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Chapter 178: Ghost Assistant (X)

TL: Resonance


When Shang Ke woke up the next day, Shao Feidu was still sound asleep. His hair was drooping on his forehead and his nose let out soft snores. He looked like a satisfied lazy cat.


Shang Ke stretched out his hand to pinch Shao Feidu’s nose. Shao Feidu only frowned before he automatically changed to breathing through his mouth and wasn’t the least bit affected. 


Shang Ke’s eyes widened: What kind of skill is this?


Just as he was thinking whether he should cover the mouth as well, the man beside him has already woken up. Shao Feidu’s eyes were in a daze. Seeing Shang Ke, Shao Feidu immediately brought him into his embrace and rubbed against him intimately.


“It’s getting late, get up!” Shang Ke tore away from his body like tearing away a plaster. Then, he got out from the bed with aching waist and back and walked towards the bathroom naked.


Shao Feidu lifted the blanket and followed after him while being similarly naked.


After they were done with their sticky bath, they changed into matching home clothes and went down for breakfast.


Shang Ke intended to bring Shao Feidu out to the city centre to walk around and rely on someone’s ghost-attracting physique to look for evil ghosts he could purge.


It was also time to train Dudu’s courage. Shang Ke drank his porridge as he looked at the man beside him with a smile.


Shao Feidu had thought that Shang Ke wanted to eat his sausage, so he generously brought one towards his mouth.


Shang Ke: “…”


After having breakfast, Shang Ke brought Shao Feidu out for a walk first to digest before riding the car towards the city center.


The first stop was Mandy Mall which has rumours online saying that it was cursed by the death god and would have people dying bizarrely every year. Normally, this kind of mall shouldn’t have many people going. But in actual fact, most people treated the rumours as just ghost stories and sneered at the ideas of ghosts and gods.


To Shang Ke, ghosts are actually just the regrets left behind after someone dies. They don’t have complete consciousness. Ordinary ghosts usually disappear after 7 days. Only ghosts with extremely strong obsession or resentment would continue staying in the world. Their regrets would form a psychic field and they would look for targets to vent on while following a certain pattern.


A ghost’s most common ability was interfering with the brainwaves of living people. Nightmares, hallucination, sleep paralysis, wall-banging, temporary loss of memory and sudden loss of control of one’s emotion, etc might all be due to the influence of a ghost.


Evil level ghosts are able to control electric current, signal and magnetic field etc under certain conditions. Shang Ke was one level above evil ghosts. His type belonged to the extremely dangerous vengeful ghost which was able to devour other ghosts’ energy.


Shang Ke felt rather curious when he thought about this. He wondered how the original owner became a vengeful ghost. To become a vengeful ghost, one has to at least accumulate hundreds of years of energy.


When the car reached the destination, Shang Ke withdrew back his vengeful ghost aura and got off the car with Shao Feidu.


There were many people in the mall. Online shopping is very convenient now, but many people still prefer the feeling of shopping outside.


Shao Feidu wasn’t used to places with many people. Nevertheless, he didn’t feel that uncomfortable as long as he stayed by Shang Ke’s side. The two of them entered the lift and pressed the level 4 button.


The number “4” has been historically regarded as an unlucky symbol. However, there was obviously no such taboo in this world.


The lift rose slowly. The process only needed a few seconds, but the lift seemed to be taking especially long. Strangely however, the other people in the lift don’t seem to feel this abnormality at all. They continued talking and laughing looking very comfortable.


At this moment, an arm stretched over and held Shang Ke’s waist, clinging to Shang Ke’s side.


Shang Ke turned his head and immediately saw that a few pale fingers had unknowingly climbed onto Shao Feidu’s shoulders.


Shang Ke leaned back slightly but didn’t see anything. When he looked back, he was surprised to see another person beside Shao Feidu. It was a woman with a lowered head and dishevelled hair. She stood in between a few people and did not attract anyone’s attention in the slightest.


Then, she raised her arm and slowly climbed onto the shoulder of the man in front. Subsequently, she hugged his neck and hung on his back.


Ding dong. The lift door opened. The man was unaware and went out of the lift carrying the female ghost while joking with his girlfriend who was beside him. The moment he stepped out of the lift, the female ghost suddenly turned her head, revealing her half-burned face as she gave Shao Feidu a sinister smile.


Shao Feidu encircled Shang Ke’s waist with both hands and placed Shang Ke in front of him with a “I have all-purpose Keke, you can’t scare me” expression.


Shang Ke: “…”


The first scouting was very successful. They had just stepped into the mall and he has already confirmed the existence of an evil ghost. Afterwards, Shang Ke put aside this matter temporarily and started strolling about with Shao Feidu.


As for the man being implicated by the evil ghost, it was certain that he had resentful energy that could attract evil ghosts. It was evident that he had done plenty of wicked stuff usually, Shang Ke didn’t mind letting him suffer for a period of time. Based on that man’s exuberant vitality, he won’t be dying anytime soon.


Moreover, this evil ghost is an earthbound spirit. She is unable to leave the mall during the day. Only at night could she go out to scare people.


Shang Ke and Shao Feidu walked about for the whole morning and ordered a few sets of menswear. Then, they each held an ice cream and happily ended this mall trip.


For the next few days, Shang Ke and Shao Feidu went to several similar places and encountered a hungry ghost, depressive ghost and fierce ghost. If he added the mother and son ghost he had seen on Dr. Xu and the water ghost that had caused Shang Ke’s revival to fail (the water ghost has now become the man who had drowned), he had found 6 ghosts all at once.


Shang Ke investigated them one by one. He first excluded the water ghost and the mother and son ghost. The former had to use a scapegoat to take their place and would be hard to purge. He excluded the latter too due to his own selfish motives. That Dr. Xu had done many wicked things and death wasn’t enough to pay for his crime. He also did bad things with Mu Zhen, secretly giving Shao Feidu medicine that would easily trigger depression. If the medicine was taken for a long term, Shao Feidu would become more and more autistic and refuse to interact with the outside world. He might even have suicidal thoughts.


This matter made Shang Ke very furious. If he hadn’t cleared up Mu Zhen’s people in time, it was certain that Dudu would follow his request and keep taking that kind of medicine.


Shang Ke finally got Dudu to open up and interact with the outside world bit by bit. How could he let this bunch of villains harm him again?


Prior to this, Shang Ke had only intended to make Mu Zhen return the money he transferred away and he would let him go. But now, Shang Ke decided to teach him a lesson. As for Dr. Xu. he would let that mother and son ghost entertain him well.


Amongst the evil ghosts Shang Ke had discovered, there was the fierce ghost that can make people become angrier. All those minor arguments that would be over after a quarrel can easily turn into a bloodshed under the influence of the fierce ghost. 


Quite a number of the violence and murder cases reported on the news are all due to a moment of impulse and a portion of these cases were due to the bewitchment of the fierce ghost.


Before he purges the fierce ghost, he can let the ghost “play” with Mu Zhen for a while first.


“Keke!” Shao Feidu’s shout sounded behind Shang Ke.


“What?” Shang Ke looked up from the computer screen and saw Shao Feidu striding over. Shao Feidu stood naked before him and clicked at the electronic clock seriously for him to see. His meaning was that it was time to sleep!


Shang Ke’s line of sight fell onto Shao Feidu’s abdomen area. He looked straight at it and said calmly, “Mn, I’m coming soon.”


Ever since Shang Ke walked around the room naked a few times, Shao Feidu seemed to have also fallen in love with the free sensation of not wearing anything. He doesn’t even wear his underwear every night after he bathes.


At the very least, Shang Ke was naked only in his own room. Shao Feidu was even better, he went wild on the whole second floor.


Shang Ke felt the need to give him some etiquette guidance lest he treat this “freeness” as a normal habit.


Firstly, he needs to lead by example by setting himself as the good example. Shao Feidu learned from him most of the time, remembering everything he said, every move he made and every habit he had. Shao Feidu imitated what he did while improving himself, gradually forming his own behavioural pattern based on his own understanding.


Therefore, Shang Ke decided not to sleep naked anymore from today onwards!


When the naked Shao Feidu saw the neatly dressed Shang Ke, he felt confused. The protesting look in his eyes instantly changed him from a cold adonis to a wronged moe guy.


Under his stare, Shang Ke nimbly unbuttoned his pajamas. Then, he hugged Shao Feidu and appeased, “It’s getting late, let’s sleep.”


“You’re wearing clothes!” Shao Feidu remained unmoved and pointed out Shang Ke’s mistake resolutely. 


“It’s more comfortable to sleep with clothes on. From now on, let’s sleep with our clothes on alright?” Shang Ke suggested.


“No!” Shao Feidu rebuked steadfastly. 


“Then… How about we wear just the pants for now and not the top?” Shang Ke felt that he could work on it step by step.


Shao Feidu stared at Shang Ke in silence for a long while before saying, “Wear the top but not the pants.”


Shang Ke sized up this man with squinted eyes: …You’re just pretending to be stupid all this while right?


In the end, Shang Ke still removed his pants under Shao Feidu’s insistence. However, he specially reminded him, “We must sleep with our pajamas on tomorrow.”


Shao Feidu’s eyes were distant as he automatically filtered out the information he wasn’t interested in.


That night, Shang Ke who was wearing only a top naturally had this and that done to him by someone unhindered…


During the period Shang Ke was gathering information about the evil ghosts, he and Shao Feidu were like newlyweds and lived a sweet everyday life. Shang Ke would withdraw his vengeful ghost aura when he felt like it and let Shao Feidu attract some ghost over to play hide and seek.


After one month of scaring training by Shang Ke, Shao Feidu was now able to face any sort of scary ghost calmly. This made Shang Ke feel both gratified and a little regretful. He quite liked the look of Dudu acting calm despite being clearly afraid… 


After investigating the situation of the few evil ghosts, Shang Ke officially started preparing to purge them.


He was going to use the Taoism method he had learned in the cultivation world back then. He will make use of talismans to purge the ghosts.


However, he faced a problem when he was creating the talismans. Although he had already revived as a human now, he was still an evil ghost in essence. This means that the talismans which are effective against other ghosts were also effective against him.


Ordinary talismans have little effect on him, but purging talismans make him feel like escaping from his flesh body, also commonly known as the out-of-body experience.


If the power of the talisman was even greater, Shang Ke was afraid it might purge him first. 


However, the power couldn’t be too little either. As he is going to be dealing with evil ghosts, just the purging talismans alone isn’t enough. He must also prepare a few types of offensive talismans that can restraint them. These types of talisman are also a threat to his ghost body.


Most importantly, he wasn’t able to practice Taoism with his vengeful ghost body! The talismans he created might end up boosting a ghost’s strength instead.


This… What should he do?

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