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Chapter 9: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (IX)

The moment he was hit, Shang Ke’s soul had immediately separated from his body, but he didn’t immediately return to the System Space. However, it wasn’t going to take long. At most, he would need to wait another ten or so minutes to completely separate from this world.

“Save him. I don’t care what method you use, but you have to bring him back to life!” Ravel grabbed Banny’s wrist, his eyes so coldly terrifying. Banny didn’t pay attention to the pain from his wrist and patiently told him, “Your Majesty, please let go of your grief. It is already impossible to save Cage now. If we forcefully save him, then we will only damage his remains. Is this what Your Majesty wishes to see?”

Ravel slowly released his hand, his gaze once again falling down to the boy on the ground. Within the transparent ice, the boy wore a smile, his eyes as gentle and vivid as before. A few minutes ago, he was still standing by his side, holding his hand and offering flowers with him. In the next second, he helplessly watched him die in his own arms.

This idiot, he couldn’t even walk well and yet still tried to save him!

Ravel’s mind continued to replay the scene from when Cage jumped in front of him, and his icy blue eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of mist.

If his reaction was a bit faster and his movements a bit quicker, he…would he not have died? If he had known earlier, no matter what, he wouldn’t have let Cage participate in this memorial ceremony. Until the end, he didn’t have the chance to even say a word to him.

“Your Majesty.” Kahn walked over and said in a low voice, “This place isn’t safe. This subordinate will escort you back to the government mansion.”

Ravel remained silent for a while before telling him, “Bring an ice coffin over.”

Spirit Shang Ke crouched by Ravel’s side and thought to himself, This guy wasn’t trying to forever keep Cage’s dead body in cold storage, right?

He jabbed at the ice corpse on the ground, his finger directly passing the ice and touching the dead body’s skin. Immediately after, he felt an sucking force. Before he even had the chance to react, he was sucked back into Cage’s body.

【Congratulation to Host, additional mission completed along with your successful resurrection. System will gift you fifteen detained days.】

Such fraud! He could live even like this?

He had originally thought that his hands and legs being paralyzed was miserable enough, and he didn’t expect there was something even worse. Staying for another fifteen days as an ice corpse? I would rather go!

Shang Ke wanted to cry but had no tears. He could only hate his own hand, just why did he have to jab at something he didn’t need to jab at!

His eyes met Ravel’s eyes through the ice. The emotions in Ravel’s eyes stirred, his body moving forward before he called out in a soft voice, “Cage?”

Hehe, I’m very sorry, this humble self’s hands cannot move, mouth cannot speak, eyes cannot blink, and head cannot move. There is no way to respond to your call.

“What’s wrong Your Majesty?” Banny saw the change in Ravel’s expression and couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know why,” Ravel observed Shang Ke’s eyes and said, “but I think he still has consciousness.”

“That’s impossible. Ice devil will freeze even the brain, so how could…” Banny hadn’t finished his words when he also noticed Shang Ke’s eyes. Just a moment ago, they were stagnant, but now they looked as if energy had been poured into them, brilliant and rippling, clear and lively.

Banny widened his eyes, his expression filled with disbelief.

Ravel turned his head to look at Banny, and used a serious and strained voice to ask, “He’s still alive, right?”

Banny was speechless.

“Save him.” Ravel’s voice became stronger as he ordered, “Save him!”

Banny looked at the Cage who was encased in ice, before clenching his teeth and nodding. “I will do my best.”

Cage’s strong vitality was something he had seen rarely. Perhaps he could create another miracle. The success rate for defrosting him depended upon how long he could persist.

However, in that moment, the ice coffin was brought over.

Because bodies that had been hit by ice devil became especially weak, they had to use special methods to move it in order to guarantee they would remain in good condition.

Ravel ordered the men to carefully lift up the frozen Cage. Hope once again lit up his heart, and he could only think of moving Cage to the hospital as soon as possible.

Banny stood on the side, using his cell phone to notify the hospital to make preparations to treat Cage.

When the reporters outside saw this scene, their hearts couldn’t help but give birth to a brazen guess. Perhaps Cage still had a chance to be brought back to life? This was big news!

They heaved up their cameras one by one, and regardless of the surrounding confusion and strict precautions by the guards, they made use of every second to film.

Cage’s body was moved into the ice coffin while the guards pushed it toward the shuttle car. Ravel and Banny followed behind closely.

【Additional mission 2: Help Ravel avoid a bomb attack. As long as this mission is completed and Host does not die, then Host can chose to stay in this world and live freely.】

System, I have suffered with you for a long time! Are you not done playing around yet?! You f*cking go try to help Ravel avoid a bomb attack as a corpse for me to see!

Shang Ke was utterly incensed while lying in the freezer. A living person has dignity, and a dead person does too!

Just at this moment, there was suddenly a clamor coming from outside the ice coffin. Someone seemed to have fallen, causing a chain reaction.

Following that, the ice coffin was heavily hit several times, making banging sounds. Immediately after, he heard Ravel bellow, “Don’t!”

Shang Ke was certain that this was definitely the most passionate word Ravel had ever yelled in his entire life.

Subsequently, the world swirled and his body fell. Along with it was the sound of shattering, before his consciousness fell into darkness.

Finally, he was free…

Ravel watched with his own eyes as Cage’s ice coffin was overturned and he tumbled out, falling onto the ground and shattering into pieces of ice crystals mixed with blood. Under the sunshine, they flickered unpleasantly to his eyes.

It was as if everything around him stilled, and Ravel stood stiffly in place, his pupils losing focus.

Just when he was about to move, he suddenly heard a great trembling sound from not too far away. A shuttle car was wrapped in a blaze of fire caused by an explosion.

That shuttle car was the one that was supposed to be used to transport the ice coffin. Because they were in a hurry, they did not spend time inspecting it. Ravel would have certainly sat in it as well. If it weren’t for this unexpected event, he and the ice coffin with Cage would have both exploded into fragments.

“Your Majesty, Cage saved your life again,” Banny heavily spoke, “I think, this was his final wish.”

A shredded body and crushed bones, all to protect the monarch.

Everything before Ravel’s eyes turned fuzzy. The only color in his eyes, along with that Flaming Red Sky Flower, had both withered and disappeared.

His world, once again, remained only black and white…

【Congratulations Host, mission complete. Although your end was a shredded body and crushed bones, and you’re unable to resurrect, you still obtain three times the reward.】

“I’m really too thankful!” Shang Ke was almost ready to cry. This mission only lasted twenty days, and yet he actually died with not even a bit of his body left. “System, don’t tell me that every mission I take after this will be so cruel?”

【That is not so, this happened because the first world has extra preferential treatment. Therefore, you could pass it so easily. Furthermore, you were able to successfully display the art of dying to the pinnacle.】

“This is extra preferential treatment?! And even an easy pass?” Shang Ke simply could not believe it.

【Of course, you can complete the first world’s mission while sitting, you can complete it while standing, you can even complete it lying down.】

Shang Ke’s expression was completely blank. Weren’t his three missions just completed “sitting,” completed “standing,” and completed “lying”?

Receiving torture while sitting, blocking a bullet while standing, and lying down and shattering into small pieces…hehe, he really did die shockingly and artistic enough.

【Starting from the second mission, this kind of extra preferential treatment will be gone. To complete missions, you will have to go court death yourself.】

Why do those words sound so unpleasant to his ears? What “you have to go court death yourself?” Did it think he liked to court death? Furthermore, how hard was it to court death?

【Please remember Host, your death has to be in line with the “heroic” condition. A normal, accidental death will be viewed as failure. If you choose to suicide or die of old age, going against the two doctrines, the System will give the corresponding penalty.】

“Isn’t the penalty just increasing the number of missions?”

【Please do not become complacent. If missions are consistently failed, then the penalty will continue to accumulate. Host may possibly enter an unlimited death cycle.】

Shang Ke: “……” Alright, this consequence really is severe.

【For now, may Host please receive your reward.】

Finally, something that would make someone happy.

【Your have completed one main mission and two additional mission in your first world. Constitution +10 (+5 +5), Memory +20 (+10 +5), Spiritual Power +15 (+5 +5), Beauty +15 (+10 +5), Life Span +5 (+1 +2). The numbers in the parenthesis are the reward from the additional missions.】

“Aren’t there skills too?”

【Yes, you can choose two types of skills to begin learning.】 The System revealed all the skill for him to chose. There were a total of seventy-seven types, some skills he had never even heard of before.

He thought for a bit and decided it was best to promote his strength. So he chose “martial arts” and “magic.”

【Sorry, Host’s constitution has not reached the required level for learning martial arts and magic.】

“What? There’s even a constitution restriction?”

【Among all the choices, only those that are lit up can be chosen. The skills that are grey means that the host has not met the condition to learn them.】

Shang Ke once again looked toward the skills. Among the seventy-seven skills, only “musical instrument”, “cooking”, “drawing”, “acting”, “racing”, “makeup”, and “swimming” were lit up.

He asked, “Can I look at my body’s data?

【Because Host is still in spirit mode, you cannot look over your body’s data. Only when Host returns to your own body will you be able to detect your basic profile.】

【Has Host chosen which two skills to learn?】

Shang Ke carefully thought and finally chose “cooking” and “musical instrument.”

【Selection made, Host will now enter the hundred training space.】

“Hundred training space?”

【All skills must be learned and trained within the hundred training space in order to completely master them.】

Shang Ke felt that this arrangement was very reasonable. Skills without a strong foundation will never be reliable.

However, what Shang Ke didn’t expect was that when he entered the hundred training space, he actually used ten years. Although the System explained to him later that time ran differently in the hundred training space compared to the outside world, it still made him terribly depressed.

Who can endure ten years of learning cooking and a musical instrument?! In addition, before he reached the great master level, he was not allowed to leave. Cooking was still manageable, and his time was mainly spent on his instruments. Fortunately, he only chose the piano and flute. If he were to choose a couple more, then he likely wouldn’t have even come out in ten years!

After ten years of harsh training, Shang Ke formally entered the second world.

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