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Chapter 223: Back To That Key Moment ⑤

TL: Resonance


During his recuperation, Shang Ke’s daily routine consisted of eating, sleeping, and rehabilitation.


Ever since the incident with Gabriel, the hospital has been on heightened alert, and Shang Ke currently has only one visitor, Ravel. When the original owner, Cage, lived on the planet Taima, everyone around him was under Gabriel’s control. After sneaking back to the Dragon Fang planet, he had no family, and naturally no one came to visit him. Gabriel, who was supposed to revive the family with him, was sent to prison by Ravel again. It can be said that the only descendant left in the entire family was Cage.


Ravel walked into the ward and saw Shang Ke sitting in a wheelchair, with a portable computer placed on a moving table in front of him, and a game screen displayed on the computer screen. Shang Ke operated the virtual keyboard proficiently and was playing the game focusedly. The soft light shone on his body, creating a faint halo of light.


“Ravel, you’re here? Hold on a second, I’m going to clear the stage very soon.” Shang Ke greeted Ravel as he continued the action of his hands. Playing games is also one of his rehabilitation programs, mainly to exercise his finger dexterity and coordination, and to pass the time.


Ravel sat down silently and watched him wave his ten fingers and enjoy playing. In the entire new empire, he was probably the only one who dared to neglect him for a game.


A few minutes later, a pleasant ringing sounded from the screen, followed by the special effects of flower petals floating all over the sky, celebrating the player’s clearance.


Shang Ke gave a satisfied smile, then pushed away the mobile table, turned to Ravel, and asked, “Have you eaten yet? Let’s eat together?”


  “Sure.” Shang Ke asked naturally, and Ravel answered casually.


The new empire had just been formed and the situation was unstable, Ravel was busy every day, but would still make time to visit him.


“Today is the butterfly set meal, which is good for your stomach and eyes.” The so-called butterfly set was a menu that Shang Ke had designed for himself, and the color combinations of the dishes he had were prepared according to the doctor’s suggestions.


“Hn.” Ravel had no objection to this.


Shang Ke skillfully ordered, then poured a cup of hot tea for Ravel, and began to recount about his rehabilitation today and interesting life stories in a relaxed manner.


Ravel leaned comfortably on the sofa like a sleepy lion, with a bit of laziness between his eyebrows, his tiredness for the whole day vanished into thin air as he listened to Shang Ke’s unhurried voice. The first time Ravel met the boy was in the torture room, and he was deeply impressed by his perseverance. But it was only in these last few days when they started getting along.


After that ordeal, Ravel thought that even if he had recovered physically, he would be left with unforgettable mental pain. But after several counseling sessions with Shang Ke, the psychiatrist told him very clearly: “This boy is in a very healthy mental condition, much healthier than Your Majesty Ravel!”


The word ‘much’ was emphasized, as if to imply that he had a psychological problem, Ravel pretended that he didn’t hear it. As long as he was sure that Shang Ke was okay, he was relieved, though the psychological treatments were not canceled.


Shang Ke did not resist his arrangements. Whether it was the tedious and boring rehabilitation exercises or the endless physical examinations, they were all very well done. He always seemed to have fun, even with the usual three meals a day. In just a few days, the doctors and nurses who took care of him all became his followers.


As long as Shang Ke was around, all his worries would vanish. Ravel began to consider whether he should let Shang Ke be discharged earlier so that Shang Ke could move into his palace.


“The memorial service will be held the day after tomorrow, have all the arrangements been made?” Shang Ke hadn’t forgotten about the assasination that may happen on that day. Security for the memorial service was tight, but because it was held in public, the crowd wasn’t prohibited from observing from a safe distance.


“Yes, it has all been arranged.”


“For the supervision of weapons, are there any instruments like ‘Ice Devil’?” Shang Ke asked, seemingly unintentionally.


“‘Ice Devil’?” Strictly speaking, the Ice Devil is not a weapon, but rather a quick-freezing device, which has a very low cost performance ratio due to its high cost and excessive energy consumption. Until now, it is almost impossible to buy. However, it has one characteristic, which is that it cannot be detected by security checks. If it is transformed into a biochemical weapon, it is indeed hard to defend against.


Ravel pondered for a moment and took this reminder to heart.


The next day, when the deputy reported to him, Ravel mentioned in passing: “Add in five types of offensive non-thermal weapons to the security checklist.”


In addition to the Ice Devil, Ravel added several other devices that could be turned into weapons but could not be scanned by security.


Ravel successfully averted a fatal crisis by making that passing comment.


The day before the memorial service, Ravel took Shang Ke back to his palace. The residence of the Bick family had been razed to the ground by the Cruise royal family more than a decade ago, and as the only descendant of the family, Shang Ke was currently a penniless man that was only famous by name.


However, with his current reputation and the connections his father had accumulated, it was only a matter of time before he could rebuild his family.


When Shang Ke walked out of the bathroom, he looked up and saw Ravel standing in the room.


Ravel put the clothes in his hands on the bed: “Here is your attire.”


“Thank you.” Shang Ke took away the towel on his head and walked slowly to the edge of the bed, not shying away from the sight of Ravel lingering on him.


Shang Ke, who had just taken a bath, still had droplets of water on his skin, and the faint scent of his body hit Ravel’s nose as he approached.


There was only a towel around Shang Ke’s waist, and his long, slender body was covered with scars of varying depths.


As he watched, Ravel noticed that Shang Ke had casually pulled off the towel from his waist, and his beautiful body was displayed before him uncovered.


“Your Majesty, at a time like this, shouldn’t you politely turn around?” Shang Ke hooked up his underwear and twirled it around his fingers.


Ravel’s line of sight stopped at the spinning underwear for a moment and said, “If you had said that before you pulled off the towel, I might have abided by the etiquette.”


It was the first time he had ever seen such a “honest” and unpretentious guy spinning his underwear in front of him with his naked white body. His more than thirty years of strict self-control is currently being put to a severe test.


The person who started it all, however, threw down his underpants and directly put on his pants with a straight face.


“…Are you not wearing the underwear?” Ravel asked.


 “I’m just trying them on, no need to go through so much trouble.”


 Ravel: …So you don’t sleep in your underwear either?


After putting on his pants, shirt, and coat, and putting on his bow tie, Shang Ke stood in front of the mirror. He was dressed in a black attire, which had strict design. It looked solemn yet elegant, giving people a sense of ascetic beauty.


Ravel came up behind him, his tall figure overlapping Shang Ke’s slim body and forming a stark contrast.


“How is it?” Shang Ke asked.


 “Good.” If you ignore the fact that he wasn’t wearing his underwear.


“I think the waist area of the pants is a little loose.”


…Are you sure it’s not because you’re not wearing any underwear?


Ravel put his hand on Shang Ke’s waist, and immediately there was a warm sense of touch felt on his palms. The waist was thin and narrow, feeling like he could wrap the whole waist with his hands.


“You’re too thin.” Ravel voiced his opinion without removing his hands from his waist.


“I can’t help it.” Shang Ke said helplessly, “I’ve been disabled and lying on a hospital bed for more than two months. At present, I can only manage to walk upright.”


Ravel: Walking upright… Do you think you are an evolving ape?


“I’ll have someone adjust the size for you.”


As soon as Ravel said that, he saw Shang Ke neatly take off his pants, revealing two long white legs. A beautiful scenery was hidden under his shirt, making people feel an urge to explore.


Ravel’s abdomen tightened, his eyes darkened, and a flame seemed to have ignited inside him.


Shang Ke took off his attire, folded it, and handed it to Ravel. Then, he slipped into the blanket, exposing only his head.


Ravel stared at him for a moment and came to the conclusion that he liked to sleep naked.


Shang Ke saw him standing there motionless and asked, “Do you want to sleep together?”


Ravel paused, took the attire and walked out of the room.


Shang Ke thought he wasn’t interested in his suggestion. But when he was half asleep, he suddenly felt the area beside him sink and another living person appeared under his blanket.


“Hmm?” Shang Ke turned his head and reached over to touch Ravel, “You’re not wearing pajamas.”


“Mn, I like to sleep naked too.” Ravel’s sleeping posture was steady. He faced upward, and his expression was serious. If Shang Ke hadn’t already asked the lieutenant about his preferences, Shang Ke would have believed him.


Shang Ke lay down on the bed, looked sideways at Ravel and said, “I’ve heard that people who like to sleep naked are generally very confident of their own bodies.” 


“That’s right.”


“Sleeping naked also improves blood circulation, relieves stress, and is good for headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, and other ailments.”


 “I’m not sick,” Ravel said seriously.


 “Really?” Shang Ke was smiling, “But you look nervous.”


“That’s because you’re touching me.”


“The one I’m touching isn’t you, but jealousy.” Shang Ke lamented, “When will I ever have a body like yours?”


Ravel gave him a glance.


“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking about just because you have facial paralysis. Your eyes have betrayed you greatly.” Shang Ke glared at him.


Ravel withdrew his gaze and continued looking at the ceiling.


“Forget it, I’m only 21, I still have room to grow.” Shang Ke comforted himself, “You’re already a finished product with no more possible changes.”


Ravel: “……”


“I will stop talking now. We will be attending the ceremony tomorrow, and we must be refreshed and bid farewell to our ancestors in the best of spirits.” Shang Ke patted Ravel’s chest, then tucked himself into the blanket and closed his eyes.


You got the other all pumped up and in high spirits, yet you yourself is going to sleep just like that! Ravel turned to his side and gazed at him intently and fell asleep reluctantly only when the moon left.


The next day, the two of them who had a good night sleep, washed up and dressed under the service of the attendants.


Ravel helped Shang Ke tie his bow tie, and Shang Ke put on Ravel’s cufflinks. Their actions were so natural that they seemed like an old married couple who had gotten along with each other for many years, causing the attendant next to them to be secretly shocked. Why did the whole world seem to have changed in just one night?


Is it really a good idea to start the ‘feeding dog food mode’ early in the morning?


Are you sure you’re going to a funeral today and not a wedding?!

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