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Chapter 5: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (V)

Gabriel shook his hand with the bearing of a queen who was far above Shang Ke. “I’ve waited a long time for this day to arrive. I will return all of the anger you caused me today.”

After slapping the other once, he felt that his entire person had been refreshed, as though he had completed a great project.

Shang Ke just coldly glared at him.

Gabriel calmly fiddled with his collar, his fingers quietly closing the interference device in his collar. Immediately after, he stooped down to pull up Shang Ke’s blanket, and said with a gentle tone, “You look really tired, so make sure to rest well. I will come and visit you again. It’s just that…the next time will be bidding you farewell, and you might already be in the cemetery.” His last words were very soft, to the point that he was almost sticking to Shang Ke’s ear as he said it.

With that said, he took a step back and revealed a cheerful smile with his back facing the monitor, before turning and leaving.

That lowly person’s satisfied appearance really made one wish that they could kick him twice.

The original Cage was a bit arrogant and willful, and didn’t treat Gabriel very well, but it was not necessary for Gabriel to stick a knife in him when he was about to die, right? How great must his hate have been? Furthermore, Cage’s father was his benefactor and foster father. He shouldn’t bite the hand that fed him so easily.

Shang Ke stared at the ceiling, deep in thought. He was thinking about how to give that Gabriel a lesson with his hands unable to move and his mouth unable to speak. As he kept thinking, his eyes became bleary. Oh, so sleepy, let’s sleep first…

When Ravel entered the sickroom, the boy on the bed was fast asleep. His soft hair was stuck to his forehead with the ends slightly sticking up, causing him to appear somewhat languid. The sunset out the window passed, leaving a faint blush on his thin face.

Ravel quietly walked to his side, reaching out to brush away the hair drooping over his eyes. Suddenly, his movement stopped as his line of sight fell to the corner of Cage’s eyes. There was a shallow scratch. If one wasn’t careful and mindful, it was very easy to overlook.

He accompanied Cage everyday, so he was completely clear on what injuries the other carried. This scratch did not exist a few hours ago.

The doctors and nurses that took care of Cage were carefully selected, and nothing sharp would be carried on them at all costs. Normally, the nurses also wore sterilized gloves, and worked very carefully. Let alone injuring him with a scratch, they wouldn’t even knock or bump into him.

Ravel fell silent for a moment, before leaving the room and asking the guard, “Did someone visit Cage today?”

The guard replied, “Young Master Gabriel came before, but he left two hours ago.”

“General, what happened?” Kahn saw that Ravel’s expression was off and quickly walked up to ask.

Ravel’s eyes were gloomy as he said, “I’m going to the monitor room.”

The two went to the monitor room, with the doctor in charge of taking care of Cage also following them.

When the monitor room’s security guard saw them, he immediately stood up to salute them.

Ravel waved his hand and ordered him, “Change the monitor to show two hours ago.”

The security man immediately did as he was told.

The monitor’s scene quickly reversed, stopping at the scene where Gabriel showed up.

Ravel watched as Gabriel walked into the sickroom, before standing at the other’s bedside for a while. Following that, he bent down to help him fix his blanket, saying “I will come see you again” before leaving. There was nothing wrong with the entire event.

Ravel repeatedly watched it before ordering, “Analyze the video from when Gabriel entered the sickroom.”

Kahn asked him, “General, you’re suspicious that Gabriel carried an interference device?”

Ravel’s face was expressionless, his eyes cold. He wasn’t suspicious, he was certain.

However, in just a few minutes, the analyzing was complete. The scene from when Gabriel had entered the sick room was made clear before them.

【How was the taste of torture?】 His very first words made everyone unhappy, and they heard him continue, 【Take a look at you now, struggling at death’s door. Really pitiful.】

【Did you know that your days are limited?】

The people in the monitor room all sucked in a breath. They couldn’t believe that Gabriel dared to say such harsh words to Cage.

When they heard him say “I will inherit the family and its honor,” everyone involuntarily frowned.

It was true that, as long as Cage dies, Gabriel would be on the only successor as Utrecht’s adopted son. The honor with which Utrecht and Cage exchanged their lives would end up in the hands of this kind of person?

“Pa!” The crisp sound echoed from the screen. They watched the screen in disbelief that Gabriel actually dared to slap Cage!

The monitor room entered a state of deathly silence, with all its occupants  angered speechless. In the video, Cage lied on the hospital bed helplessly, his eyes full of anger as he glared at Gabriel. He seemed to have a thousand words to say, but was powerless to say them.

After Gabriel left, Cage stared silently at the ceiling. A layer of mist gradually formed on his dark green eyes, like he was about to shed tears. However, they never fell. It would have been better if he had cried, with the way he stifled himself making everyone feel even worse.

“How could Gabriel…” Kahn hadn’t even finished his sentence when he felt a chill by his side. He saw Ravel’s frigid expression, and a gaze that could drill into a person. His entire person was emitting a powerful murderous aura.

Kahn could imagine Ravel’s current mood. He was such a rigid and monotonous man, and besides work there was just more work. His life was very dull, but ever since Cage’s appearance, it was like a magnificent color was smeared on his world, and it was gradually being colored and brightened. It caused his entire person to become gentler.

Perhaps the man himself had not noticed how his attachment to Cage had already exceeded a normal margin. He would wholeheartedly nurse the boy everyday, and made sure that he did not get even the slightest injury. And now, the boy who he cherished like a treasure had been humiliated by another person before his eyes. How could he not be angry?

Cage could neither move nor speak. If Ravel wasn’t so attentive, then the humiliation he received today may have never been discovered by anyone.

When he thought up to this point, Kahn’s evaluation of Gabriel dropped to the freezing point. If they allowed this kind of person to inherit the family, it would be simply an insult toward General Utrecht and Cage.

“Kahn.” Ravel suddenly spoke, “Keep an eye on Gabriel, and wait for me.”

He left immediately after saying that, walking with large strides towards Cage’s sickroom.

Shang Ke was already awake, enjoying the big sister nurse’s gentle care.

At this moment, a large hand reached over to take away the towel from the nurse’s hand, gently helping Shang Ke wipe his face.

When he smelled the familiar scent, Shang Ke opened his eyes. Seeing that it was Ravel, he revealed a smile. After all, after constantly receiving this man’s care, it was impossible for him not to have a favorable impression of him.

Ravel’s eyes darkened, and he continued to watch the other. He showed no intention of moving his gaze away.

Shang Ke was used to it. This man sometimes liked to stare at something for a long time, such as his eyes, his hands, his food, his clothes, his cup, his bed… In short, everything in this room had been stared at by him.

If any of these things were sentient, they probably would’ve been frightened stiff by his sharp gaze.

However, this man’s gaze was a bit different from usual. In those ice-cold eyes was some tenderness, and within the tenderness was some anger, and within the anger was some depression… Don’t ask him how he was able to glean so much information from just a pair of eyes, it was really because he was just too bored!

“Do you want to go out for a bit?” Ravel asked him.

Oh! You finally thought of letting me go out to get some fresh air? A bright and beautiful light transformed Shang Ke’s expression, like two stars jumping in the sky.

Ravel’s eyes turned softer and he moved aside the blanket, picking him up and gently placing him in a wheelchair, before starting to push him to the garden downstairs.

The wheelchair had innumerable functions, and could even float and fly. If Shang Ke’s hands and feet weren’t paralyzed, it was entirely possible for him to use the wheelchair and travel anywhere.

This hospital was the royal family’s, and only received nobility and officers with special achievements. It had a cozy environment and delightful scenery.

Enjoying the warm breeze and smelling the fragrant flowers, Shang Ke revealed a very comfortable appearance.

Truthfully speaking, if he wasn’t paralyzed, then fighting to pass the three near-death missions and spending the remainder of his life in this world would be a pretty good choice. He now had identity, status, and a backer. He did not need to worry about food or clothes, and could just follow after the main character and live out his youth. Life simply could not be more wonderful.

“Sire Ravel.” At this moment, a handsome man wearing a military uniform walked over holding a large bouquet of flowers. He first saluted to Ravel, before looking over at Shang Ke and gently smiling. “Young Master Cage, hello.”

Shang Ke looked toward Ravel, who introduced him, “This is your father’s old friend’s son, Senior Colonel Roy.”

Shang Ke nodded to him as a greeting.

“Cage, this bouquet of flowers is for you.” Roy gently placed the bouquet of flowers in Shang Ke’s arms, blinking nervously. “The flowers were personally chosen by me. I hope you like them.”

The bouquet was very large, almost covering half of Shang Ke’s face. Only two dark green eyes were exposed within the bouquet, like a little kitten that was hiding in a cluster of flowers. It was cute beyond words, causing Roy to hold his chest.

While he was being tortured, he had been like a fierce cheetah, and even when he lost his sharp claws, it did not diminish his strong spirit. However, the current him was as gentle and harmless as a small animal. Who would have thought that such a tenacious heart lay within such a fragile body. It was such a sharp contrast that it caused people to be deeply moved by him.

“I really wanted to come visit you, but I kept worrying that I would disturb your rest. Now that I am able to see you so full of vigor, I can finally feel relieved.” Roy’s eyes carried a genuine joy as he continued, “After you recover, please allow me to take you around King City and entertain you.”

Although he said that, they all knew that it was unlikely to happen.

“Roy, since you’ve seen him, then you can leave now.” Ravel suddenly spoke and interrupted Roy, preventing him from occupying Shang Ke’s attention.

Roy could only regretfully shrug his shoulders, before saluting and turning around to leave.

Ravel crouched down by Shang Ke’s side and asked, “How is Roy in your eyes?”

How was he? Pretty good. Shang Ke looked at Ravel with a puzzled expression.

“Then,” Ravel continued, “If we allow Roy to take Gabriel’s place and inherit your father’s legacy, would you agree?”

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