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Chapter 183: Ghost Assistant (XV)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke knew that he had been unconscious for around three months after he woke up. In these three months, Shao Feidu ate and slept in the hospital. If not for the housekeeper uncle’s meticulous care, Shao Feidu probably would have starved or stink himself to death. On the day Shang Ke woke up, Shao Feidu hadn’t bathed for 7-8 days already. His hair was messy, clothes were wrinkled, and his chin was full of stubble. He looked like a refugee at first glance.


Therefore, the first thing Shang Ke did after he regained his mobility was help him cut his hair, shave his beard and washed him up!


Shao Feidu sat on a short stool and let Shang Ke cut his hair. He heard some snipping sound and strands of his hair started falling slowly.


“Dudu, didn’t you bring along ‘All-purpose Keke’?” Shang Ke nagged while helping him cut his hair, “Why did you make yourself become so untidy? If I continued being unconscious for a few more months, would you have directly degenerated into a primitive?”


Shao Feidu suddenly turned his head around after hearing the two words “being unconscious” and was almost poked by the scissors.


Shang Ke got a shock and quickly moved the scissors away. He scolded softly, “Don’t move!”


Shao Feidu stared intently at Shang Ke with his dark eyes and spat out a word, “Don’t.”


A thought came to Shang Ke and he immediately knew what Shao Feidu meant by “don’t”.


“Okay.” Shang Ke kissed his eye.


Shao Feidu learned from Shang Ke and also gave his eye a kiss.


After finishing their affectionate haircut, Shang Ke arranged many tasks for Shao Feidu. They were: Bathing, changing of clothes, ordering a meal, taking a walk and cultivating, and so on.


Shang Ke learned from Shao Feidu about what he had done recently and finally understood where the ghost qi on Shao Feidu’s body came from. He didn’t expect that Shao Feidu would use this method to help replenish his energy.


To prevent Shao Feidu from being further invaded by the ghost qi, Shang Ke ordered him not to take the initiative to attack ghosts unless his life was threatened.


Shao Feidu has no objection towards his request. Moreover, there were no ghosts who dared to come near him now.


During the days Shang Ke was rehabilitating, he was also asked about the car accident by the police. Shang Ke could only say that the car had suddenly lost control, causing the accident to happen. As for Shao Feidu and his injury, he used the excuse that he couldn’t remember it. The police officer did not gain any results from the inquiry and could only treat this matter as an accident and handle it low-key.


The Yun family had also asked a few times. After receiving the same answer, they no longer pursue it. They arranged bodyguards for the two of them to give them 24h protection in fear that something might happen again.


Shang Ke was confident he could handle Shao Feidu’s damaged yuan qi. What troubled him the most was the problem with the system. Did he succeed or failed his main mission? Just what was his additional mission?


If he succeeded, he will have a chance to obtain the return card regardless whether he completed the additional mission or not. If he failed, then it would be meaningless even if he knew the content of the additional mission.


The safest approach was to purge two more evil ghosts. As for the additional mission, he can only go by luck.


After being discharged, the two of them were brought by the Yun family to their main house to recuperate. They really were not rest assured to let them stay outside alone. Who knows if a scary car accident would happen again?


However, Shao Feidu wasn’t used to the new environment. Everyone was very friendly to him, but he just couldn’t grow closer to them. He was stuck closely by Shang Ke side like a child who was afraid he would be lost.


At night, Shang Ke pulled his hand and said, “If you really can’t get used to it, we will return back to the villa tomorrow.”


Shao Feidu nodded his head and leaned forward to kiss Shang Ke’s eye.


“Alright, let’s sleep.” Shang Ke lifted the quilt and pulled him to lie down in it.


Shao Feidu hugged him and the ghost qi lingered on his body. His body which was originally full of yang energy had become ice cold.


Shang Ke took a deep breath and started absorbing the ghost qi on Shao Feidu’s body quietly.


Shao Feidu only felt that the coldness on his body disappearing bit by bit and was replaced by warmth. These days, he seemed to be living in the ice cold every day and never had a day of good sleep. He slowly fell into a comfortable sleep after being surrounded by warmth.


The result of having a good night sleep was someone’s morning wood being full of energy.


“Nn…” Shang Ke felt his body being filled and couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.


Hearing his voice, Shao Feidu increased the intensity. He held Shang Ke’s waist and went straight in from behind, moving back and forth.


The mattress let out a subtle noise from the shaking. This matter that hasn’t been done for a long time made the two of them very engrossed in it.


Each time Shao Feidu got deeper, the yang energy in him would grow stronger. When he climaxed, the ghost qi on his body seemed to have disappeared completely. Of course, this kind of disappearance was only temporary. But this also means that a certain passionate sport can raise the yang energy and disperse the ghost qi.


Feeling the warmth within him, Shang Ke complained softly, “Remember to wear a condom next time.”


Shang Ke wasn’t sure which word of his has struck Shao Feidu’s G-spot but his lust which has yet to subside soared again.


“Wait, let’s stop for today. We’re at my house and there will be someone coming over to wake us up soon.” Shang Ke pushed the man lying on him.


Shao Feidu carried Shang Ke up in one swoop and walked into the bathroom while still connected.


His meaning was clear, they can wash up and make love at the same time.


When the two of them came out, it was just in time for breakfast. The Yun family saw their refreshed look and immediately understood what happened. A few juniors winked at him, praising him for his ability to change Shao Feidu this lump of ice into a piece of warm jade. People could tell just how satisfied he was seeing his pleasant and joyful look.


After having breakfast, Shang Ke mentioned to the Yun family about his request of going back to the villa. Mother Yun was the first to object and father Yun also wasn’t that fond of the idea.


After a few rounds of negotiation, they decided to stay for three more days. Three days later, Shang Ke and Shao Feidu left Yun’s home and returned back to their villa.


Shang Ke laid on the carpet and quietly listened to the piano as he thought about the purging problem.


A while later, the sound of the piano stopped. Then, Shang Ke felt a hot body leaning over.


Shao Feidu lowered his head to kiss Shang Ke’s lips and savoured it.


The afterglow of the sunset passed through the french window and shone on the two of them, painting them with a layer of enchanting colour.


While in the midst of tenderness, a thought suddenly came to Shang Ke’s mind: I got it!


He just thought of a way to purge the evil ghosts. He wasn’t able to use talismans directly, but he could use an array!


An array will work only when it’s touched. He could set up an array at the place the evil ghost would haunt, then wait for them to enter the trap on their own. The array would activate the moment it detects ghost qi. In this way, Shao Feidu and him wouldn’t have to face the evil ghosts head on. Of course, the success rate of this kind of tricky method is at most half. In addition, they can only purge one evil ghost each time. However, it should still be enough for him to complete his mission.


Just as he was thinking about it, his body suddenly felt a shock and a numb feeling swept through his back. Then, Shang Ke was no longer able to think about it…


Afterwards, Shang Ke went according to his plan. At every place that he found an evil ghost, he would set up a purging array. He also installed some cameras so that he could monitor the purging progress at any time.


Shang Ke’s method soon bore results. A month later, he successfully purged three low-level evil ghosts and several low level ghosts. [1]


However, the system didn’t prompt him regarding his mission. So, he really did complete the main mission before? Why did the system malfunction? What was his additional mission?


Based on his past experience, this additional mission would either be related to his man or related to the ghosts. It’s likely that he can only slowly think about this himself.


One month later, after seeking Shang Ke’s opinion, the Yun and the Shao family decided to hold an engagement ceremony for him and Shao Feidu three days later. Their marriage received the blessing of people from different aspects.


Shang Ke planned to cherish his life this time and accompany Shao Feidu as long as possible. He wouldn’t seek death unless at the last resort.


Their engagement ceremony went smoothly. Three months later, they officially registered for marriage and became the recognised best couple under everyone’s blessing.


After their marriage, Shao Feidu started composing music again. Whenever he was free, he and Shang Ke would also participate in concerts they were invited to which were held by celebrities. Their duet music was made into albums. The moment it was up for sale, it was immediately sold out. Their popularity kept growing, and they reached the peak of the music world in 10 years.


Everything was so great to the point that Shang Ke was drowned in happiness.


As time went by, Shang Ke realised that the ghosts have slowly disappeared from his life. It can either be that all the ghosts have been purged, or he has lost the ability to see ghosts.


However, both situations didn’t seem quite possible. There were people dying everyday and ordinary ghosts would at least stay in the human world for seven days. In addition, he was a vengeful ghost himself, formed by the condensation of ghost qi. There was no way he couldn’t see a ghost.


“Dudu, can you still see ghosts?” Shang Ke asked Shao Feidu.


“Ghosts? What ghosts?” Shao Feidu showed a puzzled expression.


“It’s those ghosts that used to harrass you.”


Shao Feidu paused for a moment before touching Shang Ke’s head, “Don’t try to lie to me Keke. How can there be ghosts in the world?”


Shang Ke’s eyes shrank and an inexplicable chill grew in his heart.


He turned and walked into the room and started rummaging around.


At this moment, Shao Feidu walked behind him and hugged his waist. He whispered in Shang Ke’s ear, “Keke, what are you looking for?”


“Where’s the book with collections of talisman drawings that I have created?” It was originally placed in the drawer. He didn’t know when it had disappeared.


“Book with collections of talisman drawings?” Shao Feidu thought about it for a moment, then shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”


Shang Ke’s mind was in chaos. Shao Feidu doesn’t know about ghosts and also doesn’t know about the book with collections of talisman drawings. Now that he thought of it, it seemed that Shao Feidu hadn’t used his true qi for the past few years and also never cultivated again, so he naturally forgot about it? Or was it because their life was too great?


Shang Ke realised that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.


At this moment, the man behind Shang Ke started kissing his neck and his big hand went under Shang Ke’s clothes.


“No, I don’t want to now…”


“Keke…” Shao Feidu turned him around, pressed him on the cabinet and blocked his lips. His sex technique has improved tremendously. It didn’t take long for him to make Shang Ke unable to speak.


While Shang Ke was in a daze, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Shao Feidu’s palm and was shocked to realise that something was missing—The mole on the palm!


This person isn’t Shao Feidu?!


Shang Ke immediately woke up from his daze and pushed the man away hard with both hands. However, the man was embedded deeply in him and continued moving.


“Let me go. Who are you?” Shang Ke’s cheeks were red, half due to pleasure and half due to anger.


Shao Feidu stopped and asked with a puzzled look, “Keke?”


No, that’s not it. Shang Ke looked into his eyes. This person was clearly his lover. How could Shang Ke possibly mistaken the familiar breath of him?


But why did the mole on his palm disappear? Why did the ghosts disappear? Why did the book with collections of talisman drawings disappear?


All these questions made Shang Ke completely lost… 


[1] Here are the types of ghosts in case it got confusing. 

Types of ghost: Ordinary ghost (disappears in 7 days) -> evil ghost (stays in the human world due to strong obsession/resentment) -> vengeful ghost (accumulating hundreds of years of energy/ depressive ghost – own resentful energy from continuous suicide + resentful energy from others influenced to suicide by him)

Low-level ghosts: The author described it as a low-status ghost, might either be ordinary ghost or even lower position than that?

SnowTime: Dun dun dun dunnnnn

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