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Chapter 261: This Life—The Beginning (II)

TL: Resonance

    趁着复健这几天, 尚可向戚辰打听了不少有关尉勋的事情,结果让他有些懵逼。

When Shang Ke was rehabilitating, he took the chance to ask Qi Chen a lot of things about Wei Xun, and the results made him a little dumbfounded.

    尉勋的爷爷是现任军委主席, 父亲是J省军区司令员,母亲是文化部副部长, 弟弟是国家科技研究院院士,妹妹是国际知名的驻外记者, 其他亲戚个个权贵显达,堪称首都第一名门。

Wei Xun’s grandfather is the current Chairman of Military Commision, his father is Commander of the Military Region of J Province, his mother is the Deputy Minister of Culture, his younger brother is an academician of the National Academy of Science and Technology, his younger sister is a internationally renowned journalist stationed abroad, and his other relatives were all powerful figures as well and could be considered the number one bloodline in the capital.

    而尉勋本人, 原本是某特种部队的教官,后来因为一场意外而提前退伍,拒绝了家人的安排,自己召集一群退伍老兵创办公司,毅然走上了开挂捞金的土豪路线。如此扎眼的家世背景, 如果只做朋友,那就是一条比大象腰还要粗的金大腿;但如果做恋人,那就是一场国家级毁灭性大灾难。

Wei Xun himself was originally a special force instructor, but retired early because of an accident. He rejected his family arrangement, gathered a group of veterans to start a company, and resolutely embarked on the route of a cheat like tycoon. He had such a dazzling family background. If they were to be friends, he would be a golden thigh thicker than an elephant’s waist; but if they were to be lovers, it would be a national level devastating catastrophe.

    要知道他所在的国家, 还没有承认同性婚姻, 大多数同志最终都在世俗的压力下选择了结婚生子。普通人家尚且如此,更别说是拥有军政背景的尉家了。

In the country he was in country, same-sex marriage was still not recognised. Most gay people eventually choose to marry and have children under the pressure of the world. This was already the case with ordinary people, let alone the Wei family with military and political background.


Shang Ke’s abduction plan was aborted because of Wei Xun’s identity. He can choose not to care for his side, but can not disregard Wei Xun’s reputation and situation. In addition, he is now just an ordinary man living under someone’s support and had no strength to face the Wei family. So be it, let’s be brothers first then. Shang Ke has long passed the hot-blooded stage of love where he would love even if the world collapses, his body is destroyed or he becomes enemies with the world. Being like brothers and having a harmonious friendship seems pretty good too. Before he found a relatively safe position to come out of the closet at the very least, he would maintain a pure male-male relationship for the time being. Of course, if someone is forced to get married, then don’t blame him for going destructive.


Speaking of which, Wei Xun doesn’t seem to look young anymore. Was he 32 or 35?


He did his rehabilitation while thinking about the future, and before he knew it, it was time to leave the hospital.


Shang Ke recovered very well. Other than not being able to race, bungee jump or do stunts, he looked sunny and healthy like a flower boy who had too much nutrition.


When Qi Chen picked him up from the hospital, he also took a trip to the supermarket and bought many ingredients. Shang Ke could originally cook, and after getting the system’s skill upgrade, his cooking became more exquisite and skillful and had a variety of patterns.


Shang Ke’s current house is newly rented by Qi Chen for him. It has two rooms and one living room, and is 90 square meters. It’s located in the downtown area with convenient transportation. The location is very good. Originally, Qi Chen wanted to take Shang Ke home, but his home is too far from the city. It wasn’t convenient for Shang Ke who was ready to find work in the city and had no means of transportation.


Qi Chen often does not go home as well. With Shang Ke renting a house in the city, it is just convenient for him to live. With his relationship with Shang Ke, almost everything else can be shared except for women and underwear.


In fact, if Shang Ke doesn’t mind, Qi Chen felt that women can actually also be shared… (Shang Ke: He’s so scum it’s unsavable!)


“Wow, it’s so delicious!” Qi Chen took the sweet and sour pork from the plate, with a satisfied face that was so full of happiness.


“Don’t steal food, there’s still a guest coming later.” Shang Ke slapped his dog paw away and looked at him with feigned anger.


“Keke.” Qi Chen came over, hugged his waist, and whispered in his ear with a bewitching voice, “You’re so beautiful.”


“Get lost!” Shang Ke kicked him away unceremoniously, “Don’t use the same trick you use to pick up women on me.”


One has to say that Qi Chen really has the ability to attract bees and butterflies. He looked handsome, and was generous, gentle but not overbearing. He was able to show his charm without traces. If he went to be a cowboy, he would definitely be a flower in the industry and a big winner in love.


“I’m telling the truth.” Qi Chen had a “why do you want to wrong me” aggrieved look.


Shang Ke ignored him and continued doing his things.


Qi Chen smiled while watching his back and was about to tease him some more when a rhythmic knocking sound suddenly came from outside the door.


“Who is it?” Qi Chen went to the door and looked out through the doorhole and saw a face that naturally looked like the public enemy of all people, “Keke, the guest you invited was actually him?”


What’s even more bizarre is that he would actually agree to the invitation! What kind of person is Wei Xun? He was a terrible existence which no one dared to kneel down and lick even if he wore gold armor, held a diamond signboard and paraded down the street, okay!


“Is Wei Xun here? Open the door.” Shang Ke poked his head out of the kitchen and urged.


Qi Chen reluctantly opened the door: “Welcome Master Xun, it’s really a great honor.”


Wei Xun stared at him for a moment and said, “Qi Chen? I remember you.” To be precise, he remembered his voice and the perfume that smelled like a biological weapon on him.


“That’s really an honor.” Qi Chen rested one hand on the door frame and seemed to have absolutely no intention of letting anyone in.


Wei Xun didn’t care either. He stood straight outside the door and looked at him expressionlessly.


“What are you doing blocking the doorway?” Shang Ke walked behind Qi Chen at some point and pulled him aside, greeting Wei Xun as he entered the room.


Qi Chen pouted and secretly pointed a middle finger to Wei Xun’s back, not daring to let Shang Ke see it.


In order not to cause trouble for Wei Xun, Shang Ke did not invite other friends and relatives today, with the exception of Qi Chen the shameless guy.


“A gift.” Wei Xun handed the gift box in his hand to Shang Ke.


“Thank you.” Shang Ke happily received it, “The time is just right, get ready for dinner.”


Shang Ke guided him to the table, “I made a few small dishes, I don’t know if they are to your liking?”


“I’m not a picky eater.” Wei Xun looked at the sumptuous dishes on the table, his eyebrows slightly relaxed.


While eating, Shang Ke quietly took note of Wei Xun’s preferences and then noted them in his heart for the next feeding.


“Keke, it’s the last piece of cola chicken wings. Give it to me, give it to me.” Qi Chen was quick to rob the golden cola chicken wings from Shang Ke’s chopsticks.


Shang Ke looked at him speechlessly, “It’s just a piece of chicken wing, did you have to snatch it?”


“Who told you to make it so delicious!” Qi Chen couldn’t stop eating, “I didn’t realise that your cooking skills were so good before. If I had known I would have come back for dinner every day.”


Shang Ke couldn’t do anything about him. He clearly knew the bad nature of this guy, but he really couldn’t hate him. Otherwise, those women of his wouldn’t have come to him, an innocent passerby, to vent their anger rather than taking revenge on this philandering person himself.


Wei Xun sat by their side silently watching the intimate interaction between the two and his heart felt inexplicably unhappy. His originally good appetite was also affected and he barely ate only four bowls.


After eating, Wei Xun didn’t stay too long and left after drinking a cup of tea.


Shang Ke’s current goal was to be pure brothers with him, so he didn’t overdo it and politely saw him out, slipping in a box of freshly baked unique snacks along the way.


“Where are my snacks?” Qi Chen rummaged around in the kitchen.


“Isn’t it on the coffee table?” Shang Ke was washing the dishes and said without looking back.


“On the coffee table?” Qi Chen exclaimed incredulously, “Are you talking about the chocolate that is as small as rice? This is the snack you prepared for me?”


“Take it or leave it.” How dare he say that the chocolate he made was as small as rice, could it be any more exaggerated?


“Keke, you can’t be so biased. You give such a big box to outsiders, but only leave your good brother with such a small one.” Qi Chen pinched that chocolate and said tremblingly, “I, feel, so, hurt!”


After saying that, he threw the chocolate into his mouth as if to vent his anger. Ugh, it’s delicious!


“Go change your clothes. We are going back tomorrow to visit your parents. You haven’t gone back for a long time already right? We’ll go out and buy them a present later.” Shang Ke had always been grateful to the Qi parents who supported him, and was more like a son to them than Qi Chen the unfilial son who loafs around.


“Oh.” Qi Chen did not bother to listen to anyone, but would listen only to Shang Ke’s words. He immediately stopped making a fuss and obediently went back to the room to change his clothes.


“Master Xun, are you going back to the hotel or home?” The bodyguard asked.


“The hotel.” Wei Xun placed his hand on the box of snacks that was still warm, his gaze was obscure and hard to understand.


After a long time, he suddenly spoke, “Didn’t you guys investigate Shang Ke’s identity before? Send me that information later.”




Previously, because he hadn’t thought about a deeper relationship, so Wei Xun didn’t pay attention to the results of the investigation. But now, it was different. He was very interested in Shang Ke. Not only because he was the only person whose face he could remember, but also because he made himself feel comfortable. It is clear that they do not know each other very well, but he did not feel the slightest bit at odds when he was with Shang Ke.


In contrast, the man named “Qi Chen” appeared to have nothing unusual about him, but he could feel that his muscles were tense and his eyes were hostile and defensive.


Most of the people that Wei Xun had come into contact with were either afraid of his status and treated him with the utmost humility, or were hostile like Qi Chen as if they met their greatest enemy. Even his parents were cautious and detached from him.


Today’s meal is probably the most relaxed one he has ever had. If there wasn’t some extra person around, it would probably be more comfortable.


Wei Xun looked out the car window and decided to ask Shang Ke out for a meal with just the two of them in a few days.


The so-called “few days” was in fact the next day. But unfortunately, when he called, the person he was inviting had already gone back to Qi Chen’s house with Qi Chen.


Wei Xun had already learned from the investigation information about the relationship between Shang Ke and Qi Chen. They were childhood friends and played with each other since young. They helped each other a lot and were close like a family.


This inseparable relationship makes Wei Xun have the urge to sabotage.


Wei Xun’s face was cold as he walked through the lobby of the hotel while looking straight forward. Only when he reached the elevator did the bodyguard behind him whisper a reminder, “Master Xun, Chairman Zhu Shaoyuan is in the lobby, do you want to go say hello?”


Could it be that the fat man that he ran into just now was Zhu Shaoyuan? He was wearing a pale white casual outfit today, so he really didn’t recognize him.


The chairman’s identity still carries some weight. Even if it is Wei Xun, he is not so arrogant to the point that he can ignore him.


But he really did “ignore” him just now, and turning back around was a bit ridiculous.


After thinking about it, Wei Xun ordered, “Send a bottle of red wine and a golden lily to his room later.”


“Understood.” The bodyguard understood his meaning. The red wine was usual, but the golden lily was not a real lily, but a woman, an expensive and superb woman.


The origin of Wei Xun predestined him to follow certain rules even if he was not in the official world, and to play it as much as possible at the palm of his hand.


Standing in the elevator, Wei Xun stared at the shadow reflected on the metal wall, his eyes cold and indifferent.

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