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Chapter 248: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

TL: Resonance


The strange movement of the Teldrassil eventually alerted the Great Elder, and when he rushed over with a group of mixed-blood elves, he was also shocked to see the vines that had suddenly grown out of the ground. After the resurrection of Teldrassil, the consciousness belonging to the Teldrassil’s spirit disappeared. The mixed-blood elves prayed daily, but never received any revelation. It was expected that after two years, Teldrassil’s spirit seemed to have gained new consciousness.


The mixed-blood elves led by the Great Elder were so excited they knelt down one after another and prayed, asking for the blessing of the Mother Tree. But Shang Ke didn’t pay attention to them. In fact, in his current state, he couldn’t communicate with them either.


The mixed-blood elves prayed for a long time, but never received any answer, and could only leave with regret.


“Great Elder, those little elves…” Mattie asked hesitantly as he looked at the little elves that were climbing up the tree.


“Since the mother tree allows it, then let them be. At night, let the guards take them back to sleep.”


After the Great Elder and his group left, the little elves finally relaxed and kept calling Shang Ke’s name. Shang Ke sat among them, smiling at them and responding to them one by one, even though they could not hear him at all.


At this moment, Shang Ke felt a little elf lean over and sit quietly beside him. Shang Ke turned his head to look and saw that Michael was staring at him intently and his green eyes were shining like gems.


“Can you see me?” Shang Ke asked.


Michael did not shake his head nor nod, but simply moved his body closer again. He hugged his knees and gazed at him quietly with his head tilted.


Shang Ke smiled and raised an index finger to his lips, making a “shhh” gesture. Michael is mute, Shang Ke’s action is actually completely superfluous, but he still did so very naturally.


Michael covered his mouth with both hands, showing only a pair of arched eyebrows.


Although Shang Ke could not talk to the little elves, he could communicate through magic. For example, conjure up a few small butterflies in the air, or use vines to make them a rope ladder.


It was only when they saw the magic appear out of thin air that the little elves were really sure of Shang Ke’s return, and then they began to ask all sorts of questions.


Shang Ke could not answer for now, and just remembered their questions in his heart. When their emotions eased a little, Shang Ke used magic again to visualize the figure of Ivan in the air.


The little elves were smart and immediately understood what Shang Ke meant and replied, “Ivan has gone to war and will probably take seven or eight days to return.”


Bubbles counted with his fingers and reported loudly, “Six days have passed!”


When he got the news about Ivan, Shang Ke no longer asked. He would see him in a few days anyway.


At this moment, Mattie came over with a few guards and shouted to the little elves, “Children, it’s time to go back to bed.”


The little elves stopped frolicking and hung on the tree with no intention of coming down.


Mattie added: “You have already missed today’s lesson, do you still want to slack off tomorrow?”


When the elves heard her, their expressions looked torn. They struggled for a moment, but finally reluctantly climbed down from the tree.


During this period of time, Mattie has been giving the little elves militarized training. Whether it is eating, sleeping, or studying, they were strict according to fixed timings. Once the rules are violated, the elves will be punished accordingly.


Shang Ke frowned. He didn’t mind the teacher being strict, but he didn’t like the look of timidity on the elves’ faces. What they need to learn is self-respect and self-love, being strong and independent and able to tell what’s right or wrong, not following the rules blindly with such low regards of themselves.


Shang Ke floated down from the tree and slowly flew to the forest not far away, leaving behind shining stars, which, as he moved, turned into a silver stream that extended from the feet of the little elves to the front.


At the end of the stream, several large tree branches and leaves stretched and vines entwined. In the light of the magic used, they intertwined into the shape of cute tree houses. The vines continued moving, and between the tree houses, they coiled into the shape of a bridge.


When the light disappeared, what appeared in front of the crowd was a small and exquisite group of tree houses. On the green vines, a small yellow flower suddenly bloomed, followed by a second and third, eventually becoming hundreds of small flowers. In the silent night, they showed off their grace.


The little elves cheered, jumping and rushing to their tree house.


Mattie opened her mouth, but ultimately did not stop them. She turned her head and looked towards Teldrassil: Is this your will? Lord mother tree, the elves are bound to become warriors who guard you in the future. It may not be a good thing to spoil them so much.


Although Mattie didn’t agree in her heart, she did not oppose. She turned towards Teldrassil and saluted, then led the guards to leave.


Lying in the tree house filled with nature’s energy, the little elves were excited. He originally thought they would make a fuss until midnight, but he did not expect them to quickly quiet down and then fall asleep one after another. Shang Ke brought blankets from their original dwelling and covered them one by one.


Good night, little babies.


Shang Ke is a spirit body and does not need to sleep. He hovered in the night sky, emptied his mind and felt the natural atmosphere as he condensed his body.


After an unknown period of time, there was suddenly a slight movement below. Looking down, he saw a small figure climbing down from the trees and walking into the forest in a daze.


Shang Ke approached and realised that she was actually going to the toilet. After letting out a laugh, he quietly cast a magic to help her illuminate the path, then turned around to look away.


This world’s toilet has the appearance of a snail shell, half above ground and half underground, with relatively complete excretion channels and ventilation patterns. Toilets are generally built near houses, and in some densely populated places, there are also “public toilets” according to the population distribution.


After a while, the elf came out of the toilet. Shang Ke listened to her footsteps and waited for her to return to the tree house. However, the footsteps faded away and went in another direction.


Shang Ke hurriedly chased after her and soon found the elf walking around in a thicket.


“Kanyo, where are you going?” Shang Ke landed beside her.


Kanyo could not hear his voice. She looked around in confusion, seemingly unable to find the way home.


Kanyo suffers from intermittent amnesia, often forgetting people and things around her, and can not even remember her name. Fearing that she will be lost, not only did Shang Ke hang a gem with her name engraved on her neck, he also arranged tasks for other elves, asking them to take turns being her guardian.


After he left, he wondered if the elves still remembered this task.


While pondering, Kanyo was already farther and farther away from the tree house. A person walking alone in the dark forest, not knowing who she was, not knowing where she should go, just like a lost lamb, aimlessly walking towards the unknown world.


Shang Ke no longer delayed, intended to use magic to take her home.


Before he acted, he suddenly heard Kanyo’s soft call. Although the voice is soft, Shang Ke still heard her very clearly. She called: Keke.


“Keke…” Kanyo looked around. Her eyes were full of confusion, but she called out his name.


“Keke… Keke…” Her call carried a trill, from low to high, like a fledgling bird that is looking for its mother.


Shang Ke only felt his heart ache. She clearly forgot everything, but still remembered him.


Shang Ke reached out his arms and gently hugged her tiny body.


Kanyo seemed to sense something and slowly stopped.




“It’s me, I’m right here with you.”


Kanyo struggled to open her eyes wide, trying to find the figure that was clearly there but untouchable.


“Kanyo!” In the darkness, an anxious voice suddenly sounded from not far away. Then, he saw the elf Wuyin running to Kanyo, “I’m sorry, Kanyo, I almost lost you.”


Wuyin spoke very loudly. Because he couldn’t hear, he naturally couldn’t control the volume very well.


Kanyo tilted her head and looked at him, “Who are you?”


“Come on, I’ll take you back.” Wuyin took her hand.


“Are you Keke?” Kanyo furrowed her brow, “It doesn’t seem right…”


“Kanyo, can you not tell Keke about what happened today?” After a pause, Wuyin said frustrated, “Forget it, you’d better tell him. It was truly me being negligent.”


“Where is Keke, can I see him if I go home?”



Shang Ke followed them, quietly listening to their chicken and duck talk as he escorted them all the way back to the tree house.


They did not forget. Even after he left, they still kept their promise and work hard to take care of each other.


The next day, the little elves woke up amidst a fruity fragrance. The first thing they saw when they opened their eyes was the tree house full of fresh fruits. The fruits were still covered with crystal-like water droplets, emitting the breath of the Spring of Life.


Bubbles was the first to lose to the temptation, reaching out his hand and ready to grab.


Shear knocked his hand away: “Wash your face and brush your teeth!”


Bubbles said in dissatisfaction: “Shear, I am the big brother, you can not be so mean to me.”


“I will be mean to anyone who is not hygienic!” Shear’s face was stern.


Bubbles rubbed his nose, jumped out of the tree house with a swoosh and ran to wash his face obediently.


Shear asked some elves to take out all the fruit to eat outside so as not to dirty the tree house.


Shang Ke silently watched them divide the work and did their daily chores in order just like adults. Shang Ke felt both relieved and distressed. He felt both relieved and distressed at how sensible they are.


As the little elves were happily enjoying the fruits under the morning light, Mattie came from afar. She looked at the fruit on the ground and asked, “Who prepared the fruits for you?”


Without waiting for the elves to reply, she added: “Do not eat fruits in the morning. I have prepared meat porridge and pasta for you. Come with me into the house. As noble elves, how would you look like sitting on the ground to eat? I have told you before, unless you are on a march, at any time, do not forget the etiquette.”


The elves lowered their heads, and their original good mood was gone.


“Alright, throw away all the fruits in your hands and come with me.” After Mattie finished, she left without looking back, her cold back expressing that she would not allow any rejection.


The elves looked at the unfinished fruits and really couldn’t bear to throw them away. They look at each other, and then tacitly stuffed the fruits into their mouths, finishing it all quickly with just a few bites.




12 thumbs up rose at the same time, shining towards the vast blue sky.


Shang Ke who was floating in the air was still angry at Mattie’s meanness, but when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but smile again.


His little elves are really the cutest babies in the world.

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