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Chapter 215: Death Cycle (XIII)

TL: Resonance


Di Kui casually brought Shang Ke back to the base, completely having no awareness that his identity was revealed.


They had just entered the room when Shang Ke was already pressed down onto the bed. The clothes on him were torned and flew in all directions unnaturally and his lips were sealed tightly. The strong force brought about an irresistible enthusiasm.


“Slow down…” Shang Ke held Di Kui’s shoulder and was unable to adapt to his fast pace.


Di Kui didn’t give him time to adjust. He groped Shang Ke’s body urgently and didn’t forget to use the half-baked skills he learned the first time round. Although he still wasn’t able to control his hand’s strength well, at least he didn’t get Shang Ke bruised all over this time, only leaving a few bite marks and scratches occasionally.


Shang Ke once again confirmed that his body was much stronger than before. But… The foreign object that suddenly entered him was still beyond his tolerance.


“Slow down!” Shang Ke gritted his teeth and grasped Di Kui’s hair hard trying to divert his attention so that he could remind him to slow down. However, he didn’t know how Di Kui’s hair grew as he wasn’t able to pluck even one strand out!


“Shang Ke, Shang Ke, Keke…” Di Kui’s low voice along with his hot breath brushed past Shang Ke’s ear. When Shang Ke heard the nickname “Keke”, his heart felt warm and the feelings deep in his soul flowed out like a tide, letting him forget all the pain in an instant.


“Di Kui…” This man has accompanied him through thousands of reincarnation and went through many hardships. Even though he didn’t have his memories, he would still fall in love with him every time without hesitation and without looking back.


“Ah!” The fiery desire suddenly plunged into his body. The shock that followed became a raging wave flooding the two entangled bodies.


Huo Xuan brought the injured Zuo Xian back to the base. He subconsciously swept through Shang Ke’s room and realised that there was actually someone inside.


They returned back to the base again? They still dared to stay in the human’s sphere of influence after he found out their identity? But when he thought again, he realised: Why wouldn’t they dare? Di Kui isn’t afraid to stir up trouble at all with his strength. On the contrary, he had more concerns and cannot make a move in the base. Otherwise, it would inevitably cause many meaningless casualties.


“Huo Xuan, we should immediately make an announcement and let everyone be more vigilant.” Zuo Xian suggested.


“Making an announcement would only cause panic and have no practical meaning.” The zombie king’s title had been around for a very long time, but who was able to kill him? Even someone as strong as Huo Xuan could only fight at a tie at best. The bright boundary sword body could resist Di Kui’s attack but couldn’t defeat him. 


“Don’t tell me we’re just going to let them run wild in the human base?” Zuo Xian was very afraid of the zombie king’s strength and was also quite discontent with Shang Ke’s arrogance. Although Huo Xuan guessed that this person could suppress the zombie king, Zuo Xian just wasn’t able to acknowledge him.


Huo Xuan thought for a moment and said, “I will follow them.”


“What?” Zuo Xian looked at him in surprise.


“The zombie king wouldn’t have the chance to go mass killing in human territory as long as I’m monitoring.” Huo Xuan leaned against the window and spread his perception out, hovering about near Shang Ke’s room.


“No way!” Zuo Xian was strongly opposed to it, “You’re the leader of humanity, you cannot take this risk. Besides, you’re needed for the construction and management of the base. Don’t tell me you’re going to stop caring about the base for the sake of monitoring the zombie king and follow them to travel around like an entourage?


Huo Xuan looked outside the window and said calmly, “If we can make the zombie king follow us on his own, then the problem you’re worried about wouldn’t be a problem.”


“Make the zombie king follow us? How is that possible?” Zuo Xian felt that Huo Xuan was crazy.


Huo Xuan no longer spoke and an obscure glint flashed past his eyes.


The night came and lamps of blue light lit up one after another in the base, looking like a hazy ocean. It was said that zombies didn’t recognize blue colour well and the use of blue light generally wouldn’t attract their attention.


The faint light shone through the window and lit up the dim and messy room.


Shang Ke woke up in the midst of shaking. The feeling of their bodies rubbing against each other made his body tremble. He laid on the bed and held tightly onto the pillow as he bore with the impact coming from behind him.


This time, he no longer remembered how many times he “died and revived”. He only knew that he would experience one round of infection everytime Di Kui climaxed. As the number increased, his body’s immunity got stronger and stronger. At first, he would stay dead for 3-5 minutes before reviving. Then, he soon only needed 10 seconds to recover. Finally, he didn’t even need to experience death anymore and would only have a brief period of zombification.


A rotten smell permeated the air and the bed was in a mess. Occasionally, the sound of shaking and body colliding could be heard intertwining with each other.


Shang Ke looked at the clock. Five hours had passed ever since they came back. He was exhausted, but the man above him still didn’t seem to have the intention to stop.


Shang Ke waited patiently for an intermission. Then, he got out of Di Kui’s embrace with much difficulty, got down the bed, and staggered into the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door, he turned around and saw Di Kui standing before him.


Shang Ke was angry: So what if you can teleport? A zombie king who teleports at every turn is the most annoying!


Di Kui had no awareness that he was given a cold shoulder at all. He hugged Shang Ke and rubbed about.


The two of them stayed in the bathroom for two more hours. Finally, Shang Ke was carried out by Di Kui. In the instance, he was thrown onto the bed, Shang Ke quickly grabbed the storage box on the table and took out a milk bottle from inside. When Di Kui entered, he turned around and stuffed the milk bottle into Di Kui’s mouth.


Di Kui bit onto the milk bottle and his movement paused for a moment. Then, he pushed about, hesitant to come out. Finally, he still came out reluctantly.


Shang Ke fell onto the bed and exclaimed in his heart: Long live milk bottle!


Di Kui lay beside him with one hand holding the milk bottle and the other hand holding his waist. He drank the milk while looking intently at Shang Ke.


“Di Kui, I’m hungry too.” Shang Ke said.


Di Kui immediately passed the milk bottle in his hand to Shang Ke’s mouth. Two rows of teeth marks could be seen on the teat.


Shang Ke: “… Thank you, but I want to make something else.”


Di Kui stuffed the milk bottle back into his mouth and sucked a few mouthfuls before he slowly removed his hand that was hooked around Shang Ke’s waist.


Shang Ke got his freedom. He casually put on a shirt and walked into the kitchen with naked legs under Di Kui’s burning gaze.


After a while, the aroma of food flowed out from the kitchen.


Di Kui leaned lazily on the head of the bed and silently watched Shang Ke’s every move.


Shang Ke didn’t mind his gaze at all and finished his wonderful meal. He took a look at the time, then took out a piece of cheese from the kitchen. He brought the cheese to Di Kui and said, “This is made purely out of milk. Try it.”


Di Kui looked at the white(fair skin) Shang Ke, then looked at the white cheese, seemingly considering which to eat first.


Shang Ke scooped up a large chunk using the spoon and passed it towards Di Kui’s mouth.


Di Kui opened his mouth and ate it. It was soft and sweet, just as delicious as Keke’s tongue.


Shang Ke saw his pleasant expression and knew that this gourmet experiment was a success. Sure enough, a certain zombie king prefers dairy products. His menu can finally be more plentiful.


Since they hadn’t left the base yet, he needed to make some additional purchase of ingredients.


Shang Ke placed an order online and arranged to collect the supplies tomorrow morning.


Di Kui lay on the bed and heard the sound of Shang Ke going out but he didn’t follow. His perception could reach hundreds of miles away. Shang Ke was the only human he paid attention to. No matter where he was, he could find him immediately.


The transaction went smoothly. The things Shang Ke bought weren’t supplies in high demand. However, there wasn’t much of those supplies so the price was a little expensive.


“Shang Ke.”


Shang Ke had just loaded the things in the car when he heard someone call his name.


He turned around and saw that Huo Xuan had appeared beside him at some point.


“… Can I help you?” Shang Ke smiled habitually. Then, he remembered that he needed to cause hatred and timely changed the friendly greeting to a lukewarm inquiry. However, he didn’t manage to stop the smile on his face on time.


Huo Xuan was shaken by his smile and didn’t pay attention to his tone at all. He asked, “Are you leaving?”


“Mn.” Shang Ke nodded his head and continued being busy with his own things, giving Huo Xuan the cold shoulder.


“Where do you intend to go?” Huo Xuan asked again.


“Somewhere far, I can go anywhere.”


Huo Xuan’s line of sight swept past Shang Ke’s neck and arm. His skin was bright and clean without a single bruise. Huo Xuan’s eyes darkened and he felt an inexplicable joy in his heart.


“Follow me.” Huo Xuan suddenly said.


“What?” Shang Ke stared at him in surprise. Saying “follow me” out of nowhere is very easy to cause misunderstanding alright?


“Bring the zombie king along and follow me.” Huo Xuan continued to say, “You know clearly how scary he is. If we leave him alone, he will only bring unpredictable dangers to humans. Although you can restrict him temporarily, who knows when he will lose control? Rather than being caught off guard then, it’s better to place him in a relatively safe place first.”


“Where do you want to place him?” Shang Ke asked.


“There is a small town southwest of the main base. That place is accessible from all directions and has a strict monitoring network. The people stationed nearby are all ability users level six and above.” Huo Xuan paused for a moment and continued, “Although those ability users are not enough to match the zombie king, they can at least ask me for help in time before the zombie king goes mass killing.”


“Why are you telling me this?” Shang Ke looked up at him, “Are you sure I won’t fight humans along with the zombie king?”


Huo Xuan’s lip hooked up slightly, “It depends on whether you agree to my proposal.”


He really… wasn’t able to disagree.


He had planned to follow Huo Xuan. Now that he had brought it up on his own initiative, it saved Shang Ke some trouble. As for the town mentioned by Huo Xuan, Shang Ke didn’t mind it. Even if there were destructive weapons buried there, they wouldn’t be able to kill him and Di Kui. That’s just how overbearing it was having an immortal body.


In the end, Shang Ke agreed, but requested Huo Xuan not to appear before Di Kui easily.


Huo Xuan thought for a moment and said, “How about you join the Shadowmoon Mercenary Group? I will disguise myself then. I guarantee that the zombie king can’t recognize me.”


Shang Ke narrowed his eyes and studied him: Why must we travel together? For that, you’re even willing to disguise yourself without hesitation. Be honest, is there some conspiracy going on?


Huo Xuan didn’t seem to notice his suspicious look. He said calmly, “What do you think?”


What else can I do? Agree, of course. There’s a saying called “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Reversely, “interaction reveals one’s ugliness”.


Shang Ke will definitely do everything he can to make Huo Xuan feel disgusted with him and think “can’t wait to dispose of him to feel at ease”!

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