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Chapter 199: Let’s Run, Fox (XV)

TL: Sarah


In the woods, a group of vigorous figures quickly passed through them, chasing several avanis who were running away.


Shang Ke crouched in the tree, pulled out his long bow, and carefully aimed. The bowstring rang, and an arrow shot out. He watched as an avani cried out and fell to the ground. Shang Ke didn’t stop. He pulled back his bowstring again and pointed the arrow at the second target.


He didn’t aim at their vital points. He planned to capture a few alive and question them for the location of the oil. Even if the lions were not interested in developing at present, they should still take a hold of it. Besides, the avanis had to collect oil when they invaded another tribe. It was more efficient to cut them off from their resources than to chase them aimlessly.


However, the lions would always aim to kill when they saw avanis. They’ve still have yet to capture a single one alive after several chases.


“Fox, let’s go home.” After dealing with those avanis, Mutu waved at Shang Ke on the tree.


Shang Ke jumped lightly from the treetops and walked slowly to Mutu.


Mutu captured his waist. He bowed his head and nipped Shang Ke’s ear.


The party victorious returned to the tribe, happy and full of prey. They were passionately greeted as children swarmed up in excitement to be the first to ask about the fight.


In the split second Mutu’s attention was taken, two kits had taken his fox. That family-scene trio of foxes displeased him the more he looked.


Shang Ke bent down and scratched the nape of the two kits with his hands. The kit scrunched back his neck and happily let go of Shang Ke’s leg..


Mutu’s eyes flashed slightly. Was the nape of a fox sensitive? He will try it out tonight.


Shang Ke led the kits to the other children, and made a gesture of friendship, asking them to take good care of their new partners.


The oldest child immediately patted his chest and said no problem, but the kits were shy. Seeing that Shang Ke didn’t accompany them, they immediately turned and ran back to their mother.


Shang Ke looked at the fox beastwoman not too far away and frowned slightly. Without waiting for him to move, a pair of big hands pulled him to the side, and immediately, he heard Mutu’s dissatisfied voice, “Don’t get close to her.”


Shang Ke gave him a blank look. This kind of worry is unnecessary.


He had explained it yesterday, but in the end, this jealous guy tossed him all night. He probably didn’t pay attention to his explanation.


They went to the warehouse to count the prey and record each person’s harvest which they will then distribute. Two-thirds of the prey would be distributed each time, while half of the remaining one-third were given to the chief while the other half was stored. If there was less harvest on a day, the reserves in the warehouse would be used.


Nowadays, Shang Ke has begun to promote farming in the tribe. Half of the animals raised in each family were for public use while the other half were private. As it becomes more developed, this distribution mode would be changed accordingly.


Many lions and beastmen were not interested in planting fruits and vegetables. But in order to raise animals, they had to plant. The resulting green made the tribe look more lively.


Shang Ke took his share of the food and prepared to go back to cook. On the way, he met Kellona and her children.


“Yanu, could we… could we go to your house for dinner?” Kellona asked carefully.


Seeing that she was empty-handed, it was obvious that she wanted to go to his house for free.


Food was very precious to beastmen. Unless there were special circumstances, no one would give their food to others for no reason, and Shang Ke was no exception. Every time lion beastmen came to his house for dinner, they would bring their own ingredients. As an outsider, Kellona was even less likely to have any preferential treatment.


Shang Ke shook his head and walked around her.


“Yanu.” Kellona quickly stopped him and said sadly, “You said you would take care of my family. We haven’t had enough food for several days. The food given to us by the tribe is not enough. I really don’t want to see the children get hungry.”


Shang Ke was responsible for distributing the food, so he was quite clear about how much food Kellona received. Although it was not much, it was enough for them to feed their hunger. As a new outsider, Kellona should understand how to be content with what she had. She couldn’t always use children as an excuse to ask for charity.


Shang Ke looked at the two fox kits, and his eyes flashed slightly. He didn’t pay much attention yesterday, but when he looked again today, he suddenly felt something was wrong. The fox kits were sallow and emaciated, which was obviously the result of long-term malnutrition. On the other hand, Kellona, though wounded, was healthy and plump, and didn’t look to be suffering at all. Would this difference happen to a mother who loved her children?


Shang Ke looked up at Kellona with cautious eyes.


Kellona saw him staring at her, and her expression became more delicate and vulnerable.


Shang Ke wanted to say: Leave the children behind, you may leave.


The only people in the tribe who could get preferential treatment from him were children and disabled old people who had made contributions to the tribe. It was a pity that he couldn’t speak, and it was too troublesome to use sign language, so he could only ignore it for the time being.


As he was thinking, Mutu, who had finished the transaction, walked towards his side with easy steps. After seeing Kellona, his originally cheerful expression immediately became unpleasant.


“What are you doing here?” Mutu was king when it came to being insensitive. He had even less care to give when it came to this woman who had a past with his fox.


Kellona’s eyes flashed with a trace of timidity, and politely greeted Mutu. Then she made an excuse and left, even forgetting to take the kits away with her. They had to chase after her themselves.


“What did she want with you?” Mutu pulled Shang Ke’s big tail and turned on interrogation mode.


Shang Ke pointed to the ingredients in his hand and pointed to his mouth.


Mutu immediately seemed to have an idea. He leaned over and gave him a kiss on the mouth as said. After the kiss, he said coldly, “Don’t think that using beauty and food could offset your sin of luring people.”


Shang Ke: …Sometimes we really can’t communicate. We are not on the same wavelength at all.


In the evening, after feeding the lion, Shang Ke reiterated with the sand table and gestured that he had nothing to do with the fox beastwoman. Don’t try to use this excuse to “physically punish” him!


However, a certain lion seemed to have selective mental retardation, holding his tail and insisting that he was being fussy. Then Shang Ke was tossed in one way or another, asking him to give birth to a litter of cubs without any reason, otherwise he would hang bells on him every day.


Finally, Shang Ke became very angry, and stuffed an ancient version of a yellow lotus into his mouth, which made his exuberant desire and arrogance dissipate from bitterness.


The next day, Mutu took his people out hunting again, and tracked the avanis along the way. Because he was too tired to follow them, Shang Ke stayed in the tribe and did manual work with others.


The foreign beastmen who were taken in by the lion tribe were also assigned their own tasks, and given corresponding material rewards according to their labor efforts.


Shang Ke had experienced many worlds and mastered a wealth of knowledge and skills, but he did not create anything shocking. He only made improvements on the basis of the original products and technologies to gradually improve the living standards of beastmen.


The knowledge structure of beasts was too rudimentary, and many concepts and habits couldn’t be changed overnight. They were good at imitating, but they didn’t know how to use their intellect. What Shang Ke wanted to teach them was not a perfect advanced technology, but the way of thinking and the process of practicing to create this technology.


Quietly, a busy day passed again. Mutu and the others returned home with a full load, and this time they brought back several wandering beastmen. Shang Ke recorded them in the foreign register, and then counted and distributed the materials.


When everything was finished, Shang Ke saw Kellona coming with her child and telling him with a grievance, “Yanu, why did I get less food today than yesterday?”


Shang Ke turned and motioned for her to follow.


There was a clay kiln in the tribe, which could produce dozens of hundreds of pottery ware every day. At the bottom of each clay ware were the producer’s name engraved.


Beastmen didn’t use to carve their names, but due to Shang Ke’s influence, they gradually formed the habit. Mutu also stipulated that every month, a batch of high-quality pottery was selected, and the producers were given corresponding rewards and honors, so people were more keen to leave exclusive marks on their articles.


Shang Ke walked to the corner, where several strange-shaped pottery ware were placed, in sharp contrast with the round and straight pottery ware around him.


Those strange pottery ware were made by Kellona. In theory, making pottery was a skill that most beastmen could master, but Kellona was not only slow, but also very irregular in shape. The pottery ware made were basically the same as waste products.


Shang Ke’s meaning was obvious: your work is so bad, you will naturally get less food.


Kellona felt wronged. “I’m still injured, so my fingers are not flexible. It’s hard to not do a bit worse..”


Shang Ke was unmoved, if you do badly, you should properly learn.


Amongst the beastmen he knew, even if they no longer do pottery, making some simple containers was no problem. But Kellona seemed to have never worked before, and couldn’t even pinch a bowl well.


There were also some “nobles” in the tribe who didn’t have to do heavy work, but they often had expertise in other aspects, such as the “witch doctor” who was driven away before. This fox beastwoman was obviously not among the “noble.”


“You said you would take care of my family.” Kellona again used this reason.


If it was just once or twice then whatever. But to keep using it over and over again would just irritate people. Shang Ke was very cultivated and wouldn’t dispute with her, but she had been listed as an insignificant passerby in his heart.


His so-called “care” only ensured that they would have shelter and basic needs, and would not be bullied by other beastmen. He never said that she could eat and drink for nothing and enjoy VIP treatment. Even Mutu, as the Lion King, would not get something for nothing.


Shang Ke ignored Kellona’s complaints, pointed out the situation and left.


Kellona looked at his back and stamped her foot bitterly.


In the evening, Shang Ke made more snacks and planned to ask Mutu to send them to the two kits.


“I won’t go.” Mutu refused without thinking. Being asked to send food to the children of his partner’s rumored lover. Was he mental?


Shang Ke naturally wouldn’t embarrass him, so he specially called several little beastmen to add a meal to the little fox kits under the name of the game. He knew very well that the food he gave Kellona would only ensure they all were half full. With Kellona’s laziness, the two fox kits probably had to endure hunger for a long time.


A group of people came to a small earthen house where Kellona lived.


There was a fire burning in the room, quietly, as if no one was there.


Before Shang Ke could knock at the door, a small beastman pushed the door open boldly, and there were several low cries of panic immediately.


Shang Ke checked inside, and saw Kellona was not home. Two kits were curled up in the corner, looking at the people who suddenly broke in with horror. Seeing Shang Ke’s figure, they looked a little at ease, but still did not move.


Strange, where was Kellona?

Sarah: kellona sounds like a bitch who’s asking for more than what she deserves smh the poor fox kits tho ;w; i wonder if they’re actually hers….

SnowTime: *drinkings a new boba tea everyday.* The new boba tea shop is great (my roommate buying me one everyday bless her ‘cause I’m poor XD). Three more chapters of this arc to go and the next arc is basically almost completely translated by Resonance lol.

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