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Chapter 140: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (VII)


The specters continued to hunt down half-elves without pause until every half- elf that was born on the continent was immediately protected by the alliance the moment they were born. After the half-elves grew to adulthood, they would all become a member of the alliance without exception to help in the war efforts. Despite their attempts, there were still many half-elves being murdered every year.


Not too long ago, one of the alliance’s cities suffered from a sudden attack by the specters and hundreds of ordinary citizens were slaughtered. What shocked them even more was that thirty-five elf children were caged and burned alive. The tragic cries of those children thoroughly aroused the fury of every race within the alliance. They immediately counterattacked and seized one of the puppet cities of the specters and formally declared war.


Every race responded to the war call and readied themselves as they rushed to the battlefield.


After hearing the background events that led up to this point of time, Shang Ke’s mood was greatly dampened. He thought of those dead elves and looked toward the ones currently playing within his line of sight and promised to himself that he would not let them suffer as the others have.


Shang Ke’s worry was shown plain as day over his face and Ivan tried to comfort him, “The alliance is strong, they have their ways against specters.”


“The specters are immune to most magic attacks and physical attacks while being good at fire and gold magic. To some degree, they can’t be killed.” What limited the alliance even more was that while combating the specters, they could not use anything with any metal. Only nonmetal magic items could be used.


“We can choose to seal them and use nature elements to seal the specter’s power.” Ivan took out a dark golden wooden tile to Shang Ke. “This is an oxygen spirit seal I’ve developed recently, with the oxygen spirit bead as the foundation, it would increase a seal array’s power.”


Shang Ke took the offered tile and curiously checked it out. Ivan continued to explain, “But the seal array would need a very dense amount of oxygen. By gathering oxygen in the forest for one to two months, it would be enough to create one normal oxygen spirit seal. If we could find the phantom jade and remove the seal on the Spring of Life, then creating seals would be much more simpler.”


The phantom jade… Shang Ke turned his attention away from the seal and moved to Ivan’s left eye. If his previous reaction were to be proven true, then the phantom jade everyone was desperately trying to find was unfortunately in Ivan’s left eye. The intense reaction from before was due to the phantom jade coming in contact with Teldrassil’s power.


This information did not make Shang Ke feel any happier though. He did not know if forcefully undoing the seal on the phantom jade would endanger Ivan’s life. If he had to sacrifice him to complete his mission, Shang Ke did not know what choice he would make.


Shang Ke gave the seal back to Ivan and headed for his garden.


Ivan immediately blindly followed behind him.


Shang Ke picked up his basket and started to pick flowers, Ivan immediately did the same to help.


After the basket was filled, Shang Ke headed for the orchard.


Ivan continued to follow.


Whatever Shang Ke picked, Ivan picked.


After they finished picking everything, Shang Ke carried the basket to the kitchen and used magic to wash the petals and grind them into powder.


Ivan very seriously helped him make a fire, heat up the water and wash the kitchen equipment.


While Shang Ke kneaded dough by the stone table, Ivan stood and stared at him intensely like a statue.


A shadow suddenly dropped over Shang Ke, diverting his attention away from the dough and up at Ivan, “What are you doing standing here?”


Ivan did not speak, but his eyes gave off a shy impression.


Shang Ke: …What kind of weird look is this?


“Shang Ke.” Ivan finally spoke.


“Hm?” Shang Ke stared at him, telling him with his eyes to speak up if he had something to say.


“Keke…” Ivan tried out a more intimate way of calling him.


“Hn.” Shang Ke felt as if he could see a tail behind Ivan waving around.


Ivan saw that Shang Ke did not deny the nickname and was filled with ecstasy despite none of it showing on his face. He continued to be calm as he spoke, “You can continue with whatever you’re doing. I’ll be outside, if you need me call for me.”:


He immediately left after those words, his body suddenly appearing to be radiating rays of light.


Shang Ke: …Just what is the meaning of this?


By noon, Shang Ke had made the elves’ favorite flower cakes and vegetarian soup and fed them. He then went on a walk in the forest and thought about the problem with the phantom jade.


A set of rhythmic footsteps suddenly broke his train of thought followed by a warm body clinging to him. A breath blew by his ear causing it to tremble slightly.


Ivan stared at him, his heart pounding furiously as he thought back to how it felt back when he had licked his ear. He couldn’t help himself and wrapped his arms around Shang Ke’s waist, trying to be more intimate with him.


“Keke…” Ivan’s voice carried a hint of nervousness and determination.


He had forcefully taken this elf and was fully aware he was not a match for him, but he still could not help the desire within his heart for him. If he had to be punished for dirtying the elf, then he was willing to pay with everything.


This was the first time Shang Ke met a version of him that was so lacking in self-confidence.


He turned around to face Ivan, beaming widely as he confessed, “I like you, Ivan.”


Ivan stared back at him in a daze, as if he hadn’t heard him.


Shang Ke tugged at his belt, pushing his head close to his as he asked, “And you? Do you like me?”


He likes him, he likes him so much he would never be able to free himself from this feeling!


Ivan stared at Shang Ke’s clear eyes and his heartbeat sped up along with his breath.


The elf did not mind his ugly appearance nor his rude offense.


The elf said he liked him!


Ivan immediately embraced Shang Ke and kissed him frantically.


Shang Ke closed his eyes and let Ivan’s happiness wash over him.


One of them was Teldrassil while the other was the phantom jade that sealed the Spring of Life. If he was foreordained to sacrifice his life, then he wished that he could willfully enjoy his happiness with this man until his life comes to an end.


Ivan formally entered Shang Ke’s treehouse that day and on Shang Ke’s soft bed, did everything he had done in his wet dreams one more time. The entire place shook the whole night, causing countless leaves to fall from the tree.


Fortunately Ivan had the foresight to set up a boundary ahead of time to avoid any spectators. If he had not done so, the innocent elves would have all been led astray that night.


The next day, Ivan left the tree house, completely refreshed and was immediately surrounded by the elves who all had tyrannical auras billowing from them.


This man actually kept Keke all night! One whole night! Their bedtime story was gone, their games were gone, and their lullaby was also gone!


Not only that, he had even set up a boundary around the tree house, preventing them from getting close. This was simply unforgivable!


The elves all glared at this human with killing intent in their eyes.


When Shang Ke woke up, the sight he was immediately treated to was of Ivan being chased around by a group of elves. The elves, noticing that Shang Ke was awake immediately headed for him and hugged him. Shang Ke let the elves all jump on him, his eyes full of cheer that couldn’t be hidden.


“Alright now, get off of me.” Shang Ke disdainfully pushed away Ivan’s lecherous and happy face.


“Keke, what were you doing hiding in the house with this human last night?” Bubbles indignantly asked.


“…Be good children, don’t ask something so deep.” Shang Ke assumed the aura of a parent.


Mhm, there was a lot of “depth” to it. Ivan ducked down to muffle his laughter.


Confusion covered all of the elves’ faces. They did not understand, just which part of the question was deep?


“Keke, you can’t sleep with this human anymore!” Bubbles worked hard to fight for all of their rights. “You belong to us!”


Ivan hid his smile and spoke grandly, “Only the victor has the right to decide. If you guys want to snatch Keke from me, you need to defeat me first.”


The little elves first looked toward each other, then raised their fists as one and roared together against their common enemy: “Beat him up!”


With their battlecry, they all pounced toward Ivan.


Ivan immediately dodged and agilely ran into the forest, the little elves following close behind.


The chaotic battle gradually went farther and silence returned. Shang Ke shook his head at the humorous situation and headed for the kitchen.


By the time Shang Ke was done making food, Ivan returned with a group of dispirited children. He walked over to Shang Ke and placed his hand on his waist, his attitude full of arrogance of being the victor.


The little elves all pouted as they glared at him with great bitterness.


Shang Ke crouched next to a wooden basin and waved his hand at them, “Come wash your hands.”


The children obeyed and surrounded the basin, slowly washing their hands.


Taking the chance while Ivan was gone to get the food set up, Shang Ke whispered to them, “Don’t be sad, I’ll teach him a lesson for you tonight. I guarantee he will take his punishments.”


The elves all immediately had bright eyes as they whispered back, “Really?”


Shang Ke nodded confidently, giving them a thumbs up.


What responded was a sixteen additional small thumbs.


That night, the little elves all did not sleep. Instead, they were all surrounding the tree house, staring closely at the translucent boundary.


“Bubbles, do you think Keke can defeat that human?” Lorinda asked worriedly.


“There is absolutely no problem!” Bubbles replied unhesitatingly.


The other elves also nodded in agreement. In their hearts, Keke was unrivaled!


Within the boundary, Ivan rhythmically moved in and out of Shang Ke’s body as he huskily asked, “So, how do you plan to “punish” me?”


Shang Ke flipped them over which left him sitting on top, taking the chance while the man was moaning from pleasant, he bowed down and bit down on his neck.


Ivan’s eyes darken. He held Shang Ke’s waist and quickly moved his own waist upwards.


Shang Ke gasped, his eyes momentarily blurring from the sudden pleasure before once again leaving another bite mark on Ivan’s collarbone.


Ivan sat up and pressed Shang Ke against the bedhead and thrusted in and out of him again.


With every bite Shang Ke left on him, Ivan would change positions.


In the end, Ivan’s neck was filled with bite marks while Shang Ke was also thoroughly done in, leaving all of his limbs sore.


But the one that was truly injured wasn’t them, but that tree that was constantly shedding leaves: Goddamnit, can’t you guys be more civil! If this continues on, this tree is going to be a bald tree!


The little elves didn’t go to bed until it was very late. When they woke up, they immediately runned over to see the results of yesterday night’s ‘battle’.


They saw that Ivan was covered in purple bruises from the skin that was showing, while the skin near his lips were also all scratched up as if countless bugs decided to take a bite at him. The elves were dumbstruck at the sight.


They all wished for him to have a lesson, but now that they see his ‘devastated’ appearance, they all couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him.


“Keke, we forgive him now. Let him sleep with you from now on.” The elves all showed their compassion. To suffer such inhumane mistreatment but still wanted to sleep with Keke, this human was really ‘true love’ with Keke.


Shang Ke: “……” What happened to you guys?


Ivan gave Shang Ke a victory sign behind the children.


Shang Ke: “……”


Happy days always pass by quickly. Ivan’s communicator flickered with a red light, indicating that the war was beginning.


Ivan spoke to Shang Ke, “I need to go, wait for me.”


Shang Ke wrapped his arms around his neck and gave a gentle kiss, “Be careful.”


Ivan’s eyes were full of gentleness and after cuddling for a moment with him, picked up his luggage and reluctantly left.


As Shang Ke watched his leaving figure, he muttered to himself, “Ivan, let us meet again on the battlefield.”

SnowTime: Slowly I die, but yay extended spring break? Trying to finish this arc in one spurt

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