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Chapter 209: Death Cycle (VII)

TL: Resonance


Image change starting from scratch.


He didn’t know how long it had been since Di Kui washed his hair. His hair was all tangled together and looked like an octopus. When Shang Ke helped him wash his hair, he was prepared to clean up the lice along the way. However, he realised that there was no lice on Di Kui’s hair at all. Seems like even lice are unable to survive on the zombie king’s body… 


Shang Ke patiently helped him smoothen out his hair. What he used was… expired shampoo. He didn’t have a choice. Most of the daily necessities found in abandoned towns are expired. Fortunately, the products of this area are of excellent quality. Although the shampoo expired, its effect was still okay. Hence, Shang Ke used it on Di Kui blackheartedly!


Di Kui’s hair was naturally puffy. Shang Ke helped him cut a slightly sloped medium short hair, making his facial features look softer yet not losing his manliness.


After Shang Ke was done with the hair, next up was skin care. Maybe it’s more appropriate to call it “make-up”. Di Kui’s muscles were hard, his pale skin was covered with greyish-blue corpse spots and his lips were dark purple. When he doesn’t speak or move, he looks just like a corpse.


Shang Ke spent a few days collecting lots of cosmetics from various malls. Of course, they were all expired.


He first washed Di Kui up from head to toe. Then, he applied foundation on Di Kui’s face, neck, upper body and four limbs. This kind of foundation is not soluble in water and can only be removed using special makeup remover. Normal humans would remove their makeup within two days so as to not damage the skin, but Di Kui doesn’t have to worry about this.


Di Kui lay on the bed and looked at Shang Ke who was close to him. He let Shang Ke apply the foundation on his body while his golden eyes shone strangely.


Finally, Shang Ke took out a lip balm and slid it over Di Kui’s lips. Di Kui thought that it was food as he opened his mouth and bit into his mouth.


“You can’t eat this!” Shang Ke didn’t manage to stop him in them and could only stare at him in horror, afraid that he would flare up and beat him to death.


Di Kui chewed a few times and… swallowed it expressionlessly.


Shang Ke was silent for a moment before asking, “…How does it taste?”




Good. At least your taste in food is not out of the biological category.


Shang Ke was inexplicably relieved. He took out another lip balm and reminded, “This is for applying onto your lips. It can make your lip colour look more natural and beautiful.”


Di Kui’s line of sight landed unconsciously on Shang Ke’s lips. It was moist, plump, delicate and gorgeous and seemed delicious.


Shang Ke bent down and his warm breath brushed past Di Kui’s check, making his heart beat irregularly.


When Shang Ke was done applying the lip balm and was about to get up, Di Kui suddenly stretched out his hand and held the back of Shang Ke’s head. Di Kui lifted his head and bit Shang Ke’s lip. Fresh blood immediately started oozing out from Shang Ke’s lip and slowly flowed into Di Kui’s mouth.


Shang Ke maintained his bent posture and watched helplessly as Di Kui bit his lips. It was the real “biting”!


To save his lips, Shang Ke held Di Kui’s face and used his tongue to guide Di Kui from his brutal biting to tender kissing. His head was still held by Di Kui’s hand, if he chose to resist and struggle, the consequences will be unimaginable. Hence, he chose the most gentle and safest method and guided the force.


Shang Ke’s guiding soon bore results. Di Kui gradually reduced his strength. He chased after Shang Ke’s tongue with interest as if playing a game.


Originally, Di Kui suddenly felt that Shang Ke looked delicious. However, the entanglement of their lips brought about another kind of relish making him unable to stop. As the kiss deepened, a flame seemed to have been ignited within him and his eyes also became strangely bright.


Just as he eagerly wanted to go one step further, his movement suddenly stopped.


A stream of blood started flowing between their joined lips.


The pained expression on Shang Ke’s face made Di Kui release him from the imprisonment. Then, he watched Shang Ke silently.


Shang Ke covered his mouth and took one step back.


Just now, his tongue got bitten off by a certain zombie king… Such an unprecedented brutal kiss!


No wonder this fellow doesn’t have friends! He bit off someone’s tongue with just a kiss, wouldn’t he take the other person’s life if he makes love?! Shang Ke could only pray that this fellow wasn’t his lover. Or else, his future days would certainly be miserable and deadly.


Shang Ke’s body can recover on its own, but the healing speed of his injury while he was alive was slower. His tongue took one whole day to recover. The only fortunate thing was that he no longer had to worry about being eaten by other zombies as he now had the zombie king around.


As for the severed tongue, he didn’t wish to know where it went at all!


Four days later, Shang Ke finally managed to make Di Kui look like a human. His puffy short hair stick on the side of his face diagonally and his bronze coloured skin was flawless. His eyebrows were like blades and his eyes were sharp. His thick lips looked sexy and arrogant. He was still wearing a black trench coat for his top and his beautiful muscles could be seen at a glance. He wore a black leather pants and was paired with a wide silver-grey belt and a pair of dark brown boots. His whole person looks like two words: Cool, handsome!


Lastly, Shang Ke helped him put on sunglasses to cover his overly special eyes. A terrible zombie king became a human just like this. Shang Ke believed that as long as Di Kui doesn’t flare up, even Huo Xuan might not be able to see through his identity immediately.


Although Shang Ke already gave Di Kui a makeover, he didn’t have the intention to bring him to the human crowd. If Di Kui was able to be so cruel to Shang Ke who he got along with day and night, then what of those random people who had nothing to do with him?


He has also gained an unexpected result during this period of time. He finally found a food that barely satisfies Di Kui—Milk!


That’s right, it’s milk. Shang Ke encountered a transport team by chance and exchanged for many ingredients from them, one of it being milk. He originally wanted to use it to make fried shrimps with milk. He casually let Di Kui try it but he ended up finishing it. He also seemed to still want more.


Shang Ke almost cried tears of joy and immediately included milk related products recipe into his priority research. Before his research bears any result, he could only let the zombie king drink milk first temporarily. Shang Ke even provided him with an exquisite milk bottle.


What the zombie king likes to do the most recently was to kiss Shang Ke after finishing his milk. After many rounds of practice, he could finally maintain 10 minutes of hot kiss without biting Shang Ke’s tongue off. Although the result of this “hot kiss” was Shang Ke’s lips being torn, it was still a great improvement from his tongue being severed.


Unknowingly, the human and zombie pair spend more than a month “harmoniously” like this. They travelled in abandoned cities and remote outskirts. They met humans occasionally, but no out of hand bloodsheds occurred.


Shang Ke has been deliberately avoiding survivors’ cities, but there was only so much living space. In the second month, they still entered a small protected base to replenish their supplies. This place mainly acts as a temporary resting place for human mercenaries. They could buy supplies, employ manpower, transport goods and so on.


Shang Ke brought Di Kui along and walked on the lively street with humans coming and going all around.


Di Kui was wearing sunglasses and his expression couldn’t be seen. However, his steps were leisurely, so his mood should be quite good. Other people didn’t notice any oddity. They just faintly felt that Di Kui was very strong and couldn’t help but take a few more glances.


Shang Ke didn’t dare delay. He quickly found the exchange center and used the crystallines to exchange for some supplies. He mainly exchanged for a vehicle and food.


He originally didn’t need a vehicle, but the amount of milk was just too much. He had no choice but to buy a truck with relatively larger space.


While Shang Ke was waiting for the supplies to be prepared, he suddenly heard someone mention “Huo Xuan”. His mind jumped and he perked up his ears. Although the two people’s voices were very soft, his senses are very keen if he greatly concentrates his mental powers.


“Is what you said true? Boss Huo is here?” A mercenary couldn’t hide his excitement and asked softly, “Why is he here?”


This small base was quite far away. As the leader of the central main base, Huo Xuan wouldn’t appear here for no reason.


“I heard that it is for dealing with a powerful general level zombie. This zombie has already killed many experts.” The other mercenary looked around vigilantly and said softly, “This matter is still a secret, don’t talk about it anywhere else. Sign up with me later for ‘Shadowmoon’ recruitment. Boss Huo is in this team.”


That mercenary nodded his head and his face was full of excitement and admiration.


Huo Xuan is here too?


Shang Ke’s heart couldn’t help but jump. He had originally intended to leave the base after replenishing their supplies. Now that he heard this piece of news, he immediately decided to stay one more night and at least meet Huo Xuan.


Di Kui perceived his mood and couldn’t help but look at him.


Shang Ke came back from his thoughts and asked, “Can we stay here for one night?”


Di Kui nodded his head noncommittally.


Shang Ke have always been calm. He was never agitated even when facing death. However, he had an abnormal mood fluctuation just now. Just what was it that attracted his attention? Could it be the person called “Boss Huo”?


Di Kui didn’t like this kind of feeling. They hadn’t met before, but Di Kui has already placed “Boss Huo” into his blacklist.


When the preparation of supplies was done, Shang Ke left the exchange center with Di Kui and headed to the recruitment location of the Shadowmoon Mercenary Group.


“Shadowmoon” is one of the ten major mercenary groups on planet Gulan. It is ranked fifth and has members from all over. The head of the group was one of the members in Huo Xuan’s team, a level eight ability user called “Bai Mu”.


The Shadowmoon’s recruitment location had many onlookers, but the number of people signing up was few. One reason was because most people didn’t know that Huo Xuan was in Shadowmoon. The second reason was because the minimum level of mercenary recruited is level six. Just the second reason alone ruled out two-third of the ability users in the base.


Shang Ke looked around but didn’t find anyone that looks like Huo Xuan. That’s normal. Since it was a secret operation, how could he casually show up in the public.


As the hero of humanity, the image of Huo Xuan has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. He is only 33 years old this year. He became a level seven ability user at age 15, gained the bright boundary spirit piece at age 17 and built the first survivors’ base at age 18. For the next 10+ years, he has been committed to the construction of bases and the recruitment of talents. Then, he eventually developed to what it is now and held up a powerful protective umbrella for mankind.


Shang Ke found out where the Shadowmoon mercenaries were staying and left the recruitment location.


Then, he realised that Shadowmoon booked the entire building and outsiders cannot stay inside. Shang Ke could only choose another resting place nearby and wait for the chance.


Shang Ke whose attention is all on Huo Xuan completely didn’t realise a certain zombie king’s mood was getting worse… 

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