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Chapter 17: My Heart Beats For You (VIII)

Half a month later, the bandages on Shang Ke’s head were taken off. He only needed to stay a couple more days in the hospital for observation before he could leave.

He was very spirited at the moment, completely unlike someone who had just underwent an operation. Everyday, he would take a walk in the garden and find some people to befriend, chat, and play some chess with. His life was very satisfying.

The only negative part was that Jian Chenfeng was becoming increasingly intimate with him, and the affection in his eyes was almost overflowing. Especially when they were alone, it would be completely visible for the world to see.

Shang Ke felt that this guy must be harboring some kind of scheme that will be used on him once he gets out of the hospital….

“Donglin, why are you not going in?” Jian Chenfeng saw Jiang Donglin standing foolishly outside Jian Xin’s sickroom and asked with a frown.

“No need, I don’t want to disturb her rest.” Jiang Donglin turned around to leave.

Jian Chenfeng stopped him, saying, “Xin’er said that you haven’t came to see her in a long time. You’ve been busy lately?”

“Hm, I am dealing with a major project,” Jiang Donglin absent-mindedly replied.

“What project is so important that you don’t even have the time to walk into the sickroom and see her for a moment?” Jian Chenfeng walked to his side, his sharp eyes staring into him as he continued, “Jiang Donglin, since you have agreed to be together with my younger sister, then don’t betray her. If I find out that you are doing something inexcusable to her, then I will not let you off.”

Jiang Donglin raised his head to look at him confessing, “Chenfeng, I’m afraid that I can no longer stay together with your sister.”


“After Yumo has done so much for her, I really don’t have the qualifications to be together with her.”

“Are you an idiot?” Jian Chenfeng grabbed him by the collar, angrily saying, “The one Xin’er likes is you. The one who has done the most for her will not necessarily be able to obtain her feelings. You one-sidedly gave up, but have you thought about her feelings?”

Jiang Donglin looked down, gloomily saying, “But I can’t disregard my brother’s feelings either. Seeing his own beloved in a relationship with his own older brother, just how painful must it be for him?”

“Jiang Donglin, those are all just your excuses. You just want to make yourself feel better,” Jian Chenfeng spoke as he pushed him away. “Your brother is far more understanding than you. He knew that the one Xin’er liked was you, so he did not force it, and rather helped you. And you? Just because you felt guilty, you felt bad and decided to hurt my younger sister after you finished hurting your younger brother? You certainly have no qualms about it. Do you plan on walking away from your problems and leaving others to clean up your mess?”

“Jian Chenfeng, I do not plan to avoid responsibility.” Jiang Donglin continued to seriously speak, “I just want to give Jian Xin another chance to choose, and let her get to know Yumo again. If they really can’t get together in the end, then I will do everything in my ability to chase her.”

Jian Chenfeng coldly sneered, “So you think that if you want her to choose, then she will choose, and if you want to chase, then you can just chase after her? Jiang Donglin, I really did misjudge you. I have always thought that you were a responsible man, but you are just an opinionated hypocrite. Leave, my younger sister’s feelings do not need your meddling.”

Jiang Donglin closed his eyes, and quickly left with a soft “I’m sorry.”

“Miss!” A cry of fear came from the sickroom.

Jian Chenfeng quickly ran over to see Jian Xin sitting in a wheelchair, holding her chest with a pained expression.

“Xin’er!” Jian Chenfeng supported Jian Xin and assisted the nurse in helping her to take her medicine.

“Brother, brother.” Jian Xin tightly grabbed Jian Chenfeng’s arm, tearfully telling him, “I don’t want to lose Donglin. Brother, help me bring him back?”

“Alright, don’t worry, I will call for him to come back in a moment,” Jian Chenfeng softly comforted her while a cold light flickered in his eyes.

At this moment, Shang Ke was leisurely walking in the garden when the cold voice of the system voice echoed in his mind. 【Additional Mission 1: Help Jian Xin obtain a healthy heart.】

Shang Ke’s face went stiff.

System, can you be any more shameless? Must it wait until his operation was a success before releasing this additional mission! If he had known earlier that this was going to happen, then he should have at least gotten his hands on a lump of brick, and smashed it on his own head a few times before the operation!

What should he do now? Dedicate himself and sacrifice his life again?

However, the System didn’t specify that it must be his heart. Helping Jian Xin find another heart elsewhere should be fine, but the process of completing the mission must leave him on death’s threshold, and while keeping in line with the “heroic” and “sacrifice one’s life” conditions.

This was truly baffling for Shang Ke. Hearts were not chinese cabbages, where you could randomly grab a couple. Not mentioning how there were few of them, they further had to be compatible. With Jian Family’s financial power, they have not been able to find one even now, so how could he?

While he was deep in his thoughts, Shang Ke saw Jiang Donglin hurriedly walking out from the hospital and charging straight for the parking lot.

Shang Ke jogged a bit, wanting to go over and greet him. However, in the end, Jiang Donglin didn’t even turn his head towards him before starting the car and driving away.

“Why are you leaving so urgently?” Shang Ke rubbed his own fuzzy head.

Returning back to his sick room, he just so happened to run into Jian Chenfeng, who was returning from Jian Xin’s room.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’re in a bad mood?” Shang Ke took a look at Jian Chenfeng’s constipated and gloomy face, and couldn’t help but ask.

“Your older brother just came by.”

“Hm, then?”

Jian Chenfeng gave him a glance before saying, “He decided to break up with Jian Xin.”

“Break up? Why?” Just what kind of plot twist had happened to the storyline while he wasn’t paying attention?

“He wanted to yield Jian Xin to you.”

“Yield her to me?” Has he lost his mind? Love is love, and not loving is not loving, so how does yielding or not have a place?

Jian Chenfeng’s gaze firmly stayed on him as he asked, “If they break up, will you pursue Jian Xin?”

“Let’s not talk about that. I want to know why he wanted to ‘yield’ Jian Xin to me?” Was he pitiful to the point that other people had to help him in matters of love? This was simply an insult to another person’s charm, alright?

“He found out that you were prepared to transplant your heart to Jian Xin, and felt that he did not have the qualifications to compete with you.”

Shang Ke was speechless. Sorry, he didn’t do it on purpose…

“I think it’s just that his self-respect is too high, and after always letting me have my way when I was young, he became used to it. This time is likely no exception.” Shang Ke held his cup with both hands, lightly biting its rim.

Jian Chenfeng’s line of sight landed on his lips, and he asked, “So, what is your opinion?”

Shang Ke swallowed his saliva and said, “Feelings aren’t candy, where you can say that you’ll let someone else have it and it’ll be over. Even if he really lets me have it, perhaps what lands in my mouth would be something strange-tasting.”

Jian Chenfeng eyes lit up as he spoke, “Then can I take your words to mean that you are planning to give up your feelings for her?”

Hey, can this radiant looking face of yours be any clearer?

Shang Ke couldn’t directly face the other’s radiant expression, and purposefully used a voice full of expectation to ask, “If I don’t want to give up, then will you help me pursue Jian Xin?”

“Don’t even think about it.” Jian Chenfeng’s face turned dark.


“So when you asked for my opinion, you were just testing me, right?” Shang Ke gave him an “I’ve already seen through you” expression, continuing, “You were never going to give me to chance to pursue Jian Xin in the first place.”

“That’s right.” Jian Chenfeng resolutely said, “You are already booked by me, so don’t even think about trying to break away from me in this life.”

But it was a pity, this life of his would likely be very short… Shang Ke eyes dropped down, and he stayed silent.

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