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Chapter 139: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (VI)

In his sleep, Shang Ke seemed to feel a pair of big hands run up and down his body. Waves of heat inundated his senses, as a hard object fiercely penetrated and pounded into his lower body. A hot and familiar sensation tightly twisted inside him. Shang Ke wanted to open his eyes, but his lids seemed to be glued shut, stuck in an endless darkness and constant pleasure as he was.

Why did it feel so real when he was clearly dreaming? Shang Ke gasped and his elven body became more and more sensitive as he was claimed repeatedly. Each time the man thrust deep inside, he couldn’t help but tremble. When his body was picked up and given a violent impact from below for the last time, Shang Ke startled awake with a low noise.

He looked around in a daze and saw himself lying on the bed. His exposed skin was pale pink, and his sleeping clothes were messy and wet. The air was filled with leftover elements that had not yet dispersed, like the residual aura left behind by the casting of some kind of magic.

Shang Ke’s face took on a strange expression. Was that wet dream just now artificially made? There was a kind of magic called “dream lock” which could pull a target into someone’s dream, and what occurred inside would feel like reality. However, this kind of magic only applied to people who were unguarded, or those who had a connection with each other.

Shang Ke cursed. Even if that man was having a spring dream, he didn’t have to drag him in…

Meanwhile, Ivan sat stupidly under a tree, still carrying the lingering charm of last night’s “spring dream” on his fiery body. The scene in the dream felt too real to wake up from. He remembered how he intruded into Shang Ke’s body and pushed into his hot, tight depths again and again, forcing him to make soft croons. Slender legs had wrapped around his waist and bore his incessant demands, while his milky-white skin was covered in traces left by him… 

“Ivan.” For a while, the elf’s gentle voice mixed with the one in Ivan’s daydream, until he was called a second time.

“Ivan, are you alright?”  Shang Ke looked at his face carefully and felt that he didn’t seem to realize that he’d used the “dream lock” on him. If he did, he wouldn’t have such a shaken look on his face. If one had strong thoughts, the dream lock could be activated unintentionally, and even the caster may think it to be an ordinary dream.

Ivan raised his head. A few steps away, Shang Ke gazed at him with his head tilted sideways. His long hair was gently pulled up, and his graceful posture was sparkling under the morning light. He recalled how those two long legs wrapped in boots and trousers had just been around his waist in the dream, allowing him to take whatever he wanted… Ivan’s lower abdomen went taut, and under Shang Ke’s gaze, he folded his legs unnaturally.

“I’m going to collect seeds in the forest. Are you coming?” Shang Ke asked.

Ivan wrapped himself in a cloak and got up to walk beside him.

A group of elves suddenly sprung out from every corner, joyfully slipping into the forest. In the blink of an eye, they all disappeared.

Ivan followed Shang Ke slowly through the woods, and his heated gaze lingered on him from time to time.

Unknowingly, they walked into a sea of flowers and on a flower branch less than half a person’s height, gorgeous rain velvet flowers swayed enchantingly in the breeze.

Shang Ke liked this kind of flower very much, but it grew too fast to be suitable to transplant to his own flower field. However, there was a plant called “Heptad Red”, that was occasionally found on the runners of this flower. It had a very good beauty effect and was one of the materials for refining some special magic articles.

Shang Ke squatted down and searched carefully for the roots of the rain velvet. His loose collar slipped down with his movements, revealing a white neck. On his skin, there were several traces of blue and purple bruises.

Ivan choked on his breath, and an inappropriate image resurfaced in his mind. The elf in front of him had been violated countless times in his dream, and similar traces of lovebites were spread on every inch of his skin, including most of his private parts.

“Ivan?” Shang Ke felt the touch of fingers on the back of his neck and turned to look at the man behind him.

Ivan didn’t immediately withdraw his fingers and asked in a low voice, “You have some bruises here. How did you get them?”

“Bruises?” Shang Ke stretched out his hand and touched it. Could they be “mementos” left from the dream?

“It may have been a bug bite.” Or a giant humanoid bug?

Ivan’s eyes were dark, and his fingers lingered around his neck as he wondered if he should believe Shang Ke’s excuse.

“If you have nothing to do, why don’t you help me gather heptad reds?” Shang Ke felt a bit pressured by the pair of eyes that seemed to want to devour him.

Ivan slowly withdrew his burning eyes and answered absently.

In reality, Ivan didn’t dare cross the line, but he could do whatever he wanted in his dreams.  Since that night, Ivan had a spring dream every other day or two. In the tree house, on a bed of flowers, in the lake… they left traces of their love everywhere.

Ivan didn’t know that he had activated the dream lock, and that all of the feelings in the dream were real. His experience was also Shang Ke’s experience, and he didn’t contain himself at all. He tasted Shang Ke all over in different places and different positions. Shang Ke was tossed by him all over the place so much that he almost couldn’t hold back from exposing the truth.

After waking up from a climax for the nth time, Shang Ke felt sticky all over. He changed into a new set of clothes, carried his laundry, and ran to the lake to clean it under the cover of night.

The lake water was cool against his skin and took away the heat from his body. Shang Ke sighed in content.

After washing, Shang Ke returned to the shore and lifted his long hair. His fingers flashed a magical luster, and the water in his hair turned into beads and floated around him.

Suddenly, a pair of powerful arms encircled his body from behind, and warm breath puffed out onto his nape.

Without waiting for Shang Ke’s reaction, the person behind him stood up and pushed his desire into Shang Ke’s body.

“Wah…!” Shang Ke couldn’t help bending down against a tree as he was plundered from behind. Because of the spring dream, his body was still wet so it wasn’t difficult for Ivan to enter him, but the sudden fullness inside made Shang Ke feel a little uncomfortable.

“Slow-slow down!” Shang Ke was flipped over so his back was to the trunk. Ivan lifted his legs up and started another round of powerful thrusts.

Shang Ke looked at the man who was playing around with him. He couldn’t be thinking this was still his spring dream right?

Hey, wake up! You’re killing me!

Shang Ke gave him a hard bite on the shoulder, then made his move. He bowed his head and kissed Ivan on the lips, tongue plunging inside his mouth and seizing his breath. At the same time, his lower body applied pressure around Ivan’s cock, preventing him from making any more moves down there.

Ivan felt the feeling of having sex this time was stronger than ever before.

Shang Ke, “……”

After an unknown period of time, Shang Ke was put on the grass by the man. His consciousness had gradually grown hazy due to the intense fucking of his body.

The smell of grass and soil lingered in the air, as it resonated with the body of Teldrassil. Due to Shang Ke’s extreme pleasure, a huge force of elements surged and flowed around like a wave.

“Ah!” Ivan suddenly stopped and stretched out a hand to cover his left eye. There was a look of pain on his face. 

Shang Ke hurriedly propped himself up and leaned over to check his condition.

The serpentine pattern scar on the left side of Ivan’s face acted as if it had split open, as countless thin veins appeared and extended out. It almost covered over half of his face. His originally golden left pupil gradually turned blood red and flashed a bewitching light.

Ivan felt his left eye burning like it was on fire, but the desire in his body hadn’t cooled down at all. Instead, it grew stronger and stronger.

He put down his hand covering his face and looked at the person beneath him with red eyes. A wild, animalistic growl emerged from the depths of his chest.

Shang Ke observed his eyes but was startled when he was forcefully thrust into again and continued another round.

Ivan’s left eye oozed blood, and his face was flushed like lava. His eyes were red and gold, and he looked like an evil spirit, but he himself seemed to feel nothing. His entire person was completely immersed in desire.

Shang Ke sensed a terrible aura from Ivan’s left eye which was obviously at odds with the natural elements. Shang Ke’s mind raced, and he tried to contain the natural elements in his body. Sure enough, with the disappearance of natural elements, Ivan’s bloodshot eye began to recede.

A moment later, the bloody pupil gradually changed back to its original golden color.

Shang Ke was relieved to see Ivan had recovered. In the next second, he fainted in exhaustion.

Ivan stiffened at the sight of Shang Ke pressed under him. His erection was still inside his body, and if he moved a little, sparks of sensation would immediately spread from their connected parts.

This wasn’t a dream! He had really violated the elf!

Looking at the messy marks on Shang Ke’s skin, Ivan’s breath quickened and he stretched out trembling fingers to gently touch his face. Then he leaned down, kissed those lips piously and whispered, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Although his mind was a little foggy, he still remembered how he had attacked Shang Ke and forced him to take his cock. When his left eye changed, it got even worse, but Shang Ke didn’t struggle. Rather, he cooperated with him, comforted him, and relieved his pain.

This kind-hearted elf may have no idea how dirty he was to him!

Ivan picked Shang Ke up, walked into the lake and gently cleaned the stains from him.

As he gazed at Shang Ke’s beautiful sleeping face, Ivan felt remorse in his heart, but at the same time, there was a faint trace of joy. Originally it was just a dream, but suddenly it became a reality. The feeling of joining with him was so good that he didn’t want to remove himself.

Ivan lingered on his lips and whispered, “Shang Ke, I’m willing to die for you as long as you let me stay by your side.”

When Shang Ke woke up from his exhaustion, it was already noon the next day.

Shang Ke walked out of the tree house aching all over. He looked around and found someone had disappeared, leaving only two oxygen spirit beads and a note saying “wait for me” behind..

Motherfucker, he ran away as soon as he had a taste of him! This damn heart breaker!

Shang Ke carved a skull out of a fruit, then put a cross on top of it and exposed it to the sun.

If this “skull” was conscious, its heart would have collapsed as it thought, “What did I do wrong that you’d treat me like this?!”

In the following days, Shang Ke stayed in the forest to teach the elves how to use their magic.  Although they each had their own disabilities, their magical talents were unique and had their own characteristics.

For example, Lorinda, who was poisoned by fire, had a rare fire talent among the baby elves. She could skillfully manipulate fire elements. Another example was Grey who couldn’t see a thing in his left eye, but had super vision in his right eye that could see a hundred times farther than normal.

The other elves had different abilities too.

Half a month later, three more elves were born. Surprisingly, these elves were not disabled and were very healthy.

Eight of the twelve elves had already been born. He believed that before the year was up, the rest would also follow suit.

Amidst this air of anticipation, a certain heart breaker finally returned, but with some bad news: the specters and the alliance were about to start a big war in the Fayser Forest.

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