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Chapter 70: I Am Not A Merman (VII)

While Shang Ke’s consciousness was hazy, his mind started to gather information about dolphins and he gradually became clearer on many aspects of his species’ history. Although the plague two hundred years ago caused the death of a large chunk of the dolphin population, they were not completely extinct. Just as the humans speculated, the surviving dolphins evolved. Their evolution included improving their ability to breed. They could assimilate with most organisms and even change into their species of choice. 

Strictly speaking, Flames and Waves could not be considered pure dolphins. They had merely been influenced by their ancestral genes and retained the figure of a dolphin. If Shang Ke had not appeared, Flames might have assimilated into any kind of aquatic animal while Waves would likely have died not long after birth. 

That humans had not found any traces of dolphins for over two hundred years was mainly because they had mostly turned into other species, the genes of the dolphin conserved in their bodies. After a certain period of time, the dolphin gene would be activated and then it would be possible for an evolved dolphin to be born with the appearance of one. This kind of dolphin’s breeding ability is the strongest and they could greatly promote the fertility of other species.

Shang Ke sensed his body undergoing some kind of change. When his consciousness gradually recovered, he slowly opened his eyes… 

After Shang Ke turned into a white cocoon, Qin Yuan was both terrified and confused. To prevent a disturbance, he did not tell anyone about the change, instead, setting up some equipment to observe the change within the cocoon. But the equipment was somehow blocked by a formless barrier and he could not make out the situation inside. But what put Qin Yuan’s heart at ease was that it could still keep track of the life activity in the cocoon.

It had been several days and there hadn’t been any change to the cocoon.

Qin Yuan was questioned by the research institute and he managed to muddle through it by saying they went out for air. His reply gained him severe criticism, but he did not care. With his international prestige and wealth, the higher-ups did not dare do anything to him.

They dared to use Flames for an unauthorized experiment, so why couldn’t he take Flames out to ‘get some air’?

Today, while Qin Yuan was reading over information in his office, the alarm on his watch suddenly went off. He swiftly stood up and headed for the marine building.

He swiped his card and strode past the electronic doors, his long legs making quick work of the walk.

Just as he drew close, he paused mid-step and surprise overtook his expression.

The white cocoon that was floating in the water was unraveling into a wide expanse of silver silk that spread across the water’s surface like a silver lotus. In the middle of the lotus was a naked young man. His body was curled up like an unborn child asleep in their mother. Soft black hair rested gently over his face, his fair skin littered with drops of water. He appeared exceptionally beautiful under the soft lights.

Who is he? Where is Flames?

Qin Yuan calmed his breathing and softly stepped over to the pool. As his gaze drifted over the young man’s shoulder, he was astonished to see the Flaming Sky Flower tattoo adorning his chest, identical to the one on Flames.

This man is… Flames?

Qin Yuan stared at the sleeping man in disbelief as his mind crashed on him.

At that moment, the silver silk on the water surface started to dissolve and disappear bit by bit into the air. Losing his support, the young man’s curled body gradually stretched out and began to sink slowly.

Qin Yuan promptly jumped into the water and wrapped the young man in his arms. When his hands touched his warm body, a peculiar feeling arose in his heart. He looked down and the young man’s delicate appearance immediately consumed his mind.

His hand unconsciously stroked across his back, the skin smooth like precious stones and he loved it.

“Flames…” Qin Yuan’s finger traced the features of the other man’s face as he whispered his name and his heart began to beat uncontrollably.

He carried the young man away and headed for his residence with quick, but careful and decisive steps. When he arrived in his bedroom, Qin Yuan place the young man down on his bed, his arms propping him up by his sides. Qin Yuan’s focused gaze raked over him from head to toe. After he seemed to have confirmed something, he brushed his hand past his neck, shoulders, arms, waist, legs… no matter the place, he felt no different from humans.

Staring at the young man on his bed, the feeling he wasn’t certain about before became clear at last. He liked Flames. He really wants him. If he was just a normal dolphin, he would protect him forever and without hesitation. But now that he had turned into a human, it was no doubt a shock to Qin Yuan, albeit an extremely pleasant one.

Qin Yuan leaned over and landed a soft kiss on his lips, whispering, “My Flames…” 

The warm sunshine filtered through the french windows and lit up the spacious bedroom. The man on the bed slowly opened his eyes and looked around him in a daze. When he noticed the kind of environment he was in, he found himself at loss for a moment.

Shang Ke sat up from the bed and looked down to check his body. He was clearly human right now, making him wonder if he had transmigrated again. 

After sorting out the information in his mind, he finally clarified his current condition. This was the special ability of evolved dolphins—species assimilation. Due to his system receiving a shock from outside drugs, he had turned from a dolphin to a human.

He had thought he would be a normal dolphin for the rest of this life. It was a pleasant surprise to find he was capable of shifting between species.

When Qin Yuan entered the room, he came upon the sight of Shang Ke staring at his own hands blankly, still confused on what happened.

Noticing Qin Yuan’s arrival, Shang Ke raised his head. Those clear eyes of his seemed to light up everything. 

Qin Yuan’s heart heats up and he quickly walked to his side.

Shang Ke reflexively attempted to perform customary backflip when he saw him. 

He had only jumped halfway into the air when a pair of hands stopped him, followed closely by a voice that brought him unbridled delight, “Flames, you aren’t in the water right now, be careful of falling.”

Shang Ke opened his mouth to reply, but the sounds that came from his throat were still those of a dolphin.

It looks like… he needed to practice for a period of time before he could speak normally.

Shang Ke hugged Qin Yuan’s neck and hung on him like a koala.

Qin Yuan noted gratefully that Flames gained the weight of a normal human when he transformed. If he was still over a hundred kilograms, no matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t be able to carry him.

Qin Yuan held the one after his heart and gently asked, “Are you hungry? I will prepare something good for you.”

Shang Ke nodded, rubbed his own belly, then rubbed Qin Yuan’s belly. Good, although he did not have the obvious muscles Qin Yuan had, he did not have excess fat.

Qin Yuan paid close attention to his every movement. He always felt that he had funny points all over and it had him laughing out loud in a couple of minutes.

“Let me help you put on some clothes first.” Flames had just turned into a human, so he certainly would not be accustomed to all the troublesome human courtesies. Qin Yuan was very willing to be his teacher, no matter if it was lifestyle, common sense, or emotional assistance. He was getting excited just thinking about it!

Qin Yuan placed him back down on the bed and went over to his cabinet to take out a shirt that he personally helped him put on.

Shang Ke cheerfully allowed Qin Yuan to serve him, smiling widely the whole way through. He gleefully readied himself to act the white lotus while his double face schemed on the inside.

After being properly dressed, Qin Yuan held Shang Ke’s hand and left the bedroom for the dining room.

Qin Yuan was worried that he couldn’t eat cooked food, so he prepared sashimi. For himself though, he made herbal barbecues, small pancakes, and soup.

Shang Ke sat next to Qin Yuan. He looked at his sashimi, then looked at his steaming barbecue. This was unfair treatment!

Taking advantage of when Qin Yuan was drinking the soup, Shang Ke snagged a small pancake for himself. After he ate it, he used his fork to steal away a block of barbecue.

When Shang Ke was about to snatch a second block, Qin Yuan stopped him, “Don’t each too much. Wait for me to give you a full body check up and when we’re sure you’re alright, you can eat whatever you wish.”

Shang Ke did not insist on it. His situation was certainly unique right now. If he got food poisoning due to greed, it would be a true tragedy.

Qin Yuan rubbed his head dotingly after seeing how well behaved he was acting.

After they ate, Qin Yuan led him to the medical treatment bay to perform a full body checkup. The results he received were that his body structure and constitution were identical to normal humans, but for further information, they would need to do more in-depth testing.

“Flames, can you still turn into a dolphin?” Qin Yuan asked.

Shang Ke thought for a bit then nodded. After transforming once, he believed that he would be able to freely change between the two species.

Qin Yuan’s lips curved happily, very satisfied with the answer.

The two of them arrived outside of the marine building and Shang Ke whistled at the pools. Not long after, Waves emerged from the water. First he looked at Qin Yuan and then Shang Ke, before he started to look around.

Strange, he clearly heard Flames’ whistle, so why couldn’t he see him?

Shang Ke squatted, smiling as he waved at Waves: What are you looking at? I’m over here.

Waves eyes went wide. His first reaction wasn’t shock that Flames turn into a human, but horror that Flames’ head bore long fur! Why do you hate yourself so!

Waves felt that his aesthetic view had been greatly attacked.

Shang Ke looked down at the gleaming seawater and couldn’t hold back from the temptation. He exercised his limbs for a moment, tensed his legs and was just about to jump when Qin Yuan grabbed him.

“Wait, don’t be so quick to get in.” Qin Yuan held him by the waist and led him to the other side.

What are we doing? Shang Ke raised his head to look at Qin Yuan with a questioning gaze.

“I arranged a new identity for you. Your name is ‘Hai Yan’, the marine building’s new breeder.” Qin Yuan explained.[1]

Hai Yan? Flames + Waves? Can your taste in names be any duller? Why don’t you ask him for his opinion? He might have his own name!

Qin Yuan led Shang Ke to the hall. The staff members who had only ever seen Director Qin stony-faced but now so intimately holding someone, couldn’t believe their eyes.

They looked at Shang Ke and were all attracted by his outstanding appearance. He was not only pretty, but his eyes were clear as a pair of pure sapphires.

Qin Yuan was unhappy at seeing how everyone was staring at Shang Ke, unable to take their eyes away. He gave a rough introduction that lasted about three minutes and left with Shang Ke. He did not want to give them any chances to get close to him.

Qin Yuan was suddenly a bit regretful. He shouldn’t have brought out Flames publically so quickly. He should have let him get familiar with human life then plan it out from there. But he just really wanted to let everyone know of his Flames. To let them know he was his treasure.

Qin Yuan looked down at the man in his arms. He really did not know how to express his feelings. Ever since Shang Ke woke up, he had been especially excited. But with his naturally cold face, people just couldn’t make it out.

“Flames.” Qin Yuan quietly called him.

“Hm?” Shang Ke raised his head and made a sound, followed by a warm feeling on his lips He immediately fell to the heat and passion that was his love, tongues tentatively exploring and teeth gently scraping as the two lost themselves in each other.…


[1]His name means Sea Flame. Waves = Hai Lang, Flames = Huo Yan

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