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Chapter 212: Death Cycle (X)

TL: Resonance


Di Kui stopped. He looked at Shang Ke who was in his embrace, then looked at the door.


Huo Xuan stood outside the door and stared at the door with gloomy eyes, seemingly looking straight at the person inside.


The weak door let out creaking sound under the two of their gaze as if it would fall apart any moment.


The pressure in the surrounding area rose. The air seemed as though it was stagnant and made people feel suffocated. Shang Ke only felt his blood surging and both his eyes hurt, making him feel very uncomfortable. The two of them didn’t use their abilities. Just their aura alone was enough to kill.


Di Kui’s muscles bulked and his sharp nails glinted with purple-black cold light. A strong will to fight broke out from his body just like a beast ready to strike. Seeing that he was about to run wild, Shang Ke hugged his neck and bit his chin.


What are you doing? Di Kui’s imposing momentum relaxed a little as he got distracted and glanced at Shang Ke. Because of this distraction, Huo Xuan who was outside got the advantage.


Shang Ke sensed that Di Kui wanted to counterattack so he quickly looked around for a milk bottle. Then, he realised that the bottle he always carried around on him had already been given to Di Kui and was crushed into crumbs by him.


With great determination, he looked up and kissed Di Kui’s lips and did everything he could to attract his attention.


Di Kui was indeed distracted again and turned his attention towards Shang Ke again. His soaring violence relaxed once again.


Shang Ke’s lips and tongue makes him happy and he couldn’t help but be invested in it. He stretched out his hand to hold Shang Ke up and responded eagerly to his kiss.


The two of them who were immersed in a hot kiss didn’t realise that a barrier faintly appeared around them. The barrier blocked the aura that was dancing about in the air outside and formed an independent small world within.


Although it wasn’t the first time they kissed, Di Kui’s actions were still simple and rough. To keep his own tongue, Shang Ke quickly withdrew when he found the opportunity.


Di Kui grunted in discontent and was about to chase after it when he heard Huo Xuan’s voice from outside the door, “Shang Ke, are you okay?”


Huo Xuan didn’t intend to find the expert who fought him before. He decided to come and take a look only after he realised that his aura was hidden in the building Shang Ke was staying in.


Coming here, Huo Xuan immediately noticed an expert hidden nearby. He wasn’t certain if the expert was in Shang Ke’s room, but the distance between them was definitely less than 50m. Huo Xuan had thought that he could force him out, but the other person’s aura disappeared unexpectedly halfway through and was replaced by Shang Ke’s golden light.


Huo Xuan was worried that Shang Ke would be hurt, so he didn’t take back his power. Instead, he asked aloud.


Di Kui heard Huo Xuan’s voice and tyranny flashed past his eyes. Shang Ke was about to reply but was blocked by him unreasonably.


Their bodies teleported and Di Kui pressed Shang Ke against the wall. He increased the strength of the kissing, paining Shang Ke to the point he made low groans.


Huo Xuan has great hearing. When he heard those groans, he lifted his leg ready to break in.


“… I’m fine!” Shang Ke’s slightly constrained voice sounded timely and stopped him.


Huo Xuan listened carefully. He could hear the sound of panting, heartbeat quickening, sucking and the rubbing of fabric. There was also the sound of bodies colliding.


Huo Xuan’s expression looks a little ugly. He wanted to rush in to see what exactly happened, but the premonition of danger that faintly emerged in his heart made him hesitate.


Inside the room, Shang Ke was pressed against the wall by Di Kui and kissed roughly. The strength exerted on his hand gradually increased and his torned clothes were too tragic to look at. Di Kui’s sharp nails drew trails of blood on Shang Ke’s skin.


If it weren’t for Huo Xuan’s power acting as a barrier, a new round of zombie attack would probably be triggered.


Shang Ke tried his best to not make any noise. When he sensed that Huo Xuan’s aura was still around, he couldn’t help but lament: Why hasn’t he left yet! The zombie king above him has already become “fierce” from the kissing. The hard object between Di Kui legs keeps jabbing his lower body and his pants have already been rubbed and torn by him. Burning pain could be felt from his skin.


Shang Ke started guessing. Would he die because of blood loss due to his neck being pierced by Di Kui’s nails, or would he die due to suffocation from the kissing, or would he die because the “murder weapon” pierced his stomach?


The more he thought the more terrifying it was. Shang Ke decided to give it a shot. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked Di Kui’s back just like stroking a pet.


When Di Kui’s muscles relaxed, Shang Ke took the chance to save his lips from Di Kui’s imprisonment with much difficulty. Before Di Kui captured him again, Shang Ke quickly moved it away and started kissing Di Kui’s chin, adam apple, collar bone and chest… 


Di Kui’s relaxed body stiffen again. With both hands on the wall, he quietly watched Shang Ke’s movement.


“Kissing should be like this…” Shang Ke demonstrated while explaining.


“Caressing should be like this…” Shang Ke’s hand slowly slid over Di Kui’s solid muscles.


“Control your strength and don’t hurt the other person.” Shang Ke took Di Kui’s hand, carefully avoided his nail and gently bit his fingers.


Feeling his finger being wrapped by warmth, a numb sensation quickly rose in Di Kui’s body.


His eyes became burning hot and his lust got stronger and stronger. He let out an eager growl from his throat and his body pushed forward unconsciously. A cracking sound could be heard and a hole was poked into the wall between his legs. 


Shang Ke: … I can no longer play. Is it too late to stop now?


Di Kui saw that he stopped moving, so he poked the wall a few more times irritably. The poor wall’s first time was given to the brutal zombie king just like this.


Shang Ke vowed secretly that he definitely cannot let this zombie king get to the final level of copulation! As the guardian boss, he must ensure that he doesn’t get pushed to death.


Hence, he could only apologize to brother wall… (Wall: I will represent all the walls in the world and despise you! You’re actually trying to raise a zombie king that specialized in forcing himself on walls! We won’t carry this tragic burden!)


Shang Ke’s voice was soft, but it didn’t escape Huo Xuan’s ears. A few simple sentences let him guess what the people inside were doing.


Huo Xuan clenched his fist. His chest felt inexplicably stifled and his breath was also in disorder.


As the sound inside became more and more intense, Huo Xuan couldn’t stay any longer. With a wave of his arm, he instantly disappeared from the spot.


The pressure in the room disappeared as Huo Xuan left.


He finally left… Shang Ke felt relieved and started focusing on dealing with the sexually excited zombie king before him. 


The two of their clothes had already been torn out of shape, and the wall behind them was full of holes with rubble falling down from time to time. Shang Ke has wounds all over his body. His blood flowed on his fair skin, painting it with a bright colour.


Under Shang Ke’s patient guidance, Di Kui’s actions became more gentle. He no longer frequently hurt Shang Ke like before.


However, this kind of slow comfort was obviously unable to satisfy Di Kui. He wants to devour the person in his arms, but he doesn’t know how to. He kept feeling that the conventional way of “eating” can’t satisfy his appetite.


Just how should he “eat”? Di Kui who couldn’t get relieved started feeling irritable and the wall was smacked by him until rubbles were flying.


The mercenaries living next door heard the movement and didn’t even dare to breath out loud. They were trapped by the pressure caused by the experts just now and they didn’t dare to move at all. Now that the pressure is gone, who dares to continue staying here? They all packed up one after another and escaped this shaky building.


The room was in a mess because of Di Kui, but surprisingly, Shang Ke’s body didn’t receive any new injuries. However, he also realised that things have developed out of his control. This time, Di Kui was teased to the point of being explosive, even zombies who smell Shang Ke’s blood didn’t dare come near.


At this moment, Shang Ke didn’t know whether he felt more regret or horror.


But since it’s already like this, Shang Ke decided to just throw away his morality. He clenched his teeth and started giving Di Kui a handjob. 


As long as Di Kui doesn’t enter, Shang Ke believes that he can still keep his life.


Under Shang Ke’s fondling, Di Kui felt hotter and became harder, almost breaking Shang Ke’s fingers.


Only 1-2 minutes had passed and Shang Ke couldn’t do it anymore. He has overestimated his palm’s tolerance and his fingers’ durability.


Seeing Shang Ke stop, Di Kui took the initiative to pull Shang Ke’s hand onto his weapon. Then, as if to reciprocate, he also intends to help Shang Ke out, scaring Shang Ke so much he quickly dodged.


If Di Kui “helps” him, he will be traumatised for a few lifetimes!


Then, Di Kui kept rubbing himself onto Shang Ke as if he has a skin disease. His movements that could be considered gentle originally started turning rough again.


Shang Ke wanted to just explode on the spot.


He looked around intending to find a more comfortable way to die and just end everything.


“Ah!” While he was distracted, Shang Ke felt a pain below and a certain spot was poked into by fluke.


Di Kui paused for a moment, then he leaned forward and sniffed. Excitement flashed past his face. He exerted strength on his waist and squeezed forward again.


“Wait!” Shang Ke stopped him frantically.


Di Kui doesn’t want to stop. He kept bumping about wanting to dive straight in. 


Shang Ke saw that this fellow actually learned without a teacher and knew that it was hard for him to escape this time. Hence, he said helplessly, “Lie down and don’t move, I will do it myself.”


Di Kui really laid down obediently with his four limbs spread wide and had a generous “come at me” expression.


Shang Ke’s gaze swept across his body slowly. Although Shang Ke wasn’t able to make a judgement from Di Kui’s breath, his body seems to have made a choice for him. If Di Kui wasn’t his lover, how could he be willing to do this kind of thing with Di Kui?


He only has one lover. If he determined that Di Kui was his lover, then there was no need to hesitate even if Huo Xuan also had the familiar breath and even the mole on his palm. If he finds out that he had recognized the wrong person in the future, then… just let him die!


Shang Ke straddled Di Kui’s waist and leaned down to kiss his lips. Then, he continued downwards.


Di Kui watched his movement and his breathing became faster. His eyes were filled with expectancy, excitement and was also a little daze. 


Shang Ke slowly raised his waist and sat down on it bit by bit… The tearing pain made him suck in a cold breath. Fortunately, his body was quite tough and it wasn’t as difficult as he imagined. After getting used to it, he continued moving down. When it entered half way, Shang Ke felt that he had reached his limit.


At this moment, Di Kui suddenly sat up. Shang Ke was caught off guard and took in everything.


Shang Ke fell into Di Kui’s arm due to the pain. Di Kui hugged him and was trembling slightly due to holding back his excitement.


After completing the hardest step, the later process was relatively simpler. This was the first time Di Kui was trying, but he unusually didn’t run wild. Otherwise, Shang Ke’s body would have been poked a few holes even if his body was made of iron.


Under Shang Ke’s guidance and Di Kui’s cooperation, the two of them finished a battle of blood and tears.


During the last few times, Di Kui completely became a wild horse and had no control.


When they were done, Shang Ke’s four limbs were broken and his body was covered with wounds and hickeys. He was too tragic to look at but showed a bloody beauty.


Even though it was so tragic, he still survived, at least for the first five minutes Di Kui shot inside him.


Five minutes later, Shang Ke’s skin gradually turned greyish-white and corpse spots started appearing. His pupils dilated and his blood stopped flowing. Finally, he stopped breathing.


Di Kui’s heart clenched. The pleasure of being satisfied disappeared instantly and an unfamiliar fear quickly took over his heart.


“Shang Ke…” He stretched out his hand hesitantly wanting to touch Shang Ke’s face.


At this moment, the person in his embrace suddenly took in a breath. His unfocused eyes regained its focus and the corpse spots on his skin disappeared bit by bit.


Di Kui felt his own heart beating again. For that one instance just now, he completely forgot that this person can revive… 

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