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Chapter 112: Becoming Your God (XV)

TL: Sarah


Since Shang Ke’s identity as an Evil God was exposed, the Shu Clan who originally operated shops in the city had all moved out. Although the Imperial Yi Clan had yet to expel them, they likely wouldn’t be able to find a place to stand there in the future. So the Chief summoned the entire family to discuss how to proceed.


None of them wanted to give up their current comfortable lives. Once they left this place, they’d have to go back to wandering around again.


“If the Evil God had not deceived us, how could we have fallen to such a degree?” A young man said angrily.


“Yes, how could we have believed in him if we had known he was an Evil God!” Another person echoed.


“It was not easy for us to accumulate all that wealth but now with the Evil God’s appearance, it’s all been destroyed.”


The crowd was furious and cried their resentments one after another. 


Suddenly, a teacup fell to the ground, its crisp sound quieting the earlier unruly scene.


Tima stood up with cold eyes sweeping across the crowd, “What’s the reason why our Shu Clan can live well up to this point?”


“Because a few children and I playfully gave a couple wild fruits to Uno! Just because of these few worthless fruits, God Uno drove away the beasts for us and gave us a safe environment to live in.”


“It’s true he’s an Evil God so have you ever thought that because he’s an Evil God, our worship can’t increase his strength at all. But he still didn’t hesitate to use his power to patiently teach us forging, cooking, medicine, etiquette and music… What god in the world would wholeheartedly help his believers like that?”


“Without him, we would still be wandering the mountains, struggling to make a living with our farming skills and being excluded everywhere we go. Because of him, we have faith, home, skills, wealth, and more importantly, he gave us dignity!”


“We took the benefits he gave us for granted but in the end, we turned our backs on him and resented him.” Tima burst into tears, shouting, “Don’t you feel ashamed at all?”


Everyone bowed their heads and remained silent.


After a while, a man whispered, “But he’s an Evil God…” 


“So what if he is?” Tima snapped back, “Has he ever done anything bad to us? Has he ever hurt anyone? No! He had always been silently guarding and helping us. So no matter who he is, I am willing to place my faith in him. Even if I need to throw in my life for it, I will not hesitate at all.” 


Everyone looked at the firm resolve on Tima’s face and felt somewhat ashamed. For several years they had depended on each other but just because they were excluded and criticized by outsiders, they gave up their own god. As Tima said, their sacrifices were meaningless to the Evil God who yearned to kill. But he still tried his best to protect them. The legendary Evil God may be terrible, but the Uno they worshipped was the patron saint who gave them new life.


Although the hatred in their hearts subsided, there were still many people who couldn’t make up their minds. After all, they were a group of honest and simple people, to have them treat an Evil God as their own god… They have long formed a concept of right and wrong and it was not easy to reverse it.


That night, many in the Shu clan tossed and turned, unable to sleep. A few people climbed out of their beds and ran outside to cool off.


Under the starry night sky, the terraced fields of the Shu clan could be seen. The grains were flourishing which meant a bumper harvest in the near future.


Looking at all of this, the faces of several young people could not help but smile. Just then, a dozen or so flames appeared in the distance. It seemed that a group of people were running towards their area with torches.


What’s going on? The young people looked at each other and with a couple leaps, arrived at the edge of the mountain field. They stretched their necks and looked down. 


Under the terrace, a familiar figure sat alone on a wooden stake, gazing quietly at the foot of the mountain. His back was straight as if he had merged himself with the night, like a barrier silently guarding the territory of the Shu clan, not allowing the attackers to go one step further.


It was God Uno… 


Looking at his back, several of the youth’s eyes were hot and a feeling of sorrow rose from their hearts. 


While they were unaware of it, he was still silently protecting them. No wonder they were besieged in the city but their land outside remained intact. It was not the people who were kind enough to let them go, but the God Uno who was secretly keeping them safe.


“Sob…” A young man squatted on the ground, covering his face and sobbing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”


Several others began to cry for their selfishness and ignorance too. 


【What god in the world would wholeheartedly help his believers like that?】Just then, Tima’s words came to mind. 


【We took the benefits he gave us for granted but in the end, we turned our backs on him and resented him.】


“No matter who you are, I’m willing to put my faith in you.” The same young man said in a low voice, “Even if I need to throw in my life for it, I will not hesitate at all…” 


The next day, the Chief brought the entire family with him to the Temple of Uno and worshiped their god once more, praying for his forgiveness.


After experiencing the initial sorrow and resentment, the Shu Clan reaffirmed their beliefs and regarded Uno as their God, promising to never betray him again.


In fact, there was not much for Shang Ke to think about. He just didn’t want the Shu clan to lose the land they rely on to survive. After getting along for so many years, he knew that their nature was simple and though he was a little sad, he understood the injustice they’ve suffered and their fear of the Evil God. So every night, he would use a portion of his divine power to protect their land. 


“They are no longer your believers.” Saya had once reminded him. He hated those who betrayed their faith the most. Once his believers gave up their faith, he would never bestow them blessings anymore.


Shang Ke told him, “They are not believers of the Evil God but are believers of Uno.”


When Saya heard this, he took Shang Ke’s face and kissed him hard on the lips, “You are Uno, my Uno.”


At this moment, in Saya’s heart, there was no Evil God in the world, only the new Uno.


However, not everyone was able to believe that an Evil God could be reformed.


Several gods, such as the Fire God who had once been persecuted by the Evil God, had been trying to seal off Shang Ke. But unfortunately for them, the War God protected him so well that they never had a chance to start. Finally, they decided to find a way to draw him out. 


On a quiet night, the streets were empty. Under the faint moonlight, a figure staggered out of a house, and then a second and a third…


Their expressions were sluggish, eyes dull, and they slowly walked out of the city like wandering ghosts.


Shang Ke, who was patrolling the Shu Clan’s land, quickly detected the anomaly. He followed the scent and saw hundreds of people for some reason, trapped in a pothole.


Suddenly, a raging fire ignited around the pit, the smoke and dust rolling around, awakening all the people there. Cries of alarm and fright rang out.


“I didn’t expect to really draw you out.” A figure emerged from the flames. It was the Fire God who once plotted against him.


After him, several figures appeared one after the other, surrounding Shang Ke.


The Fire God, Water God, Earth God, and… the Dream God.


Shang Ke finally knew how these group of people got into the pit. The Dream God used a sleepwalking spell on them.


“How do you feel seeing your believers suffering in the fire?” The Fire God laughed immensely. “Haha, no, I don’t think you care about the lives of these mortals.”


“Did you guys make a mistake?” Shang Ke asked, “At least half of these people are not my believers.”


“So what?” The Fire God was indifferent, “As long as I could draw you out, why should I care whose believers they are?”


“Alright then, you’ve achieved your goal. Shouldn’t you let these people go now?” 


“Let them go? They’re our sacrifices.” The Fire God produced a flame in his hand and smirked, “Rather than worry about these lowly mortals, you should consider your situation first.”


“So you guys are the one dealing with the Death God?” Shang Ke asked emotionlessly with his ferocious mask, “Have you ever thought about the consequences of making a deal with him?”


“That has nothing to do with you.” The Fire God shaped the flame into a ball and threw it in the air. He said, “Everyone, time is tight. Let’s get started.”


The other gods began unleashing their power one after another. The pressure from their power was enormous and forced Shang Ke back.


The strong winds blew around Shang Ke and his robes billowed, the power of the Evil God surging out to resist the combination of the four gods.  


The four gods, with their companions, exerted only half of their divine powers. But Shang Ke had to use all of his powers to fight back, as if he was going to burn up all of his power. Under one blow, the four gods were shocked back half a step.


Their faces changed slightly and they looked at each other, no longer having any reservations. They each raised their strength and attacked with more power. The oppressing force brought upon by their powers was like a cage, locking firmly in place.


Shang Ke tensed and tried harder to resist the four powerful forces.


“Stop your meaningless struggles. The War God’s probably too occupied dealing with the Death God, he won’t be able to come save you.” the Fire God smiled mockingly. “I really don’t know how you got the War God to take a fancy on you. Is your face under that mask really to his liking? I must see it before sealing you.”


As he spoke, his hand blazed with fireball that condensed into a large hand and quickly made a swipe at Shang Ke’s mask.


When the giant hand made of flames touched his mask, there was a ripple in Shang Ke’s spiritual body. He gravely stared at the Fire God, “You all will regret this.”


The Fire God sneered and increased his strength. The mask was removed with a click. When he was about to see the Evil God’s face, Shang Ke suddenly dispersed into a whirlpool and disappeared without a trace. 


“No!” At this moment, a roar accompanied by a powerful explosion of divine power came, but he was still a step too late. He could only watch as Shang Ke disappeared in front of him.


The mask fell to the ground and together with the clothes, it quietly piled up in the sand.


“Uno!” Saya’s furious cry broke through the sky, sending the Fire God and his companions back.


He slowly picked up the mask on the ground, his fingers gently rubbing it. The air seemed to stagnate as an oppressive power grew and spread out, enveloping everything… 

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