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Chapter 8: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (VIII)

As the arguing online became increasingly intense, the number of requests for Cage to personally appear also increased.

Ravel blocked this information so as not to trouble Cage.

“We are going to conduct a heroes memorial service at the cemetery tomorrow, where I will personally clear your name.”

Tomorrow? Wasn’t tomorrow the day that Ravel was going to be sniped?

Brother, if you want to live, then take me along! Shang Ke placed his hand on Ravel’s arm, eyes full of expectation as he looked at him.

“You want to go?” Ravel stared at his shining eyes.

Shang Ke very seriously nodded his head.

“You can’t. There will be a lot of people at the memorial service, and I’m afraid something unexpected will happen.” The moment Ravel finished speaking, he saw Cage’s eyes becoming even brighter, a light roaming within them like rippling green jade.

The one that will have an unexpected situation is you! Brother, if you don’t bring me along, you’ll regret it!

Shang Ke continued to stare at Ravel with starry eyes.

Ravel faced him for two minutes before relenting. “Alright, I’ll have Kahn strengthen the defenses.”

Shang Ke immediately beamed with joy, and his platinum golden hair slightly stuck up as if every strand also carried his delight, full of sunshine.

Ravel couldn’t endure it and rubbed his head. The feeling was really good, so comfortably warm, so he rubbed a few more times…

The reason why Ravel agreed to allow Shang Ke to participate was one, to respond to the public’s questions,. Two, because the memorial service at the cemetery would be solemn and respectful. Although there would be a lot of people, things would be in perfect order. And the third reason was because among the departed, the most important one was Cage’s father, General Utrecht.

Ravel walked out of the room, but returned after four to five minutes, picking Shang Ke up.

Eh? Where are we going?

“I asked Doctor Banny, and he said you can take a bath.” Ravel carried Shang Ke to the bathroom off to the side and explained, “It’s alright as long as you take one carefully and don’t open any wounds.”

The bandages on Shang Ke’s body had already been taken off. After the treatment, his bones had healed pretty well, but because of his atrophied muscles, his hands and feet were still unable to work.

Ravel gently placed him down on a warm jade recliner, before helping him to take off his clothes.

During this timeframe, Ravel had frequently taken care of him personally. Shang Ke had already been naked in front of him so many time, so he was able to keep calm. Although this was the first time that Ravel was helping him bathe, what part of him had he not already seen?

Ravel looked at his emaciated body and the numerous injuries covering his deathly pale skin. He looked so weak that it seemed like a light touch could smash him into pieces. Only the Flaming Red Sky Flower on his chest was still gorgeous, like blood.

This boy greeted people everyday with a smile, in great spirits. But who would have thought that there was this kind of broken body under his clothes?

The outside world called his condition into question, but it was only because they hadn’t seen his true appearance.

Ravel adjusted the water temperature and began to carefully wash Shang Ke’s hair and body.

As his fingers slowly stroked his skin, Ravel’s eyes gradually grew darker.

He wanted this man, his eyes, his lips, his tattoo, his injuries…everything, he wanted it all.

This was the first time such an intense feeling arose in him, like raging flames, almost wanting to burn this boy into ashes. However, he could not do anything. He didn’t dare to do anything more, afraid that he would injure him if he became careless.

Shang Ke seemed to sense something, and he turned to look at Ravel.

Ravel moved his line of sight, deeply hiding his thoughts in his mind.

After he finished washing Cage, Ravel took a bath towel to carefully wrap him up. Like he was picking up a large worm, he placed the boy back onto the hospital bed and helped him into his clothes.

“Take a good rest. The memorial service will start at nine tomorrow, but preparations will start at eight.”

The next day, Ravel wore a black ceremonial robe, appearing dignified and solemn. Despite his grave expression, he was still extremely handsome.

Ravel personally helped Shang Ke put on his ceremonial robe. The pattern on his was the same as his.

The moment Shang Ke put on the ceremonial robe, he turned from a lazy house cat into a dainty leopard.

As his personal doctor, Danny always felt this boy was very magical. His body was obviously utterly broken, and yet he was still able to burst out such great vitality. Looking at his lively appearance, just who would believe that this was actually a checkmated man?

Banny then looked at Ravel, who was helping Shang Ke button up his collar. He thought to himself that if this boy could survive, then he will inevitably become the new Chen Empire’s Queen. With how much importance Ravel attached to him, even if they were both men, he would still unhesitatingly keep him by his side.

But it was a pity…

With a squad of guards surrounding them, a party of people climbed into the shuttle car, majestically leaving for the cemetery.

For the mourning ceremony, half of the capital’s generals had shown up, along with some media reporters and normal citizens.

When Ravel appeared pushing Shang Ke, the reporters quickly took out their cameras, recording the entire event. They did not make a ruckus, but stayed outside of the guard circle, quickly filming. After the ceremony ends, there would also be a reporter meeting, so they were not anxious at all.

The majority of the people’s gazes were on Shang Ke. When they saw his clear eyes and lively vigor, the suspicion in their hearts grew.

The ceremony started with Ravel giving a speech, and following that was the royal family’s Master of Ceremonies taking charge. Within the quiet cemetery, thousands of solemn people stood, concentrating on listening to the Master of Ceremonies’ low and respectful tone slowly reading out the memorial list and the names of all the casualties.

There were countless people online, watching the ceremony being live broadcasted.

The people in the ceremony all stood, and only Shang Ke remained seat, becoming especially eye-catching. Countless people online started to mock and ridicule him, saying how bright and neat he looked, and yet he remained in his wheelchair. He really was lucky. Looking at his appearance, he completely did not look like a “grave patient.” His four limbs were obviously sound, so he should be able to stand on crutches for a few minutes!

He was so strong-willed under torture, so why was he suddenly delicate again?

The Master of Ceremonies ended his memorial speech, and everyone began to offer flowers.

Shang Ke felt his breathing becoming weaker and weaker, but he still kept his spirits up in order to be mindful of the surrounding situation. The time he had before he left the world was roughly a few more hours. The person that would snipe Ravel could appear at any moment.

“Cage, come with me to offer flowers, alright?” Ravel said in a soft voice by his ear.

Shang Ke nodded his head and had Ravel push him to the heroes gravestone.

The other people were separated into two rows, saluting them.

When they arrived in front of the monument, Ravel was just about to support Shang Ke when he saw him already supporting himself on the handrail, using great effort to stand up. Ravel extended his hand to help him stand firmly, and then the two placed the flowers on the gravestone.

This scene was carefully recorded on tape, one day becoming an extremely valuable remembrance scene.

After they finished offering flowers, Ravel helped Shang Ke walked down. Just at this moment, Shang Ke saw a flash of light from the crowd. Immediately following that, he heard a guard shout, “Your Majesty, watch out!”

Ravel had not reacted when he saw a thin and weak person throw himself in front of his body, his platinum gold hair sliding past his lower jaw.

Ravel’s pupils shrank, immediately holding the boy that fell softly into his embrace. But the moment his hand touched the body, he felt a piercing chill. In the next second, the top half of the boy’s clothing had shattered into ice, sprinkling onto the ground.

“Your Majesty, quickly put Cage down! That’s ice devil!” Banny’s worried voice transmitted into Ravel’s ear, causing his numb mind to finally work.

Ravel placed Cage onto the ground, his body freezing into ice at an extremely fast speed. However, the corner of his mouth was still smiling, and his eyes were still as gentle as before. His gorgeous expression would be forever frozen within the ice.

The guards quickly caught the assassin, but could only hear him aggressively shouting, “Ravel, just you wait! We will return one day. Cruise’s legacy will last forever!”

An uproar erupted from all around, but everyone was stopped by the guards outside.

Ravel did not pay attention to the noises outside, and his eyes only contained the boy on the ground.

Ice devil was a special kind of biological weapon, and was capable of freezing the target in a moment. It was just that the production cost was extremely high, and it was very rare. It’s biggest advantage was being easily concealed, since the dangerous item monitor was unable to detect it.

Banny walked to Shang Ke’s side, and took out an instrument to begin saving him.

The bodies of people who were hit by ice devil would freeze in a short time. As long as the person was rescued and given medical treatment in time, they still had a change of living. The only thing had to take note of was that the body must be whole. The objects that ice devil hit would become very weak, and just a bit of strength could break them. For example, Shang Ke’s clothes had turned into ice shards just now under Ravel’s hands.

“Why are you still not doing anything?” Ravel watched Banny raise his instrument for a long time, not moving. His eyes emitted two rays of cold light.

Banny slowly placed down the instrument and quietly told him, “I’m sorry, Your Majesty. He is already gone.”

“He had not been frozen for even two minutes!” Ravel coldly stared at him.

“Your Majesty, Cage’s internal organs had already necrotized. For him to live until today was because of his will.” Banny shook his head and continued, “He cannot endure the pressure from being melted. So long as I try, his body’s organs will all immediately turn into watery blood.”

Ravel’s breathing froze, his eyes landing on the boy. Everything before him gradually turned dark, and the last thing that remained was that colorful red flower on his chest, like blood had condensed in his pupils.

The thousands of people at the scene, along with those watching the live broadcast, all saw the unforeseen event for themselves. Cage took a fatal hit for Ravel with his weak body. At the moment, his clothes had shredded, exposing the boy’s naked upper body before everyone’s eyes.

The dried up, match-like body, withered muscles, and body covered in injuries caused all to fall silent.

With the current level of medical treatment, ordinary injuries wouldn’t even leave a scar behind. However, Cage’s injuries had not healed, even in the dozens of days. They were clearly in a dangerous state, showing that his body’s physiological functions had already lost all energy. His cells were unable to repair themselves, so no matter how they treated him, his condition would only continue to worsen.

Everyone only knew his bitterness during the torture, and they did not know that he was still tormented even after the torture. And they had even pitilessly and ignorantly called him into question, calling into question the boy who didn’t have a single place that wasn’t injured. What qualifications did they have to insult him, to insult such a brave person?

No wonder he sat in the wheelchair from beginning to end. It wasn’t that he didn’t respect the dead, but because his muscles had seriously declined, and he simply had no strength to walk. But even so, when they were going to offer flowers, he still bore the pain and stood up.

When he threw himself in front of Ravel’s body, he had not hesitated, and he did not regret, because the final expression frozen on his face was a smile, a fearless smile, an incomparably calm smile.

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