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Chapter 130: Sentinel & Guide (VII)

When he woke up from his deep sleep, Shang Ke thought for a moment that he was in a pile of magma, hot and sticky. Yonis held him tightly and his head pressed against his chest. 

His gentle breathing brushed against his skin, making that area warmer than others. With just a little movement, he could feel their skin rubbing against each other.

From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a golden figure. Like his master, Yonis’ lion was lying on his side with a satisfied expression. Waves emerged from his arms, but just as he stretched out his head, a paw tucked it back in.

Meanwhile, Yonis’ head nuzzled against Shang Ke’s chest for a while, his mouth murmuring incoherent words.

Where was that bit of vigilance of a high-ranking sentinel in this relaxed and self-indulgent look?

Shang Ke ran his hands across Yonis’ neck, seemingly searching for the best place to cut his throat with a knife.

“Is it fun?” Yonis’ languid voice suddenly sounded near Shang Ke’s ear with some teasing.

“I think it’s faster to stab the heart directly than go through the neck.” He said, placing Shang Ke’s hand over his heart.

Shang Ke shook his head and denied, saying, “Your skin’s too thick; in contrast, the neck is so fragile.”

“Can I take the meaning of ‘too thick skin’ as ‘muscular’?” Yonis showed off his strong physique. After a night of passion, the man’s body seemed to have absorbed rich nutrition, and his muscles looked particularly healthy, full and shiny.

Did the bond of a sentinel and guide have the effect of improving one’s beauty and fitness?

Just then, Shang Ke felt the man stirring again, and he hurriedly said, “I feel sick all over and want to take a bath.”

“Alright.” Yonis didn’t leave Shang Ke’s body, and with their lower bodies still connected, he carried him to the bathroom. With every step he took, their connected parts also collided gently.

Yonis pressed Shang Ke against the wall, turned on the shower nozzle, and held his waist with one hand as he wiped him with a fragrant soap with the other.

“Uh… I can wash myself…” Shang Ke really couldn’t stand Yonis’ exuberant energy.

“Okay, just a second.” Yonis bit his ear in a soothing way. After several violent thrusts, a stream of heat sprayed inside Shang Ke.

Yonis breathed heavily and didn’t withdraw immediately. He waited for both of them to finish washing before reluctantly pulling out.

He gently stroked Shang Ke’s lips and whispered, “Maybe it won’t be long before we have a new life.”

Shang Ke was surprised and suddenly remembered that most guides in this world could get pregnant. However, male guides couldn’t give birth directly. Instead, they could produce a seed which was then cultivated by technological means outside of the body.

The survival rate of a male guide’s embryo was very low, but if they cultivated it successfully, the child would basically inherit the excellent genes of the parents. With the spiritual strength and physical qualities of Yonis and Shang Ke, their offspring had a 45% chance each of becoming either a Dark Sentinel or a guide, while the chance of genetic variation was no greater than 10%.

Shang Ke had never thought of leaving a child behind before, at least not until he had finished all the missions of this world.

“Hmmm?” When Yonis didn’t get a response, he raised his eyes and looked at him intensely, “Shang Ke, would you like to? Nurture a new life with me. “

Shang Ke was silent for a while before asking, “Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

Yonis responded, “If you are willing, I’ll listen to the truth. If you’re not, I’ll listen to the lie.”

Shang Ke: …Well, you’re good at the word game.

Yonis bowed his head and kissed Shang Ke’s eyes. “This isn’t urgent. We’ll decide after you think it over. But if you do get pregnant, don’t give up on him.”

Shang Ke nodded. He also couldn’t bear to give up the child conceived with his lover. It seemed that in the future, they could only try to moderate their frequency of sex as much as possible. Even if they wanted to do it, they had to take safety measures!

However, how could Yonis, who had just had his first taste of the forbidden fruit, reduce the frequency of sex? As for safety measures, whoever remembers it can do it.

By the time the two of them got ready, it was past lunchtime. Shang Ke cooked several simple dishes, and each one was abundant, especially the rice. As expected, Yonis’ appetite had doubled after their fierce exercise. He ate four persons’ worth of food in one sitting, which was twice his usual capacity. 

After examining his own physical condition, Shang Ke found no other problems except for some soreness. It seemed that bonding with Yonis was also beneficial to his own body, which was most likely the benefit of achieving more than 95% compatibility. 

The guide could provide a sentinel with the most appropriate treatment and extreme enjoyment, while the sentinel could improve a guide’s physique during the bonding process. This way, both sides could achieve the best conditions to fit each other.

At this time, Shang Ke received a message from the Guide Labor Union, informing him to go to the union tomorrow for a guide grade test. Before, because of his relationship with Yonis, Shang Ke only recorded his guide element (equivalent to the spiritual DNA of a guide) in the union, and didn’t carry out a specific grade test.

However, he cured Monroe, a Rank A Dark Sentinel with violent spiritual elements yesterday. This not only caused an uproar among the Dark Sentinels, but also inevitably attracted the attention of the Guide Labor Union. The news that the first guide in history capable of achieving a 90% agreement with a Rank A Dark Sentinel had appeared was undoubtedly shocking. 

Plus, there were rumors that he was suitable for all types of Dark Sentinels. Although Dark Sentinels in theory didn’t need the help of guides, was it not because they couldn’t find any guides who fit them? Whether they were ordinary sentinels or Dark Sentinels, the guide was an extremely important part of their existence, both physically and spiritually.

“These guys are really quick.” Yonis snorted coldly. Although he was a little unhappy, he didn’t stop Shang Ke from testing. If it had been yesterday, he may have still been agitated, but after someone’s nourishment, he became exceptionally magnanimous.

The next day, Yonis took Shang Ke to the Guide Labor Union. As soon as they got off the bus, they received eyes of inquiry from all sides.

Yonis shrouded Shang Ke in his spiritual field for protection, and he conveniently declared ownership of this man to others.

The news that the Labor Union would be testing a special guide today who was suitable for Dark Sentinels had already spread out. Those who received the news in advance all gathered in the Labor Union to witness the elegant demeanour of the guide.

When the two of them entered the guild, the Dark Sentinels inside began to place their sights on Shang Ke one after another, resisting the pressure of Yonis to look carefully at the youth beside him.

Shang Ke walked steadily with a peaceful countenance, like he didn’t care for the surrounding spectacle. Judging by his appearance and temperament, all the Dark Sentinels silently gave him 97 points, with 3 points deducted due to Yonis’ intrusive figure.

Yonis took Shang Ke into the testing room, finally cutting him off from those annoying eyes. Nevertheless, the screen outside would display the test results.

Everyone in the hall waited patiently. After more than ten minutes, a row of data finally appeared on screen.

Shang Ke——

Age: 22 years old

Gender: Male

Class: Guide

Spirit Power Level: S

Compatibility: All Dark Sentinels

After seeing the last line, the Dark Sentinels all went into uproar. Although they guessed that Shang Ke could be a guide suitable for Dark Sentinels, they didn’t expect that he was a guide specifically for Dark Sentinels!

In the history of Biyashi, there had never been a guide dedicated to Dark Sentinels. The few guides that could adapt to Dark Sentinels were generally more compatible with ordinary sentinels. Therefore, most of them would choose to bond with ordinary sentinels with higher compatibility, rather than Dark Sentinels with lesser compatibility. If the match wasn’t enough, bonding with a Dark Sentinel with a strong spiritual power was a kind of torture for the guide.

Now, there was actually a guide dedicated to Dark Sentinels, which meant that he could reach far beyond the standard compatibility with any Dark Sentinel.

At this time, the screen displayed a new set of data.

【Compatibility between Dark Sentinel Yonis and Guide Shang Ke: 99%.】

99%? Everyone wiped their eyes incredulously. This was totally unscientific, okay? In history, the highest match ever was 96%, and currently, the average compatibility degree of all sentinel and guide bonds was only 75%. Matches with a compatibility of more than 90% were very few in the country. What’s more, Yonis was still a Rank A Dark Sentinel with a very strong spiritual power. If it were another Dark Sentinel, would the fit be 100% directly?

Thinking to this point, all the Dark Sentinel’s eyes grew red.

Yonis knew before that his compatibility with Shang Ke was at least 95%. He had wanted to release the test data in order to make the others give up, but he hadn’t expected their compatibility to be as high as 99%. Could the bonding have improved their compatibility? Well, it seemed that if they bonded more in the future, they could perhaps achieve 100% one day. .

“I request a spiritual compatibility test with the guide, Shang Ke.” A cold voice abruptly interrupted Yonis’ thoughts.

He looked back and saw Mitchell, a Rank A Dark Sentinel on par with him.

Mitchell went to Shang Ke and bowed slightly. His pair of purple eyes revealed a kind of obscure eagerness.

Yonis’ face sank, and his eyes fixed steadily on Mitchell.

Yonis had no right to stop the reasonable request of a Rank A Dark Sentinel. After all, Shang Ke wasn’t his official spouse yet.

Mitchell walked into the testing room under the guidance of the staff.

Shang Ke soon sensed a powerful spiritual force different from that of Yonis. He immediately released his spirit guide, Waves, who swam happily in the sea of spirits. He was like a fish in water, looking extremely pleased.

Moments later, another set of data appeared on the screen: 【Compatibility between Dark Sentinel Mitchell and Guide Shang Ke: 96%.】

There was another public outcry; having one 99% was enough, now there was another 96%?

Shang Ke was worthy of being the exclusive guide of Dark Sentinels. The compatibility was so high!

Mitchell walked out of the testing room, and the gaze he cast toward Shang Ke became extremely intense. There was joy, pleasure, and a desire in his eyes that didn’t fade away. That ultimate feeling of sinking deep into the soul was irresistible to any Dark Sentinel. No wonder Yonis was so nervous about him. Such a special guide was the dream treasure of all Dark Sentinels.

“Yonis, I am also a Rank A Dark Sentinel and have reached 96% compatibility with him.” In other words, he was also qualified to have Shang Ke as his guide. Mitchell looked at Yonis calmly.

“So what? He can only be my spouse,” Yonis said coldly.

“We’ll see.” Mitchell bowed to Shang Ke again, then turned away. His long purple hair drew an arc in the air, appearing rather elegant.

“I-I also request a spiritual compatibility test with the guide Shang Ke!” Suddenly, a Rank B Dark Sentinel applied eagerly.

Then, all kinds of similar requests echoed in the hall from almost every Dark Sentinel who wanted to experience the taste of compatibility above standard.

A Rank A Dark Sentinel just showed off ostentatiously before him, and even this group of passersby with no names—A, B, C, D—now dared to poach? Yonis burst out in rage and his strong spiritual power swept around like a strong wind. The sentinels flushed with shock, opening up their spiritual fields to resist Yonis’ spiritual coercion.


Yonis grabbed Shang Ke by the waist and angrily passed through the rigid sentinels. It was not until he walked far away that the other sentinels could finally breathe.

Alas, although a guide was a feast everyone would like to enjoy, it was not something most people could afford.

However, this didn’t prevent them from daydreaming about it!

That night, various information about Shang Ke appeared on the internet. He was the first guide ever to be dedicated to Dark Sentinels, and he achieved 99% and 96% compatibility with two strong men, Yonis and Mitchell, respectively. For a while, almost all Dark Sentinels regarded Shang Ke as their god. Some people even wrote some unspeakable fanfiction of Shang Ke and a certain sentinel.

Dark Sentinels were notoriously empty, lonely and cold. Now, they had a goal to look forward to. How could they not be excited? What’s more, since there was the first one, who knows whether there’d be a second one or a third one? If they couldn’t catch Shang Ke, then they could wait on his offsprings!

Sentinels were calling on Shang Ke to give birth, preferably once every six months!

The fertility rate and embryo survival rate of male guides wasn’t high, but they only needed three months to conceive a seed. After three months, the seed would be placed into an artificial breeding tank and then the guides could continue conceiving new seeds.

Shang Ke’s constitution was so special, maybe his fertility was also gifted and once every half a year was not a dream!

Yonis laughed at the comments, but Shang Ke was dark-faced. This guy had been spitting mad earlier. But now it was Shang Ke whose face couldn’t help twitching every time he saw “once every half a year”.

“Keke, see, the entire country hopes that we can have children soon.” Yonis hugged Shang Ke, happily telling him, “I don’t think we should fail to live up to the expectations of our motherland and her people.”


There was a saying called “happiness begets sorrow”. Facts have proven that one couldn’t get too complacent.

When Yonis ambitiously took Shang Ke to notarize their marriage, he was told by the marriage notary office that Shang Ke was listed as national property, and could try relationships, but he wasn’t allowed to be tied down. Furthermore, the possibility of being assigned to two or more dark sentinels in the future could not be ruled out.

Yonis looked like he’d been struck by lightning. Excuse me?!

Shang Ke, who suddenly learned that he had become “national property”, thought, there seems to be something wrong with the development of the plot…

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