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Chapter 6: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (VI)

“If we allow Roy to take Gabriel’s place and inherit your father’s legacy, would you agree?”

Agree, I totally agree! Perhaps Ravel had also seen through Gabriel’s narrow-minded self and untenable nature?

When Ravel saw him nod, he didn’t say anything and merely rubbed his head.

It was only then that Shang Ke noticed a mole on the palm of Ravel’s right hand. It was said that people with a mole on their palms were not only rich, but they were also talented leaders. There were also people who said it was because their previous incarnation’s predestined love was unfulfilled, and so a mole was left behind to allow them to meet their lover in their current life. However, Buddhism generally believed that the mole in their hand’s hollow was the bane of others’ existence.

There was no way to investigate the last two, but the Ravel in front of him was unconditionally rich and a talented leader, a winner in life that had both qualities.

Shang Ke did not know that Ravel actually fulfilled all three.

“It’s late, so let’s return. I will eat with you.” Ravel then pushed Shang Ke back to the sickroom and told the nurse to bring them some food.

Ravel ate whatever Shang Ke ate. Even if it was just a bowl of plain rice congee, he would eat it without a single change in his facial expression. This caused Shang Ke to rather admire him.

Although these days his food had somewhat improved, in actuality his body was weak to the extreme. He was simply unable to take in too much nutrition. Therefore, no matter how spirited he may have appeared, his body was getting thinner day by day.

Doctor Banny had said previously that every day he lived was miraculous. If it were other people, they would have long since lost their will to continue living on. He knew that the reason why Cage continued to persevere was that he wanted to witness the establishment of the new empire with his own eyes.

For the first time, Ravel wavered. He didn’t want to announce the news, since he was afraid that once Cage’s dream was fulfilled, then he would die without hesitation.

Ravel couldn’t bear to part with him, and also couldn’t let him go…

That night, Ravel returned to his mansion.

Kahn stepped forward to report, “This subordinate has placed Gabriel under house arrest in the guest room. How do you plan to deal with him, General?”

Ravel’s face quickly chilled and he walked to the guest room.

“Let me out! I am General Utrecht’s son, you can’t do this to me!” Gabriel’s noisy voice could be heard from the guest room.

The guard was indifferent to his shouts. When he saw Ravel and Kahn arriving, he immediately bowed and saluted, before opening the door.

When Gabriel saw Ravel walk in, his temper was pacified and he asked, “Sire, you’re finally back. May I ask why you placed me under house arrest?”

Ravel did not reply, and he merely gestured for Kahn to play the recording from the hospital.

When Gabriel saw the recording, his expression changed and he gritted his teeth. “My actions were a little improper, but you would understand if you knew what Cage had done to me.”

“I don’t need to know what he had done to you previously,” Ravel coldly and detachedly spoke, “I only know that you insulted and injured Cage while he is immobilized with serious injuries. Just who gave you the courage to treat a hero who has just experienced torture like that?”

“Hero?” Gabriel said disdainfully. “If he had obediently stayed on Taima Planet, then none of this would have happened. Without him, you still would have been able to succeed. It’s his own fault that he’s now in such a condition. Why is he being treated as a hero by others?”

“Why?” Ravel gestured to Kahn and said, “You tell him.”

Kahn coldly looked at Gabriel and started to explain, “Perhaps Young Master Cage’s initial appearance and arrest were both blunders, but his performance afterwards was enough to be called as a hero. He paid the price for his own mistake, while he also strengthened our faith in the cause. Like you said, we most likely could have succeeded, even without him. However, his appearance shifted the enemy’s attention and gave us more time to strike back, decreasing our casualties.

He paused before continuing, “Young Master Gabriel, if it were you, could you perform even better than him?”

“Why couldn’t I?” Gabriel stuck out his chest, boasting, “I was always more outstanding than him, more hardworking than him, and more suitable for father’s inheritance than him.”

A thin layer of frost emerged in Ravel’s eyes. When he thought back to how Cage had been insulted by such a superficial man, he found it difficult to endure.

Ravel coldly spoke, “Kahn, I’ll leave it to you. Have him taste torture and see if he can truly perform as well as he said, even better than Cage.”

After speaking, he directly turned and left the room.

“Sire Ravel, wait, I am General Utrecht’s heir. For you to treat the son of a hero like this, are you not afraid of the public’s anger?”

Kahn revealed an expression of pity for him. This guy didn’t even know that, very soon, his position as heir wouldn’t be assured. In fact, ever since General Utrecht sacrificed his life, his family’s name remained, but in reality, it was as good as dead. What Ravel had retained was their family’s official rank and achievements. If Cage were to pass away, then who would inherit the family name would depend entirely on who Ravel wants.

Gabriel was originally the best choice, but it was a pity that, by not being able to bear his anger for even a bit longer, he had courted disaster for himself.

Kahn got a needle from a royal guard and told Gabriel, “Cage had been injected with a tenfold sensitizer, but I will give you mercy and only give you half of that, so I will only use a dosage of fivefold.”

Gabriel looked at the needle in Kahn’s hand, and a trace of fear flashed through his eyes.

That night, a string of mournful screams sounded from within Ravel’s guest room, and continued for a long time.

The next morning, Kahn arrived to report the situation.

“He only persevered for two hours.” He started up the video, showcasing how Gabriel had started to beg for forgiveness at the torture’s six-minute mark, tears and mucus streaming down his face. He cut a very sorry figure, but this kind of reaction wasn’t strange. After all, five-times the pain wasn’t something the average person could bear. Kahn had not even done it seriously, otherwise, Gabriel wouldn’t have even lasted an hour.

“Just how did Cage do it?” With Gabriel as a foil, Kahn expressed his extreme shock at Cage’s ability to survive ten-times the torture. That was not just physical torment, but it was a test of his will.

Ravel was entirely uninterested towards the torment Gabriel underwent. He turned his head to Kahn and told him, “I will stay overnight at the hospital today.”

Kahn stared blankly for a moment, before quickly replying, “Tomorrow is the ceremony for founding the country.”

“I know,” Ravel said dispiritedly, “Bring the ceremonial robe to the hospital early, and I will leave the hospital in time to go directly to the ceremony plaza.”

“But your safety…”

“I believe in your ability to handle things.” Ravel patted Kahn’s shoulder as encouragement, before leaving the study and going straight to the hospital.

Kahn looked speechlessly at his departing figure. As a leader, is it okay to be so willful?!

When Ravel arrived at the hospital, Shang Ke was diligently working to raise his arm, in order to grab a fruit from the dining table.

Ravel immediately levelled a sharp gaze at the nurse on the side and asked, “Why are you not helping?”

The nurse hurriedly answered, “Young Master Cage wanted to try by himself.”

Shang Ke nodded toward him, expressing that it was his idea. Although his fingers still could not move, his arm could already move about somewhat.

Successfully grasping the fruit, he gave Ravel a cheerful smile before raising it in front of him.

“For me?” Ravel asked.

Shang Ke nodded his head.

Ravel took the fruit and showed no displeasure as he readily ate it bite-by-bite, very seriously.

Noticing how Shang Ke was staring at him, he took a piece of pre-cut fruit from the fruit plate and held it near Shang Ke’s mouth.

Shang Ke opened his mouth and bit down.

With the two people together, one person eating and one person feeding, the atmosphere was extremely harmonious.

After Shang Ke finished his breakfast, he noticed that Ravel was showing no indication of leaving, and felt that it was a bit strange.

“I will be staying today to accompany you.” While he turned on the broadcast, he continued speaking, “After breakfast, we’ll watch two hours of programs, and then rest for an hour before eating lunch. After lunch, I’ll take you out for a walk around the garden, to view the flowers and butterflies and listen to music. Two hours later, we’ll stop for some tea and pastries, and then come back to the room to rest. After dinner, we’ll change your medicine, nurse your body, and undergo inspection.”

Like he was handling official business, Ravel had arranged the day’s entire schedule. Shang Ke became increasingly dumbfounded as he listened.

“If you have any objections, you can use your body language to get my attention at any time.” Ravel looked seriously towards Shang Ke, waiting for his response.

Shang Ke couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes, this man was pretty cute.

Ravel steadily stared at him, and within his icy blue eyes was only the other’s smile.

Shang Ke nodded towards him, expressing his agreement to his plans.

It was only then that Ravel moved his line of sight away, in order to assist Shang Ke in changing the channel. After he chose an entertainment program under Shang Ke’s direction, they began to watch it together.

The program was very funny, causing Shang Ke to laugh several times. However, Ravel’s expression was the same from beginning to end, and his lips didn’t even move a little.

Shang Ke was truly suspicious that his facial nerves had problems.

“What’s wrong?” Ravel sensed Shang Ke’s line of sight on him, and turned to ask him.

Shang Ke shook his head, expressing that nothing was wrong.

Ravel took a look at the time and told him, “You should rest now.”

Right after speaking, he got up to help Shang Ke lie down. Seeing the other’s bright and spirited eyes, he covered them with his hand and ordered, “Sleep. I will wake you up in an hour.”

Shang Ke thought, but he has zero interest in sleeping!

While lying on the bed, he exercised his mind for an hour, before getting up and eating lunch with Ravel. After lunch, it was time for fresh air. There was music playing, and Ravel personally…picked flowers for him. He didn’t know whether it was because Roy had given him a bouquet of flowers yesterday, and so Ravel thought that he really liked flowers…

Anyway, throughout the day, Ravel actually completed the daily schedule just as he had told him. That night, he even planned to spend the night at the hospital.

As the new empire’s leader, wasn’t he a bit too free?!

However, someone “accompanying him to sleep” still felt pretty nice. The time for his departure was coming soon. A day in this world was one day less, and although the time was quite short, he hadn’t come in vain for him to be able to know a friend like Ravel.

Shang Ke looked at the other bed where Ravel was laying, and silently said to him, Good night, my friend.

The next morning, Shang Ke opened his eyes to the sight of a beautifully dressed and crowned Ravel. The scene gave him the feeling of attending an extravagant party.

Ravel told him, “Today is the day that we will hold the ceremony for the founding of the new empire. We worked hard for over ten years, and have finally entered a new era. Cage, this is an honor for all of us. I ask for you to wait and see.”

Ravel’s expression was grave, with an assertive aura, as if he had been born to be King.

Shang Ke’s heart sped up a bit at the sight, and a radiance like the rising sun unknowingly appeared in his eyes, causing Ravel’s blood to boil.

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