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Chapter 104: Becoming Your God (VII)

The ball lasted for three days, but Shang Ke did not come on the second day since Tima and Yitamo became formally acquainted with each other. Tima would be his designated dance partner for the upcoming ballroom dances. 

Shang Ke was interested in creating more opportunities for them to interact with each other as often as possible. He didn’t want to be a third wheel in their relationship. The Shu Clansmen also had their own mission to complete which was to head out and set up their own stall. They wanted to sell some finely made objects, specially made desserts, tiny trinkets, and other items. They would become more used to this place as they made money. 

The Shu Clan’s elderly did not want the younger generation to live in the forests of the mountain forever. They should gain more experience when given the opportunity. They didn’t have the desire to get close to the Yu Empire through marriage of their own to the Prince. They only wanted their clansmen to become more experienced by living in the empire. 

In the current lifetime, they had permission from both Yitamo and the War God. Shang Ke was sure that their desires would be fulfilled early. When it came to the topic of becoming a part of the Royal Family through marriage, it would happen if it was meant to be. If it wasn’t meant to be, then they didn’t need to force it. Despite the existence of arranged marriages and choosing partners based on status, many wanted the freedom to fall in love with whomever they chose. This was also why Love God Neil had so much power. While war was occurring during a chaotic period of time, who knew what area of the world the Love God was planting apples in? The Evil God was older than the Love God by many generations, but the Love God did not know how to respect his elders. Instead, he treated him as if he was poor and deprived of love. He would often hang out with him from time to time. 

The Lord War God kept making unexpected appearances the past two days. You could say that it was supervising, but the reality of it was that he had too much time on his hands. Since it was a peaceful era, the War God didn’t need to use his abilities as much so he mostly slept. His sleep ended up being interrupted by the presence of the Evil God. 

Since their first face to face interaction, Shang Ke was sure that he was his man. However, he felt it was uncomfortable to develop this relationship beyond companionship. There were also differences in their might and belief that their relationship was that of enemies. 

There hadn’t been any development, but this guy was proficient in the skill of ripping off his clothes within a second. It didn’t matter what he wore, they would come off his body quickly. The only things that remained attached was the animal hide shirt and his face mask.

It was right at this moment that Shang Ke noticed Yitamo holding Tima’s hand as he led her to the carriage. The two of them were animatedly talking to each other. They seemed to be getting along well. 

“Neil, look at them. Don’t they look good together?” Shang Ke asked Neil who was relaxing on top of a branch. 

Neil lazily opened his eyes to briefly glance at the two. He answered without much interest, “They look good as friends.” 

Shang Ke questioned him with seriousness, “Just friends? Don’t they have a pink aura around them?” 

“I do see one.” However, it wasn’t directed to the other. Neil felt confused by this. It was normal for Tima to admire her god but why did Yitamo, who never experienced love before, have a pink aura directed towards Little Mask after the few days he spent with Tima? 

Neil inspected Shang Ke. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(¬︶¬)’ What?

Neil thought, ‘…. Fine, he will admit that Little Mask had a way of attracting others with his irresistible charm.’

“Where has God Uno been these past two days?” Yitamo and Tima were sitting in the courtyard and chatting over a cup of tea. Occasionally, their eyes would scan their surroundings. 

“I haven’t seen him at all after that day I danced with him.” Tima played with the wooden carving that hung from her neck. She was in a somewhat bad mood. 

“He’s the god that protects your clan. Even if you can’t see him, he should be watching over you anyways.” Yitamo changed the subject, “Why don’t you tell me more about him? You can tell me about any entertaining stories from when he was teaching you guys skills.” 

After hearing this, Tima quickly transformed back to her energetic self again. She laughed, “Don’t be fooled. He may look mighty and strong, but he’s actually quite adorable….” 

The two excitedly chatted. They were unaware of the two eavesdroppers on the tree near them. 

Neil carefully listened and thought to himself, “No wonder the pink aura from Yitamo was directed towards Little Mask since they’ve been chatting about him the entire time.” 

Without much thought, Neil glanced at Shang Ke and almost lost it. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(˙︿˙).’ What the heck? There’s nothing wrong with having fun on your date, but why must your topic of discussion be about this god? 

‘(▔△▔).’ Tima, is this actually the way you see me in your heart? Didn’t you compliment me for being strong, bold, and manly? 

‘(⊙□⊙).’ Hold on, did my skirt fly so high when I taught you martial arts? Why didn’t you inform me? Did it make you happy to see me expose myself? 

‘(╰ ︿ ╯).’ I am warning both of you. Don’t say anything more! If you do, I’ll flip out! 

Neil covered his mouth. His shoulders uncontrollably trembled and tears were released from his eyes. 

“Hahaha.” Yitamo joyfully laughed beneath the tree. The pink aura on his body shook with his laughter. 

Even though he couldn’t say it was love, Shang Ke was creating a more favorable impression on him day by day. 

Neil briefly inspected Yitamo before shifting his interest to Shang Ke. A beam of light flickered in his eyes. Who knows what interesting predicament could arise if a god and human fell in love with each other? As he thought about that, he moved his fingers to release a red string of energy that wrapped itself around both Shang Ke’s wrist and Yitamo’s wrist. 

Once the red string vanished, both Shang Ke and Yitamo briefly hesitated before they continued about as normal. The pair continued chatting about the one they were roasting.

Neil leaned against the tree trunk and smiled about the interesting thoughts he had. 

The Love God could not force love between two individuals. But if both individuals had an amicable relationship with each other, then he could manipulate their feelings. Neil gave himself a thumbs-up as he noticed the pink aura changing on Yitamo’s body. He turned towards Little Mask, but he didn’t notice any changes there. 

Since Little Mask was also a god, Neil wasn’t see any changes in his emotions. He didn’t have any worries about that since feelings needed time to develop. He predicted that it wouldn’t be long before love would arise between the two. 

Neil had no idea that his mischievous behavior would offend three powerful beings which were the War God, the Evil God, and the future monarch of the strongest empire…. It could only be imagined what bitter price Neil would pay for this in the future. 

Yitamo expertly declined an invitation for dinner. As he was about to leave, he asked Tima, “May I have a carving of God Uno like the one you have?” 

Tima briefly hesitated before she enthusiastically agreed. 

Shang Ke felt slight disappointment and frustration in his heart as he watched Yitamo leave. 

The ball ended after three days. The Shu Clan along with the other candidates didn’t rush to leave because they wanted to wait till Yitamo chose his consort. 

The people on the outside believed that Tima had the highest chance of being chosen. Yitamo was often seen with her and he held a different attitude towards her. They all scratched their heads as to why he was taking so long to tell his parents his final decision. 

It was clear to Tima that they had no romantic feelings for each other. He was far more interested in God Uno. This was why he carried the wooden carving she had given him on his person at all times and he often played with it. 

Tima didn’t care about becoming a consort. Since she had created an amicable relationship with Yitamo, she served her purpose. However as she was the Prince’s favored female, the other candidates got jealous and attacked her.

Half a month after the ball, an usually healthy Tima fell ill. The Shu Clansmen had some medical knowledge when it came to minor ailments, but they were not sure how to deal with serious illnesses.

Yitamo invited the imperial physician to do a check-up on Tima. However, nothing resulted from this. 

Once Yitamo returned back to his palace, Yitamo pondered whether he should send an Imperial Notice out to find Tima a reputed doctor. 

“Yitamo.” It was at this moment that a familiar voice sounded out behind him. He turned around and noticed Shang Ke on his windowsill despite not informing him. 

“Uno.” Yitamo looked pleasantly surprised as he strode towards him..

“Can I ask you for help with something?” Shang Ke gave him a grim look as he faced him. 

“What do you need?”

“I would like to know how many Gods are in the candidate list.” 

Yitamo’s heart skipped a beat, “Are you telling me that someone is using some God’s power to harm Tima?” 

Shang Ke nodded.

“Follow me. The register is on my desk.” Yitamo called out to Shang Ke before he made his way towards his study. 

Once he opened the register, he noticed Shang Ke make an appearance next to him in order to analyze the names on the register. 

His head was only a fist’s distance away from his chest. This made him remember their first meeting. It was also back then when he stood near to him while concentrating on searching for something. 

Yitamo ran his eyes down the other’s translucent figure. Despite being just a spirit, the tensed muscles and exquisite figure could still be seen with its broad shoulders, narrow waist, long powerful legs, and the animal hide skirt. The skirt looked barbaric at first, but currently it gave off wild sexual appeal. 

Yitamo uncontrollably pictured his corporeal body in his mind. It would have bronzed skin, rugged muscles, and powerful legs like a cheetah. 

As his mind thought about that area, Yitamo’s breathing quickened and his body heated up. 

“Thank you, Yitamo. I’ve already finished reading the register.” .” Shang Ke raised his head. ‘( °ˇ°).’

“Do you need me to make you a copy?”

“There’s no need for that. I’ve already memorized it all.” Shang Ke floated upwards. “I will head back first. If I need more help, I will come bother you again.”

“Mn.” Yitamo unconsciously gazed towards the swaying animal hide skirt. 

Before he had the opportunity to clearly see what was behind it, Shang Ke’s figure had already left. 

“Alas, when will he turn into a corporeal god….” Yitamo murmured to himself.

As Shang Ke made his way back to his residence, his mind filtered through the list of possibly suspicious gods before he narrowed it down. 

“His register doesn’t include everybody.” A familiar voice interrupted his thoughts. The majestic figure of War God Saya appeared before him. 


“If you’re curious about the gods of the capital, then you should have asked me.” Saya stared at his face without blinking. 

Shang Ke made a face, ‘( °△°)!’

“Are you willing to tell me?” What happened to them being sworn enemies? 

Saya felt some unrest, “I’m willing to if you ask me.” 

“Alright then.” Since you’re feeling so passionate about this. “How many gods exist in the capital?” 

“One hundred sixty-seven.””

Shang Ke made a face, ‘(⊙Д⊙)!’ “What?” 

“One hundred sixty-seven.”

How could there be that many?! He’d only noticed twenty-three of them on Yitamo’s register. This meant that those gods were the suspicious ones. Now he had to expand the search for possible culprits from twenty-three to one hundred and sixty-seven! 

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