


No, he will not let go.


No matter how painful it is, he will not let go. Because Keke chose him. Despite the pain, he still chose him.


Therefore, he is also the same.


He is willing to give up a lifetime of wealth for Keke and erase his full body of blessing on him.


If Keke is an evil being that requires negative energy, then he will not be a man with blessing.


Wen Jingrong began to use the wealth and connections he had to secretly communicate with senior government officials and colluded all about.


As a result, the officials he came in contact with all fell one by one, but only he remained standing. Not only that, the large number of cronies he nurtured all had a firm foothold in politics and established their own faction and power.


Wen Jingrong truly experienced the power of his blessing. No matter what he does, all the evil will turn good and his path was always smooth sailing. All his reckless actions actually brought him more wealth and power.


The blessing on his body was like a curse. It let him be very successful in life, but also gave him a lifetime of loneliness.


Until his final years, he still couldn’t find the person he was looking for.


Only when he closed his eyes did he finally admit: His Keke has already left this world.


He persevered to the end of his life using a lie.


Keke, do we still have a next life?


When dying, he seemed to have heard Keke say to him with a smile, “Jingrong, we will meet again in the next life.”


Okay, see you in the next life.


Wen Jingrong’s face showed a relieved smile, and he quietly fell asleep like a child… 

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