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Chapter 184: Ghost Assistant (XVI)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke recently likes to secretly observe Shao Feidu. However, all his actions and words were normal and there was nothing strange at all.


Everytime Shao Feidu noticed Shang Ke looking at him, it was as if he received a summon. He would run towards Shang Ke happily and lean by his side intimately.


Shang Ke just couldn’t bring himself to suspect such a Dudu and couldn’t bear to distance himself from him. But how could Shang Ke stay with him in ease if he doesn’t resolve the doubts in his heart?


When did this abnormality start? Shang Ke relied on his super memory to look back on everything that has happened for the past years. He then placed his doubts on the one year period after he woke up. During that period of time, he made use of arrays to purge a few ghosts to ensure that his main mission was complete. Then, he gradually put down the matter regarding his mission and intended to live a comfortable life with Shao Feidu peacefully for a few years.


As time went on, he gradually forgot about the system and his mission and he wantonly enjoyed the happy life of being with his lover. Has the system’s additional mission started since then? Losing his ability to see the ghosts was the first result, Dudu forgetting the existence of ghosts was the second and the mole on the palm disappearing was the third?


What kind of power can lead to these kinds of results? Shang Ke didn’t believe that the vengeful ghost in this world had this kind of ability. The only thing that could do all these is probably the system. But based on Shang Ke’s understanding of the system, it rarely interfered with the mission progress. Unless… there’s external interference.


This conjecture wasn’t groundless. The system’s irregularity back then was the best proof.


Shang Ke also has some guesses regarding the existence of the system. After going through so many worlds, he understood that many unnatural forces and strange parallel space exist in the world.


The system might be a special lifeform that is able to connect different spaces. However, Shang Ke didn’t know why it had tied itself to him. He had once suspected that this was due to his childhood friend’s girlfriend’s curse, but the truth may not be that simple.


Since a life form like the system exists, a power that could affect this kind of life form would naturally exist as well.


Let’s assume that the system was really controlled by some sort of power. Just what was its purpose? To increase the mission’s difficulty? To trap him in this world? Or was it to replace the system?


There were too many possibilities, Shang Ke can’t make a judgement unless he could come into contact with the system. The system looked all high and mighty, but he screwed up the moment they hit the critical juncture!


“Keke.” Shao Feidu placed a red fruit on Shang Ke’s lips.


Shang Ke swallowed it in one bite.




Shang Ke nodded his head, “Sweet.”


A smile appeared on Shao Feidu’s face. He moved forward and used his tongue to lick the juice on Shang Ke’s lips.


He licked and nibbled, then pushed the person down onto the bed to make love.


Shang Ke: … So, the purpose of this person feeding him the red fruit was for eating him completely?


While they were being affectionate, Shang Ke suddenly felt a murderous intent attacking from behind. He turned his head to look and only saw a finely carved decorative wall. However, he kept feeling that there was something there.


Shao Feidu pressed over and sealed his lips, making him unable to pay attention to other things.


Shang Ke was soon enveloped in Shao Feidu’s breath and that cold murderous intent also disappeared.


Shao Feidu turned Shang Ke around and kissed his back. At this moment, he suddenly looked up towards the decorative wall and showed a slight smile. Then, he strongly possessed the person under him.


After their short intimacy, the two of them tidied up and prepared to go to the piano room to practice. When they reached the door, Shang Ke looked back again and his eyes swept slowly past the room.


“What’s wrong?” Shao Feidu asked softly.


“Nothing.” Shang Ke smiled.


Shao Feidu held his waist and walked out of the room with him. The room door closed slowly behind them.


In the dark room, a translucent figure appeared faintly. He faced the closed door and made a silent shout: Keke, I’m here! I’m here!


Shao Feidu didn’t know what happened, but he suddenly became a ghost one day. He originally thought that he had died. However, he saw that his “body” was still alive. Someone replaced him and married Keke, made love with Keke and lived together happily with Keke. 


He tried communicating with Keke countless times, but Keke didn’t sense his existence at all.


Shao Feidu felt like he was going crazy every time he saw that replacement being lovey dovey for Keke. He was full of resentment, anger and unwillingness.


Keke, look at me.


Keke, don’t be with him.


Keke, I’m the real Dudu.


Keke, save me… 


Shao Feidu would repeat these words every day. However, Shang Ke couldn’t see anything or hear anything… 


Just now, he had once again seen Keke being possessed by that replacement. His resentment seemed to have reached its peak and almost caught Keke’s attention. However, he was stopped by the replacement.


If turning into a vengeful ghost is the only way to make Keke notice him, he was willing to be swallowed by darkness!


These days, Shang Ke kept feeling that someone was following him. But whenever he looked back, he couldn’t see anything. If he didn’t guess wrong, the thing following him should be a ghost. However, he had lost the ability to see ghosts.


The feeling of clearly knowing something was there yet not being able to see anything made him very uncomfortable.


And for some unknown reason, Shao Feidu likes to go out very much recently. He would either bring him to travel or perform. In short, they weren’t home most of the time.


Today, Shao Feidu received an invitation to perform once again. When Shang Ke reached the agreed location, he noticed that he forgot to bring his laptop. Thinking that since the distance wasn’t so far away, he decided to go back and take it.


After letting Shao Feidu know about it, he drove back to the villa. He walked into the room and found his laptop. When he was about to leave, that familiar throbbing appeared again.


He looked around but didn’t discover anything, so he continued heading outside. When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped. He walked towards the bed as if remembering something, pulled open the lowest cabinet unit beside the bed, stretched his hand inside and searched for a while.


It’s still there!


Shang Ke took out an object from within. It was the small porcelain bottle holding the ghost tears. The ghost tears came from the small hungry ghost when he purged for the first time.


The book with collections of talisman drawings disappeared, the ghosts disappeared and even memories disappeared. However, he didn’t expect this small porcelain bottle to be safe.


Shang Ke opened the bottle carefully and dip his finger into the ghost tears inside. Then, he rubbed it gently on his eyelids.


A coldness struck him. Shang Ke slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a mass of strong yin energy. The bright and spacious room was filled with yin energy and looked like a ghost territory.


Shang Ke shot up from the ground and saw the figure within the yin energy. To his shock, it was actually a ferocious looking Shao Feidu!


“Dudu!” Shang Ke screamed.


Shao Feidu’s whole body was intertwined with yin energy and his eyes were crimson red. He was just one step away from turning into a vengeful ghost.


Why is it Dudu? Isn’t Dudu alive? Just who is this ghost that resembles Dudu? If he’s Dudu, then just who is that person who was alive?


Shang Ke felt his chest tighten and he had difficulties breathing.


“Keke…” A cold yet familiar voice sounded in Shang Ke’s ear.


Shang Ke looked up at the ghost who was standing near him and his brain blanked out.


“You finally saw me.” There was no expression on Shao Feidu’s pale face.


Shang Ke looked at him stiffly.




Do you know how long I’ve been wandering alone?


I watched you smile at another person gently, watched you give all your heart to another person, watched you throw yourself in another person’s embrace and watched you being happy under another person… My heart felt like it was being sliced by a knife.


Your Dudu was right here, right by your side. Why couldn’t you find me?


Shao Feidu bleeded tears of blood and the resentment on his body surged.


Shang Ke suddenly understood. The system’s additional mission was: Stop… Shao Feidu… from turning into a vengeful ghost!


Shang Ke covered his mouth and found it hard to accept this truth. The real Dudu was already dead? The current Dudu was fake? The man who has been living with him for so many years was actually fake?


No! Shang Ke shook his head. The breath he felt was clearly his lover. However, the Dudu before him was also so familiar.


Just what’s going on? Who is real and who is fake?


At this moment, the room door slowly opened and the other Shao Feidu appeared at the door.


“Keke, everyone is waiting for us. Let’s go.” He stretched out his hand towards Shang Ke.


Shang Ke didn’t move. He stared at Shao Feidu with a face full of uncertainty.


“Scram!” The ghost Shao Feidu roared and the yin energy flowed in the room like wind. The lights flashed indefinitely.


The other Shao Feidu looked at Shang Ke, then looked at the ghost Shao Feidu and a trace of gloominess flashed past his eyes.


“Who are you?” Shang Ke tried his best to calm down and intends to understand the situation clearly.


“I’m your lover.” The Shao Feidu at the door answered affirmatively.


“I’m the lover!” The ghost Shao Feidu roared sharply and his anger rose.


Shang Ke was stuck between the choices. Both Shao Feidus had a familiar breath on them, he couldn’t tell who was real and who was fake. If the ghost Shao Feidu was fake, then he should find a way to purge him. If the ghost Shao Feidu was real, that means that he had been living with a stranger all these years, and he had done so right under the watch of his real lover.


Shang Ke couldn’t imagine just how much of a betrayal and torment it was for his lover.


Calm down. He has to calm down.


At this moment, he felt the cold air surrounding him somewhat diminishing. He looked up and saw the ghost Shao Feidu’s figure gradually fading.


“No!” Shang Ke seemed to have moved by instinct as he rushed forward to hug the ghost Dudu, “You’re my Dudu!”


The real Dudu doesn’t have the ability to affect the environment and space.


Along with Shang Ke’s choice, the ghost Shao Feidu’s figure once again materialized and he hugged Shang Ke tightly with both hands.


The other Shao Feidu looked at them silently with gloomy eyes.


Then, he slowly walked towards the two of them. Shang Ke felt the pressure increasing for every step closer he got.


The ghost Shao Feidu stood in front of Shang Ke and glared at him.


That Shao Feidu remained unmoved and continued approaching them.


The ghost Shao Feidu roared and rushed towards him, but entered his body and disappeared.


“Dudu!” Shang Ke ran to Shao Feidu, grabbed his collar and questioned, “What did you do to Dudu?”


Shao Feidu looked at him sadly and asked softly, “We are clearly the same, why did you still choose him?”


“How could it be the same?” Shang Ke shouted, “My lover won’t deceive me!”


“I don’t believe that you have no feelings for me at all after all these years.” Shao Feidu’s whole body was tensed seemingly like he was currently enduring great pain.


Shang Ke paused for a moment before saying, “I love you because your body possessed the breath belonging to him.”


Shao Feidu’s face stiffened and his eyes gradually darkened. Then, his body relaxed and he fell towards the ground.


Shang Ke immediately stretched his hand to hug him and kept whispering by his ear, “I’m sorry. Dudu, I’m sorry…”


Shao Feidu’s vengeful ghost aura was gradually suppressed with his return. His soul can recover its purity as long as he didn’t successfully become a vengeful ghost.


【Congratulation to the host for completing the additional mission: Stop Shao Feidu from turning into a vengeful ghost.】


The system’s voice suddenly sounded. It was very clear this time.


【Host has successfully completed three missions and survived. Host can stay behind in this world without worry and spend your life freely.】


Shang Ke asked, “What happened to you previously?”


The system went silent.


Shang Ke asked again, “What was the thing that occupied Dudu’s body?”


The system replied: 【I can only tell you that you will be able to find the final answer as long as you achieve perfect survival with your own power.】


“I don’t actually care about that, but I’m unable to tolerate myself for recognising the wrong person!” He felt extremely uncomfortable thinking about the fact that he had slept with a stranger for so many years. He wasn’t able to forgive himself even if Dudu forgave him.


【In actual fact, you didn’t recognise the wrong person. You have never recognised the wrong person before.】


“What do you mean?” Shang Ke didn’t understand.


【Believe in your own feelings. Everything will be clear once you find the answer.】


Shang Ke really hates it when the system pretends to be profound. Why don’t you just reveal the answer!


【How about you enjoy your life now?】The system continued, 【Perfect survival and the return card is different. When you use the return card, there are still possibilities of unexpected dangers and accidents. But for perfect survival, you will be blessed with luck and live a safe, healthy and prosperous life. You will be able to survive even if you take poison to suicide, jump down the building to die, go on hunger strike or hang yourself.】


Shang Ke: Just how self-mutilating was he to “take poison to suicide”, “jump down the building to die”, “go on hunger strike” or “hang himself”?!


At this moment, Shao Feidu who was in Shang Ke’s embrace woke up. He looked at Shang Ke, then looked at the room, then looked at the two of their clothes. He said, “Aren’t we going to perform? Why are we still at home?”


Shang Ke let out a sound of surprise inwardly and stared intently at the man before him.


“What’s wrong?” Shao Feidu rubbed Shang Ke’s forehead and muttered, “I feel a little dizzy.”


“… Why are you rubbing my forehead when you’re the one feeling dizzy?”


“Help my rub.” Shao Feidu brought his head forward.


Shang Ke smiled helplessly and stretched his hand to help him rub.


“Keke, let’s choose 《Fate》 as our first song today?”




【The soul fused, the memories overlapped and he is becoming “him”.】

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