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Chapter 129: Sentinel & Guide (VI)

The house assigned to Shang Ke by the Guide Labor Union was a two-story compound villa that had a similar architectural style to the other houses. It belonged to Zone 2 of the Sky Ring residence and was three blocks away from Zone 1, where Yonis lived. At his speed, Yonis would only need about ten seconds to reach Shang Ke’s residence.

Nevertheless, Yonis still lived with Shang Ke on the grounds of “protection”, moving with him from Zone 1 to Zone 2. Of course, if Shang Ke wanted to live in Zone 1 occasionally, it would absolutely be no problem.

As a Rank A Dark Sentinel, Yonis was only responsible for handling major events, so except for the required training, he usually had a lot of free time. It thrilled him to spend that time cultivating feelings with Shang Ke. 

Although they had not bonded yet, he would feel extremely comfortable every time he made contact with his spirit guide. Hidden anxieties that had accumulated from years of combat seemed to recover bit by bit under Shang Ke’s nourishment.

A sentinel with a guide was happiness!

Yonis was content in his heart. The only thing that bothered him was that he couldn’t bond with his guide immediately.

Looking at Shang Ke getting healthier day by day, he believed that the glorious day would arrive soon.

After continuous exercise, Shang Ke’s fitness steadily improved; the physical gains accumulated from several worlds gradually showed up in this new body. The muscles, bones, toughness and so on, had reached perfect coordination.

If Shang Ke was still a bit emaciated two months ago, he had completely transformed now. He restored his dyed black hair to its original bright wine red, and lean muscles had grown stronger and more compact, outlining a beautiful figure. His slender body stood upright and handsome, and the faded ugly scars looked like a pale pink tattoo.

The changes in Shang Ke were all seen by Yonis, who felt like he was opening a dusty treasure box with new surprises found inside every day.

“Sir, bad news! Sir Monroe is in danger!” An urgent message broke through Yonis’ easy and comfortable life.

Monroe was one of the three Rank A Dark Sentinels along with Yonis.

“What happened?” Yonis asked.

“Some time ago, Sir Monroe received a secret mission. But after returning from it, his mental state appeared abnormal and his mental field seemed to have begun collapse.”

“I see. I’ll be right there.” Yonis hung up the call and glanced towards Shang Ke at his side. He said, “Would you like to go somewhere with me?”

Shang Ke nodded.

Together, the two headed straight to Monroe’s residence in Zone 1.

As soon as he got to the door, Shang Ke noticed that the chaotic spiritual elements floating in the air resembled boiling hot water, moving up and down wildly.

Yonis stepped forward and released his powers, setting up a spiritual barrier for Shang Ke so he wouldn’t get hurt by the rampaging spiritual elements.

Led by the soldiers, they came to Monroe’s room. There were seven people standing inside, and among them was Mitchell, the third Rank A Dark Sentinel in Biyashi. In addition, there were two Rank C Dark Sentinels, one Rank A guide, and two Rank B guides.

The three guides were pale, each standing next to a Dark Sentinel with deep fear in their eyes.

When they saw Yonis walk in, all but Mitchell saluted him.

Yonis stepped to the bedside and looked at Monroe, who was tied to the bed. His face was very solemn. Monroe was one hundred and thirty years old, and he was the most powerful Rank A Dark Sentinel in the country. Dark Sentinels didn’t need the help of guides and could quickly improve their strength by relying on their own control. 

On the contrary, there were very few guides suitable for Dark Sentinels, and their spiritual compatibility was basically below 50%. If they forcefully bonded with guides, the guides would surely die. Therefore, many of the companions chosen by Dark Sentinels were ordinary people who couldn’t gather their spiritual energy.

Since low-level Dark Sentinels couldn’t find suitable guides, it was even more difficult for the top-level ones.

“Rank A” was a barrier for Dark Sentinels. Crossing it was a brand-new field, but if they couldn’t cross it, there was nothing but destruction.

“Monroe may not survive this time.” Mitchell looked at the three guides and said indifferently, “The Labor Union sent ten senior guides and they all failed. These three only held out for five minutes.”

Everyone else’s faces showed an expression of grief. Apart from the guides, the Dark Sentinels were present. They were all very aware of the loneliness and danger behind a Dark Sentinel’s strength.

Yonis looked at the three weakened guides, and then at Shang Ke nearby, and his heart wavered. He didn’t expect the situation to be so bad. With Shang Ke’s spirit, could he help Monroe through this?

“Let me try.” Shang Ke saw Yonis’ hesitation and spoke.

All of them focused on him. Shang Ke wore white casual clothes and stood tall. Standing beside Yonis, he was like a breeze underneath the warm sun..

Everyone knew that Yonis recently applied for a temporary spouse. He must be the one in front of them. He looked really outstanding in appearance, but could he bear the spiritual strength of a Dark Sentinel?

Yonis clasped a hand around Shang Ke’s waist and said in a heavy tone, “Don’t force it.”

Shang Ke nodded and stepped beside Monroe’s bed.

Yonis put up a spiritual barrier and paid close attention to Shang Ke’s every move. He didn’t want to miss any abnormalities.

Right now, the rest of them had little hope for Monroe’s treatment. Even if the guide had a spiritual power that matched Yonis’, it didn’t mean that he could match with other Dark Sentinels. Moreover, he was a Rank A Dark Sentinel whose spirit was in turmoil.

However, their thoughts instantly changed after Shang Ke released his spiritual power.

In the air, a circle of pale blue water spread outwards, and a spirit guide gradually condensed and took shape. In the turbulent and manic spirit sea, Waves didn’t retreat, but advanced, rushing joyfully into the rolling waves.

Simultaneously, all the spirit guides of the Dark Sentinels in the room appeared. They stretched themselves out and enjoyed the pleasure brought about by Shang Ke’s spiritual power, as if they were tasting fine wine.

Mitchell, also a Rank A Dark Sentinel, was one of the most startled. He could clearly see Shang Ke’s spirit guide, which meant that his compatibility with him exceeded 90%.

A guide who could reach a 90% compatibility with a Rank A Dark Sentinel? This was simply unprecedented!

It wasn’t just him; the two other Rank C Dark Sentinels could vaguely see the shadow of Waves. They understood that Shang Ke’s spiritual power was not low in compatibility with them too.

Was this guide’s spirit compatible with all the Dark Sentinels?

Blazing lines of sight fixated onto Shang Ke.

Shang Ke focused on the matter intently with a light blue light engulfing his entire body. His red hair swayed gently and his beautiful blue eyes gleamed. Under the power of his spirit, Monroe’s turbulent spiritual elements slowly calmed down, followed the track of Waves swimming, and gradually became quiet and orderly. Finally, above his head, a fox-shaped spirit guide formed.

The fox stretched out its limbs and nine tails appeared behind it one by one, flicking lightly in the air like a feathered fan.

The violent spiritual elements disappeared without a trace, and everything was peaceful once more.

Every Dark Sentinel had a tranquil look on their face, especially Monroe, who had just received mental treatment. He was not only relieved from the crisis of self-explosion, but had also improved his strength. Some originally flabby muscles became firm again, and he seemed to have been restored to the prime of his life.

Everyone was shocked and could hardly believe their eyes.

Suddenly, Monroe’s fox spirit guide lightly jumped beside Waves and rubbed his chin against his head affectionately.

A golden shadow instantly flashed by, pushing the fox away and standing in front of Waves. It aggressively glared at the fox, accurately transmitting the message,【This is mine! 】

The fox wagged its tails and looked at the lion with a smile, as if it hadn’t taken notice of its announcement.

“Thank you.” A low voice suddenly sounded in the room.

The crowd followed the sound and found that Monroe was awake before they knew it. He looked at Shang Ke gently with some surprise and wonder, as well as some joy of being reborn.

“Don’t mention it.” Shang Ke said with a smile.

Monroe turned towards Yonis standing next to Shang Ke and asked with a smile, “Yours?”

“Mine.” Yonis answered with great certainty.

“Oh.” Monroe said softly, “Then you must watch over him carefully.”

A guide who could adapt to all Dark Sentinels was an irresistible temptation to any of them. Although Yonis was very strong, he was not the only sentinel with great strength. There was one in the room right now.

Monroe glanced at Mitchell, who was leaning against the corner and quietly watching Shang Ke. If he were fifty years younger, he would have competed for him. Alas, it’s a pity…

Yonis took Shang Ke out of Monroe’s house, followed by Mitchell.

“Shang Ke.” Mitchell called out.

Shang Ke looked back at him.

“See you soon.” With those three words and a meaningful look in his eyes, Mitchell left.

Yonis’s pupils constricted. Although this guy was talking to Shang Ke, he was actually challenging him!

Before this, he wasn’t aware of Shang Ke’s value to Dark Sentinels. After all, he’d been single for way too long and never thought he would meet a guide suitable for him. But after today, all the Dark Sentinels in the entire country would know about Shang Ke’s existence.

The treasure that originally belonged to him would soon be coveted by several people. This kind of feeling made him agitated and nervous.

Yonis’ spirit began to fluctuate, and a fear that seemed to originate from his soul unconsciously grew.

“What’s the matter?” Shang Ke felt his abnormality and couldn’t help but ask.

Yonis replied in a tight voice, “Nothing.”

How could a sentinel hide his mental fluctuation from a guide?

Shang Ke said little and quietly returned to the villa with him. Yonis sent him back to his room and left, which differed completely from the man’s usual fuss. Based on his understanding of Yonis, this guy’s innate scummy aura was likely about to erupt.

Shang Ke took a shower and felt the turbulent spiritual fluctuations coming from the other room. Although Yonis tried his best to suppress it, his spiritual power still stirred uncontrollably.

After spending two months together, Yonis learned to let his lion come out to play coquettishly and whine for comfort if he had the slightest headache or rising fever, and even if he had no problems, he would create some for himself.

Now, his spiritual power was growing violent, and he still hadn’t come to seek his help.

If Shang Ke didn’t guess wrong, Yonis must be afraid of hurting him if he lost his mind.

Standing in front of the mirror, Shang Ke moved his limbs, pulled his muscles, and made enough pre-war exercises to make sure that his body was in perfect peak condition. He then loosened his clothes and walked gracefully towards Yonis’ room with an aura of temptation.

Knock knock.

Shang Ke knocked politely on the door.

There was silence inside; no response.

Shang Ke knocked a few times again.

“Bang!” The door was flung open and Yonis stared at Shang Ke with red eyes. He squeezed every word through his teeth. “I’ll give you three seconds. Go back to your room and sleep immediately.”

“I want to ask you…”

“Time’s up!” Yonis yanked Shang Ke into the room and slammed the door close.

“…if you needed help?” The second half of the sentence was swallowed by the sound of the closing door. (Shang Ke expressed, it hadn’t even been three seconds yet!)

Soon after, the sound of clothes tearing could be heard inside, followed by intermittent moans and groans, and then by a series of muffled vibrations.

Two strands of spiritual forces intertwined together, forming a storm that quickly swept across the whole villa.

Shang Ke thought he’d fully prepared himself, but when he finally welcomed Yonis inside him, he felt that he had acted too hastily. He tried his best to relax his body while bearing the impact of his thrusts, and at the same time use his spirit to calm the man’s oppressive emotions.

The moment he bonded with Shang Ke, Yonis released a low hissing roar deep within his throat, full of endless excitement. He moved back and forth within Shang Ke’s body and tried his best to reach the deepest point every time.

With the blend of their spirits, the pleasure of the flesh was even more intense.

Because of their physical condition, Dark Sentinels had a tough time meeting guides who matched them. Even if they found a partner in the future, they wouldn’t be able to reach an orgasm. 

Most often, their partners would become extremely tired, while the sentinels were still aroused. The pain of having a strong desire that could not be satisfied, would the average person be able to understand it?

An hour later, Yonis finally achieved his first orgasm in Shang Ke and his disordered spirit was relieved. Looking at Shang Ke in his arms, Yonis felt more satisfied than ever.

He massaged Shang Ke’s tender muscles and lingered inside his body, reluctant to leave.

Shang Ke laid on his side, relaxing and enjoying his massage. In his daze, he felt his lower body was once again filled and then there was another round of fierce combat…

So this was the bond between a sentinel and guide.

This kind of extreme pleasure, as long as you tasted it once, would get very addicting and you wouldn’t be able to give it up. Yonis felt that he had lived in vain for decades. He once thought that he didn’t need a guide. Now, he knew that a guide gave the sentinel not only spiritual and physical comfort but also the completeness of the soul.

How lucky was he to find a guide who matched with him so well?

Yonis kissed the deeply sleeping Shan Ke. His physical satisfaction and spiritual excitement made him unable to sleep at all.

This man was his. He wouldn’t allow anyone to make plans about him.

The thought that Shang Ke would soon be the target of every Dark Sentinel caused a murderous light to streak through Yonis’ eyes.

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