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Chapter 181: Ghost Assistant (XIII)

TL: Resonance


The first purging was very successful, but it didn’t give them much practical experience. All it took was a tribute talisman to settle it.


Chinese New Year is in 2 months time. If he can finish the main mission before then, it can be considered solving a huge problem. Shang Ke decided to purge the second evil ghost 2 days later.


A depressive ghost is wandering near a residential building in the outskirts. Before the depressive ghost died, he was only 25. He was depressed, pessimistic and misanthropic, and ultimately chose to suicide by jumping off the building. The place where he suicide was the residential building he had rented a room in.


It’s often said that for people who suicide, after they die, their soul would keep repeating the suiciding process. This depressive ghost wasn’t an exception. The only difference was that each time he suicides, the depressive qi on him would grow stronger proportionally, thereby affecting other living people. 


10% of the people living in this building have symptoms of depression because of him. Within the last 2 years, there were 7 people who had died by suicide successively. For a residential building that only has 100+ people living in it, such a high suicide rate was obviously abnormal.


As the depressive qi continues to increase and adding on the resentful qi of the other suiciders (the resentful qi would accumulate on the depressive ghost for the people who suicided due to being affected by the depressive qi), this depressive ghost would certainly turn into a vengeful ghost one day, changing from passively harming people to actively harming people.


During a dark night with strong wind, Shang Ke and Shao Feidu arrived at the residential building. They had just gotten out of the car when they saw a body falling down from the top of the building. It fell heavily onto the ground with a snapping sound and broke into a cloud of blood mist. Then, the blood mist slowly condensed into a thin ghost figure, laying on the ground without moving. It was the depressive ghost they were looking for.


Shang Ke contemplated. Fortunately, this fellow is only a stream of consciousness and not real. If he was real and the terrible sight of him falling down the building was seen, it would probably scare his Dudu.


The two of them walk towards the depressive ghost who was acting “dead”. Shao Feidu pulled Shang Ke’s coat with one hand while he held an exorcism talisman in the other hand. He followed behind Shang Ke step after step with a ‘ready for combat’ expression.


When they came closer, the depressive ghost suddenly disappeared from the ground.


Shang Ke and Shao Feidu looked around trying to find him 


At this moment, a strange noise suddenly sounded from above. Shang Ke had thought that the depressive ghost had started the second round of jumping. He had yet to lift his head when he was pulled aside strongly. Then, he heard a thump and felt a few drops of sticky substance splashing onto his face. Shang Ke stretched his hand to wipe it away. It was actually scarlet red blood.


This is obviously not an illusion!


Shang Ke had wanted to turn back and look, but was instead hugged tightly in Shao Feidu’s embrace. “Keke, don’t be afraid.”


Shang Ke listened to Shao Feidu’s violent heartbeat and his heart softened. This man is clearly so scared himself but still came to comfort him.


Shang Ke hugged the man before him tightly, kissed his face and said gently, “I’m not afraid. Why would I be afraid when I have you protecting me?”


Hearing him say this, Shao Feidu suddenly felt more heroic and his courage soared. 


Shang Ke turned his head over to look and finally understood what happened. What fell just now was not the depressive ghost at all, but a living person. Of course, the living person has already turned into a dead person now. He was laying on a spot less than 1 meter away from the two of them, half his face smashed into a bloody mess. The other half of his face was facing them and his pair of blood red eyes stared at them, unable to close in peace.


Shang Ke looked away and towards the top. The floors above were shrouded in darkness and couldn’t be seen clearly.


The position this person had fallen on was the spot the depressive ghost had fallen on earlier. Even the lying direction and position was the exact same. If Shao Feidu hadn’t pulled him away in time earlier, he would probably be smashed by the person straight.


Shang Ke faintly felt that the situation wasn’t good. By right, a depressive ghost wouldn’t actively induce someone to suicide. However, it was very hard to believe that what happened just now was just a coincidence.


“Dudu, let’s go back first.” Shang Ke suspects that the depressive ghost has already risen from an evil ghost to a vengeful ghost. It would be better to go back first to be on the safe side.


Shao Feidu was naturally not opposed to it. He pulled Shang Ke and headed towards the place they parked their car.


After the two of them got into the car, Shang Ke started up the car while giving the police station an anonymous call, informing them that someone suicided by jumping off the building in a certain area.


After hanging up the phone, Shang Ke caught sight of Shao Feidu looking forward expressionlessly, so he asked, “Dudu, are you okay?” 


Shao Feidu replied, “Yes.”


“That’s great. When we get back, I will cook something delicious for you to calm down.” Shang Ke replied with a smile.


Shang Ke wasn’t sure if it was because they were tainted with the depressive ghost’s ghost qi, but he kept feeling an eerie atmosphere had filled the car.


He turned on the car’s camera and didn’t find anything strange.


The car was strangely quiet, as if all the sound outside the car was blocked out.


Shang Ke furrowed his brows and a strong sense of uneasiness grew in his heart. He decided to find a place to stop the car first.


As Shang Ke was making a turn, Shao Feidu suddenly did something that caught him off guard. Shao Feidu stretched his leg over and stepped hard on the accelerator. A sharp howl was heard and the car rushed towards a nearby building at an extremely fast speed.


Shang Ke immediately realised that Shao Feidu has been possessed by the vengeful ghost. The reason why he was certain that it was a vengeful ghost was because only a vengeful ghost would have the ability to possess someone’s body. Other evil ghosts’ so-called ‘possession’ were just a form of mind control or hallucination. Moreover, the ghost was able to escape his perception. This means that the ghost had the same vengeful ghost aura as himself.


But now, Shang Ke no longer has the time to think carefully.


He only did 2 things: He opened the car’s emergency safety device. Then, he pounced onto Shao Feidu and used his own body to protect Shao Feidu.


Boomb! A loud noise broke the silence of the night.


The car crashed hard onto the hard wall. A shockproof protective wall rose within the car and protected the two of them within it. However, the huge impact still shocked the two of them causing their blood to churn. It was so painful they were almost going to faint.




A hoarse laughter sounded in Shang Ke’s ear while he was feeling dizzy. Shang Ke looked up towards him only to see “Shao Feidu” with a fierce expression and red eyes. He was looking dully outside the car, but his hand was holding a piece of glass, moving it across his wrist seemingly unconsciously.




“Get out of his body!” Shang Ke held onto Shao Feidu’s wrist tightly and glared furiously at the vengeful ghost that possessed Shao Feidu’s body. 


By right, it shouldn’t be possible to invade Shao Feidu’s body after he had practiced cultivation. However, the time he had practice cultivating was short and he also had a special physique. It is indeed possible for a vengeful ghost to take the chance to enter when he was unprepared.


The vengeful ghost ignored Shang Ke. Seeing that the arm was being restrained, he leaned his head and kept banging it onto the car door.


“I want to die, I want to die, I want to die…” He said over and over again as he banged his head and Shao Feidu’s head was soon bleeding. 


“Stop!” Shang Ke pounced over and used his hands to cover the car door. Shao Feidu’s head banged straight onto Shang Ke’s palm and severe pain could immediately be felt.


Shang Ke bit his lips but stubbornly refused to remove his hand. He let Shao Feidu’s head smashed onto his palm again and again.


Shang Ke seemed to have heard the sound of the metacarpal bone cracking. Then, his hazy sight inadvertently caught a glance of Shao Feidu’s belt bag and a thought came to his mind.


There were many talismans placed in the belt bag, of which some were high grade talismans used to deal with vengeful ghosts.


Shang Ke bore with the pain while stretching his hand over to open the belt bag. The talismans were stored in a box made out of special material to prevent the ghosts from noticing.


The whiff of talisman spread out immediately after Shang Ke opened the box. The vengeful ghost seems to have sensed the danger as well and temporarily stopped his banging action.


Shang Ke quickly took out a high grade talisman from the box. The talisman immediately started burning between his fingers.


The vengeful ghost let out a scream. Shang Ke’s body also couldn’t stop shaking. His soul felt as if it was burned by flames and the pain was unbearable.


One talisman has already burned out but the vengeful ghost still hasn’t gotten out of Shao Feidu’s body.


Shang Ke gasped weakly. His sweat mixed with his tears and slowly flowed down his face: Dudu, I’m so unresigned to this. I don’t want to leave you. Even if it was just once, I wish that you didn’t have to suffer the pain of losing and be able to spend a lifetime with me completely.


Shang Ke cried while taking out the second talisman from the box with a trembling hand… 


“Before, the, Heavenly, arts, vengeful, ghosts, are, expelled!” Shang Ke clenched his teeth with a pale face and said out word by word.


As the talisman burned, a golden light enveloped the two of them.


Shang Ke curled up his body and trembled non-stop. His whole body was soaked in sweat and beads of blood started oozing out of his skin, very quickly dyeing him into a blood man.


Shang Ke’s suffering figure was reflected in Shao Feidu’s unfocused eyes and two trails of blood tears slowly flowed down from his eyes.


Keke, Keke… 


“AH—” A shriek rang out and the vengeful ghost that was possessing Shao Feidu’s body suddenly leaped out. Its body twisted and struggled within the light of the talisman and it kept letting out sharp screams.


“Before the Heavenly arts, vengeful ghosts are exorcized!” A golden light shot towards the vengeful ghost that was planning to escape. The blazing flames engulfed the ghost immediately.


The vengeful ghost howled painfully within the flames but was burned into ashes after a while. 


After finishing all these, his arm drooped powerlessly. The true qi within his body is almost exhausted. His sight went through the hazy blood in his eyes and landed on Shang Ke’s face.


“Keke, Keke…” He carefully held Shang Ke in his arms and felt his temperature and breath.


He’s still alive, he’s still alive… 


He gently held up the palm with shattered metacarpal bone and his tears couldn’t stop flowing.


He remembered everything that happened just now. When the car accident happened, Shang Ke had pounced onto his body without caring about himself. When the vengeful ghost banged his head against the car door, Shang Ke had used his palm to endure the impact, not putting it down even when his bones were broken. Even though Shang Ke clearly knew that he would be harmed by the talismans, he still used his own ghost qi to induce the power of the talisman without caring about his own life.


It was the first time Shao Feidu had hated himself so much as he watched Shang Ke’s suffering figure. Why did he get possessed by the vengeful ghost so easily? Why didn’t he have the power to protect him?


“Keke…” Other than calling his name, Shao Feidu didn’t know what he should do for Shang Ke now.


At this moment, voices could faintly be heard from outside the car.


Shao Feidu hugged Shang Ke. The blood flowing down his forehead had dyed his eyes red. His consciousness gradually faded, but he was still calling continuously.


“Keke, Keke, Keke…”


When the car door was opened, what the rescue personnels saw was two people hugging each other tightly. One of them was covered in blood, his life and death unknown, while the other’s eyes were drooping and his eyes were dim. It was obvious that he had already lost his consciousness.


The people couldn’t believe it. How could the people in the car be so severely injured when the safety device was working properly… 

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