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Chapter 247: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke found himself floating in mid-air, his body translucent and enveloped in a light green wave of light full of stars which were beautiful and shining. The forest in the distance was vast and the sky was clear. A towering tree stood tall between the sky and earth. It is the mother tree of the elves—Teldrassil.


【Currently, Host’s body is 47% condensed. When it state reaches 100%, your body will materialize.】


Shang Ke asked, “How long will it take to reach 100%?”


【Estimated to be 89 days.】 The system added, 【Before your body condensation is completed, Host cannot leave the boundaries of the Fayser Forest.】


89 days? Luckily it was not too long.


Shang Ke circled around Teldrassil. His eyes swept through the forest, and he could vaguely see groups of people wandering through them. At the edge of the forest, there were several camps neatly and orderly distributed, stationed with the warriors of the alliance formed from various races. Their battle flags fluttered in a spectacular manner.


He remembered that before he disappeared, the size of the alliance army was not so large. After his death, the alliance should have relied on the resurrected Teldrassil to gather new power to work together to fight against the specters. However, he didn’t know what the battle situation is like now. Is Ivan and the little elves okay?


Deep in the forest two or three kilometers away from Teldrassil, a group of little elves, as if sensing something, looked in a certain direction at the same time. Apprehensive and expectant expressions appeared on their faces, and after a moment of silence, they stepped forward one another and ran wildly towards Teldrassil.


Keke, it’s Keke’s breath!


Amongst the 12 little elves, Shadi’s was the fastest, followed by Michael, Sara and so on.


“Wait for me!” Shear held on to a tree trunk. His two weak legs tried to push forward, but after only taking a few steps out, his friends have already disappeared without a trace. Left behind alone, he was so anxious he almost cried and could only shout helplessly.


At this moment, a small figure jumped out of the bushes and effortlessly carried Shear on his back.


“Thank you, Aram.” Shear gently rubbed against his ear.


Aram didn’t say anything, his expression stiff and wooden. His young tender face seemed to be covered with a layer of bark. The rough and bizarre lines spread down his neck to all over his body, looking like a tree man that did not evolve completely. Only his eyes were unusually clear.


A group of little elves gathered around Teldrassil, looking up at their mother tree with their eyes full of expectation.


However, the person they missed did not appear.


Lorinda dropped her head, her tears falling down like beans. The other elves were also downcast and disappointed.


Just when they thought it was just an illusion, a familiar and kind breath gently flowed around them, embracing them in it and gently soothing them.


The little elves’ eyes were glittering. They walked quickly to Teldrassil and opened their arms to hug the trunk, as if they were in their mother’s embrace.


Shang Ke slowly fell, his translucent fingers stroking the little elves’ head one by one. He silently told them: I am back.


47% condensed body state. Although the little elves can’t see him, they can feel him.


The elves’ faces all showed happy smiles. They hugged the tree trunk and didn’t let go, wishing that they could just hang on it.


“What are you doing?” At this moment, a cold voice suddenly came from behind.


The elves turned their heads to look, only to see a red-haired mixed-blood elf slowly walking towards them with a bit of displeasure on her face. She was the teacher the old mage Gerry had arranged for the elves, responsible for teaching them spells as well as various combat skills.


The little elves said to her excitedly, “Mattie, Keke is back!”


Mattie frowned, not taking their words seriously at all, and asked, “Have you finished the classwork you were given today?”


The elves’ eyes darken. They originally wanted to share their joy with the other elves, only to have cold water poured on them.


“Mattie, can we stay here for the night today?” Lorinda asked timidly.


Mattie glanced at her and said in a cold voice, “Although you are pure-blood elves, you cannot just break the rules. Except for the prayer festival, no one is allowed to linger in the holy place at any other time.”




“Alright, hurry back and finish your classwork.” Mattie ordered without allowing for any refusal.


The elves hugged the tree trunk tightly and stubbornly refused to leave.


Mattie saw this and didn’t say more. He whistled into the air, and then several forest guards popped out of the forest.


“Take them back.” After a pause, Mattie added, “Be careful, don’t hurt them.”


The forest guards nodded, turned around and headed toward the little elves.


The elves scattered and fled, playing hide-and-seek with the guards around Teldrassil. However, a few elves who couldn’t move well were soon caught. Other elves quickly jump over and hang on the guards in an attempt to rescue their companions.


The guards were unmoved. With each hand holding one and a few hanging on their bodies,  they carried them toward their dwelling.


Shang Ke who was floating in mid-air was furious when he saw this scene. Teldrassil is the mother tree of the elves and also the dwelling place of all elves, no one has the right to stop the elves from getting close to their mother tree. And strictly speaking, pure-blooded elves are the masters of the sacred land, and mixed-blooded elves can only be considered as side branches with elven blood.


Seeing that the elves were about to be taken away, Shang Ke’s spirit body suddenly sway out like ripples. Natural energy surged and burst forth, and the vines on the ground grew up quickly, instantly binding the guard’s feet firmly.


Immediately afterwards, several more vines stretched out from the ground, gently wrapped around the body of the little elves and sent them one by one to the branches of Teldrassil. Then, the vines let go of the guards. Like green snakes, they coiled and intertwined on the ground and finally formed a semicircle in the shape of a hug, looking like a pair of giant wings, shielding the little elves on Teldrassil.


Mattie and others looked at this scene in shock and were unable to speak for a long time.


The spirit state Shang Ke sat lightly in the middle of the elves and waved his hand to the people below: “I will take care of the little elves, you guys can go now.”


Although the other party could not hear or see him, the pressure of Teldrassil made Mattie and the others feel suffocated and they could not help but take a few steps back.


The little elves first froze for a moment, and then all jumped up excitedly.


Shang Ke looked at the happy elves and muttered in discontent: “Where did that guy Ivan go? I thought I told him to take good care of the elves?”


Shang Ke did not object to Ivan bringing the elves back to the Fayser Forest. After all, this was their home, the most suitable place for them to grow up. But based on the current situation, it seems that they are not in a good position.


First of all, their dwelling was arranged to a place two or three kilometers away from Teldrassil. The houses are square and stereotypical with a single style, which is not at all in line with the characteristics of the elves. The clothes the elves wore were obviously designed according to the aesthetics of the human race as well. Although luxurious and exquisite, it is not suitable for elves. Elves are lively and like to run and jump in the woods. Their clothes should be light and they should not be dressed up like nobles.


Pure-blooded elves are natural artists and botanists, but the mixed-blooded elf named “Mattie” just now, does not seem to understand this point. She was very strict with the elves and did things very rigidly.


The elves’ strengths turned worse instead of improving, and their disability showed no signs of easing. Don’t they know that the Spring of Life can heal injuries and illnesses? Although it is difficult to cure the disabilities they were born with, it is perfectly able to alleviate the ailments.


However, their condition seemed to be worse than before he left.


Shang Ke did not know that ever since Teldrassil and the Spring of Life reappeared in the world, this place has been classified as a restricted area by the alliance, no idle people are allowed to approach, and the use of the Spring of Life must be heavily checked. In the past few years, let’s not mention the use of the spring water to cure the little elves. Even if they wanted to taste a few mouthfuls, they must first get the permission of the Great Elder.


Ivan knew that the Spring of Life could nourish the elf’s body, but did not know how to treat it, so he would only occasionally sneak a few pots to them.


At the bottom of a valley, Ivan, who had just experienced a fierce battle, was leaning against the mountain wall with his eyes closed to rest. It was unknown how long had passed when he suddenly opened his eyes. Two sharp rays of light shot out of his eyes and he got up. He looked around and a trace of astonishment flashed across his face.


Strange, he is not dead?


Ivan clearly remembered that shortly after the sacrifice of the elves, he rushed into the camp of the specters alone and went on a killing spree. He made use of his spirit gathering technique to destroy hundreds of specters in a row, and finally, because of exhaustion, he was captured by the specters and imprisoned in the dungeon.


Thinking back to the days of being held in the dungeon, Ivan’s eyes immediately flashed with intense flame. The specters tortured him every day with various cruel methods, making him suffer. But he who has dragon blood has extremely tenacious vitality, and survived their torture. He survived until the alliance army attacked the camp and rescued him from prison.


He did not die under the torture of the enemy, but in the end it was he himself who gave up.


The reason why the Alliance would send troops to save him was because of his strong fighting ability, but what they ended up saving was a wasted man. At that time, Ivan’s limbs and bones were broken, none of his flesh and skin were intact and he could not even stand up, let alone fight. Similar to how they were disappointed with the elves’ disability, they were also disappointed with him.


Ivan found it a little funny yet also a little desolate.


These people could be said to be heroic in battle, but they always liked to judge others by their own standards. Once it did not meet their expectations, they would not hesitate to give up on them. This was true when facing the elves, and it was also true when facing him.


But they do not know that the dragons have a powerful regenerative ability. As long as they could still breath, even the most serious injuries can heal themselves. And every time they experience a serious injury, the power becomes stronger. As long as he is given a little more time, he will be able to continue to fight. In order to protect Teldrassil which Keke depends on, he can fight until his bones are broken.


However, history seems to repeat itself. Once again, there were traitors in the alliance. A new Phantom Jade was used to seal the Spring of Life, and Teldrassil was destroyed. This time, it was a real destruction, not even a single branch was saved.


If the end is already predetermined, why do they need to struggle? He ultimately failed to protect Keke, failed to protect the elves, and failed to drive the specters out of the continent. Now, the last bit of conviction that made him fight was also obliterated by the short-sightedness of the alliance because of their eagerness for success and their ruthless betrayal.


Ivan’s heart was dead like stagnant water and he chose to give up.


Everything should have ended with his death, but he “woke up” one again with the memories before his death. He “woke up” today, two years after Keke became the mother tree…

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