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Chapter 182: Ghost Assistant (XIV)

TL: Resonance


By the time the Yun and Shao family people rushed to the hospital, Shang Ke and Shao Feidu were already pushed out of the emergency room respectively.


“What’s the situation?” Father Yun tried his best to suppress his anxiousness and asked deeply.


The doctor looked around and asked hesitantly, “Shao Feidu’s family isn’t here yet?”


Mother Yun said coldly, “They might be late. Tell us about the situation first.”


The doctor nodded his head and didn’t ask any further. He started telling them about Shang Ke and Shao Feidu’s injuries, “Mr Shao’s injuries are lighter. He has mild concussion and his arm and forehead has several scratch and bruise wounds. He just needs a few days of good rest. As for your son…” 


Seeing the doctor pause, the Yun family’s people face all revealed their nervousness and they urged him to continue. 


“His left palm is severely fractured, but a complete recovery isn’t difficult. The trouble is…” The doctor considered his wordings and said, “He seems to have fallen into the ‘brain dead’ state again.”


“What do you mean by ‘fallen into the brain dead state again’?” Mother Yun said angrily, “Don’t tell me brain deadness can be recurrent?”


“No no no.” The doctor quickly explained, “As the few of you already know, Mr Yun was once determined as brain dead by the hospital. By right, a situation like this can be considered as truly dead medically. However, he woke up miraculously 2 years later. We have been puzzled regarding this. After repeated studies on his brain’s CT scan, we suspect that he might have been in a ‘fake’ brain dead state. While in that state, his brain waves are unable to be detected by our current instruments.”


“I don’t care about those!” Mother Yun interrupted, “I just want to know when my child would wake up?”


“This… We are not sure either. After all, your son’s case has never happened before.” Seeing that mother Yun was about to rage again, the doctor quickly added, “Based on their injuries, I’m afraid there’s something strange about this case.”


“What do you mean?” Father Yun asked seriously.


“Shao Feidu’s head injury is formed by receiving continuous impact on the same spot. Generally, a car accident wouldn’t cause this kind of injury.” The doctor answered, “Your son’s fractured left palm is very similar to Mr Shao’s case. What’s even more puzzling was the fact his whole body was bleeding. He had no obvious external injuries and neither did he have any illness that would cause such bleeding.”


At this moment, a police officer came forward and continued, “We made a rough guess based on the two of their positions when we found them and the injury report provided by the doctor. At that time, they might have been some sort of power controlling Mr Shao’s head to bang the car door. And the reason why your son’s left hand is fractured is because he was trying to block the impact.”


“What you’re trying to say is that this accident is man-made?” Father Yun’s face sank and gave people an overwhelming sense of oppression.


“We won’t rule out this possibility.” The police officer hesitated for a moment before adding, “The police have already sent someone to retrieve the surveillance recording. I believe that there will be results soon.”


At this moment, Yun Kezhao, the eldest young master of the Yun family who hasn’t been speaking, said to his father, “Father, I want to follow up on this matter personally.”


Father Yun nodded his head and said in a murderous tone, “Be sure to find out everything clearly!”


Shang Ke and Shao Feidu were placed in the same ward. Shao Feidu woke up that night and he sat up from his bed violently. When he turned his head and saw Shang Ke lying on the other bed, he rushed over immediately. He kneeled on one knee beside the bed and held his hand.


Keke, Keke… Shao Feidu stared intently at the person on the bed and felt his familiar breath. However, this breath has become extremely weak. He could hardly sense it if he didn’t focus.


Panic rose tremendously in Shao Feidu’s heart. This scared him more than him seeing an evil ghost. It felt as if his whole person was submerged in ice and he was cold from head to toe.


Keke, Keke… 


“Feidu, you woke up.” At this moment, mother Yun walked into the ward. She forced herself to cheer up and gave Shao Feidu a smile. In the past, she had thought that this man was arrogant and incapable, so she never liked seeing him. She probably wouldn’t have interacted with him again if not for the fact that her son likes him. She started truly accepting him only when she learned about the truth afterwards.


Now, after seeing that he had no reaction to what she just said, mother Yun didn’t mind it. She placed the food on the table, poured a cup of hot drink and said, “Eat first. Kexu is just there and won’t run away.”


“Him?” When facing unfamiliar people, Shao Feidu’s expressing ability degraded again.


However, mother Yun easily guessed what he was trying to ask. She answered, “The doctor said that he’s in a ‘fake brain dead’ state and is in a deep sleep. No one knows when he would wake up.”


Shao Feidu no longer spoke and continued looking at Shang Ke.


Mother Yun thought that he probably wouldn’t have the appetite for the time being, so she just left him be. Seeing his deep feelings for her son, she felt both sad and relieved.


Late in the night, Shao Feidu maintained the same posture and kept staying beside the bed.


The ward was strangely quiet and only the beeping sound of the machines could be heard.


At this moment, an arm suddenly stretched out from under the bed and grabbed Shao Feidu’s ankle.


Shao Feidu didn’t move, as if he didn’t notice it at all.


The ghost hand shrank back quickly. Then, a bloody human head appeared and its two crimson eyes stared straight at Shao Feidu. It looked especially eerie in the shadows.


Shao Feidu still didn’t react and his line of sight has been on Shang Ke from beginning to end.


The ghost was very angry seeing Shao Feidu ignore him. It climbed the bed frame with both hands and slipped up bit by bit, its face showing a sinister smile. However, he had yet to slip out completely when a talisman was smacked onto his head.


Shao Feidu turned his head around slowly and his empty eyes stared blankly at the ghost. He was indeed scared of these ghosts before. But now, all that was left in his heart was his feeling of disgust and hate towards them. Whoever dares to play ghost before him will be destroyed by him.


The ghost let out a painful scream as it burned in the air without any fire source. Then, it turned into a cloud of mist and was strangely absorbed into Yun Kexu’s body.


After this ghost’s energy was absorbed, the weak breath on Yun Kexu seemed to have become more noticeable. 


Shao Feidu’s eyes brightened as if he had discovered a new continent and he gave out a strange look… 


The ghosts’ calamity arrived.


A guy who specializes in catching ghosts has recently appeared in the hospital. He collects ghosts’ energy from all around, all the ghosts that resist would be beaten by him until their souls fly.


Ghosts exist because of their obsession, and their obsession gives them a special ability, commonly known as ghost qi or ghost powers. Once a ghost’s qi is absorbed, the ghost is no longer able to stay in the human world. This can also be considered as purging to some extent. However, a living person shouldn’t be exposed to too much ghost qi. Or else, they might suffer from mental disorders and impaired health in light cases or their lives might be in danger in serious cases.


Shao Feidu knew nothing about this. To help Shang Ke collect as much energy as possible, he became a ghost hunter that brought fear to the ghosts.


Of course, the ghosts he had hunted were basically ordinary ghosts with little power. The energy they had wasn’t much and could only be compensated by quantity.


As Shao Feidu had more and more contact with the ghosts, his face became more and more gloomy. His body also exuded a ghostly aura. Wherever he went, the cold air swept by.


The ghost qi would have hurt his roots already if not for his small success in cultivation and the strong yang energy within his body. Not only that, Shao Feidu who had finally opened his heart has once again become quiet and kept to himself. Other than Shang Ke, he did not care for anything else.


Yun Kexu and Shao Feidu’s car accident was soon reported by the media. The police speculated that it might not have been an accident, causing the people to have more to say about it. The two people were high-profile and their love has been full of misfortune. Now, they were harmed right under everyone’s eyes.


One was unconscious and the other has become autistic once again. They seemed to have returned back to square one, making countless people feel distressed for them.


However, the perpetrator still couldn’t be found despite the power of the Yun and Shao family. The surveillance recording did not capture anyone suspicious and the car also had no signs of being tampered. The only suspicious point was the recording in the car which had a few minutes blank. This blank period was the camera recording of the period when the car lost control and the period after the car crashed.


【Main mission… 2… complete…】


The system’s voice sounded in Shang Ke’s consciousness. However, it went on and off as if it was interfered by something.


What made Shang Ke feel even more strange was the fact that he had only purged a hungry ghost and it was impossible for him to complete his main mission. Before he went unconscious, he remembered that Shao Feidu had used an annihilating talisman on the vengeful ghost. The vengeful ghost was directly annihilated and not purged.


Shang Ke looked around for one week. The place he was at was in the dark. There was no sound and no light. He couldn’t even feel his own body. It seems that only his consciousness was around.


What’s going on?


“System, are you there? What happened?” Shang Ke tried calling.


【… Additional mission… stop, stop…】


“Stop what? System, are you infected by a virus?”




Shang Ke waited for a long time but the system no longer made a sound.


“System, explain clearly. What should I stop?!”


Shang Ke still wanted to ask more, but he suddenly felt a severe pain. It felt as if his soul was torn apart, then reassembled. It went over and over again before he finally condensed into a complete form.


Shang Ke could seemingly feel a coolness faintly. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the snowflakes drifting across outside the window. Some cold wind went through the half opened window and blew the curtains next to the bed.


Shang Ke’s line of sight slowly turned towards the sofa at the side and was shocked to see a cloud of black mist.


That’s… Shao Feidu?!


Shao Feidu was currently reclining on the sofa in an extremely awkward posture. His eyes were shut tight with dark circles underneath and his face was pale. He had lost a lot of weight and his whole body was filled with ghost qi that almost engulfed all of his yang energy.


How did his Dudu become like this?


Shang Ke struggled to sit up. When he was about to get off the bed, he heard the machine let out a sharp alarm.


Shao Feidu got a shock and quickly sat up. When he saw the half propped up Shang Ke, he was first stunned before he rushed towards Shang Ke in large steps and pulled Shang Ke into his embrace.


Shang Ke could feel his excitement and his eyes became gentle. He stretched his hand to return the hug and said softly, “I’m back Dudu.”


Shao Feidu’s eyes were hot. His originally dead heart seemed to be alive again at this moment.


At this moment, several people rushed in from outside the ward. Seeing the scene in the room, they immediately stopped moving.


The snow drifted outside the window as the two hugged each other tightly. No words were said and there was only a warm feeling… 

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