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Chapter 201: Let’s Run, Fox (XVII)


Shang Ke had been sitting in his yard carving wood when he suddenly felt something on his tail. He turned around and found the two kits standing behind him, both grabbing onto his tail with miserable faces.


From the looks of it, Kellona was probably mean to them again. Does she not know how to repent after being punished once?


Shang Ke placed down what he was holding and washed his hands in the water basin. He took the fruit from the table and gave it to them while standing up. He decided to take them out for a stroll to help them feel better.


While Shang Ke walked ahead, the kits held onto his tail with one hand while eating their fruit with the other, blindly following wherever he went.


“Oh my, Yanu. Are you taking your sons out for some air?” One man teased him.


A peal of laughter erupted from their surroundings. The scene of three pretty foxes taking a walk was very heartwarming.


Shang Ke smiled at them and continued his stroll around the tribe. Other children who saw them also snickered and laughed as they ran up and followed behind Shang Ke, forming a line.


Today was a rest day for the children, but since all the children had gathered, Shang Ke decided to take them to harvest mushrooms. The mushrooms were ones he had transplanted during the winter. It was roughly time to harvest them. The environment here was very suitable for growing wild mushrooms. Shang Ke planted some at every dark and moist spot within the tribe. As the spring warmth came, mushrooms started sprouting everywhere. Grey ones, white ones, light brown ones. Some gorgeous poisonous ones would also mix in once in a while. He wondered if it was because he had been a mushroom spirit before, but the mushrooms he personally planted all grew very well. 


While Shang Ke harvested mushrooms with the children, he also got rid of the poisonous ones.


There were many ways to cook mushrooms. Stir-fry, quick-fry, braised, deep-fry, salad, soup, brewed, steamed, roasted and so on. They had a wonderful flavor and nutrients. Although most beastmen did not like eating vegetables, as long as Shang Ke made it, basically no one refused. Even if what he cooked was mud, they would still eat it. Doesn’t their Chief particularly like to eat that mud buried pheasant?


Every child had their pockets full of mushrooms after the harvest and happily followed Shang Ke home.


They held a clear understanding that if they seriously participated in learning and working, Shang Ke would give them a reward. Sometimes it was food, sometimes it was a toy. Other Times there were clothes and cute daily life items.


Someone amongst them had gotten a whole collection of carved lion tableware. Another had gotten a cool set of clothes. Everyone had been so envious of them.


When Shang Ke made it home, he kept the children for a while longer to make them a table full of delicious food. He had them taste for themselves the flavor of freshly picked mushrooms they worked hard to harvest.


When Mutu returned home, the children had already cleared off everything. Even the desert wasn’t spared. But Mutu did not worry, he knew that his fox would always leave him a portion.


After sending the children home, Mutu spoke to Shang Ke while eating, “Let’s go together to hunt tomorrow. I found out where the black oil came from.”


Shang Ke nodded and was not surprised. After all, the lion tribe’s loch bull squad had almost mapped out the entire mountain.


On the other hand, the two kits carried home a piece of honey flatbread each. When they saw Kellona standing by the door staring at them coldly, they immediately handed the bread over, timidly calling her, “Mommy.”


Kellona took the bread and returned to the house without a word.


As the kits became healthier and healthier, she was becoming shabbier and shabbier. She had thought that by relying on her relationship with Yanu, she could get preferential treatment. But Yanu did not take her seriously at all. Not only was there not any preferential treatment, she had even been sent to do hard labor and lost all face with the tribe. After her punishment, most people were no longer patient, accommodating or fawned upon her. The work she had to do, she must finish it. She could not skimp.


Resentment rose in her heart. They were both foxes, why would a mute like him get the Lion King’s love, while she could only be of low status and suffer no matter where she went?


Kellon was very good at using her beauty. She had once stayed at the avani’s tribe before using her beauty and skills at serving men to survive. After the avanis had fled, she had been brought back to the fox tribe and became the fox chief’s lover, living a life like a lord. But who would have thought that not longer later, they would be attacked by the avanis. She could only leave the tribe with the chief’s children and wander from bed to bed at various tribes.


She used everyone’s sympathy for children and women to get preferential treatment. Although her life wasn’t as good as before, she did not have to worry about necessities. But that ended when they entered the lion tribe, all her old methods did not work. Even when she threw all of herself at a man, she could only get some food and could not change her poor and lowly status. As for the two kits, they had lost all value after Yanu opened his school.


“Mommy, where are we going?” The next day, Kellona took the chance while Shang Ke and Mutu were out of the tribe to pack her things and sneakily leave the tribe with the children.


Kellona did not pay heed to their questions, focusing only on quickly leaving the tribe. She felt that it was better to join a small tribe than staying as a nobody in the lion tribe. She could gain power and more benefits there.


“Mommy, don’t leave.” As the kits saw that they were leaving farther and farther from the tribe, one of them pleaded with her as they kept looking back.


“Don’t leave? So I should stay and let them bully me?” Kellona sneered as she held their hands.


“They are very nice, they haven’t bullied us.”


That’s to you guys! Kellona gripped harder, causing the kit to cry in pain.


“Shut up! Do you guys want to lure the monsters over?” The ‘monsters’ Kellona referred to was the avanis. The kits parents were killed by them. Although they couldn’t really remember, the avanis had left a lasting trauma on them.


Hearing Kellona’s threat, they fell silent and no longer made a sound. They could only let her drag them into the forest.


When Shang Ke returned to the tribe, he immediately found out about Kellona’s departure with the kits from the children.


His face fell and he immediately mounted Calf and headed for the direction he was pointed, Mutu also took a dozen of his men to follow.


They had chased for over an hour, from evening to night. About halfway up the mountain, they discovered traces of a battle and blood that hasn’t dried yet.


“It’s the avanis again.” One of the beastmen squatted down and checked the traces before speaking up quietly.


“Looks like the three of them might have been taken away by the avanis.” Right after Mutu spoke, an angry shout could be heard a short distance away.


Mutu and the group exchanged glances, then jumped down their mounts and quietly followed the sound.


“You demons! You guys will be exterminated by the lions sooner or later!” A beaten bear beastmen hollered at the avanis surrounding him as he knelt on the ground.


An avani sneered and raised his longsword, chopping his head off without hesitation. The blood spurted and doused Kellona who was also kneeling nearby.


“Che, just two bodies. This isn’t enough for us to eat at all.” An avani moved his line of sight onto Kellona and licked his lips. “Why don’t we cook up this fox too?”


Kellona trembled as she forced out a smile, “Don’t kill me, I can serve you guys and give birth to your children.”


“Hmph, we can barely take care of ourselves, what is the use of children?” An avani slowly walked over to Kellona and used his sword to raise her chin. He clicked his tongue, “You are rather pretty. Then we’ll leave you alive for a few hours. After we have our fun with you, we can cook you then.”


Kellona’s face was deathly pale as trembles wracked her body. The two kits in her arms also clung together, their faces full of fear.


A thought sprung up in her mind and she immediately pushed the two children away, eagerly speaking, “I can give you my children. I just wish you guys will let me live.”


Shang Ke and the group had already stealthily made their way over by this point and heard her words. Fury immediately rose up.


The avani towered over them as he looked down on the shocked kits. He indifferently asked, “What would I want them for?”


“The meat of children would definitely be softer than an adult’s. Don’t you guys want to try it?” Kellona explained.


The two children looked at this woman who they had taken as their mother, and their expression changed from disbelief to apathy.


“Hahahaha.” The avani laughed loudly, “You’re giving us your own children for us to eat?”


Although the avanis’ main prey were beastmen, they had one principle. And that was to not eat children. They would rather kill than eat one.


“As long as you let me live, I will give birth to a lot of children for you.” Kellona shifted next to the avani, her finger twirling on his thigh as she seductively said, “I can make you guys happy…”


The avani did not move as he let her mouth and hands serve his manhood. He held a rather delighted expression. The other avanis couldn’t help but swallow at the sight, showing their own eagerness for their turn.


Shang Ke could not watch any longer. Under Mutu’s indication, he took the lead by shooting an arrow that speared one avani through the throat.


The battle thus began.


After a few shocked cries from the avanis, they picked up their weapons and started battling the lions.


“Daddy!” The kits happily cried.


Their cry was clearly heard by two avanis who charged up and grabbed a kit each before Shang Ke could get over.


Shang Ke stopped and alertly stared at the two avanis. They coldly smiled and chose a different direction to quickly retreat to.


Watching how they were quickly going to vanish into the forest, Shang Ke looked around and found Mutu.


Mutu answered without further words, “I’ll take right while you take left.”


Shang Ke nodded and chased after the one that went left while Mutu went right.


The avani clenched onto the kit he had grabbed as he hurriedly fled through the forest.


Shang Ke’s eyesight during the night wasn’t too good, so it was hard for him to aim. If he misaimed then the one that got hurt might be the kit.


Thankfully the avani had been slowed down by the kit so Shang Ke could follow him without worrying that he would lose him. As he went deep into thought, he noticed something odd about the way. If memory serves him correct, there was a cliff ahead.


The avani’s target was indeed the cliff. After coming clean to the fact that he wasn’t going to be throwing off Shang Ke, an idea bounded forth.


He stood by the cliff and laughed at Shang Ke. Then he picked up the kit by the collar and carried him over the cliff.


Shang Ke opened his mouth in desire to stop him, but no sound could come out.


“I will give you two choices. Jump off this cliff yourself, or I’ll toss him off.” The avanis swayed the kit.


The kit looked down at the pitch black cliff and was frozen stiff with fear.


Shang Ke clenched his fists as he felt the pain of not being able to speak for the first time. If he could speak, then he could have dragged out the time and negotiated with him.


But nowadays, he could only silently watch.


The avani did not know he was a mute. Seeing him silent, he thought he didn’t dare to jump so he sneered, “Looks like you don’t got the guts to, then just watch me toss this kid down there and we can settle this.”




Shang Ke threw down his bow and arrow.


This action successfully stopped the avani. He raised an eyebrow, “What? So you decided to jump?”


Shang Ke knew, even if he jumped, the kit will probably not live.


Step by step he went closer to the cliff. When he was about seven to eight meters away from the avani, he suddenly pounced toward the avani.


The avani could not react in time and was pushed over the cliff. As his body fell, his hand that held onto the kit also let go.


Shang Ke quickly grabbed the kit, then twisted him body so that he was on bottom and threw the kit away from him.


“Daddy!” The kit that was thrown into the air away from Shang Ke cried out in alarm as Shang Ke’s body quickly fell. In moments he was swallowed by the darkness. He futilely reached out his arms and wailed.


“Fox!” A loud roar came from behind as Mutu rushed over and caught the kit. He looked down at the pitch black cliff, unable to move away… 


Shang Ke’s body quickly fell, the wind whistling by his ear. He had wanted to use the wall to stop himself from falling several times but failed each time. Instead, he injured himself more.


Right as he was about to complain “My life ends here”, the System’s voice suddenly rang out: 【Congratulations to Host for completing Additional Mission 2 — Make the lion tribe the best tribe of Kaloch Mountain within five years. There must be at least 1000 members.】


What? It was completed?


So apparently the lion tribe had just sheltered over a dozen beastmen who had come to them for help. It was the tribe of that bear beastman that had been killed earlier. The Elder had written down their name in the direction so the lion tribe plus the population of the other tribes it subordinated formally reached one thousand and seven members.


At the same time the System spoke, Shang Ke only felt a burst of pain that almost made him lose consciousness.


When he returned to his senses, he found himself hanging on a branch. He miraculously managed to keep his life.


System, you bastard, you finally made a genuine golden finger!

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