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Chapter 211: Death Cycle (IX)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke went up the watchtower closest to him and looked at the entire base from the top of the tower. This kind of watchtower used to be the city’s signal center, but it is practically unused now. Usually, only people who wish to see the scenery would come up and take a look.


Shang Ke concentrated his mental power and spread it outwards slowly with him as the center. As his searching range continues to expand, numerous flickering soul fires appear in his perception one after another. The ordinary people’s soul fire is white, most ability users’ soul fire is red, and level seven and above ability users are mostly green and purple.


Low and intermediate level zombies do not have soul fires. Red-eyed and above high level zombies would crystallise a crystalline in their body. The colour of the crystalline would be different depending on the zombie’s attribute. The crystallines shone a beautiful light like bright stars. It was very difficult to imagine that such ugly and brutal zombies could actually give birth to something so beautiful.


In Shang Ke’s perception world, there was no difference between humans and zombies. It was just full of life.


Shang Ke searched for a long time but was unable to find the golden soul fire belonging to Di Kui from beginning to end. Instead, he found a rare blue soul fire. The owner of that soul fire was currently chasing after a high level zombie that sneaked into the base.


Shang Ke didn’t know that when he opened up his perception, he also appeared in other people’s perception.


In the dark perception world, his soul fire was like the sun shining with dazzling light.


A figure walked into the watchtower and arrived at the top in an instant, appearing silently behind Shang Ke.


Shang Ke seems to have sensed it. Just when he was about to look back, he felt a strong wind swept by. He heard the little zombie who had been hiding in the darkness let out a scream and was forced to reveal itself. Then, Shang Ke was surprised to find that her shadow seems to be imprisoned by some kind of power. She couldn’t break free no matter how hard she struggled.


A general-level zombie was stopped with just one shot. The strength of the person coming was evident.


“Don’t run out alone at a time like this, it’s very dangerous.” A low voice sounded in his ear seemingly from afar yet nearby.


Shang Ke looked towards the source of the voice. When he saw the face of the person coming clearly, a hint of surprise flashed past his eyes. It turns out to be… Huo Xuan?


He appeared in front of him just like that with his upright posture, cold temperament and that familiar breath… But just like Di Kui, that presence wasn’t strong. The greatest difference between the two of them was: One was full of life energy, while the other was full of death energy. One was cold and sharp like a blade, while the other was violent and fierce like a volcano.


Shang Ke met the person he always wanted to meet, but he was still unable to make an accurate judgment. Between him and Di Kui, just who was his true lover?


Huo Xuan looked quietly at the man in front of him. The golden light in his perception merged with the person in front of him and turned into a golden flame, burning fiercely in his heart.


“What’s your name?” Huo Xuan asked.


“Shang Ke.”


Shang Ke… Huo Xuan repeated the name silently in his heart. Then, he walked past Shang Ke and headed towards the little zombie.


The little zombie sensed the danger and let out a sharp roar.


Huo Xuan slowly raised his hand and a few silver rays intertwined and circled around his arm. The fierce sword energy let out a buzzing sound in the air, then shot towards the little zombie like lightning.


The next moment, the sword energy stagnated strangely when it was only a few centimeters away from the little zombie. Then, it turned into pieces of silver light and dissipated.


The little zombie took the opportunity to break free from Huo Xuan’s imprisonment. It quickly burst out of the window and escaped without a trace.


Huo Xuan ignored the little zombie. He turned his head towards a certain direction and a cold glint flashed passed his eyes.


Then, his figure moved and instantly disappeared from the spot.


Di Kui’s aura was closeby. It was him who saved the little zombie just now. Huo Xuan definitely went looking for him when he left so hurriedly.


Shang Ke furrowed his brow and was about to give chase when he felt some fluctuations behind him. Then, he saw Huo Xuan who had originally left appear before him again. Huo Xuan passed him a small exquisite bottle and said, “This is for you.”


Shang Ke took the bottle in confusion and suddenly caught a glimpse of the mole on his palm. He got shocked and was about to ask about it but the man before him disappeared again.


The breath on Huo Xuan’s body wasn’t enough for Shang Ke to fully confirm his identity, but the mole on his palm was an important feature Di Kui didn’t have. So, Huo Xuan is more likely to be his lover?


Shang Ke’s thoughts were in a mess. He lowered his head and looked at the small bottle Huo Xuan gave him earlier. The bottle was crystal clear and was holding pale pink liquid inside, looking very much like a pink crystal.


Shang Ke opened the bottle cap and an elegant france immediately permeated the air, making him feel refreshed.


Turns out it was perfume.


Strange. Why would Huo Xuan give him perfume for no reason?


While he was feeling puzzled, his line of sight landed inadvertently on his hand that was wrapped up like Zongzi and a thought came to his mind. Don’t tell me it’s because of this?


He had sprayed plenty of perfume on the bandage previously to hide the smell of blood. Although it was expired perfume, the smell wasn’t bad to the point of being unbearable or even to the point of needing him to give another bottle of perfume right?


This is the first time they met and he was already disliked by the man who might be his lover? Shang Ke felt terrible all over.


While he was feeling tangled, there was a sudden violent vibration on the ground. Then, there was a huge energy fluctuation spreading out in all directions like a huge wave. The building walls cracked one after another. All ability users below level eight knelt down and ordinary fighters bleeded from their seven orifices.


It’s not just the humans inside the base that were affected, even the zombies outside the base were not spared. The zombies closest to the base fell one after another and zombies which were further away all crawled on the ground and didn’t continue advancing forward.


This energy fluctuation lasted for a very short time, but the fighting seemed to have ended in this second. Both humans and zombies suffered a severe critical hit and were temporarily unable to continue fighting.


Shang Ke who was on the watchtower wasn’t affected much. With his physique, it should be deadly for him when facing the impact of this energy. However, he was completely fine.


Is it possible that only physical attacks can hurt him and ability attacks are ineffective against him?


Thinking about it, the few times he was “killed” were all because of Di Kui’s physical might. Last night when Di Kui flared up due to anger, the walls, tables and chairs cracked but he wasn’t hurt at all. Judging by this, he might really be immune to all abilities!


He had felt that it was strange before. All three of them got a spirit piece, why is it that Di Kui and Huo Xuan both had an extreme improvement in their strength, but only him didn’t have any change other than having an immortal body?


Turns out it wasn’t that he didn’t have any change but just that he never realised. He is actually someone with special abilities too, and that was immunity to abilities.


Shang Ke was silent: Immunity to abilities… What’s the use of it?


Can it help him avoid the fate of being torn apart? Can it help him escape from a certain zombie king’s slap? Can it help him become an expert amongst experts and kill anyone he wants?




Di Kui can beat him to death even without using any abilities and zombies still covet his flesh. His strength can only be shown off in front of ordinary people.


Shang Ke finally understood why “he” was called “Passerby A”… 


Di Kui and Huo Xuan didn’t meet at all. Just one showdown in the air produced such power. If they go on for a few more rounds, probably only a few people in the base can leave intact.


Although the zombies have temporarily retreated, the two powerful energies made everyone shocked and they still didn’t scatter. Someone guessed that one of them might be Huo Xuan, but no one knew the identity of the other person. No one would have thought that the one who striked was actually a zombie king, and this zombie king had even spent a night peacefully in the base with them… 


When Shang Ke came down from the watchtower, he saw a messy base. Mercenaries walked past him in groups of two and threes. Some of them had faces covered in blood while some walked in faltering steps with various degrees of injuries. Only a few experts looked fully intact. Hence, when the neatly dressed and spotless Shang Ke appeared in front of the crowd, he immediately attracted a lot of admiring gaze.


They all regarded Shang Ke as a peerless expert. After adding in his appearance, he was just like a new generation adonis. Everyone inquired about his identity and finally got some information from Song Bin’s team.


Shang Ke returned back to his room and realised that Di Kui was already back. He was currently squatting on the windowsill while holding onto a milk bottle in his mouth. His clothes hang tattered on his body making him look like a monk entering meditation.


Seeing that Shang Ke was back, he turned to him and said, “I’ve seen ‘him’ and he wasn’t much.”


What he was talking about came out of nowhere but Shang Ke was able to understand what he was talking about mysteriously.


He asked hesitantly, “Why are you interested in him? “


During the time they traveled together, Di Kui never mentioned Huo Xuan’s name before. He obviously didn’t care about the existence of this human king. Hence, Shang Ke was puzzled why he suddenly made trouble today.


“I don’t know. I just feel like killing him.” Di Kui bit on the teat unconsciously while saying unhappily.


Shang Ke: … I know you are a zombie king who is simple, violent and unpretentious, but can we be a little more civilized?


Shang Ke saw that his milk bottle was empty and passed him another bottle.


Di Kui passed the empty milk bottle in his hand to Shang Ke, took the other bottle and put it in his mouth.


Shang Ke realised that the teat of the empty milk bottle in his hand was already bitten off. All that’s left is an uneven hole.


Shang Ke has always been in awe of the zombie king’s stomach.


He threw the brutally ravaged milk bottle into the rubbish bin and thought about how to make Di Kui give up the idea of ​​killing Huo Xuan. He was only sounding out this time. They will probably fight for real next time.


He can kill Di Kui and Di Kui can kill Huo Xuan. Once Huo Xuan is dead, he can only choose to kill Di Kui if he wishes to complete his mission.


In fact, he has already chosen the mission route of being killed by Huo Xuan subconsciously. In this way, he doesn’t have to be in a dilemma.


Shang Ke immediately thought of it: If that’s the case, why did he still need to confirm the identity of the two? The mission in this world is different from other worlds. No matter how he struggles, he must still choose to die in the end. Rather than killing the other party or being killed by the other party after having feelings, it is better to end it when he has no feelings for the other party.


While he was thinking, knocking sounds could be heard from outside.


“Shang Ke.”


Shang Ke was stunned when he heard this voice. Why is it Huo Xuan?! The base is currently in a mess. Why is this leader not out there presiding over the situation but instead running here!


Shang Ke looked towards Di Kui subconsciously. There was no change in expression on that person’s face, but the milk bottle in his hand has already been crushed into crumbs and white liquid flowed down his finger tips. Then, Shang Ke saw him jumped down from the windowsill agilely and walked slowly to the door.


Shang Ke dashed forward and hugged his waist, gently saying, “Don’t go out.”

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