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Chapter 13: My Heart Beats For You (IV)

Ever since the day Jian Chenfeng had left Jiang Yumo’s apartment, he felt that there was something wrong with his body. He always unconsciously paid attention to Jiang Yumo, and since the initial unpleasant impression, he now found Jiang Yumo pleasant, no matter how he looked at him. As for the injuries on Jiang Yumo’s body, although he did not manage to get the answer out of the other, he had someone investigate it and found out that Jiang Yumo had actually become a member of the extreme sports club. Every weekend, he would go and participate in the exercises.

Jian Chenfeng had long since heard that he liked to play, but he didn’t expect that it was this kind of playing. Furthermore, so long as the event was set up by the club, Jiang Yumo had pretty much signed up for all of them. It was no wonder that his body was full of injuries, since every kind of sport had a degree of danger. If someone had great courage and loved to take risks, but was not experienced enough, then getting injured was a to be expected.

Jian Chenfeng was very angry, but he didn’t know where his anger was coming from. He only felt that this guy was going to far with his playing, and was completely disregarding his safety. Liking sports was a good thing, but purposefully looking for thrills was another.

He had just received the news that Jiang Yumo was currently at the beach on a jet ski, and Jian Chenfeng decided to personally go and take a look.

On the beach, the sun was shining brightly and there was a gentle sea breeze. There were men and women in swimsuits everywhere. Jian Chenfeng, pacing in his shirt, pants, and leather shoes, was especially eye catching.

Jian Chenfeng frowned. He disliked this kind of noisy environment, where the noise would cause a person’s attention to become lax, decreasing their alertness and increasing their adrenaline.

“Where is he?” Jian Chenfeng coldly looked at Secretary Cui next to him and asked.

“He should be at…” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence when a burst of excited screams interrupted him.

Jian Chenfeng looked in the direction of the screams, only to see a group of women and men standing next to the sea, screaming and shouting at a place a bit further in.

Jian Chenfeng raised his binoculars to take a look. There were a few people using jet skis and kayaks. He looked at each person until he found the one he was looking for.

Jiang Yumo was standing on a jet ski, his upper body slightly tilted like a swordfish as he braved the billowing wind. He did a maneuver and leaped, setting off a great white spray of ocean water. At this moment, the jet ski suddenly soared into the sky, causing Jiang Yumo’s body to hang in the air like he was flying. Between the ocean and sky, his gorgeous body shone.

“Ahhh!” Countless screams erupted.

Jian Chenfeng’s heart tightened, his burning gaze locked firmly onto that soaring figure, almost forgetting to breathe.

A dozen minutes later, Shang Ke had finished playing to his heart’s content and returned to the beach, giving his cheering companions a brilliant smile. Drops of water fell from his hair, and were just as dazzling under the sun as his smile.

Jian Chenfeng suddenly felt his mouth go dry, and something called “desire” violently surge up and pull him into a taboo abyss…

After Shang Ke wiped his hair, he walked up the beach. His original intention to participate in extreme sports was to court death, but after genuinely experiencing them for himself, he found pleasure in them. He was not afraid of death and had the courage to try, so his skills in every sport quickly grew. Although he could not be compared to experts, it was possible for him to do simple performances.

However, he didn’t know if it was that his talent was too high or his body’s basic data was different, but even though he gained a lot of small injuries while playing different types of extreme sports, he was not even once seriously injured.

“Jiang Yumo.” When he was daydreaming, Shang Ke suddenly heard a familiar voice.

He pulled the towel off his head, and saw Jian Chenfeng walking toward him.

“Jian Chenfeng, why are you here?” Shang Ke asked in surprise.

“I was passing by and saw you playing in the water.”

The familiar type of reply made Shang Ke roll his eyes.

“When are you done, we can go eat together?” Jian Chenfeng asked him again.

“I’ll go tell them first, wait for a minute.”

Shang Ke took a shower and changed his clothes before taking a ride in Jian Chenfeng’s car to a restaurant.

On the way there, Jian Chenfeng was silent and fully concentrated on the road ahead, as if he was thinking about something really serious.

After Secretary Cui drove the three of them to the restaurant, he excused himself by saying that he had other matters to attend to, and left first.

Jian Chenfeng and Shang Ke seated themselves in a window seat, before ordering and beginning to make idle chat.

Shang Ke had no choice but to admit that Jian Chenfeng was a very attractive man. Every one of his actions were pleasing to the eyes. The two of them could be considered friends now, and their usual interactions could be considered pleasant.

The reason why Jian Chenfeng had changed his attitude towards Shang Ke was because of his cooking skills, while the reason why Shang Ke had changed his attitude towards him was because he had found a mole on the other’s palm not too long ago. It was the same as Ravel’s.

Shang Ke was suspicious that Jian Chenfeng was Ravel, and it was just that he would have different personalities and memories in different worlds. After he finished his missions in this world, he was going to ask the System to clear it up.

“Sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom first.” Shang Ke wiped his mouth and got up, leaving the dining table.

Jian Chenfeng watched his leaving figure, an elusive light flashing through his eyes..

When Shang Ke finished his personal business and left the bathroom, he caught sight of a familiar figure. The other turned her body and saw him, her expression turning into one of shock. “Jiang Yumo, you…”

“Jian Xin, what a coincidence to see you here,” Shang Ke said as he gave her a wide smile.

Jian Xin took a step back, asking in a trembling voice, “You stalked me?”

Shang Ke was left speechless. He did not know why she suddenly thought that he was stalking her.

Jian Xin continued, “Jiang Yumo, I have long since told you that I don’t like you. You hang around at my older brother’s company, send me flowers everyday, and now you even stalk me?”

Shang Ke’s face fell. Should he try his best to explain to her, or remain silent and show a hurt expression?

“Jiang Yumo, stop interfering with my life!” The more she spoke, the more emotional she became, “Did you know that every time you appear, I feel unwell?”

Shang Ke secretly inspected himself. Did he do something that could have angered her this much?

“Let me go, I can’t take it.” Jian Xin held her chest, her breathing becoming rougher and her complexion turning very ugly.

“Jian Xin, are you okay?” Shang Ke hurriedly tried to help her.

Jian Xin did not appreciate his kindness and pushed him away. She staggered and almost fell, but Shang Ke once again helped her and asked, “Where’s your medicine? Did you bring it?”

“No, I don’t need you to care! Go away, immediately scram from my sight!” Jian Xin’s expression was so pained that even her harsh tone was becoming weaker.

Shang Ke was just about to find someone to help when he heard a shout of rage from behind him, “Jiang Yumo, what are you doing?”

Shang Ke didn’t even have time to turn around when his arm was grabbed pulled, the back of his head heavily knocking against the wall.

The person who pulled him wasn’t Jian Chenfeng, but his own older brother, Jiang Donglin.

It was no wonder that Jian Xin wanted him to leave so badly. She was probably worried that he would destroy her date with Jiang Donglin.

Shang Ke fuzzily thought that as held the back of his head.

At this moment, an arm held his waist, and he was asked, “Are you okay?”

Shang Ke raised his head to look at the man by his side, his eyes a bit misty.

“Jian Chenfeng? Don’t worry about me, go check on Jian Xin.”

“She’s fine.” Jian Chenfeng looked towards the two. Jian Xin was currently leaning against Jiang Donglin’s chest, tears in the corner of her eyes. Her condition was already steady.

Jiang Donglin helped Jian Xin up and said to Shang Ke, “Jiang Yumo, you know that Jian Xin’s body isn’t good, so why did you still upset her?”

“I…” I your mom, how did I upset her? She was the one being paranoid, okay? Shang Ke remained silent. He didn’t need to pretend this time, his eyes were truly full of sadness.

“Donglin, before things have been cleared, don’t jump to conclusions.” Compared to Jiang Donglin, as the older brother of Jian Xin, Jian Chenfeng was the calm one. He believed in the Jiang Yumo he knew that he was not that kind of frivolous and impulsive man.

He looked at Jian Xin and asked, “Xin’er, what happened just now?”

Jian Xin’s face was pale as she looked between her brother and Shang Ke. She guessed that she had probably misunderstood Shang Ke. She lowered her head, biting her lips and remaining silent.

A trace of distress flit through Jiang Donglin’s eyes and he turned to say to Shang Ke, “Jiang Yumo, give Miss Jian an apology.”

Shang Ke looked deeply at them, then sneered, “Just why should I? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Jiang Yumo, I will say it again. Give Miss Jian an apology,” Jiang Donglin’s tone became more severe.

“No, no need,” Jian Xin said beside him.

Shang Ke stared at Jiang Donglin, before speaking very clearly, “In this lifetime, I will never let her obtain my apology.”

After he said that, Shang Ke shook off Jian Chenfeng’s hand and walked towards the entrance.

“Jiang Yumo, hold it!” Jiang Donglin was just about to run up and grab Shang Ke, but was stopped by Jian Chenfeng. Just as he was going to speak, they suddenly heard a “bang” sound, followed by Jian Xin’s scream.

Jian Chenfeng and Jiang Donglin turned their heads at the same time, only to find Jiang Yumo lying on the ground, unconscious…


“What happened?” Xu Qing asked as he checked Shang Ke’s condition.

“I don’t know, he suddenly fainted.” Jiang Donglin was also confused.

“Did anything happen before he fainted?” Xu Qing continued to ask, “For example, dizziness, stiffness in the limbs, or a collision?”

“Collision?” Jiang Donglin stared blankly before replying, “I remember that I pulled him, and then he had knocked against the wall.”

Xu Qing’s gaze turned sharp. “Which part was hit?”

“This…” Jiang Donglin pursed his brows. He had only been paying attention to Jian Xin and did not notice.

“The back of his head,” Jian Chenfeng answered for him.

Xu Qing fixed his gaze on him, asking, “You’re sure?”

Jian Chenfeng nodded. His eyes dimmed, and he started to feel that something was wrong.

Xu Qing softly cursed, “Damn it,” before immediately having a nurse send Jiang Yumo to the brain specialist. He was a surgeon, so he wasn’t in charge of this.

“Xu Qing, what’s wrong with Yumo?” Jiang Donglin look at him, confused, and asking, “Why do you look so anxious?” He was certain that Yumo wasn’t hit too heavily, so no matter how serious it was, it could only be a concussion, right?

Xu Qing pushed up his glasses and regained his calm. He spoke coldly and indifferently, “I am not anxious. If you, his older brother, isn’t anxious, then why should I be anxious?”

“You’re implying something?” Jiang Donglin looked at him.

Xu Qing’s lips rose into a cold smile as he said, “It looks like that kid didn’t tell you guys his condition after all.”

“What condition?”

Xu Qing turned to look at Jiang Donglin, his tone very calm as he told them the news, “He is suffering from a brain tumor.”

Jiang Donglin and Jian Chenfeng’s faces both changed at the same time.

Xu Qing felt that it was not stimulating enough, and added, “You two best pray that a serious problem doesn’t emerge from his head being hit. Otherwise, even the world’s top brain specialist won’t be able to save him.”

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