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Chapter 112: Becoming Your God (XV)

Ever since Shang Ke’s identity had been exposed, the Shu Clan who had previously opened shops in the city had since moved out. The Imperial Yi Clan had not expelled them as of yet, but they already knew that there was no way that they could proudly stay there in the future. Therefore, the Chief summoned the entire clan to discuss what direction they should proceed in. 

The entire clan did not want to give up their currently comfortable lifestyles. After they left this place, they would have to continue migrating around again. 

“If it weren’t for the Evil God deceiving us, how could we have fallen so low?” A young man angrily shouted. 

“Yes, we wouldn’t have trusted him if we knew that he was the Evil God!” Another person joined in. 

“It wasn’t easy for us to gain all this wealth. Now, we’ve lost everything thanks to the Evil God.” 

The furious crowd all let out resentful statements one after the other. 

Suddenly, the sound of a teacup crashing to the ground quieted the unruly crowd down. 

Tima stood up with a cold expression in her eyes as her eyes swept across the crowd. “What was the reason behind our Shu Clan living so well up till this point?” 

“It’s only because of the fruits me and a few children playfully left behind for Uno! However, God Uno still drove away the beasts and provided us a safe environment to live in all due to these worthless fruits.”  

“I can’t deny that he’s an Evil God. However, have you ever thought about the fact that our faithfulness can’t increase his strength? However, he still didn’t hesitate to patiently teach us life skills like forging, cooking, medicine, and music…. What god would help his believers so passionately?”

“If it weren’t for him, we’d still be wandering around the mountains, struggling to survive, and being isolated from others. It was all because of him that we have faith, a home, skills, and wealth. However, the most important thing he gave us was dignity!”   

“We took all the benefits he provided us but we ended up turning on backs on him and resenting him.” Tima broke out crying as she shouted, “Don’t you feel ashamed at all?” 

Everyone lowered their heads in silence. 

After a bit of time, a man whispered, “But he’s an Evil God….” 

“Why does that matter?” Tima snapped at them, “Has he ever done anything wrong to us? Has he ever harmed us? No! He’s been silently guarding us and helping us. No matter who he is, I’m willing to believe in him. Even if I have to give up my life for my faith, I’m willing to do so.” 

Everyone felt ashamed when they noticed the resoluteness on Tima’s face. For several years, they relied on one another, but they gave up on their own god just because they were isolated from others and criticized by them. Tima did make a point that their sacrifices would not mean much to an Evil God who had urges to kill. However, he still attempted to protect them. The Evil God from the legends may be awful, but their patron saint by the name of Uno was the one who gave their lives a new meaning. 

Even though the hatred in their hearts lessened, there were still many people who remained fickle. After all, they were too honest and naive to have an Evil God as their protector. They had long ago determined what was right and wrong. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy for them to change their mindset. 

That night, many people from the Shu Clan tossed and turned as they found it hard to sleep. Some got out of their beds and took a nightly run to relax their minds. 

The terraced fields belonging to the Shu Clan could be seen under the starry night sky. The flourishing grains indicated a bumper harvest in the near future. 

Several of the young people couldn’t stop the smiles on their faces as they took all of this in. It was at that moment that a group of people ran through their area with torches. 

‘What was happening?’ The young people all looked at one another and rushed to the corner of the mountainous field before they stretched their necks out to look down.  

It was under the terrace that a familiar figure sat alone with a wooden stake. He silently stared at the foot of the mountain. His back was straightened as he camouflaged with the night, like an obstructing barrier protecting the Shu Clan’s territory. Therefore, he prevented any trespassers from moving a step further. 

It was none other than God Uno….

The youth’s eyes all felt hot and their hearts filled with sorrow as they stared at his back. 

They were unaware that he had been silently protecting them this whole time. It was no wonder that they were besieged in the city, but the land they owned outside remained safe. It was not that the people were merciful enough to let them go, but that their God Uno had been secretly protecting them this whole time. 

A young man fell to the ground sobbing. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry….”

There were several others that cried as a result of their selfishness and ignorance. 

【What god would sincerely help his followers in this manner?】It was at that moment that Tima’s words appeared in their heads. 

【We took the benefits he provided us for granted but we ended up resenting him and turning our backs on him.】

“It doesn’t matter who you are because I’m willing to put my faith in you.” The same young man lowered his voice as he continued, “Even if I need to give up my life, I’m willing to do it….”  

The next day, the Chief took the entire group with him to the Temple of Uno in order to worship their god once again. They also prayed for his forgiveness. 

After their brief sorrowful and resentful feelings, they reaffirmed their beliefs and regarded Uno as their god once again. They promised never to betray him again. 

In fact, there wasn’t anything for Shang Ke to think about. He just didn’t want the Shu Clan to lose the land they needed to survive on. After so many years of getting along with each other, Shang Ke knew about their naive nature. Even though he felt sad, he understood how much they had suffered and their fear of the Evil God. Therefore, he used his divine power to protect their land every night. 

“They aren’t your followers anymore.” Saya had once told him. He really hated those who betrayed their faith. If his followers gave up on their faith, then he would no longer bless them. 

Shang Ke told him, “They aren’t the Evil God’s followers but Uno’s followers.” 

When Saya heard this, he held Shang Ke’s face and pressed his lips hard to Shang Ke’s lips, “You’re Uno, my Uno.” 

It was at this moment that Saya’s heart felt like there wasn’t an Evil God in the world. There was only this Uno. 

However, that wasn’t the same case for others who could not believe that the Evil God had reformed. 

There were several gods including the Fire God who had once been persecuted by the Evil God. Therefore, they were trying to seal off Shang Ke. It was unfortunate for them that the War God protected him so well that they had no idea what to do. Finally, they came upon a solution to draw him out. 

It was a quiet night where the streets were empty. A figure wandered out of a house followed by others under the faint moonlight…. 

They had sluggish expressions on their faces and their eyes looked lifeless. They slowly walked out of the city like ghosts wandering around.  

Shang Ke was patrolling the Shu Clan’s land when he noticed an anomaly. He followed the strange scent and noticed hundreds of people trapped in a pothole for some reason. 

A raging fire suddenly surrounded the pit. There was smoke and dust billowing everywhere, causing the mortals to wake up. Sounds of alarm and fear rang out. 

“I didn’t expect to see you come here.” A figure appeared from within the flames. It was the Fire God who had plotted against him.

Several figures appeared behind him one after another before surrounding him. 

Those figures were the Fire God, the Water God, the Earth God, and… the Dream God. 

Shang Ke finally realized how these people entered the pit in the first place. The Dream God must have used a sleepwalking spell on them. 

“How do you feel when you see your followers suffering within the fire?” The Fire God let out a loud laugh. “Haha, no. I don’t believe that you care about the lives of these mortals.” 

“Did you guys mess up?” Shang Ke asked. “At least half of these people are not my followers.” 

“Why does it matter?” The Fire God remained indifferent, “As long as I could bring you here, why do I care about whose followers they are?” 

“Fine, you’ve achieved your goal. Why don’t you release these people now?”

“What do you mean let them go? They’re our sacrifices.” The Fire God created a flame in his hand and smirked, “You should worry about yourself rather than worrying about these lowly mortals.” 

“So you all are the ones that made that deal with the Death God?” Shang Ke’s face remained emotionless along with the scary looking mask on his face. “Have you guys ever thought about what the consequences would be for making a deal with him?” 

“That’s none of your business.” The Fire God turned the flame into a ball before throwing it into the air. He then said, “Everyone, we don’t have much time. Let’s get started.” 

The other gods released their power one after the other. The force from their powers was huge and it sent Shang Ke backwards. 

Forceful wind surged around Shang Ke causing his robes to billow around him. The Evil God released his power to resist against the power of the four gods combined. 

The four gods including their companions only used half of their divine powers. However, Shang Ke had to use all his powers to fight back against them. It felt as if he was going to burn up all of his power. It was under this single blow that the four gods were shocked to be pushed back half a step. 

The expressions on their faces slightly changed. They no longer hid their true feelings. They each gathered their strength and attacked him using more power. Their combined powers brought about an oppressive force which felt like a cage locking him down.

Shang Ke flinched and attempted to use more force to resist the four powerful forces. 

“Stop your useless struggles. The War God is too preoccupied dealing with the Death God so he won’t be able to save you.” The Fire God revealed a mocking smile, “I don’t understand how you got the War God to fall for you. Is your face that you keep covered with that mask really his type? I must see how it looks before I seal you.”  

As he spoke, the Fire God’s hand released a fireball that transformed into a giant hand which attempted to swipe off Shang Ke’s mask.  

When the giant hand covered in flames brushed against his mask, Shang Ke’s spiritual form trembled. He had a grave expression on his face as he stared at the Fire God, “You will all regret this.” 

The Fire God sneered before increasing the force he used. It only took a click for him to remove Shang Ke’s mask. Just as he was about to see Shang Ke’s face, Shang Ke suddenly disappeared without a trace within a whirlpool. 

“No!” The sound of a roar along with a powerful burst of power appeared at this moment. However, he was too late and could only watch as Shang Ke disappeared right in front of him. 

The mask fell to the ground along with his clothes. It all silently piled up on top of the sand. 

“Uno!” Saya sounded furious as his cry broke out, sending the Fire God and his companions reeling. 

He slowly reached for the mask lying on the ground. His fingers gently rubbed the mask. The air became heavy with an oppressive power spreading everywhere.

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