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Chapter 10: My Heart Beats For You (I)

Shang Ke’s identity this time was Jiang Yumo, the son of Jiang Clan Corp’s Chairman, Jiang Song. A frivolous, ignorant, and incompetent person. That was, until later on, when he met Xin Chen Corp’s daughter, Jian Xin. He fell in love with her at first sight and thus, begun his crazy pursuit of the girl.

But, Jian Xin had a heart disease, so her brother, Jian Chenfeng, was determined to not allow Jiang Yumo and her have any relations at all. Furthermore, the one Jian Xin liked was Jiang Yumo’s older brother, Jiang Donglin. In jealousy and hate, Jiang Yumo started to target Jiang Donglin everywhere, wholeheartedly fighting against his older brother for the inheritance right of the Jiang Clan Corp, causing a great pandemonium in the Jiang Family.

However, two years later, a brain tumor was found in Jiang Yumo during a  hospital examination. It was already at a very late stage, so there wasn’t even a twenty percent chance of success for the operation. This news was like a bolt from the blue, causing Jiang Yumo to fall into depression for a long time. Watching how his own brother and beloved woman were getting together, while he was suffering, indignity filled his heart. In a moment of impulsiveness, he drove a car with Jian Xin inside, and rushed down the overpass. In the end, they both met violent deaths.

When Jian Chenfeng found out that his younger sister was killed by Jiang Yumo, he started to retaliate against the Jiang Family. Several years later, Jiang Clan would declare bankruptcy and never recover from the collapse.

Jian Chenfeng was this world’s main character.

Shang Ke’s main mission was: preserve(save) Jiang Family.

Although the mission looked simple, there was an unchanging prerequisite with it, and that was to use a “heroic” death as the price.

When Shang Ke transmigrated, Jiang Yumo had just started to pursue Jian Xin and did not know that he had contracted a brain tumor.

Of course, all of that wasn’t important right now. The important thing right now, was the environment he was in at this time–Jian Xin’s birthday banquet. And he was currently trapping today’s birthday girl against a corner, preparing to make a rascal out of himself.

The Jian Xin before him had a head full of black hair, fair skin and delicate temperament. She gave people the feeling of a small white rabbit. Holding onto the corner of her skirt, she used a nervous and helpless gaze to look at Shang Ke.

Shang Ke went silent for a moment, slowly took away his hands that were up against the wall and then said with a sincere expression, “Sorry, I scared you. I was just playing a joke on you.”

But Jian Xin did not look like she was going to relax anytime soon.

Shang Ke took out a small gift box from his pocket, placed it in her palm, then turned around, “Let’s go, the other people are all waiting in the lounge for you. I’ll send you down.”

Jian Xin looked down at the gift box, then at Shang Ke’s back figure, hesitating for a moment before deciding to catch up.

Strange, why did today’s Jiang Yumo feel a little different?

Shang Ke was not very interested in the banquet, but he paid close attention to his own big brother and Jian Xin’s big brother.

Jiang Donglin was around 182 cm tall, with a refined temperament and elegant appearance. His pair of light brown eyes always carried a bit of a smile. Those who were watched by him would always have a feeling of being bathed in a soft and light spring wind.

Jian Chenfeng and his older brother were people with two completely different styles. Within his strictness was a bit of wildness, his gaze was like the point of an impeccably sharp spear and his aura was overflowing. Visually, he estimated him to be almost 190 cm tall and well-built. At the banquet, he was like a crane in a flock of chicken.

Shang Ke’s gaze lingered on Jian Chenfeng for a while longer, feeling that he looked a bit familiar.

The other reacted very keenly, by accurately catching Shang Ke’s reckoning gaze and turning his head to look at him. After he saw that it was merely Shang Ke, he turned his head back, like he had just swept his gaze past air.

Shang Ke also didn’t care, he had just started to “pursue” Jian Xin, and hadn’t done anything yet that would make Jian Chenfeng particularly hate him. Therefore, their current relationship was neither salty or bland.

Shang Ke didn’t rush himself to go swipe up Lord “Main Character’s” favorable impression. He only stayed in the banquet for a bit over ten minutes and left quietly. Before he left, he didn’t forget to send his older brother a short text.

Jiang Donglin was rather amazed when he received the text. Didn’t Yumo like Miss Jian quite a bit? He was originally worried that Yumo would do something impolite to Miss Jian. But he couldn’t have possibly expected that before the banquet was over, he would have already left. Did he perhaps have a new target now?

At this moment, Jian Chenfeng walked over with his younger sister. Jiang Donglin temporarily laid down the confusion of his brother’s strange actions in his heart and greeted them with a dazzling smile.

At night, when he got back, Jiang Donglin asked the housekeeper, “Did Yumo return?”

“Little Young Master returned two hours ago, he’s already asleep now,” the housekeeper took Jiang Donglin’s coat and replied.

He’s already asleep? Is he really alright?

Jiang Donglin shook his head and decided not to think too much about it. Jiang Yumo had always done things at his own pace, even their father couldn’t control him, let alone him.

The next day, the first thing Shang Ke did, when he woke up, was to go to the hospital for an examination.

The original owner only found out that he had contracted brain tumor two years later, but by then, it was already too late to treat it.

This clearly could become a great advantage for him to complete this second world’s mission, at least it guaranteed he wouldn’t commit suicide or die of old age.

“Why did you suddenly want to come to do a Cranial CT?” Xu Qing asked as he looked at Shang Ke who was sitting next to him on the bed.

Xu Qing was the Jiang family’s doctor, and one of Jiang Yumo’s very few friends.

“I’ve been having headaches a lot lately.” Shang Ke smiled at him, “So while I came to see you, I thought I’d get myself examined at the same time.”

Shang Ke leaned against the window sill, letting the sunlight shine on him. With his wide smile, his entire person appeared very lazy. Jiang Yumo’s appearance was very attractive, it was just that his normally arrogant and despotic ways tainted his natural temperament. But the look that the current him had, felt like he had been purified and gave people a completely new feeling.

Xu Qing pushed his glasses up and then seamlessly moved away his line of sight.

The two casually chatted, and soon after, the CT results came out.

Xu Qing wasn’t much of a brain specialist doctor, but after he took a look at the CT results, his face changed.

The doctor told him, “The position of this brain tumor is very rare, but fortunately its been found in time, making the chance of recovery very high.”

“I’ll immediately go get a brain specialist doctor.” Xu Qing patted Shang Ke’s shoulder, consoling,  “Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem.”

But Shang Ke wasn’t worried at all. Compared to the first world, dying from a brain tumor was a really blessed way to die.

Shang Ke asked the brain specialist that was brought over, “What kind of symptoms will show up in the future? What do I need to pay attention to?”

“Your tumor is pretty stable right now. But after a period of time, you might have headaches, nausea, cases of vomiting, your limbs going numb, vision declining, mood going out of control and symptoms like that. Before the operation, you must be very careful. You can’t let your head suffer a hit, otherwise, you actually might immediately die.” The doctor repeatedly warned him, “I suggest you stay in the hospital for an examination for now, and wait until the operation is over.”

“What would happen if I don’t do the operation?”

“Then… one or two years later, your tumor will gradually worsen and gravely influence your lifestyle. Furthermore, your life will be in danger at any moment. No matter how careful you are, you likely won’t live past three years. Although there is some danger in the operation, with your current situation, the success rate is still very high.”

After the brain specialist doctor left, Xu Qing told him, “I think you should quickly tell this matter to your family.”

“No.” Shang Ke raised his head to look at Xu Qing, seriously telling him, “I want you to keep this a secret for me.”


“If they knew, they would definitely arrange an operation for me immediately.”

“Isn’t that to be expected?”

“Anyway, just help me keep it a secret.” If he made it public so soon, how was he supposed to die artistically?

“How long are you planning to keep it a secret?” Xu Qing stared closely at him, Jiang Yumo’s reaction was a lot calmer than he had expected. Perhaps he had long known about or expected his state?

“I’ll tell you when it’s the right time.” Shang Ke stood up and slowly walked towards the entrance. When he walked up there, he turned his head back around to Xu Qing again, “Remember to keep it as a secret for me. If you tell other people, I won’t do the operation.”

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes, just what was this guy planning? He wasn’t someone who could stay calm in such a situation. He had just found out that he had contracted brain tumor, how could he be so calm? He wasn’t thinking of doing something crazy right?

Xu Qing picked up his phone, preparing to notify Jiang Donglin but hesitated and placed it back down. He wanted to see just what Jiang Yumo was going to do.

A flash of interest flashed through his eyes.

After Shang Ke left this hospital, he went to another one.

Minchen Hospital, the private hospital under the Jian Family. Shang Ke came here to try as a match.

Jian Xin had a heart disease, and she had always been looking for a suitable heart. After Shang Ke had finished going through the information about this world, he had made the decision of donating his heart to Jian Xin. This was currently the best way to die that he could think of. Aftering finding himself contracted with brain tumor, for his “beloved woman”, he renounced treatment and sacrificed himself so that she could happily live.

It was very touching even just by thinking about it!

Shang Ke praised himself for his own resourcefulness.

However, he had to check if his heart matched her type. If it didn’t, then he could only try to think of some other way.

When Shang Ke came back home, it was already evening. Besides the servants, no one else had returned yet.

Shang Ke adapted to his new environment quickly. He ate his food, took a walk, bathed, then headed to bed to sleep.

The previous world was too miserable, so he wanted to relax a lot in this world. Before the results of the matching came out, his mission would be to eat, drink and play around.

The next day, Shang Ke saw Jiang Yumo’s father and older brother. The family ate a quiet breakfast. Although Jiang Yumo’s nature wasn’t too good, his relationship with his parents were still pretty okay.

Afterwards, Father Jiang said, “Yumo, you graduated two years ago already, idling your time away won’t give you any benefits. So next month, you’ll intern at a company.”

He had just made his goal to eat, sleep and play around yesterday night, but today, he was told to go work from nine to five?

Shang Ke quickly said, “I can find a job myself, Dad doesn’t need to worry.”

“Really?” Father Jiang gave him a fleeting glance and said, “I had originally planned to send you to Jian Family’s company for internship. But since you want to find one yourself, then I won’t bother.”

Jian Family’s company? The main character’s headquarters? The holy land to swipe a favorable impression!

His mission was to preserve, or save, the Jiang Family. If his heart didn’t match with Jian Xin’s, then having a good relationship with the main character would be very necessary.

As a result, Shang Ke incomparably seriously said, “Dad, I think I do need to go out and experience life more. You have to send me to Jian Family’s company for internship.”

Father Jiang gravely laid down a question, “Then can you guarantee you will work hard and not lose face for me?”

“I guarantee on this cup of milk!” Shang Ke solemnly drank down the milk. Jiang Yumo and Shang Ke were the same, they both especially hated to drink milk. So this guarantee was especially strong.

Father Jiang expressed that he was very satisfied.

Jiang Donglin looked at his younger brother and felt that his father’s decision was a bit careless. Jiang Yumo’s nature was too volatile, sending him to Jian Chenfeng’s company, it wouldn’t drag in trouble for them, would it?

Jian Chenfeng was not at all easy to interact with. If Yumo offended him, he probably wouldn’t even know how he died. Moreover, he was still thinking about pursuing the other’s younger sister…

Jiang Donglin felt that he should start thinking early about how to deal with the funeral arrangements.

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