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Chapter 121: Back To That Key Moment ②


After Pupu fell asleep, Shang Ke took a dip in the hot spring to wash away his cold and fatigue.

He heard the sound of rippling water close by, and he opened his eyes to see Tylor standing in the hot spring. His powerful body was full of scars of varying sizes. Many of them must have been left behind because he had not dealt with his injuries carefully at the time of injury.

Tylor swam towards Shang Ke and reached for his chest. A few years ago, a long sword had passed through here and taken his life. Now, he was alive and once again had a warm body, strong heartbeat, and bright and clean skin with only a light scar marring it.

Tylor circled his arms around Shang Ke’s waist and leaned his head against his shoulder like a child. His face was full of contentment and nostalgia.

“Tell me, Tylor. What happened after we sealed the devil’s tree?” Shang Ke asked in a soft voice.

“Mm.” Tylor shifted into a more comfortable position and leaned lazily against Shang Ke as he began to describe the three years following his death.

Because of Shang Ke’s death, Tylor and Pupu were eroded by the devil tree’s qi and became half-devil’s without faith. They couldn’t continue to live in the city, so they brought Shang Ke’s body to this snowy mountain.

They differed from ordinary devil apostles. After they sealed the Devil’s Tree, all the devil apostles were set free from its control. As long as they didn’t take the initiative to do evil, they would have little impact on others. However, Tylor and Pupu had absorbed the purest devil qi from the Devil’s Tree; thus, they unwittingly emitted devil’s qi even though they tried to suppress it.

Even Shang Ke couldn’t absorb their devil qi; it was up to them to get rid of it. However, it didn’t matter if they could never recover. He would be with them forever anyway.

After recalling the past, Tylor suddenly asked, “Shang Ke, can I kiss you?” 

Shang Ke looked at him strangely. This man actually had such a gentlemanly side to him? Doesn’t he usually go straight for the kiss without hesitation?

As he opened his mouth to speak, Tylor had already kissed him.

Shang Ke thought, ‘… As expected, one shouldn’t make conclusions too quickly.’

Tylor fit his lips carefully against Shang Ke’s, and slowly, he rubbed in and deepened the contact. His kiss bore a hint of lust, but more than that, was the longing and adoration hidden within it.

The two people remained in the water for half an hour until they had to come out because they felt dizzy.

They didn’t do it to the end. This kind of intimacy was enough for them to remember for a long time.

The next day, Shang Ke happily suggested, “Let’s find a place with beautiful scenery to live in seclusion!” 

“Alright.” Tylor had no objections.

And Pupu was Daddy’s most loyal supporter.

The three immediately packed their luggage, arming themselves with bags both large and small. Even Pupu carried a pot on her back. They walked step by step through the deep snow and bid farewell to this land of ice and frost.

Finding a new place to live was not as difficult as Shang Ke expected. Tylor once traveled the continent and was thus very familiar with the environment. After determining the kind of place Shang Ke wanted them to live in, the three of them came upon the Donore Mountain at the border between Dako City and Sina Province.

After investigating several times, Shang Ke finally chose a place close to a body of water as their home. Lush green mountains and a few settlements surrounded it, and the only way to access it other than traversing through a winding mountain path was to cross the river by boat. 

It wasn’t too out of the way from society either. The nearest city was only a half hour’s journey, and it would take even shorter if they had a mount. Within three or five miles, there were several small villages that could trade with them at any time.

After determining their living space, all they had to do was build a house and carve out a plot for planting crops. It wasn’t difficult to build a bamboo house when there were two men working together.They could purchase whatever tools and materials they lacked outside.

However, Tylor performed most of the manual labor, and gradually he evolved from a non-productive prince to an excellent craftsman.

Shang Ke and Pupu used a lot of effort to create a plot for planting crops. In the meantime, he prepared various delicacies using fish, shrimp, snail, mussel, bamboo rat, rabbit, pheasant, boar, snake, bird eggs, wild vegetables, mushroom, melon and fruit. Whether they came from the earth or sky, he only needed to find them and no dish was impossible.

Every night, Shang Ke would use his ointment to rub the wounds and massage the muscles of Tylor and Pupu. He also placed mosquito repellent plants around the tent to provide the best sleeping environment for the big and small one.

In a month, the wounds on Tylor and Pupu were all healed and their thin bodies grew plumper at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was as if they had shed their mortal bodies.

It was particularly obvious for Tylor, who had a noble upbringing and had faced many hardships. His melancholic and dispirited visage had faded away, and a mysterious temperament emerged in its place. Every time he went out to trade goods, he would attract the eyes of many young village women. 

Tylor’s heart already belonged to someone else. Besides, he had devil qi within him, so he would naturally not get too close to them. However, these women liked to spray perfume on the men they liked. Although Tylor was agile, he was inevitably affected when the wind blew in his direction, and he got a bit on his body. 

After Shang Ke smelled it, he realized his man’s chastity was being coveted by a group of strangers. 

So he called Tylor over and tied his hair into a knot which represented a ‘married’ status, or more literally meant, ‘famous flower has a master’ in Turan. 

Tylor, who’d been bound, suddenly felt that he had become very handsome and dashing. He was enthusiastic for the entire day and shone brilliantly in the most subtle way. 

Two months later, the bamboo house was built, and the several vegetable plots that Shang Ke had planted were ready for harvest.

The day before they moved into the new house, Shang Ke cooked a big meal and prepared wine to reward everybody for two months of hard work and to celebrate the completion of their new house.

Under the charming moonlight, the three people ate heartily. At the end of the meal, even Pupu was drunk, even though she only drank a small cup.

Tylor carried Pupu into the room, and when he came out, Shang Ke was still cleaning the table outside. His long hair swayed gently with the wind, and his slender figure looked particularly enticing under the candlelight.

Tylor’s eyes darkened, and he hugged Shang Ke from behind, his lips lingering on his neck. 

“Stop it and come help me clean up the dishes.” Shang Ke shrank his neck, feeling hot in the place where he was licked.

But Tylor didn’t stop. Instead, he became more intimate.

“Ty … ah!”  Before he could finish, Shang Ke’s body was picked up and placed on the carpet. A hot kiss immediately landed on his lips. After enduring for over two months, Tylor had reached his limit.

With the soft carpet against his back and the smell of grass around him, the two men mingled amidst the scent of wine… Clothes were pulled apart with every touch and skin was bared to the coolness of the night, only to be quickly smothered by a wave of heat.

Feeling the man’s burning desire against his naked skin, Shang Ke gasped, “Not here, you’ll wake up Pupu…”

“Let’s keep it down then.” Tylor slowly rubbed between Shang Ke’s legs.

Shang Ke’s brain was getting a little fuzzy, and he didn’t immediately refuse. “Be gentle,” he said.

He had just finished speaking when Tylor suddenly thrust into him, pushing in with great force.

“Ah!”  Shang Ke couldn’t help but cry out, but he immediately stopped himself. He wanted to complain, but Tylor’s next action interrupted him.

Shang Ke could only try to suppress his voice as his body moved up and down in tandem with the vigorous thrusts, lost in the heat of pleasure. The huge starry sky swayed in his sight, then gradually it blurred until finally, his vision went white.

Tylor was originally worried that Shang Ke could not accept him, but their first time felt like they’d practiced it many times. They were perfectly matched.

After one round, Tylor returned to their room in disheveled clothes and an equally messy Shang Ke in his arms, and they proceeded to the next round… 

When Shang Ke woke up in the morning, he found himself tangled up with Tylor in a strange position. One of his legs was around Tylor’s waist while the other was hanging on his shoulder. The two men stood upright and horizontal, forming an “L” shape on the bed.  Even more bizarre was that their lower bodies were still connected.

Shang Ke was about to extract himself and had only gotten halfway out when a pair of big hands directly pressed him back.

“Let go. It’s already dawn.” With his hands on Tylor’s upper body, Shang Ke tried to separate himself from him. 

“It’s still early.”  Tylor leaned to one side to let himself penetrate deeper into Shang Ke.

Shang Ke glared at him and was about to speak when a sleepy voice came from outside. “Daddy, are you two still asleep?”

Shang Ke sat up at once, but this caused him to fall heavily on Tylor, and the man’s length suddenly pushed all the way into his depths.

The couple gasped at the same time.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Shang Ke ignored everything and pulled the quilt to cover them.

Pupu poked her head in and found her Daddy sitting on Lorlor with red cheeks. Her face was full of curiosity, but she didn’t know how to ask.

Shang Ke wanted to get up but he was held in place by Tylor. He heard the man below him say with a straight face, “Pupu, go wash up first. Daddy will make you something delicious to eat later.”

When Pupu heard there was something delicious, she immediately abandoned her Daddy and ran away happily.

Shang Ke waited for Tylor to finish and snapped out three words, “Enough is enough!”

“I’m energetic and need to be relieved or else I’ll wither.”  Tylor’s fingers lingered around Shang Ke’s waist.

Do you think you are a flower?!  What ‘wither’? More like premature ejaculation!

“Hurry up if you want! I have to make breakfast for Pupu!”  Shang Ke tightened around him out of spite.

Tylor grew obedient and immediately began to thrust at a high speed. He really made sure to be quick, powerful and accurate! It turns out someone doesn’t have premature ejaculation at all. If Pupu hadn’t arrived just then, he would have definitely been eaten for another three hours.

After feeding one big and small darling, Tylor took his weapons and went out hunting to exchange for some food. Shang Ke stayed at home with Pupu.

At noon, Tylor came home on time with two rabbits and a bag of rice. In the yard, Shang Ke sat at the stone table while holding Pupu, teaching her how to read and write. Golden sunshine shone down on them and formed a beautiful picture.

“Lorlor, look!”  When Pupu saw Tylor came back, she immediately picked up a blank sheet of paper and showed him the crooked words on it. She said proudly, “This is Pupu’s name!”

Tylor put down the things in his hand and walked towards the two people. He touched Pupu’s head and asked, “Is there Daddy’s and Lorlor’s?”

“Yes!”  Pupu answered vigorously, then took out another piece of paper, pointing to the words on it, “Look, Pupu has learned the names of Daddy and Lorlor.”

Tylor looked down and saw the names ‘Shang Ke’ and ‘Tylor’ written side by side on the white paper.

The former had neat strokes and correct shapes while the latter was horribly distorted and looked extremely ferocious; it appeared to have been broken into bones and tendons.

Tylor was speechless. He was also Pupu’s family. So how could the gap be so big…

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