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Chapter 180: Ghost Assistant (XII)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke walked out of the venue under the bodyguards’ protection.


The reason why he came today was to ruin Mu Zhen’s plan and to deliver the fierce ghost to him. This matter was done pretty smoothly. The people believed more in the police and the evidence rather than Mu Zhen’s lament to gain sympathy. Shao Feidu’s popularity was greater than he had expected. He didn’t give much explanation and the people are already feeling upset for him.


“Please wait!” At this moment, a few reporters caught up to him. However, they have yet to approach Shang Ke and they were already blocked by the bodyguards.


One of the reporters asked, “Do you mind telling us your name? What’s your relationship with Mr Shao?”


Shang Ke paused for a moment before replying, “My name is ‘Yun Kexu’.”


He turned around and left after leaving this sentence behind.


The few reporters didn’t dare go after and pester him as they watched his back figure. It was enough getting the person’s name.


Just as they were about to leave, a sports car swished and stopped before Shang Ke. Then, a tall man came out from the car.


The reporters exclaimed softly, “It’s Shao Feidu!”


When Shang Ke saw who came, he welcomed him with a smile and gave him a big hug. “Why are you here?”


“I miss you.” Shao Feidu rubbed against his face intimately.


“Let’s go home.” Shang Ke held his hand.




The few reporters stared blankly at them while they left. When their car completely disappeared from their line of sight, a reporter suddenly exclaimed, “I remembered now!”


“What did you remember?”


“Yun Kexu!” The reporter said excitedly, “Yun Kexu, third young master of the Yun family!”


“What? It’s him?”


“That’s not right. Isn’t the third young master of the Yun family in vegetative state because of a car accident? I remember that he was declared brain dead back then. How is it possible for him to appear here all fine?”


At this moment, there was already someone searching for relevant information on his own laptop. After searching, he pointed at the picture displayed and shouted, “Yes it’s him!


In the picture, a handsome young man was standing beside the bridge smiling very happily.


“One can still wake up… after being brain dead?”


“I have a feeling it is going to be a huge news.”


“Autistic eldest young master of the Shao family and vegetative third young master of the Yun family.”


“The bullied king of piano and the childe that miraculously revived!”


“Someone stop me quick. I’m losing control of my imagination.”


“Sorry, it’s the same for me.”


“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”



The next day, Mu Zhen’s case caused a huge reaction in the world and quickly became the hot news many people paid attention to.


Shao Feidu was neglected by his family because of his mental disabilities. Manager Mu Zhen took the chance to control him using drugs and made Shao Feidu his money-making tool. He did not care about Shao Feidu’s health and made use of his talent. This shameless act received great condemnation from the public.


Mu Zhen’s verdict came a few days later. Other than being compelled to repay all the embezzled properties, he was also sentenced to 45 years in prison. His accomplices were also sentenced to a range of 5-10 years in prison.


People were still dissatisfied with this kind of verdict and started requesting for indefinite imprisonment one after another. Shao Feidu’s fans even organised a demonstration.


However, their attention was soon attracted by several other news articles.


【A miracle! A vegetative that was declared brain dead actually revived.】


【The king of piano actually has a mysterious lover?】


【Rich family’s heartbreaking love story—The story between the autistic emperor and the vegetative prince that has to be said.】



Each were eye-catching titles. One wouldn’t feel much if they look at the title individually, but when they link the articles together, one couldn’t help but feel curious. It’s inevitable that it would be related to Shao Feidu when autism is mentioned at this timing. Then, just who is this vegetative person? He and Shao Feidu are lovers?


The people looked carefully through the content with a complaining mind but they all ended up stunned after reading.


What? That vegetative person was actually Yun Kexu, the third young master of the Yun family. Many people knew about the news of him becoming a vegetative that year and the news was also verified. He was confirmed to be brain dead and has been depending on machines to maintain his life.


Just a few months ago, the third young master of the Yun family who can almost be considered dead had actually miraculously revived?


The most astonishing fact is that he was actually Shao Feidu’s lover?


One was autistic, one was a living dead person. One was drugged by his manager and had his property stolen, one was sleeping on the hospital bed for 2 years unconscious throughout. How did they meet? Was Mu Zhen’s case settled by Yun Kexu for Shao Feidu after he woke up?


Life is so melodramatic. Everyone felt their emotions surging and their gossiping souls were burning passionately.


Afterwards, information regarding Shao Feidu and Yun Kexu came one after another. They go for a morning run everyday, travel together, play the piano together and stroll under the moon… Pictures of their affectionate moments were taken by reporters through any openings they find. 


No one would question their feelings when they compare Shao Feidu’s change before and after. 


The Shao Feidu in the past was cold and expressionless and had gloomy eyes. But now, he was always in high spirits and his eyes were bright. When he was with Yun Kexu, he would smile, be angry, act childish, take the initiative to hug, and would kiss gently. It was as if he had become a different person.


Everyone couldn’t help but feel: If Yun Kexu has revived for Shao Feidu, then Shao Feidu was also reborned for Yun Kexu.


The hustle and bustle of the outside world did not affect the two of their lives. After Mu Zhen’s issue was settled, Shang Ke fully focused on guiding Shao Feidu’s cultivation and organising the talismans.


Shao Feidu was very talented, improving leaps and bounds every day. 


Shao Feidu successfully condensed out true qi 2 months later. He sat cross-legged and mist was emitted out of his whole body. The mist mixed with the large patch of stain on his skin, making him look like a miner who just climbed out of a mine.


At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and a sharp glint shot out of his eyes, looking as if he could see through people’s hearts. But when he caught sight of Shang Ke, the sharpness disappeared. His eyes returned back to its usual calmness and even showed a trace of smile.


At this moment, Shao Feidu only felt that his blood was boiling and he was full of energy. He stretched out his hand intending to hug Shang Ke so that he could calm the fire in his body.


However, Shang Ke took a step back and pointed at the bathroom, saying, “Take a shower first.”


Shao Feidu lowered his head only to realise that his whole body was sticky with black substances. It was also exuding an unbearable odour. 


He quickly stood up and strided towards the bathroom.


A short while later, he ran out of the bathroom again. He stretched out his arm and hooked it around Shang Ke’s waist, dragging him to the bathroom.


Shang Ke shouted in his heart: No, I do not wish to bathe with this fellow at all now! 


However, his internal shout did not receive a response. He, who had gone in standing upright, came out horizontally afterwards… 


When it was approaching the end of the year, Shao Feidu’s cultivation had achieved some success. He was now able to make a few types of low grade talismans. Shang Ke has brought him out to test them. The effects were pretty good whether it was exorcising ghosts or pacifying souls. This kind of low grade talismans doesn’t have much effect on Shang Ke. He tried using them, but the talismans burned directly in his hands.


The talismans can sense his ghost qi, he couldn’t use them properly even if he took back in his ghost qi as much as he could.


Shao Feidu touched his head and comforted, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”


Shang Ke: I’m actually being comforted by a guy who can’t even take care of himself… 


“Okay, let’s have a real battle 3 days later! Our target is—Hungry ghost!” Shang Ke clenched his fist.


This hungry ghost was a young boy around 5 years old before he died. His parents didn’t have a good relationship. After a quarrel, they each left their own way and forgot their child which was left at home. They both thought that their child was with the other person. When they came back, their child had starved to death before the fridge.


At that time, there was still plenty of food in the fridge. The reason why the child starved to death was because a hard object was stuck in his throat and he wasn’t able to swallow it down. In the end, he could only watch the fridge full of food as he starved to death.


After the child died, he became a hungry ghost. He likes living in people’s fridge and would grow resentful when he sees others having leftover food. Then, he would control the person and make them finish the food.


Shang Ke observed that he loves eating chicken drumsticks the most. If you throw a leftover drumstick in a rubbish bin near his area of activity, he would appear very quickly. There was once when Shang Ke saw him controlling a fellow who had casually threw his food away to pick up the food from the ground and eat the food which was mixed with mud.


Shang Ke felt that this little hungry ghost was quite cute, just that he was a little OCD. He had starved to death. After dying, he still suffered from the pain of hunger. He retains the memories of hunger as he wanders through the human world alone.


Late at night, there was a box of hot chicken drumsticks placed beside a secluded garden. A night breeze passed by and a phantom slowly appeared, gradually condensing itself into the appearance of a child.


He squatted next to the drumsticks and looked around fiercely as anger in his eyes grew: Just who was it who threw away such delicious drumsticks? Simple unforgivable!


A short while later, he fixed his eyes on one corner of the garden and saw two slender figures walking out from the darkness. It was Shang Ke and Shao Feidu.


“Finish it!” The child let out a sharp roar and the strong ghost qi caused the surrounding trees to rustle.


Shang Ke walked towards him, bent down and said, “Doudou, this is for you.”


The child was stunned for a while before he shouted even more furiously, “Eat it! Eat it!”


Shang Ke turned around to look at Shao Feidu. The latter immediately took out a talisman and lit it up using true qi, then scattered the talisman ashes onto the chicken drumsticks.


“Eat it Doudou. You’ve been hungry for too long.” Shang Ke squatted on the ground and looked at him gently.


Doudou looked at him, then looked at the drumsticks on the ground. He seemed to be able to smell the fragrance of the drumsticks faintly. Then, he felt the taste of chicken in his mouth.


He chewed carefully a few times. The familiar yet unfamiliar taste made him feel nostalgic.


“Woo…woo…” Doudou pouted and started sobbing, “Mom, I’m so hungry, I want to eat chicken drumsticks…”


Shang Ke took out a porcelain bottle and caught his tears. A ghost’s tear is extremely precious, even one drop was hard to find. If you smear it on a living person’s eyes, it can let them see death.


Doudou cried while enjoying the delicious chicken. The resentment on his face was gradually being replaced by contentment.


After he finished eating, he touched his stomach and imitated a burp.  Then, he showed Shang Ke and Shao Feidu a happy smile. Afterwards, his figure gradually faded and disappeared into the night under the two of their gaze.


【Thank you.】


This simple and pitiful child. Just a few chicken drumsticks was able to dissolve his resentment. They didn’t even use any purging talisman.


Shao Feidu suddenly hugged Shang Ke and said depressedly, “Keke, let’s not give birth to a child in the future. They are so difficult to raise.”


Shang Ke: Who wants to give birth to a child with you! And also, aren’t you embarrassed when saying that someone is difficult to raise when you can’t even take care of yourself?


The sad atmosphere is all destroyed by him!

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