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Chapter 221: Re: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You


Acute pain caused Shang Ke to almost faint, however, his exceedingly stubborn willpower allowed him to ride it through. The Flaming Sky Flower had been tattooed onto his chest while an annoying voice lingered by his ear that continued to ask questions he could not answer. A feeling of deja vu rose up in his mind.


Ah, he remembered. He seems to have been sent to another world by a strange System, requesting him to complete missions to go home.


Mission? What was his mission again? Shang Ke’s consciousness was murky, his body trembled non-stop under the cruel tortures. Blood mixed with sweat and soaked him through. He could only keep thinking to shift his attention away.


Right at this moment, a familiar voice came through his mind: 【Pain Reduction 100% (Time limit 45 hours), received two hours of self-recovery everyday. Perfect Expression pack has been upgraded into Perfect Image Pack—No matter what kind of accident Dear Host runs into, you will have the legendary 360 degree perfect facial expression and figure posture, so that Host can be beautiful out of this world, beautiful to the depths and beautiful beyond mortal understanding.】


Shang Ke: “……”


【There are only forty-eight hours left of interrogation torture. Dear Host, you don’t need to worry about anything, you only need to take care of being “beautiful”.】


Shang Ke: …What the heck was taking care of being “beautiful”? Was his mission just to be “beautiful”?


【Dear Host, you really are smart. Your mission is indeed to just be “beautiful” and wait for the torture to end. Once you have healed up, go pick up a beautiful man, get married and settle down and walk to the peak of your life, obtaining the “Blissful Happiness” accomplishment.】


This was his mission? Shang Ke felt that something was wrong, although his memories were badly damaged, his intuition told him things weren’t like this.


【Please do not doubt the System’s sincerity, the System has already been marvelously upgraded and formally been given the name “Perfect Life Partner”. The mission is to help Host live from young to old in blissful happiness.】


Shang Ke: It sounds very wonderful (beautiful)… 


【The System is limited by the rules of this world and cannot stay here too long. When Host needs help, please transmit a mental “amorous glance” to the System. It must be strong, otherwise the System might not be able to receive it.】


Something really is wrong! Is this System really the same System in his memories? The style is completely different!!


Shang Ke had wanted to ask it a few more questions but the System had already disappeared.


The torture was still continuing, but since the pain reduction has been maxed out, the torture held no danger toward Shang Ke. it was just that through the various equipment, drugs and burdens placed on his body, his muscles would jerk from time to time as blood and sweat flowed without pause.


With the passage of time, his tortures became more severe. In about a dozen hours, Shang Ke experienced poisoning, hypnosis, burning stabs, thousand cuts, and finally all four of his limbs were broken.


Although pain was completely nullified, his body was reaching its extreme limits through the repeated tortures. If not for the two hours of self-recovery, even if he could survive he would probably be disabled for life.


When the forty-five hours of pain reduction ended, Shang Ke held strong for another two hours, then like he had remembered, he smiled at the camera on the metal wall. It was like light had descended at that moment. He used up the last bit of his energy and slowly but firmly spoke three words, “Cruise will die.”


After that, he could finally happily lose consciousness… 


While he slept, the “main character” of this world, Ravel had completed the counterattack they waited so long for. Shang Ke’s words of “Cruise, will die” became their motto. In just a short seven hours, they had obtained the advantage of the war under Ravel’s leadership.


When Shang Ke woke up, he was already at the hospital, receiving the most perfect treatment.


“How is his situation?” The discussion between two people floated in from outside.


“The broken bones can be treated, but to what extent he can heal is all up to his constitution. What is causing the real trouble is the poison in his body. If it were just one or two types, we would be able to handle it, but twelve types… I have no choice but to say, for him to survive under that torture was simply a miracle.”


“Use your utmost effort to treat him.”


“You don’t need to remind us of that, we will do our best. This child relied on his willpower to survive Cruise’s cruelty, how could we bear to let him continue to suffer?”


The familiar yet unfamiliar dialogue faded in and out of his hearing, his formerly blurry memories gradually clearing up. After he was turned into a vegetable due to a car accident, his soul had been bound to a System and started to transmigrate to different worlds, completing missions and obtaining rewards.


He remembered that he had already completed many worlds, but his memories of those worlds were rather messy, he couldn’t make heads or tails of it.


This was the first world he had transmigrated to, because this was his second entrance to this world, this should be his return chance. No wonder the mission didn’t release a mission, because worlds that he returns to are not restricted by missions.


After figuring that out, Shang Ke felt much more refreshed and closed his eyes, sleeping peacefully.


The events after that weren’t suspenseful. Ravel will obtain victory and become the new Monarch of the Empire. The only danger to him will happen during the memorial ceremony, the assassination attempt.


“You’re awake?” A tall figure walked next to him, his deep voice carrying a hint of concern.


Shang Ke peacefully watched him, his gaze hazy.


“Your vocal cords were damaged, so you would need some time to heal before you can speak.” Ravel sat by his bed, calmly speaking, “We have already acquired victory. The remaining time will be used to clear up Cruise’s remaining vestiges of power, one by one.”


Shang Ke gave him a smile that gave off the feeling of a rainbow after rain, clean, beautiful and warm.


Despite experiencing so much pain, his heart remained as pure as ever. His strong and happy appearance deeply moved Ravel. That day, when he had personally carried out the injured Cage from the interrogation room, he had decided to take care of this boy. Now that he could see his smile, he became even more determined. Not only because he was General Utrecht’s son, but because of his silence and bravery that saved countless loyalists.


Shang Ke’s gaze unconsciously moved to Ravel’s hand. His palm was blank and did not hold a birthmark. But he thoroughly understood that this man was his lover.


Like his previous experience, Ravel would take out three to four hours of his time to accompany him, change his bandages, feed him, clean him, he did everything.


Although his injuries were not serious to the point of paralyzing him this time around with the System’s assistance, the poison in his body still caused him great suffering and he would alternate between healing and worsening everyday. Fortunately, his healing speed was faster than the worsening speed, plus with the help of the treatment from the doctor, there would be a day in which he would achieve full recovery. 


Shang Ke kept the assassination attempt of the memorial ceremony in mind, counting down the time every day in fear of Ravel facing danger due to carelessness. 


Being so single mindedly worried about Ravel, Shang Ke completely forgot that he was also about to meet danger.


“Cage, long time no see.” On the eighth day of his hospitalization, a young man appeared in his room.


Gabriel, Cage’s fathers adopted son who always dreamed of replacing Cage and becoming the heir of the family.


“Take a look at you now, struggling while at death’s door. Truly pitiful. Did you know that your days are numbered?” Gabriel arrogantly looked down at Shang Ke, scorn in his eyes.


When Shang Ke saw him, he immediately remembered what would happen. Gabriel would take the chance while he could not provide for himself to strut around and give him a hard slap.


In his previous time in this world, because he did not have long to live, he was too lazy to deal with him. But this time, chances are he was going to live so whatever the case, he can’t allow himself to take that slap. Although his bones weren’t completely healed, blocking a slap was still no problem.


After Gabriel aired out all of his grievances from the years, as expected, he raised his arm and threw all his strength into it as he aimed for his face.


Shang Ke knew that there was surveillance ongoing in the room, but he also knew Gabriel had a monitor blocker, so he thought that this event would not be found out by anyone after “his” death.


Shang Ke raised his hand to shield his face, and a crack sound followed from his bones. His elbow was dislocated again.


Shang Ke was more willing to accept a dislocated elbow than being slapped in the face.


According to the original development, after Gabriel vented his anger, he would quickly leave. But it was different this time, he did not leave, instead, he took out a syringe from his pocket. The syringe was loaded with an unknown blue liquid, needless to say, there was no way it was anything good.


Shang Ke’s pupils shrunk. In his previous run, Gabriel had already determined that he would die so he did not bother doing anything unnecessary. But this time, as long as he was properly treated, there was an extremely high chance he would recover back to full health. Although he knew Gabriel did not wish for his survival, he did not expect him to attempt murder.


Shang Ke’s expressionlessly stared at him, his other hand under the blanket waiting and storing power.


“You really are hardy, even that kind of torture can’t kill you.” Gabriel held down Shang Ke’s dislocated arm and coldly smiled, “But that doesn’t matter, it’s all the same if you die now.”


He held the syringe and stabbed toward Shang Ke’s vein.


Shang Ke suddenly reached out and grabbed Gabriel’s wrist. The syringe broke through the surface skin and a drop of blood seeped out.


During the interrogation torture, Shang Ke’s limbs had been broken. Even with the System’s treatment helping him, it was impossible for him to completely recover within seven to eight days. He had used up almost all of his strength in that action of stopping Gabriel from stabbing the syringe into his vein.


There were still many types of unknown poison within his body, if he was poisoned to death by Gabriel, chances are the doctor wouldn’t figure out the cause.


“Don’t struggle anymore, just accept your fate!” Gabriel exerted more power and the needle was pushed in a bit farther.


Accept his fate? What he disliked the most was accepting his fate!


Creak, Shang Ke heard the sound of his bone cracking but he still did not let go. He gritted his teeth and silently counted the time in his mind. He only needed to hold on for half a minute and a worker would come over to check the situation.


Gabriel clearly also became aware of that, his eyes glinted and he reversed grip Shang Ke’s wrist and twisted.


Shang Ke groaned in pain, his arm broke and powerlessly fell down.


Seeing Gabriel aiming the syringe at him again, Shang Ke turned and rolled, using the power generated from the roll to ram his body into him.


Gabriel staggered a few steps back from the blow while Shang Ke rolled down from the bed due to inertia and a jumble of clattering sound rang out.


Shang Ke lied on the ground, he felt as if all his bones were falling apart. Where was the promised blissful happiness?! Can this cliche assassination scene be any more cliche?


The chaotic sound of clatter finally brought attention to the room from the people outside. Footsteps could be heard rushing toward the sickroom.


Gabriel’s face was deathly white, he finally realized that his situation was very bad. The secret plan he had made had turned into definite evidence of his attempt murder due to Shang Ke’s tenacious resistance. 


At this moment, Gabriel caught sight of how the syringe he brought was still stuck in Shang Ke’s arm and the gears in his mind turned. Since his tracks were already exposed, then he should just finish what he set out to do. He can think about everything else after he kills him!


Thinking to that point, Gabriel suddenly threw himself at Shang Ke and stabbed in the syringe, quickly emptying the poison into his body.


Shang Ke’s body went rigid, he thought to himself: “This is bad”, after struggling with all his might for so long, he finally was still schemed against successfully?!


He was unwilling to accept this!!!

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