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Chapter 222: Back To That Key Moment ⑤

TL: Sarah


While the sickroom door was pushed open, Gabriel quickly pulled out the syringe, hid it in his clothes, and then pretended to come forward to help Shang Ke.


However, before he could touch Shang Ke, he was blocked by one hand. Ravel squatted down and looked at Shang Ke’s situation and ordered his subordinates with a cold look, “Call a doctor.”


Shang Ke laid pale on the ground, his eyes misty and half open. He was short of breath and his limbs drooping feebly on his side, his clothes half exposed, revealing a large area of scarred skin and the Flaming Red Sky Flower on his chest.


 Ravel looked sharply at Gabriel and asked coldly, “What happened?”


Gabriel lowered his head, avoiding his sight. He said in a wronged tone, “I don’t know, we were just having a normal conversation when he suddenly rushed over and hit me…”


As he spoke, the doctors rushed over.


Ravel picked up Gabriel and threw him to an officer. He ordered, “Lock him up and deal with him later.”


“Sire, please believe me, I didn’t hurt Cage.” Gabriel tried to defend himself.


Ravel ignored him. His thoughts were all on Shang Ke, who was seriously injured.


The doctor gave Shang Ke an emergency treatment quickly, and then, together with other medical staff, carefully placed him on the bed and pushed him straight to the emergency room.


“Sire, Master Cage’s situation is not very optimistic. His body has suffered a huge impact again, which caused a large-scale fracture in the bones that were originally beginning to heal, and the toxins in the body has begun to attack.” The doctor paused and said to Ravel with difficulty, “Please prepare for the worst.”


Ravel looked at the doctor with a blank face and walked quickly into the emergency room, feeling like his heart was being crushed by a huge rock which made it difficult to breathe.


After a while, he suddenly turned around and said to lieutenant Kahn, “I’m going to the monitor room.”


This floor was closely monitored with guards and posts arranged around it, and only those who had obtained permission could enter it. Gabriel was Cage’s brother, so Ravel didn’t forbid him to visit. As a result, this happened on his first visit. One can easily imagine the anger and suspicion in Ravel’s heart. 


Meanwhile, after being taken away by Ravel’s men, Gabriel quietly threw away the interference device and syringe hidden in his clothes. Although this operation was somewhat unsatisfactory, no one was able to accuse him of the crime as long as there was no evidence. 


Gabriel thought that his interference device was perfect, but he didn’t know that this little trick couldn’t fool Ravel.


In the monitor room, the staff put up the video feed after Gabriel entered the ward.


In the video, Gabriel walked into the sickroom,, then stood by Cage’s bed for a moment and whispered a few words. Then, they saw Cage on the bed looking as if he was being stimulated by something. Regardless of his injury, he slammed into Gabriel hard, and after knocking him back, he also fell off the bed. Then, Gabriel moved to his side, seeming to help him up.


“What did Gabriel say to Cage? How could it make him so angry?” Looking at the whole process, everyone came to this conclusion at the same time.


Ravel watched it several times again, and then asked the staff to analyze the video hierarchically, which could restore the video blocked by an instrument. 


After a few minutes, the masked content appeared clearly on screen.


【How was the taste of torture?】


【Take a look at you now, struggling at death’s door. Really pitiful.】


【Did you know that your days are limited?】


Gabriel didn’t deliberately lower his voice so the video could clearly hear him in the control room.


Before they could feel dismayed, they saw Gabriel suddenly swing a hand toward Cage’s face. Cage’s hand blocked it, but they heard a “pa” sound, and his arm fell down, obviously broken.


Ravel saw Cage’s forbearing look, and his whole body went rigid, exuding a frightening chill.


But something even more anger-inducing had yet to come. Gabriel took out a needle and tried to inject some kind of liquid into Cage. Cage endured the pain of a broken hand and struggled to resist when he couldn’t call for help. His eyes showed a strong desire to survive and a firm will to never give up.


However, Gabriel cruelly broke his arm.


Cage couldn’t speak, his hands couldn’t move, and only a mutilated body could fight back, so he used his own body as a weapon and tried his best to hit Gabriel.


Thud! The sound of Cage falling on the ground struck Ravel’s chest like a heavy hammer, making him feel incredibly painful.


The next scene was the same as before. Gabriel moved in front of Cage and seemed like he was about to lift him up. But in connection with what happened just now, Ravel soon realized that he was not trying to help him, but injecting him with drugs!


That needle!


Ravel suppressed his anger and sternly ordered, “Hurry, send someone to the sickroom to see if the needle is still there. Have the people guarding Gabriel search him!”


“Yes.” Kahn immediately walked away. It wasn’t only Ravel who attached great importance to Cage; even he couldn’t tolerate what Gabriel did.He had thought Cage was mad because he was angered, but who knew that in just a few dozen seconds, so many things had happened.


If not for Cage’s desperate resistance, he would probably be quietly poisoned by Gabriel, and no one would find out the truth while he died. Gabriel could legitimately inherit the family, take his and his father’s possessions, honor and prestige as his own, and glorify his life under the blessing of Ravel and other followers.


Kahn couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of this. Fortunately, Cage is brave and decisive enough.


Ravel put off all his work and stayed outside the emergency room throughout.


Three hours later, the door of the emergency room was finally opened, and the doctor came out. He said to Ravel, “We have mended his bones again. In order to avoid them breaking once more, I suggest to leave him in the treatment capsule for the time being. Although he is temporarily out of danger, the toxins in his body are abnormal and we need further research.”


“He may have been injected with other drugs. I will find out what it is as soon as possible. You must save his life!” Cage’s eyes at that time were deeply imprinted in Ravel’s mind. There was no despair, no imploration, only the desire to survive and unyielding fighting spirit in the face of despair.


Ravel walked into the special sickroom, looked at the person lying in the treatment capsule, and whispered, “I won’t let you die, definitely not.”


Shang Ke was unconscious. His body and soul which had suffered severe trauma was currently being repaired with much difficulty.


This was his last obstacle and also the critical moment which decides whether he can reincarnate or not. The system had paid a huge price for reversing time and space, and couldn’t provide more help for the time being. If Shang Ke died before his soul was restored, his soul would be completely scattered and never have the chance to be reincarnated.


Fortunately, the god of fortune stood on their side. After sleeping for two months, Shang Ke finally climbed back from the verge of death.


During this period, Ravel asked Gabriel about the source of the drug, and the questioning process was so bloody that it was best not to go into details. In short, when Ravel brought Gabriel to court with the evidence, everyone saw a madman with no visible scars or injuries on the surface but had a broken mind.


Gabriel once asked Ravel why Cage was able to become a hero. All he did was just being a prisoner for a few days and not confessing in face of torture.


Ravel said to him, “If you can withstand the torture for three days and insist that you are not guilty, I will let you go.”


As a result, he didn’t even last for two hours before he cried and told all his crimes. Only after first-hand experience could one understand how terrible Cage’s torture was. The thin boy paid a cruel price for his recklessness, but bravely took up his responsibility, stood firm, suffered. He didn’t betray his companions.


This alone was enough to make people admire him.


Shang Ke woke up under the warmth of the sun, his sour eyes quivered slightly, and it took him a long time to get used to the outside light.




A big hand touched his forehead, and the warm touch made him feel happy.


Shang Ke turned to look at the man beside the bed. He was dressed neatly as always, his hair combed meticulously, and his facial features were profound, showing the fortitude and majesty of a soldier and a noble temperament cultivated since childhood.


“You slept for two months, and your injury recovered well. In a few days, I will take you out for a walk.” A week ago, when the doctor officially announced that Shang Ke was out of danger, Ravel transferred him out from the treatment capsule. Although the function of the treatment capsule was powerful, it was not great for people to lie in it and rely on instruments to maintain their physiological activities.


Ravel hoped that Shang Ke could breathe fresh air, enjoy a soft bedding, and sleep comfortably.


Shang Ke tried to move his hands and feet and felt no pain except some weakness. It seems that he really recovered well, but he just didn’t expect to sleep for such a long time.


Two months… Wait, two months? Isn’t the founding ceremony and hero memorial service all over? Ravel was fine?


Shang Ke stared intently at Ravel, watching him sit upright, with perfect limbs, like he was not injured.


“Your vocal cords should also be restored, but speak slowly.” Ravel rolled up the hospital bed and poured a glass of warm water before passing it towards Shang Ke’s mouth.


Shang Ke took a few sips, cleared his throat, and then called out in a dry voice, “Ravel …”


“Hmm.” Hearing him call his own name, Ravel’s eyebrows showed a touch of pleasure.


“…Your Majesty?” 


Ravel paused and said, “Just call me by my name.”


Hearing his words, Shang Ke knew that the new empire had been established. If not, Ravel would say that the founding ceremony had not yet been held or that he had not officially ascended the throne yet.


“I want to look at the news.”


Ravel immediately took the portable computer and put it on the mobile table. He silently watched Shang Ke raise his hand and look through the web page with shaky movements.


The news of the new empire’s establishment was overwhelming. Just by clicking on a few pages he could see many reports on this matter, and there were a lot of pictures.


Looking at the majestic appearance of Ravel in the picture, Shang Ke’s lips slightly raised and his eyes shone. Yup, this was his man. He was really handsome and domineering.


Ravel sat quietly by the side, his pair of deep eyes all focused on a person’s figure.


After a while, Shang Ke looked up and asked, “When will the hero memorial service be held?”


“In seven days.”


In fact, the date had not been set, and Ravel had been waiting for Cage to wake up. This memorial service was not only to commemorate the martyrs who died in the battle, but also to mourn Cage’s father.


Cage finally woke up and recuperated for seven days. He should be able to attend the memorial service.

Sarah: Shang Ke has been giving me heart attacks dear god 😩 please live 🙏

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