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Chapter 7: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (VII)

Shang Ke leaned against his pillow, staring at the holographic screen before him. The founding of the state ceremony was being broadcast.

There was a vast, lively crowd bustling in the plaza. Ravel sat in a shuttle car that was slowly traveling on the planned route. Guards in a naval escort formation flanked him on both sides. They fired gun salutes into the sky, which burst into colorful flowers in an unprecedentedly majestic scene.

Shang Ke felt that, if a man were to be as accomplished as Ravel, then his life was truly worth living. As the King of a new empire, with the masses below him, he was truly number one in the world.

“Sire Ravel, no, he should be called ‘His Majesty’ now. His Majesty is really too cool!” The big sister nurse praised him with stars in her eyes.

Shang Ke nodded his head to express his agreement. He reluctantly admitted that Ravel looked two-thirds cool.

Ravel ascended onto the tall platform and started to give his speech. His appearance was grave, and his eyes firm. The strictness of a soldier and the elegance of a noble mixed and gave him a unique charm, causing reverence to be born in people’s hearts.

When he loudly declared the termination of Cruise’s regime and establishment of the new empire, everyone started to cheer. They cried, laughed, and hugged each other, feeling all sorts of complicated emotions.

Shang Ke wasn’t someone of this world, so he hadn’t experienced Cruise’s regime of darkness and brutality. However, after seeing their sincerely happy expressions, he also felt rather moved.

In fact, being treated like a hero felt pretty good. Although he could only be regarded as a “false” hero, he truly did suffer though torture. So, for better or worse, even though he didn’t contribute anything, he had still worked hard. Shang Ke felt as though he could also “rejoice and celebrate with everyone” for a bit.

At this moment, Ravel suddenly raised his head with a burning gaze. It seemed as though he could see through the screen to somewhere.

“Ah!” The big sister nurse let out a low scream, and was especially moved as she said to him, “Young Master Cage, His Majesty must be looking at you!”

Can you not joke around? He was obviously using a conquering-the-world gaze.

When the big sister nurse saw that he didn’t react, she suddenly grew nervous and walked to his side, carefully inspecting the instrument’s data and asking, “Young Master Cage, how do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Shang Ke confusedly looked at her, not understanding why she was so nervous. Wasn’t he just fine? If he had a problem, then he would have long since “beautified”. (The magical Perfect Expression Pack, will let you become more and more beautiful~~)[1]

When the nurse realized that nothing was wrong, she released the breath she was holding and told him, “His Majesty specifically reminded me to always be mindful of your condition. He was worried that something unexpected would happen while you were watching the ceremony.”

Exactly what unexpected thing could happen? Was Ravel afraid that he would die from being overly excited? Don’t worry, he still had another three days to live.

The ceremony lasted three hours. Even after Ravel left, the crowd in the plaza did not scatter.

Shang Ke was just about to change channels when he got a phone call from Ravel. Looking at the time, that guy should be quite busy at this time, and yet he still didn’t forget to call him. He was really a considerate friend.[4]

“Did you watch the ceremony?” Ravel asked.

Shang Ke nodded.

“Are you happy?”

Of course. Shang Ke continued to nod.

“There’s also a banquet this afternoon. I was going to bring you there to attend it, but I’m worried about your body.” Ravel carefully inspected Shang Ke through the screen, and felt relieved after confirming that he was actually fine.

In truth, Shang Ke really wanted to go to the banquet and see the world. This was the country’s banquet! He was finally close friends with a monarch, and it was likely he wouldn’t have such an opportunity again.

Ravel looked at his shining eyes, and his body’s cold aura weakened.

“Your Majesty, everyone is waiting for you.” Kahn’s voice could be heard from Ravel’s side.

Ravel returned to his senses and told Shang Ke, “Rest well and wait for me to return.”

The call ended and the big sister nurse helped Shang Ke fix his blanket, teasing him with a smile, “His Majesty said it, so you need to rest well. You can’t disobey his order.”

Shang Ke curled his lips, thinking, Don’t think I don’t know that you are an informer he placed by my side, a crafty person, a spy![2]

After he silently roasted her a little, Shang Ke closed his eyes and obediently went to sleep. After all, who could hope for a half paralyzed man to jump around?

That night, Ravel pushed aside all other social niceties and directly returned to the hospital, without even changing out of his clothes.

As he walked to the room’s door, he slowed his steps and lightly pushed open the door. When he saw the fast asleep Shang Ke, his pupils contracted slightly.

He walked to the hospital bed and scrutinized what was shown on the instrument. He then slowly sat down, holding Shang Ke’s hand and feeling his temperature. It was only then that he finally relaxed.

Thank you for continuing to live.

The next morning, Shang Ke heard a voice through the door in his muddled conscious state. Ravel seemed to be speaking to someone, but his tone was very cold.

“Quickly find out where the news came from!” A trace of killing intent flashed through Ravel’s eyes as he continued, “It not only calls my authority into question, but it also is an insult towards Cage.”

Kahn frowned and said, “I’ve already found people to carefully checked the images and videos. They really aren’t counterfeit, but…”

“I will only believe in the Cage I have seen. No matter whether they are true or false, they will not influence my judgement of him.” Ravel stared sharply at Kahn.

“This subordinate understands.” Kahn’s expression also cooled, and he left with a bow.

When Ravel walked back into the room, he didn’t know when the boy had woken up, but he was sitting upright and staring at him.

“You heard it?” Ravel walked to his side and sat down.

Shang Ke nodded, using his eyes to ask, What happened?

Ravel remained silent for a moment, before reaching out to open a virtual screen

There were a large amount of images and videos displayed, with all kinds of excellent writing to explain them. All of the content had something to do with him. To be precise, it had something to do with the original master of his body–Cage.

He had no choice but to admit that this Young Master Cage’s life had been very lively. He had mixed himself with the dark crowds before, participated in gang fights, chased after beauties, made a fool of himself, bullied the small and weak… When he resided in Taima Planet, he had been unable to do as he pleased, and could only play some games that were frowned upon.

From Shang Ke’s perspective, Cage was a chuuni youngster who lacked love. It wasn’t a big deal, but he just had to become a publically known hero. As a public figure, any small mistake would be greatly magnified. Furthermore, Cage’s character really wasn’t that good, and he had previously offended many people. After his past was exposed to the public, it immediately drew widespread condemnation and criticism. A lot of people felt as though they had been lied to.

【F*ck, Cage is such a person? Reality is too different!】

【And I had even made him my idol. Should call him “i-dol” now.】[3]

【Even this kind of person can be called a “hero”? He’s simply the shame of heroes.】

【All the words above are too vulgar. Cage is now seriously injured in bed, and doesn’t have long to live. Can’t you guys leave some things unsaid?】

【Not long to live? Remember how ten days ago the doctor said that he won’t live past two days. But isn’t he still alive and well now?】

【I saw Cage’s diagnosis report, with those kinds of injuries, the average person really wouldn’t live past two days.】

【Hehe, don’t you guys think that this is quite suspicious? Cage might just be trying to win sympathizers, and is using that report as a reason to erase his past stains. In fact, his injuries might not be as serious as it was reported.】

【Damn, if that is true, then why don’t they explain Cage’s black history!】

【What he said.】


Ravel observed Cage’s expression the entire time, worried that his mood might plummet and his injuries would act up again. However, he didn’t expect that, not only did Cage not get angry, but he remained very calm and tranquil.

That was right, this was the “Cage” he was familiar with. When facing the enemy’s torment, he had not yielded or begged for mercy. When facing the people’s criticism, he was neither submissive nor arrogant. A person’s outer appearance could lie to others, but not their eyes. Cage’s eyes did not hold any darkness, and were only full of light.

Even Ravel felt that all of the online remarks were unbearable, and yet this boy remained completely calm. Just this temperament was enough for him to completely defend him.

Sometimes, words are even more frightening than a blade. Just saying a few irresponsible things could completely hurt people. Because of this, Ravel began to despise those who started rumors and created trouble.

“Don’t worry, and leave this matter to me. I will not allow you to be wronged,” Ravel pledged to him.

It was all right, he didn’t mind it at all.

Shang Ke was just about to give him a reassuring smile when the System’s voice sudden appeared in his mind, 【Additional Mission: In two days, Ravel will encounter a sniper. The Host is requested to protect him at all costs.】

How was a disabled person like him supposed to protect Ravel?

【System detects that, with the Host’s current condition of muscle atrophy, poisoned state, necropsied internal organs, and newly-healing bones, you have at least three seconds of time to stand. Please use these valuable three seconds strategically and heroically challenge death.】

System, be honest, is Ravel your son? This is playing around with a life to protect him, but the life being played is his own!

【If this mission is completed and the Host does not die, System will present you with another 15 days of detained time.】

Shang Ke thought, Hehe, thank you, but there’s no need!

However, in just a few hours, the gossip’s source had been found. Although they did not catch the person, they had a close relationship with Gabriel. As long as they interrogated Gabriel a little, they would be able to find their trail.

Gabriel hadn’t managed to recovered yet from being tortured. His entire person was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, and whatever one asked, he would answer. He was so obedient that he couldn’t be any more obedient.

The information that was announced online had completely exposed Cage’s black history, from the ages of fourteen to twenty-one. It was clear that Gabriel had been planning this for a long time.

If Cage hadn’t returned to Dragon Fang Planet earlier, and had waited until the rebellion prevailed and the situation steadied before returning, then Gabriel could have been able to exploit the information in order to control public opinion. He could then use the opportunity to fight for and obtain the rights to the family inheritance. His thinking could be easily seen through.

Ravel originally was not planning to execute Gabriel, but the other shouldn’t have repeatedly touched his bottom line!

“Your Majesty, all of the online information has been wiped clean. But…” Kahn hesitated before continuing, “Public opinion is very unfavorable toward Cage right now. They wish for the government to give them an explanation, and for Cage to personally appear and clarify the situation.”

“To personally appear and explain? Do they really think that Cage’s condition is fake?” Doctor Banny could no longer restrain his anger.

Ravel’s eyes also contained his repressed rage.

“Your Majesty.” Banny looked at Ravel, his tone full of grief, “Cage, he, he is really about to die.”

Ravel looked downwards, his fist tightly clenched.

“I wish for Cage to go peacefully, so don’t allow him to die with his name smeared.” Banny gave a deep sigh before turning and leaving.

The people who genuinely interacted with him knew that he was truly a strong and gentle child. Regardless of his past, the current him was worthy of everyone’s respect and adoration.


[1]Beautified is a pun, the pinyin is the same as being gone, so he’s joking about dying.

[2]That’s also a pun, crafty person also means spy. So he’s repeated himself using different terms…

[3]He used the same pinyin sound, but this one means “vomit-like”

[4]This friend is specifically meant for friends of the same sex, it’s sometimes also called gay partner.

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