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Chapter 249: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

TL: Resonance


After a few days of observation, Shang Ke finally confirmed one thing. The way of life and education of the mixed-blood elves was completely unsuitable for the little elves. The mixed-blood elves led by Mattie did not treat the little elves poorly in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation. On the contrary, the things they prepared for the little elves were all very fine. However, they did not know what the little elves truly needed.


This is something that Shang Ke can understand. After the disappearance of Teldrassil and the Spring of Life, the elves were hunted by the specters. At that time, the races had not yet established an alliance. The elves were isolated and driven to extinction, and only a few survived and escaped into the territories of other races. In order to continue the bloodline, they had no choice but to intermarry with other races, thus giving birth to mixed-blood elves.


Mixed-blood elves grew up with a foreign education and grew up in a complicated world, gradually deviating from the heart of nature. Developing to the present day, other than having elven blood, the mixed-blood elves’ living habits or thinking patterns are very different from the pure-blood elves.


The human race is the most numerous race in this continent, and the mixed-blood elves who grew up in the human race are also the most numerous. Human relations are complex and full of personal interests, and everyone must go through systematic learning and constraints from institutions from a young age so as to establish a correct outlook on life and the world. Different perceptions, experiences, identities and positions, etc., can give rise to a variety of different mentalities, which then form more complex relationships between good and evil and interests.


But pure-blooded elves are different, they respect nature and are simple-minded. Nature is their best mentor. They are born and raised in nature, and have no interest in money and power. Mattie and the others followed their own way, feeding them with meat, wrapping them in fancy clothes, and restraining them with rules, which was undoubtedly an obliteration of their good nature.


The most intolerable thing for Shang Ke is that there are some people who always look at the disabled elves with strange looks. Although they didn’t say it out, their expression and behavior would inevitably reveal some real emotions, be it contempt, arrogance, anger, or impatience… Children are sensitive, and as the depression and rejections accumulated, they will inevitably develop inferiority and cowardice.


Shang Ke had originally intended to wait for his body to materialise first before he settled this issue. However, he couldn’t wait any longer. He will protect his babies!


The first step of the plan is to set up the magic circle. The holy land is full of energy and was the best place to set up a magic circle. As long as Teldrassil does not rot and the spring does not dry up, the energy will remain endless and ensure that the magic circle works on its own.


The purpose of expelling the mixed-blood elves is to make them understand who is the real master of the holy land. Only the elves with the heart of nature are qualified to approach Teldrassil and the Spring of Life.


Magic circle, activate!


Half-blood elves, expel!


A magnificent power with Teldrassil as its center suddenly swept out in all directions…


Eight days later, Ivan returned to the Fayser Forest alone and did not alert others. Ever since Keke turned into Teldrassil, he began to get used to being alone. It was also the same in battle. Because he was worried of the elves’ safety, he usually will not participate in battle far away and is usually able to rush back in tens of days.


He didn’t need glory nor praise and was doing so only for the sense of responsibility in his heart. However, this sense of responsibility also dissipated with his death in his previous life. This time, he only wanted to bring the little elves away from the war and do his best to protect their lives until he once again dies in battle for Keke who had taken on the form of Teldrassil… 


After walking through the forest for a while, Ivan suddenly stopped and looked up in a certain direction. In the forest nearby, there was a faint sound of commotion, seeming as if something had happened.


Ivan frowned and quickly rushed over while following the sound. When he arrived near the center of the place, he saw a group of mixed-blood elves gathered together discussing something intensely. Ivan listened for a moment before he roughly understood the situation.


Just this morning, a powerful magic circle appeared in the holy land. With Teldrassil as the center, a thousand-meter radius was covered by the magic circle. The mixed-blood elves who were originally in the holy land, whether it was Mattie who was teaching, or the guards who were responsible for protecting the little elves, were all forcefully expelled. The breath of the magic circle obviously came from the mother tree. In other words, it was the mother tree that expelled them from the holy land. The mixed-blood elves were terrified, did they inadvertently angered their mother tree?


Ivan on the other hand was very shocked. He quickly rushed to the edge of the magic circle and slowly stretched out his hand. He touched the transparent light screen, and a familiar and warm feeling could be felt on his fingertips. No one knows the source of this feeling better than him. The magic circle set up by Keke in Wasier Forest back then is similar to the one in front of him.


Ivan had imagined countless times that he would meet Keke someday. However, in his previous life, until he died, he was not able to do so. But this originally non-existent magic circle in front of him made Ivan’s heart beat wildly and uncontrollably.


Could it be that… Teldrassil had regained consciousness? His Keke came back?


Without the slightest hesitation, Ivan exerted strength on his feet and swept towards the magic circle like a gust of wind.


“Sir Ivan, you can’t go over there!” A mixed-blood elf happened to catch a glimpse of his figure and couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.


The Great Elder frowned and said, “It’s okay, he’ll be driven out by the circle soon.” Even they, who had elven blood, were unable to enter, how could an outsider like Ivan get in?


However, to their surprise, Ivan was not hindered in any way and passed through the magic circle’s restriction smoothly.


The mixed-blood elves looked at Ivan’s disappearing figure, and all of them had unbelievable expressions on their faces. Several mixed-blood elves did not believe and tried again a few more times, only to be sent out the second they stepped in.


“Why is he able to go in?” This was the question in the minds of all the mixed-blood elves at this moment. They were rejected by the mother tree even though they had elven blood, but Ivan who was part of the dragon clan could freely enter the elven territory? Was there a mistake?


Just when the crowd was dumbfounded, a mixed-blood elf suddenly whispered: “Do you guys remember the relationship between Teldrassil’s elf spirit and Sir Ivan…”


After hearing this remark, everyone’s face turned odd. Teldrassil’s elf spirit once assumed the name Shang Ke and had a close relationship with Ivan as if they were lovers. This matter has been kept secret by the mixed-blood elves. In their view, Teldrassil’s elf spirit should be noble and sacred, no one is allowed to desecrate. But Ivan’s existence has overturned their knowledge, and that’s why they’ve always disliked Ivan. They couldn’t accept that Teldrassil’s elf spirit became the companion of someone like an ordinary mortal, and this person was even an outside race.


“Teldrassil’s elf spirit has really awakened?” The Great Elder looked at Teldrassil in the distance and murmured in a low voice. Once the mother tree possessed feelings, could it still maintain its original fairness and selflessness? What does the appearance of the magic circle indicate?


【Body condensation has reached 50%, spirit body is visible.】 After the magic circle was activated, the system’s voice sounded timely.


Under Teldrassil, Shang Ke’s figure gradually appeared, light and transparent, with the same shape and appearance as before he left.


“Keke!” The little elves gathered around cheerfully. They curiously stretched out a few small paws and touched carefully.


Under their touch, Shang Ke’s body was like a lake, gently rippling.


Several small paws hurriedly retracted for fear of breaking Shang Ke.


Shang Ke smiled at them, telling them it was okay and that they could poke any way they wanted. However, the little elves still cannot hear his voice for the time being. Well… not exactly. There seems to be one exception, and that is Wuyin. Wuyin has hearing impairment, but in fact, he was just unable to hear ordinary sounds.


Lorinda: “Keke, you’re finally back, we missed you so much.”


Wuyin translated: “Keke said he missed us too.”


Bubbles: “Keke, why have you become like this?”


Wuyin: “Keke said he didn’t have enough nutrients.”


Shadi: “Keke, you won’t leave from now on, right? If you have to leave, you must remember to take us with you.”


Wuyin: “Keke said he would never leave again.”


“Keke, Keke…”


The little elves couldn’t hear Shang Ke’s voice, and Wuyin couldn’t hear the other elves’ voice, but their communication seemed to be completely unaffected.


Shang Ke landed lightly above the Spring of Life and said to them, “Come here.”


The little elves came to the spring and either stood or squatted, just watching with no other movement.


Lorinda hesitantly said, “Keke, the Great Elders don’t let us go near the Spring of Life casually.”


“The Spring of Life belongs to you all.” Shang Ke slowly descended until the lower half of his body was submerged in the water, then opened his arms and smiled at them, “Little elves, come to my side.”


The elves looked at each other, then took off their clothes and jumped into the water like dumplings being dropped into water, making a big splash and letting out lots of laughter.


Shang Ke’s hand stroked across the spring water. With a flash, several huge bubbles suddenly appeared in the water, enveloping the little elves in it and lightly floated on the water. Then, the bubbles turned into flowers, boats, fish, clouds, and fierce beasts… He let the little elves be in control as they chased and played in the water.


The little elves were a bit cautious at first. After all, they had been restrained for too long. But with all the different forms changing and evolving in front of them, they gradually let go of their worries and played with abandon. Under Shang Ke’s guidance, the elves began to use their own imagination, using magic to shape what they liked. Next, many strange unnamable objects were seen appearing on the water… 


The way Shang Ke teaches magic is very different from Mattie’s. Mattie treats magic as a combat power and asks the little elves to control it, use it, strengthen it, and make it their most powerful weapon. Shang Ke, however, let the elf get close to it, integrate with it, protect it, and make it their closest companion. The power of nature is never a weapon, but a vitality that can create an infinity.


Shang Ke wanted the mixed-blood elf to understand how beautiful a true elf is.


At this moment, a voice which ruined the beautiful mood suddenly sounded in Shang Ke’s head: 【After the system’s testing, the posture Host is standing with is found to be incorrect, and the body condensation is reduced to 49.9%, turning back to the invisible state.】


Shang Ke: Excuse me?


Without waiting for Shang Ke to ask, the answer soon appeared.


In the forest, a tall figure shot out and landed steadily on the shore with a few jumps.


At the very moment he appeared, Shang Ke’s translucent body disappeared into the air, causing the visitor to miss the opportunity to meet.


Seeing the familiar figure that was right before him, Shang Ke said with clenched teeth: System you’re a bastard!


【System is willing to accept this seriously unrealistic evaluation from Host (⌒⌒)】

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