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Chapter 200: Let’s Run, Fox (XVI)


As Shang Ke walked to them, the two kits shrinked together. Blotches of dirt littered their faces while fear shone yet expectation shone in their large eyes. Their clothes looked rather shabby as well, like they haven’t been washed in a long time.


And they were each holding… a block of raw meat?


Shang Ke squatted down and took their hands for a closer look. He wasn’t mistaken, it was raw meat. They even have a bite mark.


Kellona actually had her children eat raw meat? Although beastmen still had some of their wild nature, they have already broken away from eating meat raw and rarely eat raw meat. A lot of parasites exist in raw meats so for children whose constitution was naturally weaker than adults, it was not healthy at all.


Shang Ke’s face sank and took the raw meat from the kits and threw them away. Then he led them to the kitchen stove. The kitchen stove looked deserted, it showed no sign of ever being used. The food provided the past two days were naturally gone without a trace.


“All you guys eat is this?” A young beastman asked the kits. “Where’s your mom? Does she not make food for you two?”


The two kits snuck a glance at Shang Ke and did not dare to speak out of fear.


Shang Ke scooped up some water and wiped their faces and hands. Then he took out some deserts he had made and divided it up.


The kits held the still steaming deserts and carefully took a bite as the strong scent of the desert lingered in the air. Their eyes immediately shone as they chowed down at a faster rate. As they ate, they watched the young beastmens next to them chatter loudly. A big smile gradually formed on their faces.


Mutu leaned against the doorway as he carefully watched the scene within the house while his ears were alert for any movement outside.


Shang Ke played with the children and left when they tired out the kits. By the time they left it was already very late, but Kellona was still gone without a trace.


After the two of them sent the rest of the children home, Mutu spoke. “Kellona should be at Apei’s home.”


Apei was a lion beastman. He was tall and broad and looked rather heroic. But he was too much of a playboy, most of the young females within the tribe had a leg up with him. Back in the days of the former Lion King, he did not dare to openly hook up with girls. But now he had no such misgivings and his playboy nature thoroughly blossomed.


It was clear as day what Kellona and him were up to at this time of the day.


Mutu and Shang Ke had made their way by Apei’s home right in time to hear a coquettish moan along with a man’s shout.


Their activity was very loud and sounded exceptionally clear in the quiet night.


Shang Ke had long gotten used to the beastmen’s openness, but Kellona’s situation was different. If she was doing it for her children, no one would criticize her for it. But she was focused on only making herself happy and did not take care of her children at all.


While the kits were eating raw meat in a cold house and fearfully clinging to each other, she was playing around with a man. As a mother, her actions were really too shameless.


Shang Ke had his suspicions. Were those kits really her children?


While he sank into his angry thoughts, a large hand landed on his head followed by Mutu’s voice, “Don’t think about it anymore. We’ll just take more care of those two in the future.”


This wasn’t something he could drag out. With Kellona’s personality, she would want a mile the moment she got an inch.


The next day, Shang Ke saw Kellona with the children strolling in the tribe. Although her clothes were still shabby, her appearance was rosy like a cockscomb flower that had been water. She would even exchange flirtatious glances with some males from time to time.


Shang Ke did not plan to spend too much energy on her, he had too much to do. He already had a plan, and that was to establish a school. Naturally, it wouldn’t be a school in the traditional sense, but rather more like interning, where children can work as they learn and rely on their own diligence to earn their food.


When a beastman hits twelve years old, an adult will guide them through the hunting process. So the targeted age of Shang Ke’s school was five and older, but below twelve. The new farmland he had toiled would be perfect for an experimental farm. The crops and animals that would be produced here would have the young beastmen have first pick for rewards. At the same time, Shang Ke will also offer two free meals. The schedule for classes would be two days of class and a day off, and they would be graded at the end of the month.


There wasn’t much resistance against the establishment of a school. Children in general have nothing to do, so having them work and pay for their own food is a good thing. Kellona’s children are five years old this year, right at the age to enter school. With Shang Ke watching over them, they would not need to worry about going hungry or freezing at least.


While making preparations for the school, the lion tribe’s first loch bull squad was starting to form. Other animals were also gradually tamed and being domesticated from their wild counterparts.


Shang Ke’s exploration of the wild did not stop. Every time they went out he would search for new species. On the other hand, Mutu led his loch bull squad on patrol over Kaloch Mountain and killed any avanis they saw.


The fame of the squad quickly spread out. Many beastmen who were forced to wander as well as weaker tribes surrendered to the lion tribe. Mutu and Shang Ke had a discussion and decided to selectively incorporate these tribes and beastmen.


With the rapid development of the lion tribe, they needed more and more manpower. Mutu did not have experience in developing a tribe, but he was careful and flexible. With Shang Ke’s guidance, he gradually gained the thought process and style of a leader.


Oftentimes, he could handle internal turmoil without Shang Ke’s reminder in an appropriate fashion. Under his governance, the whole tribe flourished.


Shang ke was very gratified with his growth. He was quickly approaching his mission goal.


“Fox, what are you doing?” Mutu stood outside a fence, watching the flying bees with a worried face.


Shang Ke had brought back two bee hives and hung them near his flowers a couple days ago. Thousands of bees had quickly occupied the place so the scenery was filled with them flying and buzzing through the flowers everyday. 


Bees can stick people to death! The moment someone was surrounded, they wouldn’t have any place to hide. So why did he bring home something so dangerous?!


Shang Ke did not pay attention to Mutu as he placed a beehive he had made near a flower bed so that he could divide up the nests later.


He worked so hard to bring back two bee nests — it was naturally for honey. These beastmen did not seem to know what honey was. He had been in this world for so long now, but he never saw anyone harvest honey. Beastmen remained a safe distance from beehives when they saw any so as to not provoke them. So there was no way they would take any home.


Shang Ke’s action was no doubt unfathomable in the other beastmen’s eyes.


“Fox, hurry up and come out. Be careful to not get stung.” Mutu’s whole body was taut as he readied himself to rush in and save Shang Ke at any moment.


Shang Ke remained at his own pace as he made his preparations. When he was done, he leisurely passed through the flowers filled with passing bees and arrived in front of Mutu.


“Fox, you’re planning to raise this kind of thing?” Mutu stretched out his arm to bring Shang Ke farther from the flowers.


Shang Ke nodded and placating looked at him, telling him to not worry.


How could Mutu not worry? As someone who had been stung before, he was clear about the pain they could bring. But he knew his fox always have a plan, so since he thinks it was possible, then he will just observe for now.


If that swarm of bees dares to leave even one bump on his fox, then he will immediately set fire and burn them all!


They walked to the front courtyard, where dozens of children were already present for class.


Shang Ke looked around and saw that the two kits were missing. So he pointed at the stone block that had their names and used his eyes to ask about them.


One of them answered, “I saw them being shut at home by Kellona.”


Shang Ke frowned. Some time ago he had saw the kits carefully wrap his food up and take it home, saying that Kellona had asked them to do so. Shang Ke had just thought Kellona wanted to try his food and did not care about it. But after that, they would take home his food every time until one day, one of them held their bellies and cried out in pain. That was when Shang Ke found out all the food was eaten by Kellona. The kits could only eat one meal a day. No breakfast would be made for them and dinner was eaten by Kellona.


After that, Shang Ke did not allow them to bring their food home. He didn’t expect her to shut them in.


Shang Ke was thoroughly angered!


First of all, regardless of if she was their mother or not, even an adult with no relationship with them would not steal a children’s food as long as they had a hint of shame!


Shang Ke suddenly realized that the tribe should create a punishment system. Stealing, mugging, murder, selling tribal information, property infringement, damage to public property, mistreatment of others and so on should all be penalized accordingly.


Shang Ke’s first bill draft only took four to five days for Mutu and the elders to pass it. Kellona became the first person to experience the new laws and was sent to the caves to dig for clay. She was required to dig 600 buckets of clay before she can return.


To the lazy Kellona, it was the best punishment there could be.


In the time she spent out her punishment, the kits were taken care of by Shang Ke.


At first, the kits were a bit out of place. But Shang Ke bathed them, combed their hair, made them good food and played with them everyday. He also taught them all sorts of knowledge. He raised them up from their thin and weak state into healthy ones. He gradually pulled them out of the harm Kellona inflicted on them.


Shang Ke later found out through pieces of information that Kellona was not actually their mother. From their blurred memories, their own mother and father had been killed two years ago by the avanis. After that, Kellona had raised them. They did not hate her, rather they sincerely treated her as their mother. Although she might not be too nice to them and frequently used them to win people’s sympathy, she had raised them for two years.


When Kellona finally finished her punishment, the two kits were dressed nicely and happily welcomed her back to the tribe. In spite of her muddy state, they threw themselves at her with happy tears.


After half a month of hard labor, Kellona had thinned a lot. When she saw the kits run over, a flash of resentment went through her face but she still endured it and emptily held them.


That night, Shang Ke made honey flatbread, honey candied fruit and honey fruit juice with the honey he had just harvested. He gave some to the kits and had them bring it home so they could eat it with their mother.


After sending them aways, he saw Mutu making his way over following the sweet smells. He gluttonously stood there, tail wagging.


A bowl of honey stood on the kitchen stove. The golden liquid that was clear and smooth was like beautiful gloss.


Shang Ke used chopsticks and dabbed some honey. He put it in Mutu’s mouth who licked it and was instantly melted by the sweetness.


Aoooo… He immediately hugged Shang Ke and kissed him, sharing the sweetness.


Sweetness could make people happy. As such, Mutu decided, he was going to go all out tonight!


While this place was filled with honey sweetness, the kits place was cold and cheerless. Kellona believed that her forced labor was all because of these two kits. So while she remained gentle while in outside view, the moment they returned home she gave them cold faces and remained uncaring to their gestures.


The kits looked at the cold desserts on the table and shrinked back their neck as they silently sobbed. Their time at Shang Ke’s was the happiest time in their life. But even so, they still wished to be with their mother. However, their mother did not love them at all. This was the first time they understood it so clearly.

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