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Chapter 12: My Heart Beats For You (III)

“Miss Jian, hello.” Secretary Cui stood up and smiled at Jian Xin.

“Hello, Secretary Cui. I’m looking for my older brother to eat lunch.” Jian Xin walked over leisurely to Secretary Cui’s work table, but paused when her line of sight fell on Shang Ke.

Shang Ke smiled and told her, “I am interning here for the time being.”

“Interning?” Jian Xin lowered her head, disgust flashing through her eyes. Jiang Yumo kept pestering her a few days ago, but recently things have been so quiet that she thought he had given up. She didn’t expect that he had only changed tactics. Her older brother obviously knew she didn’t like Jiang Yumo, so why did he let him into his company? To intern? Didn’t his Jiang Family have a company where he could intern at?

Jian Chenfeng walked into the office, giving Shang Ke a warning glare when he saw his “perverted” eyes staring at his younger sister. He then said to Jian Xin, “Xin’er, let’s go.”

“Hm.” Jian Xin took a glance at Shang Ke, hesitantly asking, “That Second Young Master Jiang…”

“You don’t need to pay attention to him, a boss does not have the duty of having lunch with ‘staff.’” Jian Chenfeng’s meaning was quite clear. Since he was working at the company, Jiang Yumo was his staff member and not the Jiang Family’s Young Master.

After saying those words, he led Jian Xin out of the office under Shang Ke’s “loving” gaze.

Secretary Cui glanced at him and comforted him, “Director Jian is actually a soft-hearted person despite his cold exterior. Don’t take it to heart.”

He was soft-hearted? Shang Ke felt that Secretary Cui really didn’t have a talent for jokes.

“Secretary Cui, if you don’t mind, you can eat this.” Shang Ke gave him the lunchbox that he had prepared for Jian Chenfeng.

“Thank you, then I won’t hold back.” The lunchbox from yesterday had really given him a shock, and what was even more magical was that Director Jian, who was always picky about food, ate it! It was clear that Second Young Master Jiang’s cooking skills were very good.

“Brother, why did you allow Jiang Yumo into our company?” After they left the building, Jian Xin couldn’t hold back anymore and asked.

“Uncle Jiang asked father for help, and I also wanted to personally understand this man, so I agreed.” Jian Chenfeng glanced at her and said, “If he wants to chase after my younger sister, then I should know if he is qualified to or not.”

Jian Xin gloomily said, “I don’t like Jian Yumo. He’s ignorant and incompetent, his mind is simple, and he also likes to play around. I…I like more mature men.”

Jian Chenfeng thought back to his interactions with Jiang Yumo over the past two days and felt that he was not as unbearable as his younger sister was describing. It was actually the opposite, and that guy’s nature was open-minded and optimistic. He had pressured him for Jian Xin’s sake, deliberately making things difficult for Jiang Yumo, yet his work was done well and he didn’t voice a single complaint.

He paused before asking, “You just said you like more mature men? Does Xin’er have someone you like?”

Jian Xin’s face reddened and she whispered, “It’s big brother Jiang.”

“Jiang Donglin?” Very good, he had defended against the small one but not against the big one. However, compared to the unpredictable Jiang Yumo, Jiang Donglin was a pretty good target.

“Brother, you won’t disagree, right?” Jian Xin timidly looked at him.

Jian Chenfeng remained silent for a period of time before answering, “As long as you like him.”

Shang Ke did not have time to research that pair of sibling’s thoughts, since he finished his work in the afternoon.

Jian Chenfeng and Secretary Cui had other things to deal with, so they stayed together in the company to do overtime. When it was almost seven, Jian Chenfeng felt a bit hungry and told the other, “Help me warm up my lunchbox, and you can go eat. We’ll deal with the remaining stuff after we eat.”

“Lunchbox?” Secretary Cui had a dumbfounded expression.

“Didn’t Jiang Yumo make me a lunchbox?” Jian Chenfeng sent a look towards him.

“Uh…” Secretary Cui’s tone was heavy as he explained, “I’m sorry Director Jian, but that lunchbox was eaten by me.”

“You ate it?” Jian Chenfeng’s gaze was so cold that chills ran up Secretary Cui’s spine.

He forcefully acted calm, explaining, “You didn’t eat lunch in the company at noon and Second Young Master Jiang was afraid it would go to waste, so he gave it to me.”

Jian Chenfeng continued to stare at him.

Secretary Cui’s cold sweat flowed. If he had known earlier that the boss would bear a grudge against him for eating it, then he…would still eat it! That lunchbox was too delicious, alright?

A moment later, Jian Chenfeng said, “Forget it, and have him bring me one again tomorrow.”

Secretary Cui had no choice but to give his heart another hit, “Director Jian, tomorrow is the weekend.”

Jian Chenfeng: “……”

Taking advantage of the weekend, when he doesn’t work, Shang Ke went to the flower shop and ordered a bouquet of roses for Jian Xin. Afterwards, he ran to the extreme sports club and participated in rock climbing, diving, surfing, bungee jumping and more.

This was his next plan: challenging stimulating things designed to play with his life. However, he had to make sure that he didn’t play himself to death. He had to leave himself a breath in order to go to the hospital and contribute his heart. If he wasn’t careful and died while doing an extreme sport, then he might be judged by the System as killing himself.

Shang Ke had signed up for all of the most extreme sports in the club. His main goal was to experiment and discover exactly which type would be easiest for him to leave himself in a half-dead state. He had to grasp every kind of courting death skill within twelve months.

Didn’t rumors say that Jiang Yumo really liked to play? Then he’ll play for everyone to see.

“Just how did you end up like this?” Xu Qing asked while helping Shang Ke apply medicine.

Shang Ke’s body was covered with purple bruises here and there, and only his face was in perfect condition.

“From falling.” Shang Ke simply responded with two words.

That fall was certainly strong. Front, back, top, and bottom, there were bruises everywhere.

Xu Qing reminded him, “Jiang Yumo, I didn’t care about what you did before, but now I wish for you to hold back a little. Don’t forget, your brain has a problem.”

Your brain has a problem! Shang Ke leaned against the chair lazily, his hazy eyes giving him a drowsy appearance.

Xu Qing’s gaze flashed and he stared at him for a period of time, before eventually moving his sight away and saying, “Take care of yourself. Next time, if I see your entire body injured like this again, I will tell your Uncle Jiang and your older brother about your condition.”

“At worst, I just won’t come here.”

So you would rather go to another hospital then to renounce your power to get injured?

Xu Qing discovered for the first time that he didn’t actually know Jiang Yumo at all. Just what was he thinking right now? Why would he not quickly get himself treated despite knowing his condition? Was there anything else more important than one’s life?

“Yumo, I helped you to invite some brain specialists. They can formulate a dependable operation plan for your situation.”

“Hm, thanks.” Shang Ke stood up and left with a wave.

When he went back home, he didn’t even take a bath and just fell straight onto the bed, quickly falling asleep. His following days began to fall into a regular pattern.

Going to work on time, using his cooking skills to raise Jian Chenfeng’s favorable impression of him, sending flowers to Jian Xin no matter what, and then trying all sorts of extreme stuff on the weekends.

After a month, Jian Chenfeng no longer gave him cold gazes and words, and he would occasionally invite him to his house as a guest. Jian Xin still disliked him, but became increasingly closer to Jiang Donglin as time passed.

“Eh? Jian Chenfeng, why are you here?” Shang Ke looked at the man outside his door in surprise.

“I was passing by and decided to mooch some food.” Jian Chenfeng had a cold and mighty “I came to get mooch food so you should be honored” expression.

Shang Ke secretly rolled his eyes and let him in.

Jian Chenfeng had just walked in when he smelled a medicinal aroma. He slightly frowned and turned around to examine Shang Ke. He was dressed in comfortable home clothing, and his hair was left to droop as it wished. His face was also rosy and languid, so he did not look like someone who was injured.

“You really came at a great time. Dinner is about done.” Shang Ke’s slippers clacked as he walked to the kitchen.

Jian Chenfeng sat at the dining table and watched Shang Ke work busily around the kitchen like a married man, before finally bringing the food to the table.

“Let’s eat.” Shang Ke said.

Jian Chenfeng picked up his chopsticks and started to silently enjoy the food.

This was Jian Chenfeng’s first time to Shang Ke’s home as a guest. Although he frequently drove him back home, he had never came up. So why did he suddenly decide to visit today? Don’t tell him that Jian Chenfeng was really here just to mooch some food?

Shang Ke was thinking, and did not notice that his fingers were trembling.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jian Chenfeng noticed his strange condition and stared at his hand.

“What?” Shang Ke’s face was puzzled.

“Your hand.”

Shang Ke looked down and finally noticed that the hand holding chopsticks was trembling.

“It’s nothing.” He held his wrist and smiled, continuing, “I moved some heavy stuff today, so my arms are a little sore.”

Jian Chenfeng stood up and walked to his side, before pulling his arm and rolling up his sleeve. He immediately saw bruises littering the other’s fair arms, both old and new.

“What is going on with these?” Jian Chenfeng’s sharp gaze locked onto Shang Ke, a faint trace of anger visible within his eyes.

“Recently, I’ve been training my body.” Shang Ke paid it no mind and just smiled. He wanted to pull his hand back, but Jian Chenfeng held it tightly.

After a while, Jian Chenfeng let go of his right hand and grabbed his left hand, resulting in him finding similar  bruises on his left.

Jian Chenfeng’s expression turned stern and he grabbed Shang Ke, dragging him all the way to the sofa before starting to crudely peel his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Shang Ke struggled nonstop, trying to protect his “clear as ice and clean as jade” body from the other’s violation.

“Shut up!” Jian Chenfeng pressed him down on the sofa and used brute force to pull away his clothes. A wide expanse of naked skin was exposed before his eyes.

Jian Chenfeng’s eyes darkened, and after seeing the injuries on Shang Ke’s chest, his expression became terrifying.

“This is the result of your ‘training’?” Jian Chenfeng asked dangerously, “Tell me, what kind of training would leave you with injuries all over? Boxing?”

“No.” Shang Ke looked at him with disdain, responding, “How can that kind of rough sport fit the graceful me?”

Jian Chenfeng: “……” Would you believe that I will roughly kill you, you graceful b*stard!

“Can you get off? I’m about to die from your weight.” Shang Ke raised a foot and aimed a kick at Jian Chenfeng’s waist.

It was only then that Jian Chenfeng noticed their posture. Shang Ke was lying on the sofa, clothes messy and face a bit red, and his eyes were also slightly fogged. His shirt had slipped down his arms due to their struggle, while his pants had also slipped down his waist, revealing his perfect waist line and even abdominal muscles. The bruises on his body appeared like remnants of love, full of endless enticement. One of his legs was pressed down by Jian Chenfeng’s knee, while the other was at his waist, their lower bodies closely together. They could feel each other’s physiological changes at any time.

Jian Chenfeng swiftly stood up, his heart beating furiously.

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