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Chapter 84: Covenantor (VII)

The next day, Lu Xiufan took Shang Ke to the capital’s hospital. He had the doctor do a full body examination on them both.

Lu Xiufan frequently trained and practiced fitness, so his physique was sturdy and far more powerful than normal people. Shang Ke’s health status was also higher than normal people. But because he had undergone treatment for the mental virus, his mental lifespan had been cut short by over a hundred years, the mental lifespan of people in this world being around 215 years. The brain cells of a normal person held very powerful regenerative abilities, but once a Covenantor hits the age of 25, their brain cells would gradually lose this ability and weaken. 

Lu Xiufan read through Shang Ke’s health report, his face noticeably gloomy. 

“Sir, there is no one else at room 301V.” A bodyguard reported.

“Hn.” Lu Xiufan ordered, “Take Shang Ze over, if there’s nothing else, return at once.”

Under the escort of the bodyguard, Shang Ke went to Yue Cheng’s sickroom. Based on the doctor’s report, what Yue Cheng had was acute cerebrovascular disease, commonly referred to as a paralyzing stroke. With the current level of medical technology, curing it wasn’t hard, but the patient still needed a period of time to restore functionality. While they were recovering, their body would be in a half-paralyzed state. Their words would be inarticulate, and the patient may be prone to fainting or vomiting. They could not be overly emotionally stimulated.

Within the sickroom, Yue Cheng was watching the television while lying on the bed. He caught a glimpse of Shang Ke from the corner of his eye and shock swept through him.

“…Ze.” A muffled word came from Yue Cheng.

Shang Ke walked to the bedside and apathetically answered back, “Father.”

Yue Cheng stared at him in a daze for a moment and then immediately closed his eyes. Yue Ze was once his most treasured child, filled with his high hopes, suddenly turned into a covenantor. It was the greatest shock he had ever received to lose him in that way. From then on, whenever he saw his cold and detached face, he would feel incredibly unwell.

But now that he sees him again, Yue Cheng was still unable to dispel that feeling.

The sickroom remained quiet with only the sound of the broadcast music.

After a moment, a flat voice came from Yue Cheng’s side, “Father, I hope you get well soon. I will leave now.”

Following that, his footsteps gradually fell quieter as he walked away. The door opened and closed, and the room once again sunk into silence.

Yue Cheng slowly opened his eyes, staring at the closed door with a complicated expression. At the same time, a silver light glinted at the edge of his vision and caught his attention. He turned to it, to find a silver-sugar paper-wrapped chocolate lying on his pillow.

Great turmoil immediately went through his eyes. He remembers once telling Little Ze that he likes to eat silver star chocolates, because Little Ze’s mother was the best at making it. But ever since she died, he had never eaten anymore.

【Dad, don’t be sad. When I learn how to make chocolate, I will make chocolate in place of mom.】 The six-year-old Little Ze had once promised him.

Even though he turned into a covenantor, he still remembers that old promise? Weren’t covenantors emotionless? Perhaps Little Ze… 

“Little… Ze…” Two words forced themselves from Yue Cheng’s mouth as remorse and grief-filled his eyes.

After Shang Ke left Yue Cheng’s sickroom, he followed the bodyguard back to the floor where Lu Xiufan was staying.

He had just left the elevator when he heard a familiar voice from the corridor, “Your Excellency, please accept my invitation and allow me to repay back your favor.”

Lu Xiufan coldly retorted, “The one that saved you at the time was Shang Ze.”

“But without your order, how could he save me?” Yue Xuan earnestly stared at Lu Xiufan, the light in his eyes bright like the sun. With his gentle and beautiful appearance, it would give people the urge to protect him at all times.

Lu Xiufan’s eyes were like ice as he unsubtly tried to push him away, “I still have other matters to attend to, Young Master Yue, please head back.”

A cold chill rose in Yue Xuan’s heart from his cold gaze, but he still mustered up his courage to speak, “Your Excellency, please allow us the honor of you attending tomorrow. I will wait  for you at the Water Palace!” He had originally wanted to just make friends with Lu Xiufan, but after seeing him, he… fell in love. This man has a respected position, outstanding appearance and powerful atmosphere. He was the most perfect partner he could ever choose.

At that moment, Lu Xiufan suddenly stood up and walked towards him. His heart immediately sped up and a red blush rose to his cheeks. But unfortunately for him, Lu Xiufan did not stop and walked right past him, welcoming the person behind him.

“You visited him?” Lu Xiufan asked.

Shang Ke nodded, his gaze directed past his shoulder and to Yue Xuan.

Lu Xiufan did not look back and he hooked his arm around Shang Ke’s waist as he ordered the bodyguard, “We’re heading back to the mansion.”

Seeing how Lu Xiufan was so intimate with Shang Ke, despite being so utterly distant with him, a hatred formed from jealousy that he couldn’t suppress flared up in Yue Xuan. Watching the twos’ furthering backs, he clenched his fists tightly. Even though he turned into a covenantor, Yue Ze was still snatching his limelight. If he knew this was how it was going to turn out, he would have killed him off from the start instead.

It was then that a wish to kill Shang Ke was born in Yue Xuan’s heart.

Shang Ke held back the urge to turn his head and sneak a peek behind him. He calmly followed Lu Xiufan out of the hospital. He had thought that Lu Xiufan would not say anything to him about it, but beyond his expectations, he gave an explanation in one line, “Yue Xuan invited me to a meal, I refused.”

Shang Ke sensed that Lu Xiufan had always been treating him like a regular person and not an emotionless covenantor. From how he let him come visit Yue Cheng, taking the initiative to explain to him the appearance of Yue Xuan, as well as some smaller details about their interactions. Everything implied that under his cold exterior was a kind heart.

When they returned to the mansion, Lu Xiufan entered his study and inserted the chip he had just gotten from his bodyguard into the computer. He clicked on play and the scene of Shang Ke visiting Yue Cheng immediately flickered to life.

He had had the bodyguard record this because one, he was worried that Shang Ze would run into trouble, and two, he wanted to know if his decision to let Shang Ze meet Yue Cheng was right.

When he saw how Shang Ke walked to Yue Cheng’s bedside and called out ‘father’, the other not only did not respond, he even closed his eyes. Anger swelled in his heart.

Shang Ke, who was ignored by Yue Cheng, stood there for a few minutes then placed something on his pillow. He left after giving him his blessing. He didn’t know if it was the problem of the angle, but Lu Xiufan felt that he saw a trace of grief flicker through Shang Ke’s eyes the moment he turned around.

Lu Xiufan carefully stared at Shang Ke’s eyes for a while, then zoomed in on the scene. He could finally see that the item placed on the pillow was a chocolate.

Was there a meaning behind the chocolate?

That night, Lu Xiufan underwent a deep investigation on the connection between chocolate and Shang Ke.

Shang Ke immediately understood that this guy had the bodyguard secretly record everything, Luckily he was always keeping a blank face, otherwise he would have been caught already.

Although he cursed him out in his heart, he honestly answered out loud, “Father likes to eat mother’s chocolate. After mother died, I had told him that I would make them for him to eat.”

Lu Xiufan silently stared at him, then dragged him to his side, tenderly saying, “Shang Ze, you are kind, very kind.”

Who said that covenantors have no emotions? They merely express them another way. A promise from childhood was always kept in mind. Although he doesn’t look like he cares about anything on the surface, he had especially made a chocolate for his father. He used his precious memories, and silently returned the other’s emotions. This kind of Shang Ke was both moving and yet so sad.

“Little Ze, I like to eat red wine pudding and Brittany Kouign Amann. Make some for me in the future?” Lu Xiufan held Shang Ke’s hand, trying to transmit his own temperature to him.


Staring at his clear eyes, a familiar throb once again manifested in his heart.

Shang Ke noticed the expression in Lu Xiufan’s eyes was becoming stranger and stranger so he spoke, “There are still a lot of chocolates remaining from what I made yesterday. Would you like some?”

Lu Xiufan nodded, expressing that he really wanted to eat both the person and chocolate.

Shang Ke took the chance to evacuate from his embrace and turned to the kitchen to get the chocolate.

Lu Xiufan followed him out of the room.

Shang Ke made twenty-three pieces of chocolates, and each had a different shape. The only silver-star chocolate was given to Yue Cheng.

Lu Xiufan picked one up at random and ate it. The sweetness was gentle and milky and the texture was smooth and silky. He felt like this was the taste of happiness.

But Lu Xiufan could not eat too many since it was about time for dinner. He had to leave some room for a larger meal.

Not long afterwards, Lu Xiufan discovered that whenever Shang Ke made chocolate, they would always be squared. He felt that it was strange at first, and after mulling over it, finally came to a realization as to why Shang Ke made them so. It was because the first piece he chose that day was squared!

Upon discovering this ‘secret’, Lu Xiufan deliberately praised heart-shaped chocolates, expressing that they were very pretty. And from then on, his chocolates all turned into hearts.

Lu Xiufan ate the heart-shaped chocolates and wished he could immediately pull Shang Ke into his arms and love him dearly and properly. He was completely converted by cuteness!

With this enlightenment, Lu Xiufan noticed that Shang Ke paid very close attention to the details of his day to day life. Things like what he liked, what he disliked, what he was used to and what he’d said before. He kept all of this in mind and diligently took care of his food and drink every day based on his likes.

Lu Xiufan felt that Shang Ke must be a treasure bestowed upon him by heaven. Maybe he couldn’t feel emotions, but he was always warming his heart.

“Little Ze.” Lu Xiufan stood by the bed, watching Shang Ke make the bed, and said, “I’ve received news from Butler Fei. The new contract is in effect.”

Shang Ke’s movement stopped for a half a second, then he continued to make the bed as if nothing happened.

“So, sleep with me today.” Lu Xiufan slowly untied his belt.

When Shang Ke turned around, he had already stripped himself naked and stood straight before him.

Shang Ke fixed his gaze above his neckline, exerting a great amount effort to control his heartbeat and expression.

“I’ll carry you to bed?” Lu Xiufan stretched out his arms at him.

Shang Ke made the prompt decision to turn around, shed his clothes, get on the bed, lie down, cover himself with the blanket and close his eyes. His string of actions was natural and unforced, like they were drilled into him.

Lu Xiufan: “……”

Watching the quietly sleeping Shang Ke, a silver of love and regret trickled past his eyes. He lay next to Shang Ke and hugged his waist with one arm. He then spoke in a soft voice by his ear, “Good night, Little Ze.”

Lu Xiufan clearly understands his feelings for Shang Ke, and he also knows that if he wants to take him right now, he will not refuse him. But he wants Shang Ke to genuinely accept him, not because he was fulfilling the contract.

Lu Xiufan: Please don’t make me wait too long.

Shang Ke: I have to carefully think about how to perfectly maintain a cold and expressionless face and atmosphere while making love…

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