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Chapter 250: Back To That Key Moment ⑨

TL: Resonance


“Ivan!” A few elves jumped out of the water and hung onto Ivan.


Ivan hugged them smoothly. He scanned the surroundings and asked with uncertainty, “Keke… is back?”


“Mmm!” The little elves nodded in unison, their big eyes shining and their little red faces filled with joy.


“Where is he?” Ivan’s voice was slightly trembling, and the light in his eyes revealed the urgency in his heart.


“He was just here.” Bubbles lay on the magic boat and said slowly, “As soon as you came, Keke left.”


The other little elves echoed one after another, only Michael looked to the side of Ivan. There was a blurry figure floating there.


Ivan’s eyes darkened, his heart apprehensive. Did Keke not want to see him? Did he also reborn and knew that he failed to protect the elves, so he was disappointed in him?


Just as he was having random thoughts, he felt his pants being tugged. Looking down, he saw the elf Lorinda lying on the shore, tilting her head as she said to him: “Keke should be nearby. He is now a spirit body and it is also difficult for us to see him.”


Lorinda is an honest child and wasn’t as quirky as Bubbles. Seeing Ivan’s sad mood, she immediately explained the situation.


Ivan calmed down a little. His eyes swept across the quiet forest and said softly, “Keke, I’m back. I miss you very much.”


Ivan, I’m back. I miss you very much too.


Shang Ke wrapped his arms around his neck from behind and whispered in his ear.


Ivan seems to have sensed it. He turned his head and their eyes happened to meet. Ivan couldn’t see, but Shang Ke saw him clearly. At this moment, Ivan’s hair was disheveled and his face was full of dust. The left side of the face still has the seal of the phantom jade seal intertwined about like a spider. His pair of golden pupils were sharp like a sword, his chin was full of stubble and was also stained with a little blood, his outfit was all torn and worn out, and his skin which was exposed were covered with scars. His whole person looks like a fallen hero.


“Ivan, you must have not bathed for a long time, your body stinks.” Sara jumped down from Ivan’s body and waved her hands in disgust.


“Come and wash up!” The little elves invited enthusiastically.


Ivan looked at the flowing spring water and the little elves who were playing in the water and fell silent. The Spring of Life, which is worshipped by the world as a god carrying the fate of a race and is said to never dry up, is now being used as a natural swimming pool by the little elves. If those mixed-blood elves see it, he wondered what kind of expression they would show.


The little elves can freely enjoy the Spring of Life. That is because they are the owner of the Spring of Life. They have a pure soul and will not be rejected, but Ivan didn’t have such blessing. Therefore, he very sensibly refused the elves’ invitation.


When Ivan returned this time, he originally intended to take the elves away from here. But now, the situation has changed. Keke has appeared, and began to protect the elves in his own way. The things he had to do next is to do everything possible to help them and guard them.


The tragedy of his previous life, he definitely will not let it repeat itself.


Outside the magic circle, the mixed-blood elves, led by the Great Elder, gathered together, nervously and apprehensively speculating about the Mother Tree’s intentions. However, there was ultimately no conclusion. It was during dusk when a new change appeared. The second magic circle was activated. With the first magic circle as the core, the second magic circle extended 7000 meters outward. All the races within this area other than the mixed-blood elves were all transported out.


This time, the mixed-blood elves finally somewhat understood the mother tree’s intention. The two magic circles divided the holy land into three areas: The center is the restricted area of the elves, non-pure-blooded elves are not allowed to enter at will; The second layer is the activity area of the mixed-blood elves, other races are not allowed to trespass; The area outside the magic circles is a free area. As long as they are not enemies, they can access it normally.


Hundreds of years ago, the entire Fayser Forest belonged to the elves. But now the number of elves is few, they didn’t have enough power for now and had no need to expand the territory.


The purpose of Shang Ke setting up the magic circles is to create a better living environment for the little elves, and to protect Teldrassil and the Spring of Life against foreign invasion.


As the elf spirit of Teldrassil, he had an absolute advantage in this territory and was able to set up the most powerful natural magic circle. He believed that this time, the specters could no longer easily break through the defense and destroy Teldrassil and the Spring of Life.


After stabilizing the rear defenses, the next step is to find ways to improve the combat power of the allies and help them drive out the specters.


The specters were able to control metal, so ally warriors could only use weapons with no metal components. This undoubtedly greatly reduced their combat power. The specters have a strong vitality and couldn’t be killed with ordinary means. Even Ivan’s Oxygen Spirit technique can only make their bodies rust, and then seal their consciousness. The only way to end this forever is to throw them into the lava and refine them. But before that, they must be subdued.


The reason why the specters hate elves is because every elf has a strong aura of nature. Even for the weakest elves, their aura can affect the mobility of the specters. If the elves were allowed to build up sufficient combat power, it would undoubtedly pose a huge threat to the specters.


Back then, if the elves had been able to organize a timely response to the war and get help from the other races, the specters wouldn’t have had the chance to invade the Anglo continent and develop the power they have today.


After the second magic circle was activated, the mixed-blood elves personally witnessed the power of the Mother Tree. They did not even know when the magic circle was laid out. It was as if a new magic circle was formed in an instance.


If you are not of my race, you are not allowed to enter; if you trespass my territory, you will be punished from afar.


The changes gradually calmed down the mixed-blood elves who were still a bit anxious. Although they were temporarily excluded from the restricted area, the mother tree had regained consciousness, meaning that the elves now have something to depend on. They had their god and a strong backing. They were no longer only dependent on other races nor homeless poor people.


At night, the little elves who got tired from playing returned to their tree houses and slept well. After being nourished  by the Spring of Life and the use of a lot of mana, they were physically and mentally exhausted but unexpectedly comfortable. They fell asleep the moment they laid down, and the quality of sleep is incredibly good.


In the restricted area, only Ivan is still not asleep. He sat alone under Teldrassil and closed his eyes to recuperate. He did not know that Shang Ke, whom he had been looking for, was sitting beside him and leaning on his shoulder, leisurely humming an unknown tune.


The air around him seemed to be tugged, circulating about along with the sound. The leaves stretched, light breezes could be felt, and plants and flowers exuded their fragrance, adding a bit of tranquility and relaxation to the night.


Ivan looked relaxed. His brows relaxed and the fatigue accumulated for days gradually faded away under a soundless low whisper. Unconsciously, he entered into the dream.


Shang Ke quietly gazed at him, and his transparent fingers were placed on top of his. He was just wondering when they could really meet when it was suddenly a blur before his eyes. When he looked again, he found himself in a strange place.


The surrounding light was dim and the shadows of the trees were whirling. The place was silent and felt familiar to Shang Ke.


Just when he was feeling confused, a pair of strong arms suddenly stretched out from behind him, locking him firmly into his arms.


“Keke…” Ivan’s voice accompanied with his fiery breath flowed into Shang Ke’s ears.


Shang Ke finally realized what place this was.


Real dream world—Dream lock magic!


In the darkness, Shang Ke felt himself being turned around and pressed against a tree trunk. What came after was a fervent kiss. Large rough hands, hot breath, a slippery tongue, and rubbing of their skin… The sense of touch in the dream was very real. The man used his eager movements to vent his longing and affection. He forcefully pushed his legs apart and roughly entered his body.


“Mnn…” Shang Ke let out a low moan as he withstood the foreign object’s invasion. His body was filled, and the hard and powerful collision let out squealing sounds. Ivan was like a beast that had been hungry for a long time as he wantonly tasted the delicacy beneath him. Two naked bodies entwined, strong and slim, rough and beautiful, forming a stark contrast. The pleasure came in waves and Shang Ke could barely breathe. He could only follow the man’s rhythm, constant sinking and floating with him… 


“Keke, you’re really back…” After a few orgasms, Ivan pressed onto Shang Ke and let out a low muffled voice.


He did not know before that there is a magic called “Dream lock”. It could pull the person he loves into his own dreams, letting them feel everything about himself. After Keke disappeared, he never dreamed of him again. Now, he appeared in his dream again and was lying under him. The warm touch clearly confirmed his presence.


Like a dream yet not a dream.


Ivan sat down with Shang Ke in his arms. Their bodies were intertwined, so intimate with no space in between. At this moment, both his body and mind received unparalleled satisfaction.


Shang Ke had tried guessing the scene when they met. The only thing he never imagined was that they would meet in their dreams, and that it was so explosive. The moment they met, they immediately went M18. He hasn’t even materialized yet and they were able play about in great harmony? He didn’t know if it was the bonus effect of dream lock or if  the dreamer was just too powerful.


“Keke…” Ivan lingered around Shang Ke’s lips full of nostalgia.


Shang Ke was about to respond when he suddenly heard the system’s faint voice coming from beyond the sky:【Host illegally entered a dream, body condensation fell to 48%!】


【Host over-exercised, body condensation fell to 39%!】


【Host is physically exhausted, body condensation fell to 20%!】


【Host has lost all his moral integrity, body condensation fell to 0.1%!】


【Host’s character is depleted, please ascend to heaven quickly. Thank you for your cooperation.】


The system’s words just finished and Shang Ke’s figure disappeared from Ivan’s arms, instantly leaving the dream world.


When he opened his eyes again, he was back under Teldrassil. The morning sunlight shone down through the leaves, shining on the sleeping Ivan.


【Congratulations to Host for getting rid of the nightmare and returning to reality, body condensation rose back to 52%.】


Shang Ke: “…Tell me honestly System, your so-called body condensation state is actually completely under your control right?”


It falls and rises whenever you say so, it was simply better than an elevator.


【This is groundless speculation, System reserves the right to appeal.】


Shang Ke: “System, you will be condemned by heaven for interrupting others’ love.”


【System is just saving a young boy who took the wrong step in life.】


Shang Ke: “You are no longer the system I know…”

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