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Chapter 157: Re: A+A

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 【Host has completed the main mission and one additional mission. Heroic value has reached 50% and above. Two Return Cards are obtained. Please make your draw when you wish Host.】


Shang Ke quickly drew two cards. On the face of one card was Rhine Lancelot (A+A), while the other one had Qin Yuan (I Am Not A Merman).



Rhine was the Empire’s youngest Vice Admiral and a remarkable Alpha with extremely outstanding warrior genes and an intense desire to conquer. As such, when he met Filmore, he used his own pheromone without hesitation toward him, making him as his prey even if he was another Alpha.


As he got to know Filmore better as a person, he gradually became aware that love and desire did not completely come from pheromone. The pheromone’s of an Omega aroused his desire more easily, but the one he was attracted to was the one he shouldn’t, another Alpha.


They fought together, shared their joys and sorrows of life together. From the initial rejection, they gradually became close. Rhine had a thought at the time, that even if they were both Alphas, they will become the most harmonious lovers in the future.


He liked his bravery that is fearless of death, he liked his strength in face of confronting adversity, he liked his stubbornness in facing difficulties, and he liked his optimistic personality that never placed blame on others.


On that last mission of theirs together, he had carried the injured him and walked on foot to find a safer location. He endured his own pain and fought days and nights alone until he was so drained and lost consciousness—but even then, his body still supported itself on pure willpower and fought on pure instinct.


This figure of his, became an everlasting mark in Rhine’s memory.


Filmore used his life to protect him, and disappeared from his life forever. What disappeared at the same time was his perception of lustful pheromone. His world lost all color, turning everything into a monotonous gray.


After refusing the seventh Omega expressing interest in him, many people started to speculate whether he lacked libido or was incapable. Although these idle gossipers suffered a severe reprimand later, Rhine’s year-round celibacy was a fact.


As an Alpha, whether it was physical capabilities or sexual desires, both are very strong. Alphas that remained virgins after growing to adulthood are virtually nonexistent. Under the influence of pheromones, even the most respectful Alpha will find it hard to not be influenced. More importantly, forcefully repressing their lust would bring more stress upon an Alpha’s body.


However, Rhine who has been promoted to an Admiral was not interested in any Omegas. His family were worried for his health and privately looked for a young and pretty Omega for him, then taking the chance while he was drunk, sent him to his bed. But disaster awaited that decision and the Omega was almost killed. Although he was not killed, his mental state dropped sharply and it took two years for him to fully recover. The family had to put in a lot of effort to hide the event. From then on, they never dared to send him anyone else.


Rhine’s conduct became more and more ruthless and his temper more violent. He spent a short three years to pull up the entirety of the Empire’s power by the roots. It was because the mission that caused him to lose Filmore was because of their background arrangements. Their purpose was to eliminate him, but the one sacrificed in the end was Filmore.


Rhine’s reason for living now was purely for revenge. He gradually separated himself from the battlefront he felt at home in, and forcefully inserted himself into a position of authority. He used any means possible to control the army and cracked down on those who went against him. His means were ruthless and short, it caused everyone to fear him.


His passion and dignity as a warrior gradually turned into callous. The man that was once revered as a hero by the populace turned into a powerful authority.


In the thirty years afterwards, Rhine continued to rise in the ranks. His authority was even somewhat higher than the Emperor, and in private, he was called the “Emperor Amongst Emperors.”


There is the saying that the victorious is the master. Rhine would have to overthrow the current ruling regime and become the new Emperor before the one currently in the highest spot of the pecking order would bow down to someone below them. But aside from his great revenge, Rhine had nothing else he wanted. Besides playing around with his authority, he had no other pleasures. As such, he acted without care and through bloody means, established a system of authority within the government which also netted him countless powerful enemies.


In fact, Rhine had long been prepared for someone to overthrow or kill him. But in the tens of years that have gone by, no one had succeeded. Those so-called schemes from his point of view were just like dancing clowns, incredibly dull.


As his position became more and more stable, and the one above him demanded more and more of him, he made a decision that left everyone speechless—he retired.


Most people retired to protect themselves from dangers they could not face, but he chose to retire for seemingly no reason. The highest position was right in front of him, he just needed one more step and he would begin a whole new dynasty. Yet he chose to give up everything!


After that, because of Rhine’s departure, the regime of power was once again swept clean. A new power struggle that lasted over ten years began.


Rhine gradually disappeared from the eyes of the people and no news of him could be found from then on.


But those he had once offended before, they have never forgot him. After he gave up everything, those people finally obtained their chance to wipe away their shame and commit their own revenge.


A certain day two years later, Rhine fell in front of Filmore’s grave in a drunken state and his head was easily sliced off by someone. The once famous and brilliant Admiral Rhine Lancelot who had enough power to rewrite history, died an obscured and unknown death by assassins. His corpse was also split into pieces, leaving him to disappear off the face of this planet without even an intact body. The pieces of his body were burned into ashes like nobody.


【Rhine, would you change for me? Respect me, trust me, and cherish me?】


【I would.】


【Then let’s stay together forever okay?】



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