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Chapter 177: Ghost Assistant (IX)

TL: Resonance


The next day, Shao Feidu went to the hospital early in the morning. He also considerately brought nutritional soup for Shang Ke. Of course, the soup wasn’t prepared by him but the attentive housekeeper uncle. 


Shang Ke had just woken up for a short while. Seeing Shao Feidu enter, he wanted to smile. However, he saw 6-7 ghosts following after Shao Feidu. There were old, young, complete and incomplete ones and they all look gloomy. At first glance, they looked like a bunch of rolling dark clouds, and Shao Feidu looked like the thunder god that came by stepping on these dark clouds.


Shang Ke: Looks like Dudu wasn’t lonely during this period I wasn’t with him…


When those ghosts saw Shang Ke, they immediately fled like startled animals. Although Shang Ke has already revived into a person, he still had the aura of a vengeful ghost. Normal ghosts dare not provoke him.


Shao Feidu’s tensed muscles finally relaxed after the ghosts behind him disappeared. He walked to the side of the bed and placed the thermal box he was holding on the table. Then, he opened it carefully. 


Shang Ke asked with a smile, “What soup is it?”


“Chicken.” Shao Feidu said one word, then added, “Black chicken.” 


Shang Ke couldn’t help but laugh.


Shao Feidu’s face was serious and didn’t find anything funny at all.


After finishing the soup, Shang Ke looked at the sky outside and said to Shao Feidu, “Take me out for a walk?”


Under Shang Ke’s instruction, Shao Feidu carried him onto the wheelchair and pushed him out.


The nurse couldn’t really stop him. After all, it was Yun Kexu’s own intention. She let the bodyguards watch from afar incase of any accident.


Shao Feidu pushed Shang Ke and strolled slowly in the garden. The garden was full of greenery, the air was fresh and the morning breeze brought along the fragrance of flowers. This long-lost tranquility was very refreshing to Shao Feidu. It seems like as long as Shang Ke was around, the world before him would be very different. It was so clear and beautiful just like melodious piano music.


Shao Feidu felt that he was currently full of artistic inspiration. Musical notes echoed in his head and his finger started tapping the wheelchair unconsciously.


Shang Ke knew what he was thinking about the moment he heard the tapping and the corner of his lips lifted slightly. He plucked a leaf from the side, matched with the tapping rhythm and started playing.


Playing using a leaf mainly depends on the shape of one’s mouth, the vibrating surface and the varying breath speed. Different vibrating frequencies can bring out different tunes, vibrato, mordent and glissando… The clear and sweet music reverberated in the garden, adding bright and moving colours to the beautiful morning.


Shao Feidu looked at Shang Ke who was in the morning light. This was the first time he longed to perform so much. He wished to perform with this person.


After Shang Ke was done playing, Shao Feidu squatted beside him and stared at him with fervent eyes. He clearly had something to say, but ultimately only called out, “Keke.”


However, Shang Ke seemed to know what he was thinking about. He said with a smile, “Let’s perform a duet after my body recovers?”


Okay, that’s a deal! Shao Feidu nodded his head hard and showed a satisfied smile.


Yun Kexu’s family members had already arrived by the time the two of them returned back to the ward.


Shang Ke formally introduced them. Yun Kexu’s father Yun Dongxiao, mother Bai Luo, brother Yun Kezhao and sister Yun Fangqing. He had investigated these as well as their hobbies clearly before he possessed the body.


Madam Yun’s impression of Shao Feidu was extremely terrible. She never looked at him in the eye from the beginning till the end.


Shao Feidu had Shang Ke secretly signalling this time, so shaking hands and greetings were done well. He wished to stay by Shang Ke’s side very much, but there were too many people in the ward. He wasn’t that used to it and could only leave for the time being.


Shang Ke interacted with the Yun family with skill and ease. As someone who has just woken up from two years of slumber, it’s already surprising enough that he had basic cognitive ability. Who would fuss about other things?


During the time afterwards, Shang Ke started going through cognitive, memory and bodily function rehabilitation in a planned way under the doctor’s arrangement. 


The abilities he accumulated through the many worlds gradually appeared on this body. Not only was his recovery speed fast, there was also a great change in his spiritual energy. It was as if he rebirthed. 


Shao Feidu would report here every day. Sometimes he brought food, sometimes he brought music sheets and sometimes he brought strange toys over.


He was showing it so clearly, so it was natural that the Yun family could see his relationship with Yun Kexu. However, they weren’t sure how they met. Afterall, Yun Kexu has been unconscious for so long and Shao Feidu has never visited. Strangely though, Yun Kexu woke up the moment he visited. It seemed as if he was waiting for Shao Feidu to come and wake him up.


This matter felt incredible to the Yun family. Other than Madam Yun, everyone else was happy with their interaction. Their family status were similar and their conduct and appearance were matching. After experiencing two years of sadness and despair, they only wish for their child to be healthy. It no longer matters whether he likes men or women.


Shang Ke was discharged half a month later. During the week Shang Ke was recuperating at the Yun family’s home, Shao Feidu was blacklisted by Madam Yun and ruthlessly shut out from entering their house. He was allowed to interact with Shang Ke only by phone.


“Keke.” I want to see you.


“Mn, I miss you too.”


“Keke.” Mother won’t let me in.


“Mn, I know. Don’t worry, I will look for you in a few days.


“… Listen.” I composed new music.


A clicking sound could be heard as he played the recording. Then, a piano music sounded melodiously.


Shang Ke closed his eyes and listened as he enjoyed the joy brought by the music. Shao Feidu’s finger should be fine now judging by the level of this song. The old doctor that was introduced to Shao Feidu last time advised quite a number of treatment methods and the results were also very obvious. His fingers were already healed in the first place. The reason why he wasn’t able to play was basically due to psychological barriers.


Yun Dongxiao and his wife who were eavesdropping outside the room felt that their interaction was so amazing. One was so short and concise while the other is so understanding of everything. A thousand words was contained in those few words.


Yun Dongxiao said to his wife, “Has your anger subsided?”


Madam Yun gave a cold humph, then lifted her chin and walked away elegantly.


The next day however, Madam Yun agreed to Shang Ke’s request of “temporary staying” at Shao Feidu’s place. Madam Yun made emphasis on the “temporary staying”.


Shao Feidu brought Shang Ke away happily that day under Madam Yun’s tiger-like stare.


When they return back to the villa, the ghosts that have gathered here immediately fled. The villa which was enveloped in yin energy instantly freshened up and was shining as if it was purified by the sunlight. (The villa wept: Thank you heaven, thank you earth, thank you almighty Keke!)


Shang Ke’s body has almost fully recovered. He intends to look for evil ghosts these few days. However, he isn’t in a hurry to transcend them yet. He will understand the situation first and make enough preparation, only making a move after ensuring that it is perfectly safe.


In the bathroom, the sound of water reverberated and a black shadow could be seen on the glass door through the misty room.


Shang Ke turned off the water and walked over. He wasn’t surprised to see the man standing outside when he pushed open the door.


The warm mist blew right into Shao Feidu’s face and he saw Shang Ke standing naked and tenderly before him. His fair skin was full of crystal like water droplets, forming invisible water trails as they flowed downwards.


Shao Feidu’s line of sight followed the water trail and slowly looked downwards. Then, it was stuck at 45°, no longer looking up. 


Shang Ke reclined on the doorway in an alluring pose and asked with raised eyebrows: “What are your thoughts?”


My thoughts are… Shao Feidu took a step forward and hugged Shang Ke. He took a sniff at Shang Ke’s neck area and smelled the fragrance of shower gel. His body was warm, very different from his ghost state.


Unfortunately, his poor language skills was unable to express the feelings in his heart. He could only use his fervent eyes and the change in his body to give the most direct answer.


Shang Ke could feel his body temperature rising. Without further ado, he dragged Shao Feidu into the bathroom. Then, he took off Shao Feidu’s cloth, turned on the shower nozzle and started helping Shao Feidu bath with great service.


Shao Feidu stood still and let Shang Ke scrub his body and would sometimes cooperate. However, the fire in his lower abdomen was burning stronger and stronger, making his body taut like a pulled bowstring. 




“What is it?”


Shao Feidu stuck himself behind Shang Ke, resting his chin on Shang Ke’s shoulder and hugging his waist with both hands. Due to the difference in height, the tall Shao Feidu had to bend down his back when he did this action, making him look like a lobster.


He also didn’t speak. He just hung onto Shang Ke’s body like this, intentionally or unintentionally bumping.


Shang Ke felt like laughing seeing his cold appearance yet hot inner self. This was the first time Shang Ke knew his man could actually have such a “pure” moment. When has he never been straight to the point?


Shang Ke turned around and pressed him against the wall, taking the initiative to wrap himself around Shao Feidu’s waist… 


Shao Feidu got the taste of sweetness very quickly under Shang Ke’s guidance. However, the inexperienced him didn’t do much foreplay before diving straight into it, causing Shang Ke to suffer quite a bit. He could only try his best to relax and match with Shao Feidu’s movement.


Shao Feidu gladly started creating ambiguous sounds, starting from unfamiliar to proficient and from slow to intense, just like he was performing a rhythmic symphony.


Just as Shang Ke was in a daze, a thrust from Shao Feidu completed his first experience.


Shang Ke: …Hmm? It doesn’t seem to have reached 10 minutes yet and he’s already done? This isn’t scientific!


However, it was understandable if he thought about it. Shao Feidu has never come into contact with this kind of thing before. He probably hasn’t seen relevant books and movies before. It was inevitable that he would be a little fast experiencing it himself for the first time.


Shang Ke turned around and hugged Shao Feidu in pity: It’s okay. I like you even if you’re a fast shooter.


Shao Feidu lowered his head and inexplicably felt that something was wrong.


After the two of them had washed and dried themselves, they climbed onto the bed together and laid on the bed wonderfully.


Shang Ke’s sleeping quality had always been good. After experiencing a round of exercise earlier, he soon fell asleep.


When he was half awake and half asleep, he suddenly felt his lips being pressed onto and hot breath filled his mouth. Then, he felt a numbing sensation and his body was entered bit by bit… 


Shang Ke opened his eyes and saw Shao Feidu laying above him, moving carefully. Seeing Shang Ke wake up, Shao Feidu immediately stopped moving and looked at him anxiously like a child who did something wrong.


Shang Ke was silent. He was also silent.


A few seconds later, he moved in deeper without a trace after seeing that Shang Ke had no reaction.


Shang Ke continued being silent. Shao Feidu slowly pushed forward a few more inches.


Shang Ke didn’t stop him. After pausing for a moment, Shao Feidu suddenly pushed in hard.


“Nn.” Shang Ke felt short of breath. He hasn’t yet adapted when Shao Feidu already started moving energetically.


30 minutes later, someone still doesn’t have the sign of releasing.


Why had he actually thought that this man was “pure” before? One had to know that no matter how cute the wolf was, he was still a wolf… 

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