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Chapter 210: Death Cycle (VIII)

TL: Resonance


Shang Ke finally had the chance to enter the human base. He switched on the computer found in the room and intends to search up information about this world. For example, the location distribution of all survivor bases established by mankind and the famous mercenary groups and ability users around.


He was focused on looking up when the screen suddenly turned black. Then, cracks started appearing on the screen, followed by the table, cup, and the window… They cracked one after another, making a series of sizzling sounds.


Shang Ke looked back quickly. Behind him, Di Kui’s eyes flashed coldly and blood surged. Layers of crack appeared on the foundation on his skin just like a porcelain about to crack and looked terrible. A powerful force spread from his body towards the surrounding very quickly.


Oh no, this fellow is about to flare up again!


Without even thinking about it, Shang Ke quickly took out a milk bottle from his waist and stuffed it accurately into Di Kui’s mouth.


Di Kui bit onto the milk bottle without moving and stared at Shang Ke expressionlessly. After a moment of silence, he took a sip very, very slowly. Then, his bloodshot eyes gradually disappeared and the cracks on the surrounding also stopped spreading. The terrifying atmosphere disappeared into nothingness.


Shang Ke saw him holding the milk bottle and couldn’t help but let out a large sigh of relief. He didn’t understand why Di Kui suddenly flared up, but he finally managed to suppress it in time.


Once the milk bottle is out, the invincible demon instantly changes into an innocent baby!


From now on, the milk bottle is his must-have ultimate weapon!


Di Kui held the milk bottle and drank milk while squatting on the floor and staring at Shang Ke fainty. He looked fierce, but didn’t have the intention to attack.


Shang Ke felt like laughing and a trace of smile formed on his brows unconsciously, the brilliance appearing suddenly like a ripple.


The next second, Shang Ke felt his front darken and he was pressed against the wall. Then, the sweet taste of milk came into his mouth.


Di Kui kissed Shang Ke enthusiastically and took Shang Ke’s breath domineeringly.


Shang Ke was kissed to the point he felt dizzy and his tongue numb. He was worried that he would die due to suffocation this time.


While he was feeling dazed, he suddenly heard the sound of fabric tearing. Then, he felt that his abdomen was hit by something hard, causing it to feel numb.


Di Kui stepped back slightly and looked at the person in his embrace with fervent eyes.


Shang Ke panted while looking towards his abdomen. Then, he was horrified to see that a certain object between Di Kui’s legs had actually poked a hole through the pants. It stood upright in the air and faced him ferociously.


Shang Ke felt a chill up his back and cold sweat started flowing.


Wasn’t this thing a man’s most vulnerable part? The one before him has clearly evolved into a biochemical weapon!


Di Kui lowered his head to look and frowned, “The pants tore.”


How can it not tear? Forget pants, even a steel plate would be torn!


Shang Ke distanced himself from Di Kui without a trace. Fortunately, the pants helped him block a “stab” earlier. Otherwise, his stomach wouldn’t be feeling just numbness now.


At this moment, numerous voices sounded outside. Many people ran out of their room in a panic and asked each other about what just happened.


Di Kui’s power spread throughout the whole base. Although it lasted only for a few seconds, an indescribable despair and fear was born in everyone’s hearts. The person’s strength is at least level nine or above to be able to flare up such a powerful force in an instant.


A level nine powerhouse has appeared in this small base?


In a room in a certain building, a black-haired man suddenly opened his eyes and stared fixedly at the wall in front of him. His sharp eyes seemed like they could see through the wall and see everything outside.


The light shining in from outside the findown cast a shadow on his handsome side profile. Two golden rays of light flickered in his black eyes.


“Huo Xuan.” A man’s voice sounded from outside the door followed by rhythmic knocking on the door.


The black-haired man’s eyes swept to the door and the door which was originally shut tight quietly opened with a soft creak.


“Huo Xuan, what was that just now? Do you know?” The person who came in was a long haired man around 30 years old. He has a handsome face and long slender eyes, looking elegant and outstanding. If there are other mercenaries present now, they would be able to recognize him immediately. He was the number one ace of Huo Xuan’s team and one of the three level nine ability users existing in this world—Wind Lord Zuo Xian.


“An expert, 300 meters northwest.” Huo Xuan stood up and walked slowly towards the window. He ignored the cracks on the window glass and stared calmly at the lights outside the window.


“Expert? What kind of expert?” Someone who could be labeled as “expert” by the world’s strongest person would at least be level eight and above. Zuo Xian, who was a level nine ability user, was also suppressed by the force just now. That person’s strength was evident.


“Not inferior to me.” Huo Xuan answered.


Although Zuo Xian already had a guess in his heart, his face still showed a surprised expression when he heard Huo Xuan admitting it himself.


“Do you need me to pay a visit?” Zuo Xian asked.


“No need.” Huo Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly, “That person’s power was full of death, it’s better not to come into contact with that person for now.”


Zuo Xian nodded his head and no longer talked about that “expert”. He asked, “We dispatched 2 level eight and 1 level nine ability users this time and also have you, the strongest person, commanding. Isn’t this enough for dealing with one general level zombie? Why do we still need to recruit people?”


“Not one.” Huo Xuan answered, “It’s two. Two general level zombies and…”


“And what?” Zuo Xian questioned closely.


Huo Xuan was silent for a moment before saying, “Hopefully I’m just thinking too much. Anyway, it’s always good to recruit more experts.”


The next day, Shang Ke walked out of the room with all four limbs intact, with Di Kui who changed into a set of loose sportswear following behind him.


A certain zombie king was stiff for the entire night, his mood sometimes good and sometimes bad. To prevent a tragedy from happening, Shang Ke prepared many bottles of milk. As long as he noticed something wrong, he immediately stuffed a milk bottle into Di Kui’s mouth.


Di Kui “grew” well relying on milk for watering. The night passed in peace and Shang Ke made it out alive.


Fortunately, the zombie king doesn’t know what “copulation” is!


“Shang Ke?” He had just walked out of the dormitory when he heard someone calling his name from behind. Shang Ke looked back and saw that the person was actually Song Bin and his team who were once almost killed by Di Kui due to a few roasted fish.


“What a coincidence, we meet again.” Song Bin greeted Shang Ke first, then looked at the man beside him, “This is?”


Shang Ke hesitated for a moment before answering, “My friend, Wang Kui.[1]”


Di Kui gave him a glance but didn’t refute. His indifferent eyes glanced at Song Bin and his team casually.


Song Bin’s pinky finger trembled unnaturally. A ghastly chill went straight up his heart and his face changed slightly involuntarily. On the contrary, the few people behind him didn’t have any special reactions.


The stronger one is, the easier it is for one to sense someone strong. As a level eight ability user, Song Bin still inevitably felt fear when facing Di Kui. It was needless to mention the shock in his heart.


“Hello, my name is Song Bin. Nice to meet you.” Song Bin calmed himself and stretched out his hand towards Di Kui.


Di Kui stared at his outstretched hand with a grave look.


Shang Ke was sure that this fellow was currently considering whether to break this hand or crumble it directly!


“Sorry, my friend is not good at interacting with people. Please forgive any impoliteness.” Shang Ke shook Song Bin’s hand in Di Kui’s place.


Song Bin was a level eight ability user and also Huo Xuan’s brother. No matter where he was, he was someone people would talk about. Di Kui could be supercilious, but Shang Ke didn’t want to make enemies for no reason because of some small matter.


Shang Ke’s handshake slightly eased Song Bin’s embarrassment, but made Di Kui very unhappy.


Before Shang Ke put down his hand, Di Kui grabbed his wrist. Subsequently, a crisp cracking sound could be heard.


The sound wasn’t loud, but Song Bin naturally heard it with his hearing ability. He looked at Shang Ke’s pale white face, then looked at the wrist that was grabbed tightly by Di Kui and asked hesitantly, “You… Are you okay?”


Shang Ke was crying without tears. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn’t have done that. The other person’s hand was fine, but his own hand was broken. Are we still trying to be reasonable!


The more tragic fact was that Di Kui’s nail had pierced Shang Ke’s skin. Bright red blood started flowing out and the delicious scent spread quickly in the air.


Shang Ke was about to reply when he heard the sound of zombies roaring coming from outside the base. It sounded from far to near and from less to more. Finally, they gathered into a huge wave and were rushing madly towards the direction of the base one after another.


Shang Ke was dumbfounded as he watched the backs of Song Bin and his team leaving in a hurry: All I did was shake a hand…


“The zombies are attacking!” The mercenaries rushed to inform. They each took up their weapons and prepared for battle.


Human bases are often attacked by zombies, the experienced mercenaries didn’t panic. However, they would never have expected that the attack they are receiving this time would be much fiercer than every attack they have experienced.


“What’s going on?” The mercenaries soon realised that something was wrong half an hour later. “Where did these zombies come from? Why are there so many of them?”


Outside the defensive wall, countless numbers of zombies constantly gathered from all directions. At first, they were all the lowest level grey-eyed zombies. But after a while, white-eyed zombies started appearing. As for the high level red-eyed zombies and general level zombies, they are usually hard to find with naked eye.


In an instant, the people in the base panicked. The mercenaries are not afraid to fight with zombies, provided that the number and level of zombies were in the range they could bear.


Twenty to fifty wasn’t an issue, but fifty to five hundred or even five thousand was hard to survive from unless they were all at least level seven and above experts. To add on, as you are scratched or bitten by a zombie, there is a 50% chance of becoming a zombie. Even ability users level eight and above have a 10% chance.


Shang Ke had never expected that just a handshake would cause such a big trouble.


Di Kui obviously had no intention to suppress the zombies and allowed them to attack the base. The only thing Shang Ke could do was stay in the room and wait for his wound to heal. As long as the zombies can’t smell the blood, they probably would disperse slowly.


His wound wasn’t big. He believed that it would fully heal in less than 1-2 hours.


However, while Shang Ke was healing, Di Kui disappeared. He even took away a bottle full of milk!


Shang Ke quickly wrapped the wound thickly in layers with a bandage and sprayed strong perfume on it. After confirming that there will not be any smell of blood permeating out, he quickly left the room and looked for the trace of Di Kui.


He dare not let such a killing god wander around in the human base alone.


[1] Wang Kui – The ‘Wang’ means king but is also a common surname.

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