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Chapter 122: Back To That Key Moment ②

Pupu rarely went out to play during her free time. To keep her from boredom, Shang Ke built her an amusement park based on a nearby mountain’s structure. It included slides, swings, hammocks, tree houses, a climbing wall, small swimming pools, clay sculpture fields, etc.

With all kinds of entertainment items available, Pupu seemed to witness a brand-new world reveal itself before her eyes. She was pleasantly surprised and glowed like a little cherub every day.

When Tylor saw this, he suddenly realized his negligence. In the past, he only cared about Pupu’s food and clothing, while Shang Ke took into consideration everything about her. No wonder Pupu liked her father better. In comparison, he was simply the model of child neglect.

Looking at Shang Ke who was making mud houses with Pupu, Tylor thanked god again for his kindness. He had their company in his life once more, and even if he died suddenly, he would have no regrets.

As the amusement park gradually took shape, the children from a nearby village somehow discovered it and secretly ran over to play. After noticing the owner didn’t prevent them from playing, they stopped covering up their actions and came to the park excitedly every day to report. Their attendance was even more punctual than when they went to school.

Shang Ke was happy to see the park’s popularity and hoped Pupu would have more contact with kids her age. She had a good memory, but her reaction speed was slow and she didn’t speak much in front of outsiders. She was not afraid of pain, was simple-minded, and had no fear of anything. She’d never even cried before, regardless of whether she witnessed a bloody scene or experienced abuse.

Although Pupu was possessed with devil qi, it had little influence on children, unless the other party was born with an antisocial personality. Had they not been at the center of the Devil’s Tree, Pupu would not have passively absorbed the devil qi.

Tylor still needed to rely on his willpower to contain the devil qi in his body, but Pupu didn’t have to worry about fighting it. The devil qi couldn’t affect her simple and straightforward little mind at all.

Pupu was initially resistant to the group of children who invaded her territory, but after much interaction, she gradually relaxed her guard and integrated herself into the group. Although she was still reticent, the other children regarded her as a prestigious, cold Queen with great deterrent force. As long as she opened her mouth, other children would obey and follow.

When there were more rascal children around, some problems would inevitably arise. After Shang Ke’s vegetable garden was poisoned for the nth time, he finally began to organize them.

Shang Ke opened up several plots of land on the other side of the field to give the children full control of planting. These children came from peasant families who were good at farming, so they were familiar with the farming process as they usually had to assist. But now they had their own vegetable field, and this excited the children a bit. Shang Ke completely bought them over when he made them several delicious meals using the vegetables from their gardens, and their enthusiasm was fully stirred up.

Whenever Shang Ke taught Pupu how to read and write, he would also teach the other children while he was at it. When the vegetables and fruits were ripe, they would take the children on a picnic and let them choose their own vegetables and fish to cook. Although they did a horrible job, they ate their meals very happily.

Before leaving, Shang Ke would occasionally give them some delicious snacks. The next day, the children’s parents would give back some fruits, herbs, wild game and other gifts.

These parents found out that after their children spent some time with Shang Ke’s family, they would gradually become more sensible and form many good habits, such as washing their hands before meals, cleaning, not littering, taking the initiative to help the family do housework, and so on.

Because of this, the parents had very good impressions of Shang Ke’s family and were thrilled to have their children associate with them. When Tylor traveled to the village to trade, the villagers would always receive him warmly. It was entirely different from the previous scenario where young women courted him; the current enthusiasm was a full display of genuine feelings with no age barriers.

As the seasons changed from autumn to winter, the weather gradually grew colder and Tylor prepared sufficient warm clothes for Shang Ke and Pupu in the early morning.

Shang Ke soon realized that the quality of things Tylor bought were all excellent. He understood Tylor’s financial situation; he was well off, but not excessively rich. Yet, the fur coat worn by Pupu was equivalent to half a year’s income of ordinary farmers, let alone the other items.

Lying in bed at night, Shang Ke asked him, “Do you have your own treasury?”

Tylor answered honestly, “Yes.”

Shang Ke raised his eyebrows and asked, “Where did it come from?”

“I am the Holy Empire’s Prince.”  His status was so noble, how could he not have his own treasury?

“I remembered someone living like a savage in the snowy mountains a year ago.”  Shang Ke laid on his side and held his forehead, scooping up a wisp of hair and sweeping it casually on his arm.

“You came back, so I was no longer a savage.”  Tylor’s eyes were dark and languid, half leaning on the pillow. Without them noticing, three years of gloom and vicissitudes had faded away, and Tylor had recovered his former elegant demeanour. Golden hair, deep-set eyes, firm muscles and a perfect posture. It made his entire person look as dazzling as the sun.

Tylor, who was groomed radiantly by Shang Ke and dressed in the simplest clothes, couldn’t hide his noble temperament. When outsiders saw him today, they absolutely couldn’t imagine how depressed he was just a year ago.

But in Shang Ke’s eyes, Tylor was Tylor. He would not alienate him for his downfall nor be humbled by his dignity.  This was one reason why Tylor loved him so much. After he became a half-devil, he saw many hypocrites. They flattered him on the surface, but they guarded against him in their hearts and dared not show their feelings of disgust.

Only those who were not strong-willed would be afraid of the devil qi.

“Did you get in contact with the royal family?” Shang Ke asked curiously.

“Yeah, I met the royal guards in Dako City.”  Tylor didn’t hide it. “They wanted to take me back to the capital.”

Shang Ke laughed, “So they’ve been looking for you all this time. Even if you’ve become a half-devil, they still want to take you back.”

Tylor didn’t speak and just looked at him deeply.

“What’s wrong?”  Shang Ke asked. His eyes seemed to express a profound meaning.

Tylor took his hand and placed it over his lips, kissing it. He lightly said, “Shang Ke, haven’t you noticed yet?”

“Noticed what?”

The corner of Tylor’s eyes rose as he smiled and said, “The devil qi in me is gone.”

“Eh?”  Shang Ke stared at him in disbelief. It’s only been a year. How could it be so fast?

“When faith is rebuilt, the devil qi is cleared.”  Tylor touched his head. “It’s not just me. Pupu’s devil qi is almost gone too.”

Shang Ke was a little confused. The original owner, Osari, was a king-level apostle, so the devil qi was deeply rooted in his body, just like a seed of the Devil’s Tree planted inside him. Even if the seed would not sprout because Devil’s Tree was sealed, he could never remove the devil qi from his body.

Tylor and Pupu were different. Although they absorbed the devil qi, the Devil’s Tree had never controlled them. As long as their faith was strong, they could be completely cured.

“What’s the matter?”  Tylor saw him frown and asked in a low voice.

“Would you mind if I could never get rid of my devil qi?”  Shang Ke asked.

Tylor smiled. “I fell in love with the man who was full of devil qi, but never swayed and stuck to his own heart from beginning to end.”

With his eyes creased in happiness, Shang Ke kissed him in satisfaction.

Tylor’s eyes darkened slightly, and he pressed him down to deepen the kiss. Eventually, his hands began to move.

“Wait.” Shang Ke struggled away to ask, “Are you going back to the capital?”

“What would I go back for?” Tylor reached into Shang Ke’s clothes, stroking his length up and down.

“You’re the Holy Empire’s Prince. Why wouldn’t you go back?” Stop licking, it’s itchy!

Tylor kissed his way down and casually replied, “The Holy Prince has been living here happily with a lover, a child, fresh air, and simple custom folk. This is the Prince’s home.”

Shang Ke didn’t speak until Tylor bit him in a sensitive area. He whined in low protest.

“Let’s stop thinking about it and get down to business.” Tylor gathered the quilt together and rolled over to lay atop Shang Ke’s body.

Shang Ke soon felt his body filled with a hard object pushed between his legs. Tylor continued as he moved his hips fiercely.

Shang Ke scolded in his heart, fuck the “business”! Can’t you give a warning before you come in?!

Tylor was not entirely to blame for this. Shang Ke’s body was flexible, tight, and just sucked him in like he never wanted to let go each time. Every time Tylor thrust in and out, it was extremely satisfying. The harder he pushed and the deeper he went, the more intense the pleasure was. Tylor especially loved to drive straight in, thrusting thousands of times a day.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to bear his exuberant energy and boundless desire.

Snow fluttered outside the window. The chill was awe-inspiring, but the room inside was full of heat and overflowing passion… 

The winter here was punishing, but the children’s enthusiasm for playing could not be doused. Before Shang Ke got up, he could hear the children’s laughter from outside.

Shang Ke pushed open the window and looked down. Pupu was dressed up and having a snowball fight with the other children. To be exact, she was monitoring the other children’s fight. Once any child was at a disadvantage, she would help by throwing snowballs at the opponents. But the children dared not hit her.

A pair of arms wrapped around Shang Ke’s waist and Tylor rested lazily on his shoulder, watching the children playing as well.

“The children are all up but we’re still in bed! Look at the example we’re setting!” Shang Ke shoved him aside and scoured for his clothes.

Tylor leaned against the headboard and watched him. His upper body was exposed to the air, but he didn’t seem to feel cold.

Shang Ke wrapped himself up tightly, walked a few steps towards the door, then suddenly turned back and leaned over Tylor to kiss him on the lips. “Happy New Year.”

Tylor’s eyes were warm. He stretched out his fingers to touch the hair that brushed past him and gracefully floated out.

Shang Ke cooked hot rice congee and soft white steamed buns, then called over the children to eat together.

Looking at the children whose faces were flushed from the cold, he hurriedly poured warm water into the basin and let them soak their hands first.

More than a dozen little hands squeezed into the basin like little crabs rolling incessantly, and suddenly, the small house became more lively.

When the children had enough to eat and drink, Shang Ke gave each of them a red hat and then assigned them a task to hang colored lanterns, pick sweet beans, and fold origami flowers.

This was a custom of the Tulan people when celebrating the New Year. Although there were no firecrackers, it was colorful and cheerful with its own foreign style.

A year ago, Tylor never thought that he would have such a comfortable and ordinary life. No matter what price he had to pay, he would protect everything in front of him. He never wanted to experience the despairing loneliness again.

If someone tried to destroy it, he would definitely make the person experience a life worse than death!

Tylor’s eyes flashed decisively.

“Tylor, what are you doing standing there?” Shang Ke’s voice came from afar. “Come and help with the lights.”

The chill in Tylor’s body vanished in an instant. The wind rolled around Shang Ke as he took over a child’s lantern. Under the gaze of dozens of eyes, he hung up the lantern gracefully…

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