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Chapter 186: Let’s Run, Fox (II)

TL: SnowTime, Sarah


Shang Ke relied on his nimble body to quickly escape the ring of avanis and rushed to Mutu.


Seeing the avanis up close, Shang Ke finally understood how the original had been able to escape. Because he was the most ‘petite’ one out of all the present beastmen. In other worlds, a height of 180 cm wasn’t short, but in this group with an average of 210 cm and taller, amongst these muscular guys he was indeed more on the ‘dainty and petite’ side.


While those thoughts ran through his mind, he counterattacked. He couldn’t overpower these beastmen, so he could only rely on his technique to contend and aim for their weaknesses. His nimble figure leaped through the air. With each flash of his sword, blood sprayed. Although he did not possess the domineering air of the lion tribe, he had his own beauty.


The two conflicting sides both couldn’t help glancing at him. His involvement in the battle boosted the lower morals of the lions.


Avanis have the head of birds and bodies of dogs. They have a long barb-like tail that contains poison and can be used as a weapon. Those who were stabbed by their tails would be paralyzed. To complement that, they were a naturally viscous species and talented. 


Most of the lions have been poisoned and then surrounded by avanis. Even if their bodies were strong, they couldn’t last for long under those conditions. The only one that wasn’t poisoned at the moment was Shang Ke. But as the battle was dragged on, even his condition was starting to decline.


“Yanu, leave with the chief!” One of the lion tribesmen suddenly shouted.


A couple young men of the lion tribe placed themselves in front of Mutu in hopes of allowing him to escape. Mutu himself had taken on over half of the avanis so he was now bloodied and injured all over and extremely fatigued.


Shang Ke had observed the geography when he was in the trees. Behind them was a waterfall and also their only way of survival. Under their cover, Mutu and Shang Ke ran for the waterfall.


As they neared the waterfall edge, a avani suddenly charged out from their side. Shang Ke threw himself at Mutu and avoided the fatal strike. They rolled down and over the edge, straight into the turbulent waterfall.


Watching Mutu disappear into the water, the remaining lions also plunged into the water. But the poison of the avanis caused their movements to become very sluggish, some directly drowned while others were chased down and killed. Only a few were lucky enough to escape with their lives.


After the event, two survivors made their way back to the lion tribe and brought back the news of the avanis’ ambush. The tribe went on high alert and Xite’s plan failed. On the surface, he organized the tribes and reinforced their defense while ‘worriedly’ looking for Mutu. But behind their backs, he contacted the avanis and had them kill Mutu the moment they found him.


As for everything else that happened in the meantime, that is a story for later.


Shang Ke used a great deal of effort to drag the half-conscious Mutu as he swam along the water flow and finally climbed onto the banks when they reached a tributary.


Mutu’s complexion was a bit green now and his muscles were still tense from the battle.


Shang Ke searched around, and finally found a relatively hidden cave, but it already had an owner—a nest of spotted rats.


Shang Ke wanted to negotiate with them in a friendly way, but he was mute. Therefore could only use the most primitive language—violence, to forcibly occupy their dwelling. While doing the deed, he mentally promised to compensate them as much as he could. After all, it was not easy for a mother rat to raise a group of pups.


After settling Mutu in place, Shang Ke ran out to look for detoxified herbs and food. Avani poison was not fatal, but it could paralyze people for several days.


Mutu was in a daze, smelling a fragrant scent of medicine. Then he felt someone helping him and feeding him a bowl of bitter hot soup. After drinking, his body immediately warmed up, and the muscles were no longer as stiff as before.


Shang Ke squatted on the ground and stared at him intently. As soon as he saw him, he recognized him immediately as his man. As a lion beastman, Mutu had golden curly hair, a height of about 220 cm, and developed muscles that contained amazing explosive power. The thing between his legs was even bigger than normal.


Shang Ke secretly compared it to his own size, and suddenly felt a little unbalanced in his heart. Does the racial difference need to be so exaggerated? It’s totally discriminatory, okay!?


In anger, Shang Ke decided to eat the biggest pheasant he had hunted back first!


An unknown time later, Mutu slowly opened his eyes. He first saw a hazy light, then a figure sitting by the fire. His head was lowered and quietly peeling chestnuts. At his feet, he was surrounded by a few spotted rats craning their necks and waiting to eat chestnuts. The long white hair almost covered his whole face, and a big fluffy tail swayed gently behind him, making people feel indescribably soft and warm.


It was that fox beastman Yanu?


Mutu never paid attention to this mute beastman before, only regarding him as a labor force taken in by the tribe. There were quite a few foreign beastmen like him in the tribe, but none of them were as low-key as him. Those beastmen were all tripping over each other to show themselves and gain acknowledgement in the tribe.


Yanu was the first to escape the attack. At that time, he regarded him as a coward, with anger and disdain in his heart, and his impression was extremely poor. But instead of escaping, he had secretly cleaned up the archers in the tree and won them breathing room. Later on in the battle, Yanu showed his agility and courage and that he was fearless of strong enemies.


By contrast … Mutu closed his eyes and hid the murderous look in them. For the ambush to happen, someone must have leaked their whereabouts in advance. He thought of those dead lion warriors, and his heart was full of anger and hatred.


At this time, the smell of roasted meat came to his senses.


Mutu opened his eyes and saw Yanu squatting beside him with a roasted pheasant in hand.


A few strands of long hair covered his eyes like a curtain, revealing only a handsome nose and two moist, full lips.


Mutu wanted to brush his hair aside to take a good look at his face, but the hunger in his belly made him give up the idea for the time being.


He sat up, took the roast pheasant from Yanu’s hand, and ripped into it. His eyes caught a glimpse of the nest of spotted rats in the corner and was puzzled. Didn’t foxes like to eat rat meat? Why did it seem like they were getting along very well? Were they emergency food he prepared for himself?


“Yanu, don’t reveal my whereabouts for the time being. Wait until I get heal up.” Mutu warned.


Shang Ke nodded. He wouldn’t have let anyone know of Mutu’s situation even without his warning. There was still a scheming Xite hidden in the tribe. He would only get schemed against if he went back. As for Mutu, he had yet to fully win his trust. Even if he told him Xite was the spy, he likely would not have believed him. Mutu might become more suspicious of him instead.


Nevertheless, he must help Mutu to heal as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too late when the Avani tribe massacres the Lion tribe.


The next day, Shang Ke went out early to collect medicine and hunt. He kept an eye on whether there were any traces of Avanis along the way. Primitive mountain forests were rich in products. As long as you had good skills, hunting was only a matter of minutes, so you didn’t have to worry about going hungry. Of course, when the cold season came, food would be scarce.


Back to the cave, it had just turned dawn. Shang Ke cleaned the pheasant, added a little natural seasoning, wrapped it tightly with leaves, covered it with muddy earth, and then simmered it in fire.


Considering Mutu’s injuries, Shang Ke picked several coconut-like fruits. This kind of fruit tasted very bad, but its shell could be used as a temporary pot after hollowing out. It was no problem to boil some soup.


Lions did not like eating plants, so Shang Ke made sanxian soup. A sanxian soup made in another world would naturally be adapted to the local conditions, so they would taste different.


When Shang Ke was cooking, the little spotted rats gathered around and watched curiously.  Mother rat had been planning to run away with them. After all, foxes were their natural enemies, and they may be eaten at any moment. But the mother rat had gotten injured before their first meeting so she had no energy to do so. She waited for their deaths in despair, but then it turned out they met a fox that didn’t eat rats. Not only did he not kill them, they also enjoyed free treatment and adequate food supply.


The little spotted rats were naive of the world and fearless of Shang Ke. A few chestnuts were enough for them to treat this fox like a sibling.


Mutu woke up when Shang Ke left the cave but he kept his eyes closed. He remained tense until he came back.


Listening to the noise outside, he guessed he was cooking. After recalling the roasted meat he ate last night, Mutu realized how delicious the food was, and immediately felt his mouth water with hunger.


The lion beastmen all had large appetites. That small pheasant was finished off by him within a few bites. (Shang Ke: Mhm, I ate the big one. No need thank me. )


After waiting impatiently for a long time, he finally saw Shang Ke come in, holding half a fruit shell in his hand, but it was not for Mutu. He sent it to the injured Mother rat.


Mutu glanced sharply at the fat mouse, and then looked discontentedly at Shang Ke: The leader of the Lion tribe was here, and you gave priority to serving that emergency food supply? It’s fat enough, so you don’t need to feed it, just wash it and bake it!


After a few minutes, Shang Ke finally came up to him with food.


But when Mutu saw what was in his hand, he was silent at once. This thing, no matter from which angle, was just a lump of mud! You feed the fat rat soup, but let the leader of a tribe eat dirt?


Shang Ke didn’t pay attention to the bitterness in Mutu’s eyes. He simply put the mud on the ground, and then struck it with a stone. Listening to the clicking sounds, Mutu watched as the mud shell fractured, and through the narrow crack came a strong aroma.


Shang Ke carefully peeled off the leaves wrapped outside to reveal the fresh pheasant inside.


Mutu refrained from swallowing, trying to keep his dignity as much as possible. He stared at the food on the ground with a straight face as Shang Ke cut the meat with a knife. He really wanted to shout: You don’t need to cut it, just give me the whole thing!


Shang Ke placed the sliced pheasant in leaves and sent it to Mutu.


Mutu pretended to take it calmly and took a slow bite. The instant he tasted the pheasant, an indescribable satisfaction came into his heart: how-can-it-be-so-good!


Shang Ke saw his wide-eyes and lively eating posture. His curly hair seemed to ripple.


Although he was a mighty and domineering lion, the outwardly cold but passionate inside characteristic of cats cannot be changed…

SnowTime: Kept man Mutu *cough cough*

Sarah: the start of a blossoming love between a lion and a fox~ Shang Ke always pleases his man with his cooking lolol easiest way to a strict and stony-faced man’s heart

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