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Chapter 11: My Heart Beats For You (II)

Shang Ke was full of energy as he stood in front of a mirror. He wore a light colored shirt and a black suit without a tie, appearing leisurely yet steady. Jiang Yumo’s appearance was eighty to ninety percent similar to his, and their statures were only slightly different, with Jiang Yumo’s features being more delicate while Shang Ke’s were a bit more mature.

Today was the first day he was going to Jian Chenfeng’s company to work, so Shang Ke’s spirits were at one hundred and twenty percent. Before today, he had specially gathered some information on Jian Chenfeng. At eighteen, he was participating in company affairs, at twenty-three, he had started to formally take over some simpler things, and in five years he had increased the company’s profits by seventy percent, showcasing his astonishing business talent. He was mature, steady, strict, firm, astute, competent…in short, he was wonderful in all areas and a seasoned gold bachelor within the circle.

During an ordinary course of events, a person like this would have many beautiful women waiting on him, but he had no known sex scandals. His life and emotions were like an ascetic monk who was free of worldly desires. Of course, there was also the possibility that he kept it confidential.

However, Shang Ke’s first formal meeting with the rumored perfect man wasn’t wonderful at all.

“Jiang Yumo, since you will be interning at my company, then lay down your great young master self and properly do your work. I will not give you any preferential treatment. If I discover you slacking off or trying to evade work, then you will get out of here immediately.” Jian Chenfeng used a sharp gaze to size him up from head to toe. “You will first act as my assistant. Secretary Cui will tell you what you should do. Start learning from the easiest stuff, and if you have any questions, ask him. Alright, you can leave.”

Shang Ke did not have the chance to say a single word before he had been made to leave, with no trace of politeness from Jian Chenfeng. Jian Chenfeng’s eyes and tone had been full of disdain, as if the fact that he had come to work at his company was a stain to the company’s image.

Shang Ke took a deep breath, calming himself as much as possible. Jian Chenfeng acted like this to him because he was going after his younger sister. It was only natural that Jian Chenfeng would be a good deal fussier. He should express his understanding.

When Secretary Cui saw that Shang Ke didn’t get angry, he felt rather amazed in his heart. Rumor had it that this young master’s temper wasn’t too good, but even in the face of such berating he had merely endured it. He really causes people to gain a whole new level of respect for him. Secretary Cui originally thought the other would pull a long face and leave, and Director Jian was probably planning on that as well…

Secretary Cui arranged a work desk for Shang Ke before handing him a pile of documents, telling him, “For today, you can organize this material first, in order to understand the situation here better.”

“Alright. Thank you, Secretary Cui.” Shang Ke’s anger came and left quickly, and it was only a few seconds before he was back to being sunny.

Secretary Cui’s had a positive impression of Shang Ke, so he just gave him a few warnings before going back to his own work.

Shang Ke sat down and picked up the information to skim over.

“Eh?” A flash of surprise passed through his eyes. It was not that there was a problem with the information, but because he noticed that his memory had become stronger. He only needed to look over the thick pile of information once for him to remember it. If he closed his eyes, he could even accurately repeat back ninety-five percent of the content, with the remaining five percent being some useless stuff that he hadn’t bothered reading carefully.

His memory was originally pretty good, but after the System’s promotion, it reached an even higher degree of retention.

A smile floated to his lips, and his mood was very bright.

At this moment, the telephone on the table rang. Shang Ke looked up, only to find that Secretary Cui was not in the office, so he picked up the phone. He immediately heard Jian Chenfeng’s evil voice ordering, “Secretary Cui, one cup of coffee.” He immediately hung up after saying that line.

Shang Ke rolled his eyes, got up to go to the tea room, took out the coffee, and started to make it.

When Shang Ke finished preparing the coffee, he just so happened to meet Secretary Cui, who was returning from the bathroom. As such, he handed the coffee over to him, saying, “Secretary Cui, the Director called you just now to bring him a cup of coffee.”

Secretary Cui hesitated for a moment after taking the coffee, but in the end, he expressed his thanks and went to deliver the coffee.

Shang Ke knew what he was hesitating about. Wasn’t he afraid that he had made the coffee too disgusting, and would anger Jian Chenfeng?

Shang Ke was too lazy to lower himself to the level of these superficial humans. As an outstanding man who specializes in challenging death, what else in the world can frighten him?

At noon, Secretary Cui called for Shang Ke to go to the dining hall with him for a meal.

Shang Ke asked, “What about Director Jian?”

“If Director Jian doesn’t order it, I usually just bring him a boxed lunch,” Secretary Cui replied. “Every month, he only eats in the company about half of the time.”

The two carried their trays and found an empty table to sit at. Secretary Cui introduced the dining hall and their other co-workers to Shang Ke as they ate.

“Hey! Secretary Cui, who is this handsome guy?” A fashionable businesswoman walked over, passionately greeting the two.

“Hello, Laura, my name is Jiang Yumo.” Shang Ke stood up and politely extended his hand with a smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well. If we have some time one day, do you want to go out and eat together?” Laura’s personality was very extroverted, but it did not cause one to dislike her.

“I would be very willing.”

After Laura left, Secretary Cui smiled and told him, “I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to adapt, but it looks like my worry was completely unnecessary.”

“How could it be?” Shang Ke continued, “Don’t you know that I am just a person who looks impressive but is actually worthless?”

It was the first time that Secretary Cui had heard someone say so confidently they were impressive in looks but actually worthless. This Young Master Jiang was a lot more adorable than he had originally imagined.

However, his expression immediately froze as he suddenly recalled that he hadn’t introduced Laura to him, right? How did he know her?

So he asked him.

Shang Ke replied, “Laura is a business manager who has already worked at this company for ten years. Her information was all recorded on the computer.”

“The headquarter staff recorded in the computer has five hundred plus people.”

“Laura is a beauty, so my impression of her was deeper.”

Secretary Cui looked at him doubtfully. It was true that Laura was a beauty, but she was already over forty. Although she had taken good care of her looks, she was not beautiful to the point of leaving a lasting impression. Or was it that Second Young Master Jiang was more interested in mature women who were double his age?

“Are you not going to eat anymore?” When Secretary Cui saw that a good half of Shang Ke’s food was left, he couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not hungry today.” Ever since he had trained his cooking skills in the hundred training space for ten years, he had become pickier. So long as he wasn’t particularly hungry, he wouldn’t eat foods that did not satisfy his taste buds.

In fact, the company’s dining hall food was actually pretty good, but in the end, it was still communal feeding. It was difficult to avoid having too little salt and too much oil, causing the food to seem crude, and lacking a bit of care.

After eating it once, he decided to make his own lunchbox from tomorrow on.

That afternoon, when Secretary Cui delivered coffee to Jian Chenfeng, he was asked, “How is he?”

“His temper is good, he adapts fast, and his communication ability is pretty good,” Secretary Cui spoke practically and realistically.

“Oh?” Jian Chenfeng raised an eyebrow, clearly unconvinced.

Secretary Cui continued, “Although I have not interacted with him for long, I think that he is an entirely different person from the rumors. Director Jian, perhaps we can think about allowing him and Miss Jian to meet up.”

“There’s no need to even think about it.” Jian Chenfeng picked up his coffee and drank it, but his brows immediately wrinkled. He said, “I had wanted to praise you this morning for your improvement in making coffee, but why is it back to normal now?”

Secretary Cui was momentarily stunned, before he immediately told him, “I’m sorry, Director Jian. The coffee this morning was made by Young Master Jiang.”

“Him?” Jian Chenfeng fell silent before deciding, “That is probably his only merit. He will prepare all of my coffee in the future.”

Director Jian, in your eyes, is Young Master Jian’s only value in preparing you coffee?

Secretary Cui suddenly felt sympathy for Jiang Yumo…

The next day, Shang Ke arrived on time at the company, and Secretary Cui just so happened to be behind him. When he saw the other man greet everyone familiarly, he was stunned. This guy actually remembered all of the staff’s information?!

The average person who stays here even for ten days to half a month may not necessarily be able to accurately call out their co-workers names, but this guy only used one day, or perhaps even just half a day, and became thoroughly familiar with the environment. This kind of memory and adaptability really causes one to be speechless.

The outside world’s evaluations of Jiang Donglin and Jiang Yumo were different to the extreme. One was a proud son of heaven, who people couldn’t even bear to bring up the other. But nowadays, it looked like Second Young Master Jiang had just been hiding his sharp point.

With curiosity budding in his heart, Secretary Cui began to pay more attention to Jiang Yumo. He then noticed that the work he gave him would be quickly completed, and if he didn’t ask, then Jiang Yumo would take the initiative to tell him. Jiang Yumo’s behavior was in line with society, while his bearing was relaxed and easygoing, as if he was not at work but actually enjoying this period of time.

At noon, Secretary Cui called for him to eat lunch, but he took out his own lunchbox and told him, “I brought my own lunch, so you can go.”

“Oh?” Your family’s chef prepared it for you?” Secretary Cui looked at the lunchbox on Shang Ke’s table. The color and luster looked fresh, and it was decorated delicately. He couldn’t help but praise, “It looks really good.”

Shang Ke smiled and said, “I live alone now.” In order to get to work more conveniently, he had rented an elaborate two-room suite in an apartment.

Secretary Cui reacted a few moments later, flabbergasted as he confirmed, “You mean, this lunchbox was made by you?”

Second Young Master Jiang knew how to cook?

Shang Ke nodded and got up to enter the tea room, placing his lunchbox into the microwave to heat it up.

Secretary Cui felt that this Second Young Master was always reshaping his knowledge of him.

Before he got off of work, Secretary Cui gave Jian Chenfeng the summary of today’s work and blurted out his discovery.

Jian Chenfeng listened to him speak and pondered for a bit before saying, “From tomorrow on, he will also be in charge of my lunch.”

“That…wouldn’t be very good?”

Jian Chenfeng coldly said, “If he wants to pursue my younger sister, then he needs to pass me first.”

Director Jian, are you truly not using your authority for your private interests….

When he got the news from Secretary Cui that Lord Boss was promoting him from coffee little bro to his dedicated cook, Shang Ke did not feel bad. On the other hand, he was quite happy, because he had received the results of the test from the hospital, and it was confirmed that he matched.

This meant that the next step of his plans could be carried out.

With his mood improved, when Shang Ke got up the next day he prepared Jian Chenfeng an exceedingly large and gorgeous worshipping lunchbox.

When Jian Chenfeng opened the lunchbox, he was almost blinded by the artistic flavor and royal atmosphere of the design.

This caused him to realize that, in order to pursue his younger sister, this Second Young Master Jiang’s flattering of him, this future older-brother-in-law, had reached such a savage stage…

However, the food Jiang Yumo made truly was delicious beyond his expectations.

Even Jian Chenfeng, who had tried all sorts of delicious food, had no choice but to admit that this guy’s cooking skills had already reached the great master level.

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